Series: Taken by Storm

Title: Love at First Fight

Written by: Renamon’s Lover

Main characters: Tempest/Renamon (Kitty) ***

***May add more minor characters later in the series.

For 16 years he had trained in the ways of Martial Arts. Now at the age of 19 he had not only mastered two styles, but created his own. He is known only by Tempest, as no one remembered his real name. He had gotten his name from his smooth, swift, and powerful attacks. Always looking for powerful opponents, he entered a tournament open to both humans and digimon…

            Tempest looked around at all of the strong looking fighters in the finals. He was almost drooling with excitement.

            “Man, this is gonna be fun!” Tempest murmured joyfully. As he continued to look at the fighters, one in particular caught his attention. Standing in the back of the room was a single Renamon leaning against the wall arms crossed and head down. ‘Wow’ he thought ‘I thought I was gonna be the smallest fighter here’ as he looked the Renamon gauging its strength.

            Tempest had learned that size could be deceiving. He was living proof, though he was 6 feet 2 inches with a well muscled build he was one of if not the best human fighter in the world. This was the main reason he decided to join this tournament. More digimon joined than humans, because they were afraid of how they would end up. However, because this tournament was a mixed tournament no digimon was allowed to use their special attacks.

            She had seen Tempest looking at her intently, but Renamon paid no mind. She was used to males staring at her absent-mindedly. There was something different about him though, something she couldn’t place. He looked normal enough. His dark black hair unusually messy went down to his mid-back. His icy-blue eyes sparkled with the bright lighting. He wore tattered jeans, a dark crimson T-shirt, and a long black trench coat. ‘Hmm’ she thought to herself, looking at his small yet muscled build ‘He seems strong for a human.’

            “May I have your attention please?” the announcer called “I need Tempest and…” she lost the rest her first match was still a long ways off.

            “Finally it’s my turn!” Tempest shouted eagerly. He walked into the ring with a rather large Ogremon “Ready to lose human?” the Ogremon laughed. “You wish.” He retorted as he easily dodged the Ogremon’s attack, and sending him through the wall with a series of punches and kicks he called Hurricane Blitz. ‘Wow’ thought Renamon ‘He is strong.’ The rest of the matches were relatively the same until…

            “Tempest and Renamon please report to the ring for the final bout!” came the announcer’s voice.

             Both competitors entered the ring. Tempest took his fighting stance to prepare for the Renamon’s attack. “You are stronger than I expected human,” Renamon acknowledged. Tempest fell down embarrassed, got back up and said “You mean you’re female?”

            “Of course,” Renamon replied puzzled. “What did you think I was? Male?” Tempest started laughing nervously “Well…” he started, but was cut off by Renamon’s first attack. “Whoa you’re fast,” he said as he managed to avoid the attacks. “How are you able to see my attacks?” Renamon asked frustrated. “No one has ever been able to dodge my attacks.”

            “Well it is difficult, but I don’t know I just can,” Tempest answered. The remainder of the match the two traded punches until finally it ended in a draw as they both were unable to stand up on their own. “Heh heh heh, Great match that was fun,” Tempest said as he winced from a pain in his side. “You’re not so bad yourself,” Renamon reluctantly admitted. At that moment a bright light escaped out of Tempest’s pocket. He reached in and pulled out a digivice, but this one was different from all the others he had seen it looked like a cross between the original digivices and the D-terminals. “What does this mean?” he wondered aloud. “It means I’m your partner,” Renamon replied surprised.

            The next couple of months the two trained and battled wild digimon. Tempest had decided that Renamon needed a proper name, and together they named her Kitty short for kitsune which was what Renamon was. “Tempest, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” Kitty said hesitantly. “I’ve seen every style of Martial Arts and I’ve never seen yours before, why?” Tempest stared for a second then replied, “That’s because I merged the Tai-Ket-Tzu and Dragon styles together to create my Hurricane style. I gave it that name, because like a hurricane it uses gentle forces and intensifies them to destructive attacks, but has a calm and peaceful center.” Kitty listened intently. “Interesting,” she said at last. “Do you think you could teach me?” she asked. Before Tempest could answer, however, the new digivice they called the D-fender, indicated a new digimon. “That will have to wait,” Tempest said seriously as they rushed to the digital field. The digimon was a Knightmon. “Do you think you can handle him?” Tempest asked Kitty. “No problem,” Kitty answered as she leapt forward to attack. She soon had the Knightmon against a nearby wall, and was about to use Diamond Storm for the kill, but Knightmon caught her off guard and threw her to the ground. Knightmon raised his sword for a final blow, but seemingly out of nowhere Tempest had appeared and caught the blade. He then broke the sword in two and destroyed Knightmon with his Ultimate Hurricane attack. Kitty was stunned she had never seen this before. Tempest had not only moved faster than she could follow, but had destroyed a very high level digimon effortlessly. As she looked closer she noticed his eyes were glowing a bright yellow color. Seeing that she was too shocked to move Tempest carried Kitty home.

