This work of fiction contains adult concepts from the TV show Digimon. Do not proceed if you are under 18, or this material is illegal in your jurisdiction.

There's been a lot of request for this type of lemon. I decide to try my hand out at it. This lemon takes place in the episode when Sora and TK are in the mansion with an ailing Kari in the episode and after my lemon "Pussy's Pussy"

Teacher's Pet


Kari had awakened to the sounds of purring. She looked over the side of her bed and saw Gatomon. What surprised her was TK was there to, and they were wrestling together. They weren't wrestling really though, TK had his pants down behind Gatomon, and Gatomon was rubbing herself between her legs. They both where so involved that they didn't even notice her climb over to the side of her bed. They continued this for a few minutes until TK fell down on the ground behind Gatomon. Gatomon continued to rub herself and a few seconds later, Kari saw some liquid drip from her pussy. Gatomon stopped rubbing herself and walked over to TK. She licked TK across the cheek once. "That was good lover boy."
TK was breathing heavily on the ground. "That was fun Gatomon. I'll have to show Kari how you play."
Kari decided that it was time to intervene. "I already saw." Gatomon and TK swirled around and look up at her. Gatomon look rather red, even through her coat of fur.
"Ah Kari," Gatomon choked out. "Are you feeling better?"
"Yes, what where you two doing?" Kari was curios what they where doing.
"We were playing, Gatomon was showing us new ways to play that game we were doing before."
Gatomon sighed to herself. "Its called sex. The name of the game is called sex."
Kari was curious now. "Do you know how to play sex?"
Gatomon stiffed a laugh. "It's not play sex, it's have sex"
TK was getting annoyed at how Gatomon seemed to be making fun of them. "If you know so much why don't you show us?"
"Show you what?" The group looked up and saw Patamon flying through the door. Patamon surveyed the scene around him. "What's been going on here?"
TK answered first, "Gatomon is going to show us how to play, I mean have sex."
Patamon was shocked. He flew down beside Gatomon. "Gatomon what are you doing down here?"
Gatomon didn't feel much like explaining, she decided on a different tacit. "It's a good thing you showed up Patamon. You can help us."
"Huh?" Patamon squeaked out.
Gatomon playfully pushed Patamon over so he was lying on his back. Gatomon smiled and place her hand over Patamon's hidden penis sack. She began to rub Patamon so that his penis began to emerge from its hidden pouch. Patamon had long and incredibly slender dick. She grabbed his dick and began to stroke it. All this surprised Patamon, but he didn't want Gatomon to stop.
Gatomon turned to TK and Kari who where watching this whole display with child-like curiosity. "This is called a hand job. You can do it to yourself as well, but it's more fun if someone does it for you, right Patamon?"
Patamon just moaned out loud.
Gatomon smiled at Patamon, "Right. Now do you two can try."
TK and Kari smiled at one another. TK climbed up on the bed and sat across from Kari. Kari took her hand and placed it on TK's cock. She began to stroke it up and down in the same manner Gatomon was jacking off Patamon. TK giggled slightly at first, but began to moan softly as Kari squeezed tightly, running her fingers up and down the base of his shaft.
Gatomon saw that TK and Kari had started now, and continued her lecture. "Now then, the boy can also give a hand job to the girl." Gatomon removed her paw from Patamon's cock and lay down on her back. Patamon got the hint, and took one of his paws and inserted in Gatomon's pussy. He fit his entire paw in up to his elbow and began to pump in and out. Gatomon purred loudly as Patamon began to pump in and out as fast as he could.
TK followed suit. He placed three of his fingers inside Kari's pussy. He began to move his fingers in and out at the same pace Patamon was rubbing Gatomon. Kari was enjoying this treatment immensely. She began to rub her own nipples in order to increase her pleasure.
Right before Patamon rubbed her into an orgasm, she grabbed his hand and pulled it out. His hand was dripping with her pussy juices. "OK, now let's move on to the next step." Gatomon bent her head down and took in Patamon's cock in her mouth, being careful not to cut his penis on her sharp side teeth. She could only take in about three-quarters of his hard dick, because it was so long, but this was more than enough for Patamon. Patamon just lay there on his back, drool coming from the side of his mouth. Gatomon removed Patamon from her mouth, and turned towards TK and Kari again. Patamon sighed, clearly disappointed that Gatomon stopped. "Now this is oral sex, when a girl does it to a gut like I'm doing, it's also called a blow job. You can do this to each other at the same time in the 69 position. Patamon and I will show you how to do this."
