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Warning: What I have written (typed) here is from my dirty little mind and isn’t suitable for children. The first half of this lemon contains a masturbation scene with Renamon. The second half contains sex between tamer and digimon.  


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Axel & Rena. Chap 1


  At nearly 6 foot tall and wearing a Japanese wizard’s robes, Taomon was Rena’s highest fighting form. Quick, perceive, and deadly with the arts of soil magic, Taomon could take down digimon three to four times her size. But that was not today’s case.


  The rabbit thingy was a little over two foot tall, dressed in what looked like pink armor, and was kicking the crap out of Axel’s friend and partner. Taomon was hurt n bleeding her white robes stained with red crimson. Her breath was coming in gasps and Axel wasn’t sure she would survive much longer.


  “Taomon, coming from the left” he cried as the rabbit sprang at his partner, but she couldn’t react fast enough. With a loud –Smack!- Taomon was sent hurtling through the air and into the nearby tree line. She let out a forced groan as she dropped to the leafy grass and stopped moving.


  Now in most digi-battles the tamer is an onlooker and a coach, almost never will a tamer try to fight a rogue digimon bare handedly. But Axel has never been one for anything normal, as he watched the bunny moved in for the kill, he took up a tree branch and went to protect his digimon.


  The rabbit was to focused on the limp Taomon and reviling in his gloating to knottiest the human step in behind him with a large club. Axel swung with all his strength and connected with the little monster’s pot like armor, and sent the creature wheeling off into the underbrush, cursing all the way.


  “Taomon, you ok?” asked Axel after running to her side. Kneeling next to his fallen partner, he reached out a hand and gently touched her furry yellow cheek. “Tao… Rena, please wake up” he begged, using the shortened version of her rookie’s name. To Axel’s delight and dismay, Taomon groaned and opened one eye… her other blackened, had swollen shut.     


  “Axel…” she gasped “run away, protect yourself.” Ordered the yellow wizard. But Axel only shook his head,

  “No Rena, I won’t leave you to die alone” he whispered, “we are partners, come what may we will live n die together. Side by side to the end.”


  Taomon could not help but smile at Axel’s loyalty, this is why she had chosen this man to be her tamer, yet as she looked up into his caring eyes, she couldn’t help but see the rabbit digimon untangle its self from the brush that Axel had sent it flying into. It looked pissed.


  “Axel” she started to worn, but he gently put a finger to her lips.

  “I know Rena” he replied softly “I’ll do my best to keep him from getting to you.”


  With that said, the 26 year old human tamer rose to his feet and turned to face the little pink bunny. “Stand aside Human and you might live” it hissed, its green eyes burning with hatred for both tamer and partner. “All I want is the bitches code, I have no need for you.”


  Axel stood his ground, knowing full well that this creature would not stop till both he n Rena were wiped off the earth. “I don’t think so” Axel replied, razing a fist in defiance “I know that we are both going to die if your not stopped here n now. So you can just go to hell or where ever, for I’m not going to leave her side.”


  At that moment Axel felt something grow in his outstretched fist. It startled him to find a blue morphing card in his hand, did Rena have yet another, more advanced form she could take. The wicked smile that formed on Axel’s lips caught the digi-mouse fully off guard and before it could react,


  Not knowing what would happen, Axel gave the card a swipe through his digi-vice and hoped for the best. The next thing he knew he and the battered Taomon were surrounded with an intense light, he could feel Taomon and himself sifting together. The two partners combining and becoming one.


  The rabbit thingy looked on in disbelief as Sakuyamon now stood before him.


  Axel blinked and found himself standing naked in a pillar of light, digital code and glowing words circling slowly. Yet beyond this he could see through Sakuyamon’s eyes, he could hear her thoughts in his head and feel new strength coursing through her/their new body.


  “Rena? What just happened?” he asked aloud

  “We…we have somehow combined into my ultimate form” came the reply “we are now Sakuyamon.

  “And that means?”

  “That means that united we are stronger, faster, and more powerful then we have ever been in the past.”

  “Dose this mean we can kick Mr. Bunny’s ass over there?”

  “I do believe so” she replied “and its name is Beatmon.”

  “Say what?” Axel was a little surprised but this.

  “Beatmon, it’s a digital fighting rabbit… though I have never seen one this strong.”


