This writing by Red Rover contains adult situations involving characters from the TV show Digimon.  Do not proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is illegal in your jurisdiction.


Full blown orgy with every digidestined, and a lot of digimon forms and unusual combinations.   About time I did one.  This takes place in season 2.





(Tai/Agumon/Sora/Biyomon/Kari/Gatomonah hell Everybody!)



            So whats your big secret? Tai asked. The entire group of digidestined were wandering in the digital world.

          Youll see. Izzy lead the group into some caverns. I was mapping the Digital world, and I found these caverns, so me and Tentomon went exploring.

          Agumon fired a blast of pepper breath into the torches lining the pathways. Find anything interesting?

          You bet! Tentomon flew into a large cavern.

          Whoa! Davis looked around. There was an enormous carving of a digivice on the walls. The symbols of hope, courage, reliability, light, friendship, sincerity and love were also engraved into the stone wall.

          This some sort of shrine? Veemon looked around.

          Even better! Tentomon flew over to a slot under the stone carving. You should have seen what happened when Izzy put his digivice in here!

          What happened? Yolei asked as Hawkmon flew next to her.

          I cant explain it, you have to feel it for yourself. Izzy turned to Tai. How about you go first?

          Tai nodded and walked up to the carving. He placed his digivice into the slot. There was a brief glow, as a new feeling awashed the group in the cavern. Suddenly, everyone was filled with courage and bravery. No obstacle, test or challenge was above their reach. If the Dark Master suddenly reappeared with every version of Myotismon, it wouldnt even be a fair fight. Finally Tai pulled his digivice away, and the feeling faded. Whoathat was cool!

          You see? Izzy smiled. Now watch what happens when we do mine! Izzy placed his digivice in the slot. Instantly, knowledge began to fill the entire groups minds. Math, Science, Philosophy, all knowledge became instantly known. Einstein levels where reached and surpassed. Izzy finally pulled out his digivice. Now that was prodigious!

          Ill say…” Tentomon panted. He already experienced Izzys crest before, and it still blew him away,

          Lets try mine! Sora placed her digivice in the slot. Her digivice turned white, and love filled the room. But this was more than love. The amplifier made her digivice fill everyone with an insatiable attraction to satisfy anyone else.

          Whoa…” Kari stepped back, and brushed TK and Davis. The touch was all it took to set the two off. They each began kissing Kari on the side of the head. Kari immediately returned the gesture, and started kissing Davis. TK was behind Kari, and began kissing the back of Karis neck, while his hands reached down and into Karis pants. Davis at the same time placed one hand around Karis back, and rubbed her butt, playing with her asshole. That feels soooo good boys. Kari moaned as best she could with Davis tongue in her mouth.

          Mmmm glad you like it…” TK said as he nuzzled her neck, increasing his tempo as he molested Kari, rubbing her clit and fingering her hole. Davis stopped kissing her and lifted Karis shirt, sucking the nipples.

          Davis, TK…” Kari shuddered as the hands and tongues worked all over her body.  TK was nibbling Karis neck as he molested her pussy. Davis rubbed her breasts, squeezing them in his hands as he sucked the rock hard nipples. Kari came with a squeal of pleasure. Her footing left her, and she would have fallen to the ground if TKs strong hands hadnt guided her gently to the ground. TK and Davis just sat next to her, feeling and licking her as Karis orgasm ran its course.

Hawkmon and Yolei had started with one another. Yolei had dropped her pants, and Hawkmon had jammed his beak in her cunt, sniffing her intoxicating smell. Hawkmon! Yolei moaned. Lick me!

          Gladly! Hawkmon shouted, muffled by the cunt surrounding his beak. He opened his beak, and started licking the sensitive vaginal walls.Yolei moaned and ran her hands over Hawkmons feathered head.

          Yolei moaned in enjoyment as she was being eaten. Suddenly strong hands wrapped around her back, and move up her chest under her shirt. Her breasts were massaged, turning her tits hard. She turned around, and into Kens gaze. She immediately began kissing Ken, each of them ramming their tongues deep, trying to lasso the other. She felt Kens erection even through his pants rubbing up and down her butt crack. Yolei smiled and undid his belt buckle, quite skilfully since she had to reach Ken from behind. Go onyou know you want to.