Patamon smiled as Gatomon stood up and sat down on Patamon's face. Patamon began to lick even before Gatomon placed her own mouth and continued to suck off Patamon. Patamon wrapped his entire mouth around Gatomon crotch and began to suck like a vacuum cleaner. Patamon's power involved sucking in massive amounts of air and shooting it back, so in turn he was great at oral sex, which Gatomon would definitely agree. Patamon also moved his tongue in out of Gatomon's pussy while he was doing this, causing Gatomon to be stimulated in more ways she thought was possible.
TK lay down on his back and Kari sat down on his face. TK began to lick Kari's hairless cunt. As TK continued to rub his tongue over Kari's privates, Kari bent down and took TK's entire penis inside her mouth. They curled up in the 69 position on the floor and continued to pleasure each other. TK buried his tongue as deep as he could in Kari sweet pussy, causing Kari to moan as much as she could with TK's dick in her mouth
Gatomon could feel that Patamon was ready to cum again, so she quickly rolled off him. Patamon let out a disappointing "Hey!" Until Gatomon pinned him down with her paw. "Now on to the next lesson, sex. Also called fucking, screwingÂ…"
Kari and TK broke their embrace. Kari exclaimed, "Gatomon those are bad words!"
Gatomon let out another sigh of mild amusement. "Where do you think those words came from? Some people consider sex dirty, but I say as long as know one gets hurt, it's ok." Kari and TK nodded in agreement, anxious to get to the next lesson.
Patamon cock was still straight up, ready and willing for Gatomon. The cat digimon stood up and slowly sat down on Patamon's cock. Patamon and Gatomon let out a dual gasp of pleasure as she slowly took in all of Patamon long slender cock. On the floor, TK laid down on the floor just like Patamon was. His cock, well not as long as Patamon's was, was standing straight up, waiting for Kari. Kari smiled and started to slowly sit down on his boy erection, until she was all the way down. Kari looked up at Gatomon to see what to do next.
Gatomon and Patamon had nearly forgotten that TK and Kari were even there. Patamon brought his wings up and starting tickling Gatomon's chest. Gatomon placed her hands squarely on his chest and began to hump rapidly. She had enough of fooling around, she was anxious to get to the climax of the lesson. Suddenly as Patamon neared his orgasm, his dick began to vibrate rapidly! His species of digimon when nearing orgasm, their dicks began to vibrate, to help increase sensation in their partner. Gatomon felt this and let out a large meow of surprise, and of pleasure. She could feel Patamon's dick inside her vibrating like an electric dildo! She had never felt anything like it before, and she loved it! A few seconds after the dick started to vibrate, Gatomon felt her orgasm hit her. Patamon's lovemaking had skyrocketed to her climax in record time, and she had never had an orgasm this big before. She completely drenched Patamon's lower body with her pussy juices.
TK and Kari meanwhile where doing their best to keep up with their digimon. Kari had placed her hands on TK's chest just like Gatomon, and started to squeeze her hips and move up in down on TK's dick. TK placed her hands on Kari chest and began to rub her nipples, which Kari enjoyed immensely. She could feel the same feeling come over her that happen to her and TK before. She still didn't know what this feeling was, but she wanted it badly. She redoubled her efforts, moving as fast as her tired little body would allow. TK started to moan Kari's name loudly as he felt something come over him. Finally, TK felt this feeling come over him, and he let out a large groan as he shot a few shots of cum deep inside Kari. Kari could feel this strange sensation, but it passed quickly as her own orgasm went through her. Her pussy juices dribbled out of her on to TK's crotch. Kari exhausted from not only her sickness but also her whole sexual experience, rolled of TK and on to the floor, breathing heavily. TK just laid where he was, his hands on his chest, his cock covered with his and Kari's private juices.
Patamon was still humping Gatomon as fast as he could, trying to hit his orgasm. Gatomon was nearly out of energy herself, but she still was keeping pace. She wanted Patamon to have his fun for what he did for her. Patamon dick vibration increased and then suddenly stopped. A split second later, a steady stream of cum began to fill Gatomon's belly and drip out the sides of her moist pussy. Gatomon, now thoroughly exhausted, fell off Patamon and lay on the bed beside Patamon.
Everyone lay for several minutes; just letting themselves recover from their whole sexual escapade. TK was the first to speak, "What was that..that..feeling?"
Gatomon answered, "It's called an orgasm. It comes when you're having sex. It's actually why most people and digimon have sex."
Gatomon got up off the bed and jumped down. That concludes the lesson." Gatomon smiled at Patamon. "I think we'll have a refresh course later." And she walked upstairs.

There was the end of the series of the request for TK, Kari and their digimon. I've started my new epic lemon, which I will start releasing after I finish releasing the lemons I've previously. If anyone has any suggestion for a topic for this, or if there is a picture you want me to write a story with, just mention it. Any comments, suggestions, writing tips, feel free to post them at this site or e-mail me at