  Beatmon snarled at the new, black n gold clad warrior that stood before him. Hissing curses before lunging forward in an attack. Axel smiled wickedly as he cracked his knuckles “Ok then, lets put the hurt on Buggs.” He laughed. Quick as a wink Sakuyamon reacted and swung her ring staff at the rabbit.


  With a sickening –Th..Wack!- the digi-rabbit was sent rocketing through the trees and into the midst of a power station beyond the woods. Sakuyamon lunged after the long eared furry menace. But Beatmon was waiting and a fight like non-other began.


  As darkness fell, the strength of both combatants began to fade. That was until the digi-rabbit got in a lucky hit that sent Sakuyamon into one of the power stations main transformers, shattering it into hundreds of peaces.


  Axel and Rena both screamed in pain as electricity coursed through their bodies and split up the teammates into their separate forms. For a fleeting moment Axel could have sworn that he n his partner had not separated fully, that something wasn’t right… but he didn’t have time to dwell on the mater.


  Rena, now lying on her side, had reverted back to her rookie form. Battered, bruised, and smoking from the high voltage she n Axel had taken, it was a wonder the two had survived. Unable to move she watched wide-eyed as a new horrific scene began to unfold before her.


  “You and the fox bitch have caused me no-end of trouble” hissed Beatmon as it advanced on Axel, who was slumped against the base of the wrecked transformer “There for I will kill you first, letting the bitch watch as I tare you apart. Then I will devourer her code and use it to heal myself.”


  Axel eyed the pink creature through the waterfall of white sparks that showered down around him. The look of defeat showing on his face made the digi-rabbit chortle with delight, “you can since your death, cant you human?” it jeered happily “well here it comes.” And with that the digi-rabbit leaped for Axel’s neck, mouth open wide to deliver the kill.


  Renamon helplessly watched as the bunny leaped for Axel’s throat, her only though was that she had totally failed her friend and partner, and was now forced to watch him die. On the other hand, death was the furthest thing from Axel’s mind. With Beatmon in mid jump, Axel brought something snake like around from behind his back and stuck it in the rats path.       


  Axel’s aim was true and the power cable in his left hand was jammed into the attacking creatures open mouth and down its throat. The air around Axel exploded with light, sound, and the smell of cooking fur… and the evil digimon was no more.


  Slowly, painfully, Axel stood up. His legs protesting with each faltering step he took, finally he stumbled to Renamon’s side just as Beatmon’s code began to drift down about their heads. With a sigh Renamon could feel her body healing, even as Axel bent down to pick her limp form off the ground.


  “How you feeling?” he asked as he hefted her into his arms.

  “Like my cooking,” she responded with an annoyed sigh “cold in the middle and burnt at the edges.”

  “Well then your lucky.”

  “Lucky?” she blinked, looking up into his thin face for an answer “lucky how?”

  “Because…” came his reply, a lopsided grin playing over his lips, “I happen to like your cooking.”

  “You tease.” She tried to sound annoyed but a giggle slipped through 


  As Axel held her she felt something strange stir in her belly. All the way back to the car, Rena couldn’t help herself from laying her head on Axel’s shoulders. Here in his arms she felt strangely safe, warm, loved and she couldn’t hide the contented sigh that escaped her. None of this was lost on her tamer, who could hardly believe that his digimon was trying to cuddle with him.   


  The car ride home was unusually quiet, not a word spoken or song sung. By the time Axel had turned into the driveway of his ranch stile home Renamon was at full heath and for some reason feeling all antsy inside. With the car safely in the garage, Renamon hopped out and ran around the old VW bug to help Axel into the house.


  “Sometimes I resent the fact that you heal so quickly.” Snorted Axel as Rena helped him through the living room and down the hallway to his bedroom.

  “Really?” Rena smiled for she knew her tamer was only being sarcastic do to the pain he was in.

  “Yeah, here I almost get myself killed trying to save your fuzzy butt” he groans “and its you who gets all the reword for the kill”

  “Well, you know better then anyone, that humans weren’t made to take on digimon.” she replied as she slowly helped him into his room. “You made a one in a million shot and as far as I know, you’re the first human to kill a digimon bear handed. Besides wasn’t it you who said I had a cute butt for a digital monster?”


  Axel gave a half groan, half chuckle as he settled painfully onto his bed “no, what I said was that I liked your tail.” He said before looking up into Rena’s dark eyes and giving a laugh. Rena nodded at her partner’s jesting, but his next comment made her snicker as well “well then, why don’t you get said tail into the shower… you smell like a barbeque and I could go for a rump roast right about now.”