          Thank you Yolei. Ken drooled, on purpose. He got his fingers wet and rubbed them up and down his cock, making it nice and wet. With gentleness all of his own, he pressed his head at Yoleis ass. Yolei shuddered as Ken penetrated her rectum, slowly shoving his spit-laden cock into Yoleis ass. Ken went very slowly at first, as not to hurt Yolei.

          Please Ken, go faster. Yolei grasped Kens hands as they wrapped around her chest.  You know you want to.

          Ken kissed the back of Yoleis neck s he increased his speed. Yolei grimaced a little as Ken, who was rather well endowed for a boy his age, pushed his manhood through her tight anus rings. But her ass quickly got used to the intruder, and with Hawkmon lapping her cunt like a thirsty dog, it became quite pleasurable. Oh boys…” Yolei moaned as Ken twisted her nipples and nibbled her ear. Hawkmon licked faster, running his feathered legs up around Yoleis legs.Yolei screamed as she came, Hawkmon drinking her love juices like fine wine.

          Almost there…” Ken panted, no longer holding back. His balls slammed against Yoleis ass cheeks as he managed to thrust his entire length in her. Yolei moaned at being filled, then the sudden sensation of being empty, only to be filled right back. Ken thrust in hard one last time, and a new feeling filled Yolei as warm sticky fluid coated her insides. She shuddered at the feeling, falling into Ken’s strong arms. Only then did Hawkmon stop, leaving the satisfied girl in Kens arms.

          This feelsso good…” Cody panted. Cody was sitting on the ground, his pants thrown to the side. Gatomon was between his legs, sucking the young boys hairless dick.  Cody groaned in enjoyment as the rough feline tongue awashed his most sensitive of areas.  Gatomon smiled at Cody’s enjoyment, when she felt hard talons rubbed her back. She looked back ever so briefly, seeing Tentomon hovering above her, his bug prick out of its protective sheath. Gatomon opened her legs a bit wider, giving Tentomon easy access. 

Gatomon, you look so inviting… Tentomon hovered behind Gatomon as her gaping hole beckoned him. He pressed the head of his cock against her slit, and slid in.

Codys cock slipped out of her Gatomons mouth as she shivered. Tentomon! That feels great! Fuck me! Gatomon shouted as she bent down, and engulfed Codys cock again.  She sucked even harder now that she was being screwed. Codys moans signified it as he closed his eyes, holding on to Gatomons purple tinted ears. Gatomon moaned as well as best as she could with the boy's cock in between her lips. Tentomon hovered behind, moving his hips slightly as he managed to jam his bug prick in and out of her at rapid speed. A jolt of electricity caused Gatomon to shiver. Tentomon fucked harder now, each thrust adding a few more volts of electricity. This heightened Gatomons experience as she came, coating the insects electric prick with her creamy feline cum. Tentomon increased his speed in Gatomons now lubricated pussy, feeling Gatomons tail run up under his chin. He let out one more buzzing moan, and came, filling Gatomon with his bug semen. Tentomon pulled out, shooting one last half shot that ran down Gatomons legs. Gatomon panted, Codys dick came flopping out of her mouth just as the young boy had his own orgasm. A small drop of cum dripped out of the head, which was completely licked up by Gatomons rough tongue as the boys groans slowed down, his orgasm running its course.

          Joe was completely naked except for his glasses, sitting cross-legged on the ground.  He was sweating as Mimi bounced up and down on his long cock. Oh Mimi…” Joe groaned as he helped Mimi.

          Mimi didnt answer, as her mouth was to full of Izzys cock. Propropro…” Izzy kept trying to say prodigious, but he never could as Mimi kept working her tongue around Izzys cock head.

          Harder, harder! Agumon called from Mimis left. His rather warm dick in Mimis left as she squeezed even harder. Mimi complied, and squeezed Agumon even tighter. Yeah!

          Me too! Harder! Faster! Gabumon was on Mimis right, being jacked off as well.  His cold cock was the opposite of Agumons hot reptile prick. Both had the same texture, but the temperatures were completely different. The moans however were coming in synchronous as they were being jacked off in rhythm. Agumon came first shooting a wave of burning cum all over Mimis arm.

          Prodigious! Izzy suddenly shouted as he came, filling Mimis mouth with his own cum.  The white liquid dripped down the sides of her mouth.

