Series: Taken by Storm

Title: A Night to Dismember

Written by: Renamon’s Lover

Main characters: Tempest/Renamon (Kitty) ***

***May add more minor characters later in the series.

            When Kitty woke up, Tempest was gone. She rubbed her eyes and began to search for him. After looking through the whole house for him twice she realized he must have left. “Why would he leave without waking me to tell me where he was going, or at least leave a note,” Kitty said to herself. “Where could he have gone?” she asked worriedly. At that moment Tempest walked into the house. “Where could who have gone, Hun?” He asked knowing full well that she had been looking for him. Tears started to well up in Kitty’s eyes, as she embraced him. “You had me so worried,” Kitty sobbed. “Why is that? I only went to pick up a couple of things,” Tempest chuckled. “You could have left me a note. What did you go to get?” she asked wiping her eyes. “Just some “things”. Tempest said shrugging. “And when did you get so emotional?” he asked changing the subject. ‘Hmm’ she thought ‘I did overreact more than usual’ “Hey! Wait a minute you’re hiding something.” Kitty exclaimed. “Well…” Tempest began thinking quickly. “Did you notice anything different about me yesterday during the battle?” he asked. “Now that you mention it…” Kitty said “I did your eyes were glowing and you were faster and stronger. Why?” Tempest sighed with relief, “I don’t know. I just saw you in danger and wanted to save you and it just happened.” Kitty stared for a moment dazed, “I see. Well that doesn’t explain much.” Tempest paused for a moment, “Hey Kitty, how would you like to go out tonight?” he asked casually. “Sure, what do you have in mind?” she asked, but didn’t listen to the rest, instead she thought to herself. ‘What are you up to?’

            That night Tempest gave her a dress he had bought in town that morning specially made for Renamon. “It’s beautiful!” Kitty cried in excitement. “Is this what you got in town?” she asked with amazement. “Part of it,” Tempest replied with a smirk. He took her to the best restaurant in town and told her to order anything she wanted. “What’s the occasion?” she asked puzzled. “You’ll see,” was all Tempest said. The rest of the dinner went off without a hitch as Kitty and Tempest laughed and talked, until… “Kitty,” Tempest said as he kneeled on the floor. “Will you marry me?” he asked. Kitty was stunned; she had expected something to happen but not this. “I-I… Of course,” she stammered. “Now I don’t know if we can yet. I have to clear this with the FDDA, but I wanted to get this done as soon as possible,” Tempest explained. “The FDDA?” Kitty inquired. “Oh!” Tempest said. “The Federal Department of Digital Affairs, they handle all digimon related affairs.”

On the way home, Tempest explained that after he had woken up that morning he realized he wanted to marry Kitty and had made all the plans and set them up for his proposal. They walked into the house as Kitty admired the 24K gold ring with a rather large diamond set into it, catching the light ever so nicely. “This ring is just so beautiful I feel like I need to thank you properly for it,” Kitty said as she pressed up against Tempest, making sure her breasts were visible through the dress. “Oh, sounds good,” Tempest said as he gently squeezed Kitty’s ass, kicked the door shut, and kissed Kitty so passionately that she was shocked for a moment. He led Kitty over to their bed, since they had moved into the same room now, and slid the straps on her black silk dress off of her shoulders. “Kitty?” Tempest asked confused staring at her chest. “When did you cut off the fur covering your breasts?” Kitty looked down and blushed, “I didn’t. When Renamon feel intense feelings of love for their mates the excess fur shrinks away to draw their mate’s attention.” Tempest smiled and said, “Well I like it. It provides easier access.” He then slid the dress completely off Kitty. As the dress crumpled to the floor, Tempest began to fondle Kitty’s breasts causing her nipples to harden. Tempest began to gently nibble on Kitty’s nipples. “Ooooh,” she moaned in pleasure. “More, More!” Tempest slowly moved his hand down and began to lightly play with her clit and slowly rubbing a finger up and down her slit. Kitty clumsily began to undo Tempest’s shirt and pants as he used his other hand to rub her ass. Tempest slowly licked Kitty’s stomach as he worked his way down to her pussy and began to tease her. He licked her deep until she was about to cum and stopped. He then put his dick in Kitty’s face and said “Alright, my turn.” Slightly disappointed Kitty began to lick the tip of Tempest’s member with her rough tongue, sending shivers up Tempest’s spine. The way Kitty sucked cock was like heaven. She knew every sensitive spot on his cock and made sure to hit them all. Tempest tensed up for an orgasm when Kitty stopped and sarcastically said, “All done.” Tempest laughed and lifted Kitty onto him and began to pump his hips. “Wait I want to try something different,” Kitty said as she got off and bent over the bed. “My people usually mate in this position.” Tempest couldn’t help staring. He loved Kitty’s ass and now he was able to see it clearer than usual. Waking up from his trance he stepped up to Kitty and began to fuck her again. As he sped up his pace Kitty seemed to be getting more pleasure from sex in this position. Her whole body quivered as he brought her closer and closer to her orgasm. With a powerful thrust, Tempest put Kitty into her biggest orgasm ever. As her tight pussy squeezed his cock, he wasn’t able to hold it anymore and came with unusual force. Together they laid on the bed panting, when Tempest shuddered violently. Kitty was concerned when she narrowed her eyes as she sensed a digimon emerging. “Let’s go,” Tempest said as he finished dressing. Kitty was amazed his speed was increased again and the shudder was him sensing the digimon.