  Renamon curtly nodded and headed for the bathroom, giving her ass and tail a shake as she left Axel to undressed and find sleep on his own. She hated to admit it but even she knottiest that there was a funny odder coming from her yellow fur. ‘Weird that Axel had smelled the slight odder, after all he was just a human.’ She thought as she interred the bathroom.


  Most of the Renamon race, being related to the fox, would usually lick themselves clean with their tongue but not Rena. Axel had shown her how to use the massage shower system he had installed in his bathroom, and she loved it, “Its like its raining indoors,” she had said. Quickly she striped off her leather gloves and turned the water to cold.


  Axel waited till he could hear water running in the bathroom, it was down the hall n just to the left of his room. Yet it was also connected to his room through a second door so it wasn’t hard for him to hear what anyone did while taking a bath.    


  Slowly he sat up and began to painfully remove his cloths. His mind dwelling on the sexual tension that had been forming between Rena and himself since they first met a year ago. He really did think Rena had a nice ass, and if nothing else, the tension had lead to the more then friendly banter the two shared.       


  Unbeknownst to Axel, Renamon was having thoughts along similar lines but where he didn’t act out his fantasy, she was. The water was cold and felt rather refreshing on her overheating body, her nipples hardening beneath the tuff of fur that played down from her neck and covered her breasts, “Ooh Axel” she softly moaned.


  Renamon blinked and shook her head, trying to clear the thought of sex from her mind. “I didn’t just say that… did I?” With a snort of protest, she grabbed the shower gel and began to pour it onto her wet fur, lathering it over her body. But as her soapy hands reached her breasts, a shockwave of excitement rushed through her.


  Renamon gasped as she felt her furry pussy begin to throb between her legs with a growing need, one she hadn’t known was there. Without thinking she gently rubbed one of her pebble hard nipples with a sharp claw, the mix of pain and pleaser made her sex quiver all the more and a familiar heat began to shot through her womb.


  Its not like she had never done this before, fact is she likes to finger herself off in the shower after a battle. What disturbed her was that she couldn’t stop thinking about her tamer, and it was just making her more excited. The desire to feel his lips on her pert tits while his hands explored her hot body. 


  Rena quickly became lost to her carnal desires. She leaned against the shower wall, almost oblivious to the world around her as she spread her legs and moaned. With one hand squeezed and pinched her breasts, the other began a slow slid down her wet belly to the slit between her legs “oh yes… please Axel.” She whimpered.


  A jolt of intense pleaser erupted through Renamon as her thick fingers parted the tuff of fur that hid her pussy and circled its lips with her claws. Slowly she began to rock her pelvis while gently sliding her hand over her hard clitoris and down through her parted vulva. Her head rolled on her shoulders as she felt her orgasm beginning to build, the fur on her hands tickling her senses to the point of no return.


  A memory flickered deep in Rena’s mind as she toyed with her sex. How she n Axel had combined to become Sakuyamon, of how she could feel his heart beating inside her chest, how she could feel every inch of his warm body just beneath her very skin. Gently she slid a thick finger into her hot love hole, arching her back with a gasp as she started to piston her finger deep into her cunt.


  The images in her mind and her finger drilling into her quivering sex were just too much for the humanoid fox. With a grate shudder and a cry of passion, Renamon’s building orgasm broke. Her back arched as waves of delight rocked her slender body. Her warm juices spilling out over her hand and mixing with the cool water that cascaded down her body. Slowly her spasming body slid down the shower wall, her week legs crumpling till finally she came to rest in the tub.


  It took the fox digimon a few minutes before her head cleared enough so that she could remember where she was. Slowly she turned off the water and crawled from the shower, softly cursing herself for being so weak willed. She felt guilty for wanting to be taken by her tamer, to want him to ravage her willing body.  


  Before any more strange thoughts returned to her head, she quickly dried her yellow n white fur and padded off to her room across from Axel’s. Closing her door she made her way to her bed, all the while asking herself the same question… “Why?”      


  Renamon sighed as she lay in her bed, her clawed fingers absently stroking the damp white fur of her tummy.  She didn’t want to admit it but she loved Axel deeply and being by his side during a fight had always aroused her, but could turning into Sakuyamon really have affected her this much?