          Samehere! Joe rammed Mimi down on his cock one more time as he came to, filling her cunt with his own semen.

          Joe! Mimi moaned as the warm splunk coated her insides, giving her her own orgasm, her girl juices mixing with Joes seed and dripping on to the floor. She squeezed her hands hard, Agumon’s limp cock dripping out a final drop of cum, but it was all it took for Gabumon to shoot off, getting good distance as he hit Mimi in the face with an ice cold wad of cum on the face. A second less impressive squirt hit her in the elbow. Mimi shivered a little from the ice-cold touch, but happy that she satisfied so many, including herself.

Palmon was being doubled teamed. Veemons blue dick was in her mouth, the dragon digimon running his strong hands over her flower. Palmon…” Veemon drooled as Palmons long tongue caressed the head of his blue dick. Palmon smiled, moaning in enjoyment as she felt Patamon fuck her from underneath, the long slender dick pulling in and out of her as fast as he could. Patamon ran his ear wings around Palmons body as he licked her green chest at the same time. Youre so tight…” Patamon panted as he was fucking her from underneath.  Patamons dick began vibrating, twitching as he neared his orgasm.

Can I join? Palmon suddenly felt a heavy weight on her back. Fur rubbed all over her green skin as strong flippers wrapped on her chest.

Please Gomamon! Palmon gurgled at Veemon came in her mouth. She greedily swallowed the cum and began sucking Veemon again, getting him a second erection. Palmon moaned as she felt the seal prick probing her nether regions for its target. She grimaced slightly in pain, but started moaning as Patamon and Gomamon started humping in time, dually penetrating Palmon. Palmon rocked with the thrust, quickly coming to a blissful orgasm. Her minty smelling pussy juice dripped out of her cunt and ran down the sides on to Patamon, who was drooling with sheer delight. Patamons dick began twitching harder, signifying his own orgasm was near. With one final fuck, he came. He continued to slow fuck her as he shot round after round of his cum into Palmons dripping womb. His own cum leaked out, mixing with Palmons love juice.

Almost there!" Gomamon panted. Patamon had came first, but he got a head start.  Palmon squeezed her ass cheeks tight as Gomamon fucked the little hole under her tail. This was all it took for Gomamon to come, filling Palmons ass with his white sea mammal spunk.  Palmon relished the sensation as her rectum was coated with a warm sticky fluid. Gomamon pulled out, watching the sperm run down Palmons left leg.

          Wormon…” Biyomon groaned as the rippled bug cock shoved inside her again and again. The ripples ran all over her sensitive lining, giving her great pleasure, more so than a normal smooth cock. Biyomon stopped moaning and went back to licking Tais cock that was hanging over her head. Tai was rubbing himself off, but Biyomon was increasing the pleasure as she licked the head of his dick. The birds slender tongue darted around his sensitive head. Tai rubbed his penis harder, encouraged on by Biyomons licking. 

          Your tonguefeelsugh! Tai came with a groan, squeezing his load on to Biyomons pink-feathered face.

          Mmmmm! Biyomon licked as much cum that she could reach, groaning as Wormons green ribbed dick massaged her vagina. Wormon, screw me! Im going to cum TOO!  Biyomon cooed as she was humped to her zenith.

          Wormon was moving his green ass as fast as possible, Biyomons coos of pleasure spurning him. Biyomon, you feel so good on me! Wormon announced as he was nearing release too. He pushed his length inside the feathered cunt one more time, which was all it took to get himself off. Bug cum dripped out of Biyomons happy pussy as the bug pulled out, dripping on to the floor.

          Oh Gosh! Armadillomon groaned as Sora rubbed the base of his shaft while sucking on the head.

          Youre so tasty! Sora replied as the yellow plated digimon rested on her head, the big yellow dick hanging in her mouth. Her pants were dropped down slightly, allowing her to finger herself as she sucked.

          Let me help. Matt bent down between Soras legs. No reason a girl should have to do herself. Matt smiled as he began licking Soras clit all the time she fingered herself. Sora moaned as she still rubbed her self, but the pleasure increased as Matt oralled her. She sucked on Armadillomons cock with a passion, the yellow armoured digimon moaning in his usual Texan accent. He closed his eyes and came, filling Soras mouth with his rookie cum so it dripped down the sides. Sora moaned as the spunk-covered cock fell out of her mouth. She moaned louder as she fingered herself and Matt licked her clit, reaching around and grabbing her bare butt cheeks.