            They got to the digital field just as the Blossomon appeared. Tempest closed his eyes trying to remember the feeling he had when he first used his powers. After a couple of seconds his eyes began to glow and he knew he had activated them. However they were still not enough to defeat Blossomon. In one powerful swing Blossomon had knocked Tempest out, and he knew Kitty wouldn’t be able to defeat it herself. Suddenly, a voice spoke to him, “Do you wish to save your lover?” “What?” Tempest asked confused. “Do you wish to save your lover?” the voice said once again. “Tempest looked around for the source, but saw only darkness. “Of course, but how” The voice boomed out from every direction, like a thunderclap, “THEN USE ALL YOUR POWER TO TRANSFORM YOURSELF INTO A DIGIMON!” and with that the voice vanished. Tempest thought about it. Was it even possible? He asked himself. Finally he closed his eyes and found his power and wished to become the strongest digimon in existence.

            When he opened his eyes he transformed. His skin turned black, scaly, and hard as diamonds. His shirt was split in two as huge leathery wings sprang forth from his back. His fingers and toes seemed to melt together to form three clawed appendages. His face sprouted a fanged dragon-like snout, and white reptilian eyes. His ears grew twice as long and pointed. Finally, a thick, powerful tail emerged from his back. He instantly saw Kitty struggling against the grip of the Blossomon, and instinctively shouted “DEMON CRUSHER” and fired a giant ball of pure darkness at the Blossomon digitizing it on impact. Kitty stared at the new digimon in fear, she had never seen such a digimon before. She watched as he looked down at his hands and said in a gruff voice. “Kitty, is this really me?” Kitty suddenly realized that this creature was Tempest. After explaining what had happened his D-Fender began to go off. He pulled it out and it showed two new modes and information on his new form. “D-mon,” he read. “A rookie level digimon with enough pure dark energy to destroy even the strongest Ultimate.” He scanned the new modes. One was his data file showing he was his own tamer, and the other was a Data Converter. He activated the Data Converter and it reverted him back to his Human form. “Interesting,” he said. “It appears I can morph between human and digimon at will.”

            A week later they met at the FDDA headquarters to ask about the legality of their marriage as well as ask if they could explain why Tempest was now a human/digimon polymorph. They were met in the lobby by one of Tempest’s old friends, Robert Gryphon. “Well looks like I’m gonna have a busy day,” Rob sighed with a smile. “I got your letter and am very interested in what actually happened, so I’m gonna need you to follow me.” Tempest and Kitty followed the tall brown haired man to his office. Rob sat down behind his desk and said, “First off, your marriage dilemma is actually quite common and has been made perfectly legal, Atticus…” Rob was interrupted by an enormous fit of laughter from Kitty  Y-You-Your real name is Atticus?” Kitty spluttered through her laughter. Tempest sighed, “Yes Atticus Fawkes. You’re going to be a Fawkes… no pun intended.” He said hurridly as he saw both Kitty and Rob about to burst out into laughter. “Right then,” Rob said as he regained his composure. “You can get married as I said before, but my interest is in your DNA. How could you get your DNA to transform into data? I’m going to need a blood sample.” After a few moments Rob returned with the results of the blood test. “Your DNA is amazing, not only do you have the legendary Taishiki powers, but to be able to convert to a digimon. It shows signs of change just significant enough to tell what happened. Now if you would please transform I would love to see this new digimon.” Tempest pulled out the D-Fender and activated Data converter and transformed into D-mon. Rob studied his features and took a sample of data to put into their digimon identifier, but when Tempest tried to revert the Data converter blew a fuse and quit working. “No you mean I’m stuck like this?” Tempest roared. “Don’t worry we have plenty of data converters and can fix yours for you, but it will take about a day so just go home and relax. Maybe we can see if you have any more secrets hidden away inside.” Rob reassured them as he took Tempest’s D-Fender. “Besides I’ve been wanting to take a look at this marvelous device.

To Be Continued…

All Digimon are property of the TOEI company and hold all rights to them. However, Tempest is my own original character and I hold all rights to him.