  There had to be something more, something greater then her resolve and stronger then her will power, but what could it be? The answer came to her in an odd way, for it was at this moment of reflection that she realized her idle hand had drifted down her belly and was rubbing her moist slit again.


  Renamon blinked as she realized what she was doing, quickly she sat up and removed her hand from between her legs. That familiar antsy tickle was again growing in her belly. Tilting her head and with ears perked forward she sniffed at her wet hand and understood. The funny smell that Axel had noted coming from her, the sudden overwhelming need for sex… Rena was in heat.



Axel & Rena. Chap 2


  Axel had lain awake in his dark room listening to Rena while she showered. There was nothing new about her masturbating in the tub, she sometimes did that after a battle, only this time she was rather vocal and a shiver ran up his spine when, while in her orgasmic throws, she had screamed out his name 


  He tried to ignore her groans of pleaser, tried to stare up into the quiet darkness of his room. That’s when the memory of how he n Rena had met flashed before his eyes.



  It was a nice sunny Saturday in California and Axel, who was on vacation, should have been on the beach, watching girls. But no, he had been begged by his oldest sister to take his 12-year-old niece to some convention. Well its not like it was a total loss, Axel liked spoiling Kimmy for it always ticked off her mom.


  The Digi-Con, a convention for and about the life forms that came from a world created by the worldwide inter net. The freakish and sometimes overly cute creatures seemed to like bonding with human children who, through their own word, were called tamers. The exploits of the first two groups of digi-tamers, the digi-Destin, were now well known to the entire world.


  For the most part digimon were harmless, at least to their human tamers. But a few digimon crossed over and became wild, using their powers to hurt humans and destroy anything n everything that crossed their path. To the dismay of parents everywhere, their children with partners in hand, proudly march off daily to combat the rogue digimon and keep the world safe. 


  Cartoons, comic books, and even movies had been made about these new creatures. While the world’s Governments, the EPA, FDA, and parents weren’t happy about super powered monsters living with their children. There was little anyone could do but except the digimon, and so they were classified as a new intelligent race of pets.


  Six years after their first aperients, Digimon were an everyday thing, like cats n dogs. While few of the world’s children had digimon partners, it wasn’t uncommon to see a Gabumon on a pick nick with its tamer, bump into a Fladramon at the mall, or see a Leomon walking its tamer to school.


  Even Axel’s niece had her own digimon, an overgrown cat that walked on its back legs, called a Gatomon. The two were inseparable and the reason behind Axel paying out nearly eighty dollars just to get the three of them into the Con. That, of cores didn’t cover food, drinks, or souvenirs.


  So while Kimmy n Cleo ran about happily meeting and greeting other tamers and their digimon, Axel walked along in their wake watching his MasterCard and credit rating happily going into meltdown.


  After three hours Kimmy ran into a group of her friends and their parents. Lisa, who Axel knew as his sister’s next-door neighbor, agreed to give Axel a brake n watch over Kimmy for a while. For his part, Axel agreed to treat the entire lot to lunch. Well, so much for his life savings.


  With Kimmy n Cleo safely in someone else’s care, Axel decided to rest his tired feet. After buying a soda and a bag of chips, all of witch was way overpriced; he found a quiet place to watch the chaos of the con from. 


  As Axel ate his chips, a funny feeling crept over him, the feeling of being watched. This was a new sensation for the young artist and it began to unnerve him. His mind did its best to rationalize his feelings. He was a lone 25-year-old man at a convention for children and there pet monsters, so sooner or later someone was bound to wonder what he was up to. Witch, he reminded himself, was nothing.


  With that bit of information now comforting him, he relaxed and finished off the chips. Once done he crumpled up the bag and, not wanting to get up just yet, tried his hand at hoops with a nearby trashcan. Axel took aim, launched the make shift ball into the air, watched it sail gracefully, and bounce off the trashcan n onto the floor.


  Axel let out a groan and slumped back into his chair, ‘never was one for sports’ he thought. That’s when the oddest thing happened; a yellow humanoid digimon detached itself from the crowd of con-gores, walked over to the trashcan, and placed the bag into the trash.


  The digimon never said a word, even after doing its good deed for the day. It seemed content to just stand by the trashcan, and watch Axel as he sat n sipped his drink. Maybe it was the tension of the day, maybe it was the digimon’s silent stare, or maybe it was the large soda, either way Axel now found he needed to use the restroom.