          Matt, I am going to...!” Sora never finished the sentence as her breath left her, spasming as she came. Matt licked harder, pulling Soras hand out as she came and licking the juices from her hands.

          Everybody was breathing heavily on the floor, but no one was done yet, the crest of love filling him or her with a thirst for more lust.

Lets try some other forms! Veemon panted. 

Why not? Davis looked at his friend. Digi armor energize!

Veemon armour digivolve toFLAMEDRAMON! Fires of Courage!  Flamedramon looked hungrily at Gatomon.

          Me too! Patamon begged. I never tried it as Pegasusmon before!

Go for it! TK shouted. Digi-armour energize! Patamon stared to glow.

Patamon digivolve to. PEGASUSMON! Flying Hope! Pegasusmon took form, his erection already taking place.

          Looks like you want to go digistyle. Gatomon purred, licking her lips.

Then digi-armour energize! Kari shouted as she completely disrobed and looked for a new partner. 

Gatomon armour digivolve toNEFERTIMON! Angel of light! Nefertimon took place, in front of Pegasusmon and Flamedramon. Shall we get to it boys?

Hey Hawkmon…”Yolei rubbed his head. You havent had your fun and you pleased me…” Yolei saw the prick growing in Hawkmons brown feathers. How about your Shurimon form? Digi-armour energize!

Hawkmon armour digivolve to. SHURIMON! Samurai of Sincerity!” Shurimon was the next armoured digimon to take place, opposite Yolei.

I know what you boys want. Palmon smiled as she turned whitr with light. Palmon digivolve toTogemon! Togemon looked at the stunned faces as they regarded the gigantic cactus. No, not this form. A flower burst from Togemon’s head. Togemon digivolve toLILLYMON! Lillymon's shapely plant fairy body replaced Togemon's. Now hows this? She said as she ran he hands over chest, dropping the green dress so her pink breasts bounced into the open. Any better? She smiled as Joe and Tentomon advanced on her.

I still have some of Azlongmons power left! Agumon smiled. Agumon morph digivolve to. WARGREYMON! The orange dinosaur warrior took place, his impressive form looming over the cavern.

Whoa. Sora walked up and knelt down at Wargreymons feet. You must be impressive under there. Lets see…” Wargreymon smiled and got ready for Sora.

Everyone else decided to keep with their forms, and began round two with different partners. Cody was lying on top of Biyomon, eager to try sex the normal way. His little dick probed around with inexperience trying to find a hole. That tickles…” Cody smiled as his boy dick caressed the feathers.

Here…” Biyomon turned over so she was on top of Cody. Let me help. Biyomon wiggled around, and quickly took his hairless boyhood inside her. Cody let out a little gasp as Biyomon squeezed her hips together. Biyomon looked up, and saw Gabumon staring at her.  His cold dick was in his paw, jacking himself off as he watched Biyomon. Gabumon... you dont have tojust watch. Biyomon moaned as she humped the young boy under her.   Take thebackdoor.

Gabumon went around, watching Biyomons blue tinged pink tail feathers bounce up and down. He ran one of his paws over her ass, causing her to moan slightly. He placed a finger up her ass, and Biyomon moaned even more. UmmBiyomon you sure? I am kind of big…” Gabumon wanted nothing more than to jam his ice-cold prick up her asshole, but he didnt want to hurt her either.

Please Gabumon. Biyomon wiggled her ass a little more, which Cody liked as well.  Anal me! Pleasure yourself!

That was all the encouragement Gabumon needed. His cock still had trace amounts of his cum on it, but Gabumon still fingered Biyomons chocolate chute, making sure it would be used to an intruder. After several seconds of finger fucking her asshole, Gabumon pulled out.  He positioned his ice-cold cock at her entrance. Here I come…” Gabumon announced as he grabbed Biyomon by the hips.

