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Digimon Tamers:The Love Series-Part 1-by Renafan!
"A Night Takato Would Never Forget"

The moon rose in it's full glory over the city and Takato looked at it in
the cold night.

This was the night he was waiting for...ever since he saw Renamon for the
first time,he had these strange and forbidden feelings he just couldn't express out loud.

Now,tonight would be the night Takato would express his feelings to Renamon.
For better or for worse,this would be the night.


Takato turned around to see Renamon appear behind him.

"What's this about? What did you want to tell me?"Renamon asked.

""Takato couldn't get it out.

"Takato,you're sweating and your heart's beating faster than normal."Renamon

"I...uh....LOVE YOU!"Takato yelled."I LOVE YOU!"

Takato and Renamon just stood and looked at each other. Takato had a nervous
look on his face and Renamon just stood there with eyes wide.

"Takato,I don't know what to say. It must have taken a lot for you to say
this and I admire you for it,but the fact is that I'm a Digimon and you're a human."Renamon

"I..I know,it's just that ever since I first saw you I've had these strange
feelings that I just can't describe...I want you Renamon."Takato said pale faced.

Renamon put a furry hand on Takato's face.

"Well Takato,if you want me then I guess I have no other choice than to
oblige..."Renamon said seductively.

"W-wha-what?"Takato asked.

"Remove your clothes."Renamon instructed Takato.

"Okay..."Takato said as he removed his sweat-stained clothes,folded them in
a hurry and put his googles neatly on top.

Leafs blew in the cool night air and Takato shivered a little bit.

"Here,come close to me Takato."Renamon said.

Takato hugged Renamon's furry body closely. Hmm,he thought to himself,that
feels kinda good.

"Are you warm now Takato?"Renamon asked Takato.

"I-I could use a little more heat..."Takato said.

"Well,I could warm you up one way I know of..."Renamon said with an evil

"What?"Takato asked in a hopeful tone.

"Lay down and brace yourself."Renamon instructed Takato.

Takato went ahead and lay down on the park grass. It was wet from all the
sprinklers Takato thought to himself. Sprinklers?!?

Just then,Takato looked up and Renamon let loose her golden flow of piss all
over him,not only warming him but arousing him as well.

The golden flow spread all over Takato's body,gentials,and into his mouth
which Takato gladly swallowed. Renamon's piss had a tough yet good taste which was what he
expected and more.

Relieved at last,Renamon let out a sigh. "Glad that I finally got THAT
out..."Renamon sighed again.

"Renamon,that was...incredible!"Takato gasped in disbelief that he was
covered with this fox digimon's golden pee.

"Do you want to take it further, Takato?" Renamon asked in her usual
mysterious look.

"Of COURSE...I mean,let's do it..."Takato couldn't get the words.

"Then let's 'do it'"Renamon smiled.

Takato and Renamon immediately went into a loving embrace,kissing each other
deeply. Renamon slid her tongue into Takato's mouth teasing his tonsils.

Takato attempted to do the same but to no avail as Renamon was the expert
here. Done playing with Takato's mouth,Renamon mentioned for Takato to lay down once again.

"Now Takato,I'll perform a service for you..."Renamon said as he she licked
the tip of Takato penis. Takato went wide eyed at the pleasure and immediately got a
boner. Renamon continued her seductive licking of his penis going up and down and
eventually down to his ball sac where she got more...let's say intimate.

Takato tried to control himself but shook everytime Renamon licked him with
her vixen tongue. Takato moaned for what seemed to be an eternity when all of a
sudden...she stopped.

"Renamon?"Takato asked kinda dissappointed she stopped.

"I preform a service for you,you gotta pay..."Renamon smiled."And I have the
perfect payment plan in mind just for you."Renamon said as she lifted her tail up and
sat on Takato's face.

Takato tried struggling for air but it was no use...he had to do this,so he
willingly put his tongue into Renamon's waiting asshole cleaning it out and pleasuring her
at the same time. Takato was amazed at how little shit was in her hole. Takato also
noticed that Renamon was hot too...immensely hot.

So,Takato went on licking in and out Renamon's hole with Renamon moaning all
the while...this is way better than battle she thought to herself as Takato continued
his lickings.

Soon though,Renamon couldn't take it anymore herself...she was getting the
same feeling as Takato and wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

"Takato...stop."Renamon ordered.

Takato stopped his intense licking off Renamon's bum hole. Renamon got
up,turned around and lay down upon his young body with anticipation staring right into his
face with her blue and black eyes.

"Are you ready for this Takato?"Renamon asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be I guess..."Takato whispered.

With that, Renamon began humping up and down on Takato's penis until it
found its intended location...her vagina.

All the while,Takato was enjoying all the humping Renamon was doing on his
penis feeling her soft furry body all over him was exhiliarating. Just then,Takato's penis
hit the intend- ed mark and went as far inside Renamon as possible. Renamon continued to
hump up and down like there was no tomorrow until Takato cummed releasing his seed into

Renamon,sweating,feel on Takato breathing heavily and enjoying the feeling
of Takato being insider her.

"You know Takato...I have to admit this,I love you too...I just wanted you
to prove it tonight."Renamon revealed to him.

"You mean,you've loved me as much as I..."Takato began.

"It started out as a minor feeling,a nagging really...until I saw how brave
you looked out there fighting with Gulimon all the time. Seeing you risk yourself for him
was astounding and gave me a feeling I can't describe...and in time it came to
be...well..."Renamon couldn't seem to finish it.

"Please say it Renamon..."Takato begged.

"I love you."Renamon said as she licked Takato on the forehead. Takato
kissed her back and they lay there enjoying the feeling of being in one another.