  Axel looked about quickly and spotted the men’s room off to his left. Remembering his failed attempt with the chip bag, and not wanting to aggravate the yellow digimon, he got up slowly to place the soda cup in the trashcan. That’s when he heard something hit the floor.


  Looking down Axel saw ‘digital device, digi-vice, or a D-reader… maybe it was a D-arc,’ he thought, according to Kimmy there were several different types of controllers. Axel blinked, bent and picked it up. It was black with chrome trim around its blue display screen. Not knowing whom it belonged to, and not wanting to take the time to find the lost n found, Axel gently placed the device on a nearby table and walked off to the restroom.


  Axel growled under his breath in annoyance as he found the restroom packed, and so found himself in a toilet stall. Once done with his business and feeling rather relieved, Axel began to hum quietly, that was till he opened the stall door. There it was, the yellow digimon, standing outside his stall… waiting.


  Axel hesitated; everyone in the restroom was looking between the yellow creature and him. He heard the whispers that floated in the air, it was a Renamon, a female, powerful, but what was it doing in the men’s room. That’s when she stuck out her three-fingered hand, a hand tipped in sharp claws, and in her hand was the black digi-vice.


  Axel blinked as he edged around the Renamon, who stood quietly with her hand outstretched. “er, thanks, but its not mine” he said as he moved to a sink to wash his hands, yet still she stood there, waiting, hand out stretched.


  She continued to follow him even after leaving the man’s room. He wasn’t sure what he had done to warrant such actions from a strange creature such as Renamon, nor was he happy with this new development. ‘Maybe Kimmy could help’ he thought, and so went off to find her, fox girl in tow.


  It didn’t take long to find his niece, he could hear her squeals of joy half way across the crowded dealers room. Kimmy had found something else to spend Axel’s hard errand money on, and as he approached she turned her big puppy-dog eyes to him. “Can I have this Axel?”


  Then Kimmy looked past him and saw the Renamon. In her childish delight she and her Gatomon rushed past her uncle and up to the creature. Axel watched the three interacted, watched as Renamon tilted her head in a quizzical way to regard the 12-year-old girl, and blinked as it handed Kimmy the digi-vice.


  He was about to say something when Kimmy walked back over to him. “Gee Axel, your so lucky” she chirped happily “Renamons are so pretty and one of the strongest rookies, I know lots of kids who want them as partners and such, their just going to wig when I tell them my uncle now has one… here this is your D-arc, don’t ever loss this” she chattered as she clipped the device to the key chain that hung from his belt.


  Axel felt the sudden urge to throw up.


  And that’s how he n Rena met, their lives together since that day had been one a heck of a roller costar ride. One that Axel wouldn’t triad for the world. But there was a drawback that Axel hadn’t for seen, that was the attraction the two felt for each other, it had started out harmlessly enough but now it had grown.  



  After his mind returned to the present, Axel felt like rushing out and confronting Rena, but after the day he had just had, there was no way he was leaving his bed. Sleep soon over took the digi-tamer and all the days’ problems disappeared into darkness.


  Rena sat in her room watching the clock tic by. She n Axel had made it home before 8 ‘o’ clock. He had gone striate to bed, while she showered and… well, it was now 3 in the morning and she was slowly losing the battle with her self-control. Beep inside her belly there was a burning desire that needed to be put out.


  Her mother had always told her how her first heat would he the hardest on her and that if she didn’t do something soon to bring it under control, it could drive her mad. ‘Oh momma, what should I do?’ she thought to herself as she hugged her knees to her chest. This of cores only let the strengthening sent of her heated sex to waft about her more easily. 


  There was really only one answer, she had to tell Axel that she would need to go home to the digital world for a few days to take care of… a personal problem. Yes that is what she had to do, and she had to do it now before she lost control.


  Hopping up off her bed, Rena quietly crossed the hall and slowly opened Axel’s door. The pail light that filtered into the room from the night sky, cast his room in a bluish haze, illuminating her sleeping tamer whom she could hear snoring soundly. ‘Well this is it, now or never.’ She decided.


  With hesitant steps Rena softly padded over to her tamers bed. Ready to explain that she needed to leave. She moved over to his side and started to reach for his shoulder to shake him a wake, when her nose caught a whiff of his sent.


  Axel had gone strait to bed after the battle and hadn’t taken a shower. The musky sent of drying sweat n blood that drifted from him and filled the room was intoxicating to her. In her current state she was having trouble remembering why she had come in here, there was something she needed to do.