            The entire way home Kitty thought about the fight and how helpless she had been. She also thought of how powerful and in control Tempest was. The way he had moved made her feel safe and protected. The way his attacks were so swift and sexy. ‘Wait did I really just think that’ she asked herself, but she couldn’t help it. He held her in his arms so gently and lovingly that she never wanted him to let go. When they arrived at the house he set her down on the couch and asked if she was alright. “Yes I think s-so,” she stammered still half-stunned. ‘His eyes’ she thought ‘they aren’t glowing anymore.’ With Kitty’s answer Tempest smiled and went to shower off. He stood there letting the hot water caress his body. He thought of the days events and wondered how he had done what he had. Suddenly, a pair of furry arms wrapped around him and began playing with his cock. Alarmed, Tempest knocked the arms away, and swung around to see Kitty behind him. “W-what are you doing Kitty?” Tempest asked surprised. Frightened that Tempest’s surprise might turn to anger Kitty ran from the shower to her bedroom. Tempest was worried about her, but decided to let her calm down for a bit. ‘Why did she do that?’ he wondered. ‘It’s not like I haven’t felt attracted to her, but should we really do that sort of thing?’ Just thinking about it had gotten him aroused. After about 30 minutes he went in to check on her. She was hiding beneath the covers. “Kitty we need to talk,” he sighed. ‘This is it’ she thought. ‘He’s going to refuse to be my tamer ever again.’ “We can’t be partners anymore,” he said as she began to sob furiously. “Look at me Kitty,” he demanded. She peeked out from under the blanket into his eyes. “We can’t be partners, because I love you,” he whispered softly into her ear.

“You do?” Kitty asked hesitantly. “Of course. Do you love me?” He asked. “More than you know,” she answered happily. “Then let me make love to you.” Tempest said. “Right here? Right now?” Kitty asked nervously. “Yes, now shh.” Tempest said as kissed her passionately allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. He finally broke the kiss as Kitty was removing his T-shirt. He pushed away the fur on her chest and began to rub and gently squeeze her breasts. He had not noticed before that her breasts were so large. While they were concealed by the fur it looked as it her C42 size breasts were hardly there. “Oooh,” Kitty moaned in sheer pleasure, as Tempest began to suck on her left nipple while gently pinching the other. ‘It’s almost like pinching a puffy pink marshmallow,’ Tempest thought joyfully. As he finished sucking he began to work his way down to her pussy. “Wait!” she cried. “I want to pleasure you as well.” She removed his pants and gently stroked his 8 inch member. “I know how we can both pleasure each other at same time,” Tempest said with smile as he carefully moved into the 69 position. “Perfect!” Kitty exclaimed and began to slowly suck on his member. Meanwhile Tempest wrapped his arms around Kitty’s legs and rubbed her firm ass as he began to tease her now wet sex. First, licking all the way around it then gradually inserting his tongue in. Finally, he began to massage her clit with his tongue. At that moment Kitty began to moan, putting Tempest even closer to cumming than he already was. He could feel her swirling her tongue sensually around the tip of his cock. Kitty gave one last plunge forcing as much in as she could filling her mouth with Tempest’s cum. Surprised she swallowed and began cumming as well, nearly choking Tempest. Kitty got up and cleaned Tempest with her tongue as he began to tease her dripping cunt with his cock. Kitty finished and got on top of Tempest letting his huge member slowly slide in. “Aaah!” Kitty screamed. “Are you alright,” Tempest asked. He hadn’t even thought that she might have been a virgin. “I won’t move until you say it’s fine to,” he told her concerned. After about two minutes Kitty said “I-It’s fine now,” and began slowly pumping her hips up and down. Tempest slowly found her pace and began to gradually speed up. “Oooh, oooh, oooh,” Kitty moaned as she got closer and closer to another climax. “Push it all the way in,” Kitty moaned in pleasure. Taking advantage of the opportunity and shoved his cock up into her womb. This put both of them into their second climax. Kitty sighed in pleasure and laid down on Tempest’s chest and fell asleep.

To Be Continued…

All Digimon are property of the TOEI company and hold all rights to them. However, Tempest is my own original character and I hold all rights to him.