Number 15…a hard to get to number. I am now more than half way up the list of authors…watch out Red…I am coming for ya… (At this rate actually, it would take me 3 years to catch up to him…and he’d have to stop writing…ouch) Also, I am trying the ‘proper’ technique for dialogue…tell me what ya think.

So, last episode, Henry defeated Goukanmon using the darkness in his heart. What consequences will come of this? And what about the aftershock on Rika and Juri? Will they feel lost when the one that holds their innocence is gone? So…shall I get on with it? Drop and give me 20, I said do it now. Good boy or girl…now you get to read. ?

It was about the same time as the last chapter ended. Rika and Henry were at his house, naked and panting. They had just had some of the best sex ever, and this author isn’t going to share details…it was that good.

“Wow Rika…I never knew you had it in you.” Henry sighed as he hugged her tightly.

“…” Rika was silent, but she held onto Henry like he was the only guy in the world.

“Not gonna talk?”


“Oh c’mon. You were really noisy just a few minutes ago.”

Rika looked at him with seriousness. “Don’t ruin the moment.”

“Oh…sorry…” Henry was silent.

Rika looked at him. “Henry…go ahead and talk…I just want to be quiet.”

“Okay Rika.” Henry smiled and pulled her closer. Rika submitted.

Almost an hour passed, and they didn’t ever leave each other’s gaze.

“Henry…there is still Goukanmon.”

Henry sighed. “I know. Rakamon didn’t kill him. And I should have killed him…”

“You were so brave…” Rika kissed his neck. “You are the only one that would have done that for me.”

“Rika…I don’t deserve your praise.” Henry sighed, and turned away from her. “I used the hate in my heart to break his sword, not my love for you…”

Rika seemed surprised, but she spoke as though she wasn’t. “I had guessed that…well if that makes you evil, then I would be your evil mate.” Rika playfully bit his ear. Henry looked at her with a sad stare. Rika suddenly turned serious again. “Henry…it is okay. You aren’t evil. Raka is a virus, and he isn’t evil. I think that you are the best person ever…you used the power you had. Power is power, and power isn’t evil or good. It is the person using it.” Rika held back a tear. “I won’t let you think you are evil, because I know you aren’t. An evil one wouldn’t have risked his life for someone he loved…he wouldn’t have loved in the first place…” Rika paused to wipe away a tear. She really cared for him and hated to see him like that. “Henry…I’m sorry if you think you are a bad person…but you aren’t…you are the best ever…and isn’t my opinion the only one that matters?”

Henry sighed and looked over his shoulder. “Rika…” He turned back the way he was. “Could you leave me alone for awhile?”

Rika put a hand forward in protest, but stopped. She got up, slipped some of Henry’s pajamas on, and left the room. She watched Henry turn and sprawl over the bed, and then she closed the door. She closed her eyes and she started to cry quietly. Seeing him like that tears me apart… Rika walked down the hallway and bumped into something. She didn’t bother to look up, but a hand touched her shoulder. She gasped and looked up, it was Henry’s father, Janyu.

Rika stuttered. “Uh…uh…Mr. Wong…I…”


Terriermon had been ‘adopted’ by the girl. Her name was Mai, and she was talking to Terriermon.

“So, you turn into a bigger rabbit with big guns for hands? Cool.” Mai was holding him up currently, and they were on their way to her house. She thought he was a robot.

“Yeah, I turn into Gargomon.”

“Gargomon? I love Gargomon!” Mai squeezed him.

“Uhf…yeah…Gargomon.” Terriermon was reminded of Suzie’s constant squeezing.

Mai began to fish in her pocket. She revealed a deck of digimon cards. She drew the very top one, and it was Gargomon. “Is this you?”

“Yeah! That’s me!” Terriermon smiled. A female that thinks I am strong…what a first.

“So, what do you want to do?”

Terriermon had little to no inhibitions. “Want to be my mate?”

Mai smiled for a moment, and then her eyes opened wide. “Mate…as in…” She shook her head. “This robot must be defective.” She shook Terriermon a bit, and then turned him over, looking for an access panel. She messed with his tiny little horn for a moment, and then asked him.

“Where is your control panel?”

“I don’t have a control panel.” Terriermon seemed pissed at someone touching his horn.

“Then you aren’t a robot?”

“A robot? Why would I be a robot? Would any robot be as much of a stud as I am?” Terriermon flexed his ears.

Mai laughed for a moment, and then saw he was serious. “So you are a real digimon?”


“Does that mean I am your tamer?” Mai’s eyes lit up.

I already have a tamer…but I am so close to getting her… “Yeah, of course.” Terriermon did a big toothy smile.

Mai hugged him. “Oh wow! I’ll have to tell everyone!” Mai picked up her cell phone.

“No! Don’t tell anyone about me.” He nodded after he said this.

Mai looked down. “Aww rats…were you serious when you said you wanted to be mates? I am only 14 ya know.”

“You are older than Henry!”

“Who is Henry?”

“He is a friend of mine.”

“Is he a digimon?” Mai inquired.