  The growing heat in her womb began to over ride her rational brain and slowly, hesitantly, she reached out and began to slide away the thin fabric sheet that covered her tamer. Her body was shaking, shivering with anticipation for what she wanted to happen, what she needed to happen.


  Axel usually slept in the nude and with few covers over his body. He didn’t like the heat or hot weather, a condition he developed while growing up in Minnesota. After moving to Ohio, it had always seem to surprise his friends when they found him in short sleeve T-shirts and no coat during the winter.


  Rena of cores understood this quite well for she was stuck in fur all year round, and so her tamers sleeping habits never bother her, until tonight. Fact is Rena had seen Axel in the buff several times and it had never affected her, much. Not like she ever worn more then her gauntlets around him.


  As far as Rena could tell, Axel was one of, if not the oldest digi-tamer in the world. Most tamers were 5 to 18 years of age, while Axel was 26. He was a freelance artist and owned his own home. He adjusted quickly to any situation that arose, had a nice since of humor and the pleasantly dirty mind of an adult cartoonist.


  But this time, when Rena looked down at Axel’s naked form, she wasn’t seeing him as her tamer or even as a human, but as a healthy young male. He was tall, even when lying down. At 6 foot 4, with a thin but well muscled build. Axel was everything Rena could ever remember wanting. The more she starred down at him, the harder her pussy throbbed.


  When a wake Axel would look at her with soft, caring, bright blue eyes and a warm lopsided smile that light up his thin face. Toping his head was a mass of black/brown hair, which drifted down to the back of his neck, with a windswept look to it. At that moment only one thought popped into her head ‘he will make a handsome father.’


  Rena’s eyes hungrily wondered down her human’s body, past his chiseled chest, flat stomach, and tapered down into his lean muscled legs. There was the prize she sought, nestled in a thin patch of soft hair. Yet as she looked on she realized there was a problem, there was no way his flaccid tool was going to be able to satisfy her needs.


  The concepts of sex, and foreplay were nothing new to the digimon, even though this was her first heat. Not long after taking Axel as a partner she had discovered several books and videos that he kept hidden in his art room. Now while Rena couldn’t read Axel’s human language, she more then understood how to work a VCR.


  Rena sat spellbound, unable to tare her eyes away from what was happening on the TV. Deep in her mind she had known that humans, like digimon, had sex to reproduce their species. Now it seemed that humans also had sex for fun, turning the act almost into an art form. It was through the videos that Rena learned how to pleaser herself… and more.     


  Rena couldn’t suppress the wave of warmth that swelled inside her sex as she slowly climbed into Axel’s bed. This was a place that she had gone to many a time in her dreams. But to finally be here, the excitement and fear of this act was fueling her desire even more.


  Breathing quickly, heart racing, her eyes fixed on her goal as she moved down her tamer’s body. Rena more then understood what was needed to bring Axel’s cock to life, she had watched it done so many times on the videos and in her dreams. Yet to try it in real life was another matter.


  ‘Now how did the blond lady do this?’ she thought to herself, her body starting to shake under the invisible weight of her sexual need. ‘Oh yes, I remember now.’


  Turning around she slowly straddling his feet with her thighs. It was finally happening, her dreams where going to come true this night… but afterward, would Axel look upon her with disgust or love? There was only one way to find out. Reenacting the video, Rena slowly leaned forward till her nose was almost touching her tamers limp shaft and inhaled.


  Her pussy quivered at his strong sent, and her body came alive with little tingling sensations as her tongue slipped out and tentatively licked along Axel’s limp dick, leaving a warm wet trail. Her furry hands gently sliding up his thighs to lightly brush his shaft.


  Quickly Axel’s body began to respond to Rena’s menstruations, his cock twitching and growing before her eyes as she encouraged it with her long hot tongue. Her left hand grasps the base of the shaft with some difficulty, for she was shaking so bad. Trying to be gentle, she stroked it with her clawed hand, starring at it as it inflated before her.


  Licking round the rim of his gland, Axel’s cock began to tremble n pals as it reached its full length. Though she couldn’t see well, Rena gasped at how big it felt in her hands, it was longer then her try-digital fingers and thicker to. Her mind swam as she tried to conceive of how much pleaser the thick rod of flesh was going to give her.  