Fill me! Biyomon begged. Both of you! Cody was holding her bird legs. She felt Gabumon head push against her, slowly moving against her rectum. She grimaced a little, forgetting how big Gabumon was, and how small her asshole was. Gabumon got about three inches of his digihood in, before he began to slowly pull out. He started pushing again when only one inch was in, and rammed his cock up her again, this time adding another half an inch. This was hurting Biyomon slightly as her ass was stretched to the limit, but it was more than worth it to pleasure Gabumon.

Gabumon however, was enjoying this immensely. Biyomon's ass was the tightest fuck he had ever had. You are so tight! Gabumon panted, his tongue hanging out from the sheer pleasure. I never felt anything so good!

Same here! Cody announced as the feathery cunt hugged his dick. Its happening again! Its happening! The same feeling rushed through Cody a second time, his inexperienced body awashed with the stages of another orgasm. His entire body shivered in enjoyment, grabbing Biyomons legs painfully hard as he came, a few more drops of boy cum squeezing out of him. He finally let go of Biyomon, lying on the floor, panting and exhausted with Biyomon still lying on top of him.

Gabumon decided it was okay if he took Biyomon to himself. He lifted his pink friend off Cody, and fell back, still keeping the bird impaled on his dick. Using his own muscles, he lifted Biyomon up and down. Gabumon grunted as he managed to slam his entire length up her rectum. Biyomon began to shiver as Gabumons dick turned ice cold. It felt like an ice cube was being shoved up her, giving her goose pumps. The ice dick caused a numbing effect, damping any pain she would feel. Gabumon lifted her up and down, licking the back of her neck. Biyomon, I am going to. Gabumon panted as he penetrated her rectum one last time.

Ooohhhh! Biyomon shivered as Gabumon finally came, filling Biyomons ass with ice-cold spunk. It was an indescribable feeling for her, the goose bumps covering her entire feathery body. Gabumon was panting as he finished shooting his good sized load. He pulled out, his dick making a splotch sound as Biyomons ass hole shrunk back to normal, Gabumons ice cold sticky liquid dripping out of her as she lay to the ground, her satisfied partners lying around her.

Yolei was on her knees, lifting Shurimons loincloth. The ninja sported a good erection, easily done since Yolei was sucking him. Cum for me. cum for you digidestined. Yolei slurred. Shurimon had his narrow eyes closed to increase the pleasure. Shurimon came with a shudder. Yolei smiled as she waited for the inevitable flow, holding her lips tight, knowing this turned boys on.

Yolei! Shurimon shuddered as he came, shooting his load into his purple haired partners mouth. He could literally feel his energy being sucked and gulped down Yoleis throat.  Shurimon fell back, now completely drained in more ways then one. He shrunk back down to Hawkmon, his energy spent.

Yolei fell back, licking her lips clean. Suddenly she felt someone jump on her chest.  Yolei lifted head, and smiled as Gomamon grabbed her breasts with his strong flippers. Looks like you could use some fun as well. Gomamon gave her his famous cute smile as he gave her breasts a playful squeeze.

Youre such a gentlemon. Yolei smiled as she felt Gomamon squeeze her.

Anything for a lady. Gomamon smiled as he began pumping into her

Yolei moaned as Gomamon humped her rapidly. She felt something bat against her lips, so she opened her eyes. Izzy was straddling her head so his balls rested on her forehead and his dick rested against lips. Please? Izzy begged, his dick already full with blood.

Yolei reached up with her hands and squeezed Izzys dick. Izzy gasped at the sudden sensation. "We do owe you for finding this place."

Gomamon panted harder, licking Yoleis cleavage as he fucked her pussy. Yolei moaned as she engulfed the head of Izzys dick. She stopped sucking, deciding to try something different. Still jacking Izzy off, she shifted a little, so his balls were right under her mouth. Yolei started sucking on his ball sac. Whoa... thats great! Izzy panted, Yolei still jacking him off.

Shes greatat everything! Gomamon squeezed Yoleis breast in his strong flippers. He through his head back and moaned as he filled Yoleis pussy with his sea mammal cum

You said it! Izzy said as Yolei milked him. She pulled his dick downwards, letting his cum land all over her chin and neck. Yolei continued sucking his balls long after Izzy stopped cumming, giving him maximum enjoyment. Izzy finally sat back down, panting. Yolei just lay there, Gomamon resting on her, his dick shrinking back out of Yolei’s cum dripping pussy.

