Everything was so peaceful. The little garden situated in a wooded clearing was empty except for a single figure. The flowers, the bushes, the stream and the tall, yellow fox digimon sitting atop a curved rock all made a single, beauteous scene. With a comfortable sigh Renara stretched back onto the large, curved rock, her lithe figure fitting perfectly into the contours of the warm stone. She looked up into the sky above her and saw the puffy white clouds floating around in the brilliant blue sky. With another contented sigh her hand ran through the thick, soft and bushy fur of her tail. Always so warm and gentle to touch, she moved her tail to sit across her legs, the reassuring weight tickling her thighs. Her hand moved across and into the white fur on her stomach, she threaded her fingers through the delicate strands as she slid her left hand a little bit further down. With a little giggle her hand was in between her legs and brushing about her fur down there, the feeling was pleasant. A second giggle escaped her happy face as she pushed her finger a little further into the fur, a little further still and she could feel the finger sliding into her. Moaning gently she probed further and was rewarded with a little trickle of liquid down the inside of her leg, quickly dampening her fur. Renara pulled back out before pushing the now slick finger in again. The large, warm finger felt good inside her and she grinned to herself to show it. Again she pushed her finger in, harder this time, and again it became more wet in her excitement. With a sharp gasp Renara pulled her finger out of herself, a sticky trail of fluid hanging from it. With a giggle she rolled onto her side, tail thrashing against her leg as warm juice dribbled out of her onto her thigh, tickling her as it runs down onto the rock. Running her hand through her fur again Rena moves her left hand across her left leg and her smooth, rounded behind. Revelling in the velvet feel of her own fur she writhes a little and quickly sticks her right hand between her legs, resuming the pleasant, probing motion that made her feel warm inside. With her breath quickening Rena slides her finger in between the two cheeks of her ass, pushing between them with her heart beginning to pound in her chest. With a little yelp she pushes the slick wet finger further still until it begins to push into her other hole. The probing finger pauses only to get ready to push further in, an electric shudder runs through Renara's body as her finger pushes her into forgetting everything but the pleasure she now feels. With a low, happy moan Rena begins pushing her fingers in and out of herself. With her yellow fur beginning to smell of an excited sweat she continues the rhythmic penetration. Her breath begins to come in short, sharp gasps as the fingers become more and more slick with the sweet-smelling juices that run from her as the movements become more intense. Another shudder runs through her body as her fingers slide in and out much faster now, a wet sound from one and an intense, tight pleasure from the other. Arching her back, Renara lets out a shriek of joy. Her fingers, now working to the point of beginning to tire, are saturated by her sticky fluid pleasure. Biting her lip Rena feels the pleasure, more intense still and working toward a climax. Wet liquid now drips out of her with every movement, running slick down her leg and onto the darkening rock. Another animal shriek and Rena becomes blind to everything but the overwhelming intensity that runs through her body like lightning. She gasps and relaxes, her body falls back onto the stone, cum pushing its way out of her, around her finger, hot, sticky, slimy and wet. Writhing with the strength of her feeling Rena slides her fingers out of her wet hole, prompting another wave of cum to follow it in a sticky fluid mess that covered the inside of her legs and dribbled down the rock. Still with her other finger deep inside her anus Renara lifts her sticky left hand to her mouth and sticks the most heavily covered finger in. Her tongue licks around the finger, tasting the sweet taste of her own physical pleasure. Sticky and warm she feels the cum on her tongue and licks it across her teeth, savouring the taste as her tail brushes across her legs gently. With a final breath through her nose she pulls the finger from her mouth and swallows, the sweet taste lingering in her mouth. With a long gentle, satisfied moan Rena continues to probe with her still inserted finger, the long, slow movements prompt her body to shake with another orgasm, a second wave of cum spattering onto the rock. After a third, shuddering orgasm she slowly pulls the finger from her warm anus, relishing every moment as the fur tickles her sensitive hole. Rolling over into a sitting position Rena inspects the pool of sweet smelling juices that were formed on the rock, with an eager twist of her body she lowers her head to the pool and begins to lap it up with her tongue. With her own cum dribbling down her bottom lip Renara sits back and wipes at her mouth with her still wet left hand. She giggled as she dripped again, the pleasure still not quite ended. She continued to giggle as she lay back again before falling happily asleep, a smile still on her face.