  With a happy sigh she began to lick her way up the shaft in long wet savoring strokes. Slipping her mouth over the tip, she licked and sucked at its little hole, making Axel moan in his sleep. While her free hand snaked it way down between her legs in search of her now dripping sex.

  During all this Axel was dreaming, it had started out well enough with old memories from his past playing before his shuteyes, but then it started to change. He dreamt that a faceless girl had joined him, and before he knew what was happening the girl reached out and started to play with his dick. ‘Damn this is real, wake up dummy’ his brain screamed, yet he slept on.  


  Rena smiled to herself and licks around the head a few more times before his soft lips engulf the tip of Axel’s prick into his hot mouth, tongue sliding over the pee-hole tasting the precume that comes from it. Her hand releasing its hold and snaking down between Axel’s legs, there she found his balls.


  Axel let out a groan as Rena squeezed his nut-sack softly. She found she liked how their weight felt in her palm. Yet she didn’t understand it when she felt them start to tighten in her grasp, or why Axel was beginning to moan louder. Then it happened.


  Axel snapped awake as he felt his body convulse with the first throws of an orgasm. His mind wheeled in confusion, was he actually having a wet dream at age 26? Quickly he reach for his dick, trying to stem the flow of his cream long enough to make it to the bathroom, he didn’t want to make a mess in his bed.


  Confusion again struck the tamer when he found the way to his spasming organ blocked by… Fur? Blinking Axel sat up on his elbows and looked down his body. A Renamon… His Renamon!, was straddling his legs, his balls in her hand, and her cheeks puffing out as he filled her mouth with his creamy seed. Axel’s mind went blank.


  Rena was in shock, at first nothing had happened, then it was like Axel’s cock had become a canon, firing his hot seed into the back of her throat. She remembered the videos, the man spraying white stuff all over the girls face. But as the first shot hit her tongue it had scared her and she froze up; now her mouth was filling with Axel’s cum and she wasn’t sure what to do.


  Axel sat mesmerized by the sight before him. Rena, her small lips encircling the head of his dick as it twitched, the look of surprise in her eyes as his sperm splashed into her warm mouth. He wasn’t sure what to do or how to handle this. True he had secretly wished this would happen, but not that it was.


  With her mouth almost full and realization that if she didn’t act fast, that there was going to be one hell of a mess soon. She did the only thing she could think of, closing her eyes tight and preparing for the worst, she swallowed.      


  Axel blinked.


  At first Rena thought that human cum might be bad if swallowed, none of the girls in the videos ever did this. They always seemed happy to have the male cream splashing over their faces n bodies. Yet as she gulped down the first mouth full, tasted its salty flavor, and felt its heat sliding down into her tummy, she realized that she liked it… and wanted more.


  Axel blinked again as he watched Rena go wild. She began to lick n suck the seed right out of him, trying to drain every last squirt of his white cream from his balls. The fox digimon couldn’t get enough.


  He watched as finally, with his ball spent and his cock starting to go limp, Rena sat up and licked her lips. She was breathing hard and as she settled back on her haunches, he could feel something dripping onto his legs. Obviously Rena had enjoyed herself and now, in the darkness of his room, looked quite content.


  Axel, who only now realized that he was holding his breath, let out a long sigh, he to felt rather content, but there was something else, he needed to find out what had brought this on. “Rena?” he asked in a soft voice.


  Rena almost jumped out of her skin. She had been so enthralled with what she was doing, that she hadn’t realized Axel was awake. The warm happy feeling she had had was now gone, replaced by fear and shame “A…Axel don’t be mad.” she began hastily “I’m so sorry, please…” but Axel placed a finger over her mouth and she was unable to finish.


  “Rena,” Axel said before tilting his head to the side, regarding her with soft eyes “I just have one question.”

  “Th…That is? She asked once he removed his finger.

  “Why?” he asked calmly “what brought this on?”

  “Heat” she replied after a moment.

  “Heat?” Axel was blinking, not getting it “but the air conditioner is set at 65.”

  “No silly, the house is fine” she said, trying to suppress a giggle as she began to relax.

  “err... Then I don’t follow” this came with an arching of one eyebrow      


  Rena giggled, every time Axel did the arching of his eyebrow, it reminded her of the man from that sci-fi TV show, Mr. Spock. Now feeling at ease, Rena laid it all out for her tamer. “I’m in my first heat Axel, my time to mate. I came in here to tell you I needed to go home for a bit and well… seeing you, sleeping in your all together, I couldn’t resist.”