Lillymon! Joe was fucking Lillymon digistyle up her ass. It had hurt her slightly at first, but Lillymon had quickly gotten used to it since his cock was already well lubricated from her digidestined Mimis pussy juice. Right now her only concern was letting Joe pleasure himself.  Actually two, as Tentomons dick rested in her mouth.

Lillymon, suck me! Tentomon hovered, the head of his bug prick engulfed in Lillymons mouth. Youre so good at this!

MmmGlad you like it! Lillymon slobbered all over Tentomons cock. Each time Joe rammed in her ass, she was shoved forward, taking more of Tentomons penis in her mouth. She could feel Joe increasing his pace even more, telling her Joe was almost done.  Tentomons dick sent out a jolt of electrify, causing Lillymons teeth to rattle. Her eyes bounced opened in surprise. It was an odd sensation. Another jolt came, but she was expecting it. It was the most curious sensation, not painful, but something else. Tentomon rammed into her mouth again, giving her another shock, just as he came. Bug cum filled her mouth as Tentomon moaned in ecstasy. Lillymon greedily swallowed all that did not drip out of her lips and on to the floor. Tentomon flapped his wings as he came, until he finished his load. His strength left him as he landed on the ground, his dick shrivelling back into his armoured exo-skeleton. Mmm... tasty bug!

Lillymon youre so tasty as well! TKs tongue licked her breasts. He had been doing this for some time, enjoying the feel of her hard nipples around his tongue. Like strawberries!   TK remarked as he licked her nipples.

Lillymon felt Joe pull out, squirting his load all over her bare back. Joe collapsed to the ground, completely spent. That was great!

Lillymon turned over, rubbing her semen covered back into the ground. You like my breasts so much? Lillymon patted her stomach as TK straddled. How about a good tit fuck?

Really? TKs erect dick rubbed in between her cleavage.

Please, I want to see your dick shoot out on me! Lillymon begged as she squeezed her rack tight together.

Thank you Lillymon! TK placed his hands on her tits, and began fucking her for all he was worth. His butt slid against her smooth stomach as he screwed her. His dick warmed up, making Lillymons breasts nice and hot.

Can I join? Lillymon felt her legs being lifted up. Matt had positioned his own cock at her hole, waiting for the word. TK had some difficultly keeping his balance, but he still continued his tit fuck.

OH, Matt please! Lillymon moaned as TK continued to tit fuck her. I need release!  Matt smiled, and with one fluid motion, rammed his length into Lillymon’s strawberry smelling cunt. Matt! Lillymon shuddered.

TK was fucking for all his worth, sliding his sweaty body all over Lillymons sweaty skin. Here I cum! TK announced as his dick head appeared from Lillymons cleavage. Hot cum shot out of his piss hole, reaching Lillymons forehead. Lillymon closed her right eye to keep the hot cum out. Another wad of cum came out, reaching her lips. Yet a third stream hit her on the chin, before TK stopped, one last drop dripping from his dick hole.

Whoa! Lillymon moaned, Matt fucking her pussy. She licked her lips, lapping up all the cum within reach. You have good distance!

Thanks. TK panted and smiled. He was jostled off as Matt began to fuck even harder now.

Matt, fuck me! Lillymon begged as she ran her hands over her cum soaked face and neck, rubbing it onto her breasts to stimulate herself. Matt rammed himself in hard, getting himself completely inside her. His balls slammed up against her every time he penetrated her.  Lillymon came as she moaned Matts name, a strawberry smelling love juice coating her vaginal walls.

I will! I will! Matt panted as he held on to Lillymon tightly. Finally, with one last thrust, he came into Lillymon just as she finished her own orgasm. Warmness filled Lillymon as he pumped slowly in her, each pump adding more cum into her already dripping pussy. Matt pulled out, exhausted. Lillymon just lay there, spunk dripping out of her ass and vagina, slowly rubbing her breasts, smiling as her hormones finished running their course.

"Okay boys. Nefertimons long tail twitched left and right as she looked at Pesgasusmon and Flamedramon’s long cocks. Who wants what?!

I call the back end! Pegasusmon flapped up with his long golden wings, landing behind Nefertimon. Using his wings to keep aloft, he probed her back door, quickly finding her moist pussy. Nefertimon gasped as the long horse dick penetrated her insides. Her mouth, which normally stays closed, flew wide open. 

Flamedramon seized the opportunity, grabbing Nefertimons head and forcing the hot meat in between her lips. Suck me please! He begged for release.

Mmmm…” Was all Nefertimon got out as she sucked on Flamedramons cock.  Pegasusmon took his time and began to fuck Nefertimon hard, shoving himself all the way in.  Pegasusmon snorted as he hammered his digihood in again and again.

I feel youre tongue around my cock! Flamedramon rubbed Nefertimon on her head with his claws. His dick became engrossed with a warm flame, the trait of his digimons species.  Nefertimon sucked harder, knowing Flamedramon was close. She gasped as Pegasusmons long dick brought her to another orgasm. She moaned as best she could with Flamedramon’s blaze ridden cock filling her mouth. She shivered with the sexual hormones filled her blood stream.

Pegasusmon began to cum, shooting a small stream of his seed in Nefertimons pussy.  He increased his tempo even more so. So great was his tempo, he pulled out his hips too far, and his cumming dick flopped out. He immediately jammed himself in, but this time in her ass.  Nefertimon gasped in surprise at the sudden sensation, just as Flamedramon came. Cum shot all over her metallic face as she was analed. Pegasusmons dick was coated with his spunk and her juice, making him slide in quite easily. Pegasusmon rammed into her asshole as he finished his orgasm, so that now both of Nefertimon's holes dripped with cum. Flamedramon moaned as well as a torrent of cum washed over Nefertimons face. All three of them shrank back down as their energy left them, Gatomon still covered with cum as she took place next to the contented Patamon and Veemon.

I feel your tongue around my mega dick! Wargreymon roared. He had discarded his metal war gloves, and was holding Sora’s head with his claws.

And youre so big! Sora drooled all over Wargeymon’s dick. Her lips were stretched to the limit, getting the massive head a good licking. With one hand she cupped Wargreymons balls, fondling them as she blew the Mega digimon. Her other hand held her in place as Tai screwed her from behind.

I always wanted to do this! Tai panted. He held tightly on Soras smooth ass as he pounded into her vagina. Sora was barely making any noise, her lips so completely filled with Wargreymons cock that she had to breath through her nose.

Sora get ready! Wargreymon warned as he felt a boiling in his balls. I am going to CUM!

Sora held her lips tight, but was unprepared for the sheer torrent of white spunk. She managed to swallow the first load down, but her mouth was overflowing. She pulled the still cumming orange dick out of her mouth. Sora held her mouth wide and let Wargreymon finish shooting his load. Cum filled Soras mouth, covering her face. She swallowed as fast as she could but it was physically impossible to swallow it all. Wargreymon was cumming for over a minute until he finally stopped. Soras face was now a sticky white mess, the cum dripping down her face, making a large white puddle on the ground. Wargreymon shrunk as his energy left him.

I am going to cum too! Tai finally announced as he pumped Soras vagina. He squeezed her ass tightly as he rammed himself up to his balls. Soras moans increased as she licked her lips clean, but more cum dripped down from her face.

Come on Tai! Harder! Sora moaned as she was ready to climax for a second time.  She let out a moan as she came, her pussy becoming even wetter.

Here ICUM! Tai rammed into her one last time, coating Soras vaginal walls with a good dose of his cum into the climaxing pussy. Sora moaned at the sensation of having her cunt filled, lengthing her orgasm even more so. Tai pulled out as he finished cumming, both and he Sora collapsing to the ground.

Mimi, youre so good at that! Wormon drool dripped down on to Mimis head.

Mmmmthats because youre so tasty! Mimi announced as she ran her tongue over the bugs rippled cock. Wormon didnt have to do any work; Mimi kept moving his entire green body over her face, pulling the cock in and out of her lips.

Shes good at it all! Armadillomon lay on her stomach, moving his hips at a rapid pace. His yellow cock caressed her insides. Mimi had her knees squeezing Armadillomon tightly in his center body. Armadillomon was drooling at the sheer ecstasy, his drool making a path down Mimis belly button and down the side of her stomach. And so tight! Armadillomon groaned.

Thank you…” Mimi smiled as she contiued Wormons blowjob. Her tongue caressed the groves in his prick, giving him a lot of pleasure. Wormon's groans were sychronized with Armadillomons as both of them neared their zeniths. Mimi was moaning too as the big yellow cock inside her pressed against her vaginal wells. She came first, moaning in delight, Wormons hard green cock coming out of her mouth. She rubbed Wormon against her face as she came, the bug digimon coming as well. Cum stuck to Mimis hair and face as Wormon covered her with his sticky fluid.

Whoa Nellie! Armadillomon slammed himself into Mimi a few more times as Mimi licked her face and Wormon’s limp cock clean. He finally came, filling Mimi to the brink with his digital seed. Mimi moaned at the warm sensation of cum coating her most sensitive of areas.  Armadillomon’s fevered pitch slowly dissipated as he finished cumming. Armadillomon lay on Mimi, his dick still inside her until it shrunk back in his pouch. Armadillomon merely licked Mimi’s chest as he lied there contently on Mimi’s smooth skin.

Kari, I wanted to do this since the first time I saw you in school! Kari had her arms wrapped around Davis neck. Davis was sitting down with his arms wrapped around Karis hips. He was panting as Kari rammed down on his cock again and again. Davis rested his head on Karis neck, Kari shivering as the goggles pressed into her skin.

I cant believe I waited so long! Kari moaned as Davis entered her repeatedly. He licked her tits with great difficulty every time her breasts bounced in his face.

Me too! Ken exclaimed from behind her. Ken lifted Kari up, who was nearing her next orgasm. Davis stood up as well, still fucking Kari. Ken pressed his organ against Karis back door. Can I? Ken really enjoyed analing Yolei, and wanted to try it again.

Please. Do me, both of you. Kari invited, feeling the head of Kens prick press up against her asshole.

Ken kissed the back of Karis neck. Thank you. He replied as he applied pressure against Karis butt hole. His dick slid in through Karis ass rings. Kari shuddered a little at the sudden sensation of being filled. It was a little painful, actually more than a little. Ken was fairly large for his age, and Karis frame was more petit than Yolei was. But Ken did it very gently, giving her time to adjust to the new intruder. Ken got half of his cock inside Kari’s ass, letting himself sit there as Kari got used to him, then he slowly began humping her. Very slowly at first, Kari feeling a slow sensation of emptiness, but Ken slowly filled her again, getting a tiny bit more in her tight rectum.

Davis smiled as he held on to Kari’s neck. He allowed Ken to start, holding his own hormones in check. But now Ken started fucking her with more gusto, his arms wrapped around her naked waist. Davis began to double-team her as well, synchronizing their thrusts.  Kari was lifted off the ground as both boys shoved their manhood into her. Kari was moaning, holding on to Davis’ neck to keep her balance. She had gotten used to being analed, Ken being rather gentle so there was not nearly as much pain as there normally would be. But now Ken was increasing his pace, as was Davis. Kari was sweating as she was being thrown off the ground as both boys jammed into her. Davis came first, shooting at what seemed a week’s worth of cum into Kari’s pussy. Davis kept humping as he shot his load in, Kari holding on to him for support as she to came, brought on by Davis’ dick and the warm spunk now coating her insides. Kari whimpered with delight as she came, falling forward a bit and having Davis’ cock slip out of her vagina. Davis held on to her as Ken continued his fuck, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. Ken fucked her asshole for another thirty seconds, Davis holding on to Kari giving him easy access. With a fury of triumph, Ken came. Kari let out a low moan as the weird sensation of her ass being filled came over her. Ken pulled out as her ass dripped with his spunk, giving Kari an odd feeling of emptiness. She completely collapsed in Davis' arms, both of them falling to the cavern floor.

The room was now filled with the aroma of sweat and cum, as the floor lied littered with naked bodies. The sounds of panting and a few couples still making out filled the room. Finally Sora got up, leaving Joe who was fondling her breasts. She had decided she wanted her digivice back before she forgot it. She walked to the council, pulling her digivice out of the slot.  The feeling of euphoric lust slowly left everyone as they looked around. Sora smiled lightly as she fingered her device. “Well…who’s next?”



My first full blown orgy.  Ive been getting a lot of requests for orgies, so I am doing a few now. So what do you all think? Any comments, questions, requests, writing tips, send them to

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