“No, he is a human boy. It would be cool if he was though.”

“So, about your ears…” Mai smiled.

Oh wow…she is into ears!!! Terriermon started to feel warm on the inside. He smiled and jumped onto her lap. “What about my ears?” He said this with a slight purr.


Juri and Takato were at Takato’s house. The bakery was very busy, so they had a few hours. They were holding hands and watching the latest episode of Digimon. Kari and TK had just told each other that they cared for each other very much.

Takato looked at Juri, who eyes were watering. “What’s wrong Juri?”

“Oh nothing.” She wiped her tears away. “Takato…Goukanmon…the one you saw
Henry kill…”

“Yeah, what about him?” Takato raised an eyebrow.

“He was the one that…uh…” Juri couldn’t say it.

“He did what?”

Juri sighed. “I don’t want to say it…” Juri put a finger on her crotch, and pointed to her hand with the other.

Takato thought for a moment, and then gasped. “It was…he was the one that…”

Juri nodded solemnly. “Yeah…he did it to me…” She didn’t know what to expect from Takato. She expected him to start crying, but instead he was turning red with anger.

He almost screamed. “I’ll kill him!” He stood up and stomped on the ground. “Juri, let’s go find Rakamon and make him tell us where he is!”

Juri sighed. “I don’t want to go anywhere…not when we have a few hours all alone.”
This comment seemed to calm him down. “Okay, where shall we go?”
Juri stood up, undid her off-centered ponytail and pulled her dress up and over her head.

“Let’s try on the balcony.”

“The balcony?”

“Yeah…” She threw the dress aside and kissed him. “C’mon…let’s see how much of a man my Takato is.” She stepped out onto the balcony, and shook her hips as an invitation.

Takato sighed and took of his shirt. “That is one odd girl.”


Rika and Janyu had just met, and Rika was terrified.

“Hi Mr. Wong! How are you?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. I can guess what you were doing with Henry in there.”

Janyu noticed the tears in her eyes. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“No, he is just depressed…and he won’t let me help.”

“What is he depressed about?”

“I’m not sure you would understand.” Rika shifted her weight on each foot alternatively.

Neither one was too comfortable. She got an idea. “Can we go into the living room and talk? I am a little tired.”

“Alright, this way.” He gestured her into the living room. She sat on the couch, and him in the recliner. There was an awkward silence, and then Rika finally spoke.

“Aren’t you mad?”

“Mad about what?” Janyu picked up his pipe.

“Me and Henry and…” Rika trailed off.

“Do you love him?” Janyu raised an eyebrow as he lit his pipe. He took a long puff from it.

“Yeah…I love him more than anything.” Rika felt odd not having something to play with in her hands, so she reached for a coaster.

“And does he love you?”

“Of course.” Rika’s heart was pounding.

Janyu looked up and exhaled all the smoke from his body. “I can’t stop you two, can I?”

“Well…I suppose if you wanted to you could.” Rika squeezed the coaster.

He seemed deep in thought. “When I was Henry’s age…I never thought of girls…I suppose it was inevitable. My parents and I had this same talk we are having now.”

Rika nodded dumbly.

Janyu continued. “I know that many parents think that their kids aren’t capable of love…I
don’t agree with that.” He took another puff. “What is your name?”


“Such a pretty name. How long have you two been having sex?”

Rika opened her eyes wide, and then blinked slowly. “Uh…uh…why?”

“I could always call your parents if you’d rather talk to them about it.”

“About two days now…” Rika looked up nervously.

“So, if I prevented you two from being together, how would you feel?”

Rika thought about this. I can’t lose Henry…I just can’t…I need him…Rika looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Please don’t make us be separate…I love him…and…well…” Rika covered her face with a throw pillow.

Janyu closed his eyes. “My son has found a girl that loves him already…wow.” He exhaled the smoke as he said this.

Rika spoke through the pillow. “I do love him…I’ll do anything to stay with him.” She uncovered her face.

He put his pipe away. “Rika, I won’t stop you two. But keep it as secret as possible, and please keep it down when I am taking a nap…”

Rika blushed. She had been the loud one. “I’ll try…I mean we’ll try!” She

“That’s a good girl. Are you two using protection?”

“Protection…” Rika knew what he meant, but the word didn’t connect.

“A condom, did Henry use a condom?” Janyu sighed.

“No…he didn’t…but I haven’t started my period yet.” Rika lied. It had started long ago.

“Well, once it does, you will have to start. I don’t want to have to give up my first grandchild.”

“I understand…should I go get Henry?”

“No, I will.” Janyu said with a gravely serious face. He got up and went to Henry’s room. He stopped for a moment and whispered to someone. Rika couldn’t hear, but when he passed the door to the inside, there was a little girl. She looked confused, and then she saw Rika.

Rika tried to hide. It wasn’t any use. The little girl pulled off the pillow she was hiding behind and said, “Who are you?”

“Uh…I’m Rika.” Rika blinked and stared.

“I’m Suzie! Nice to meet ya!” Suzie smiled and closed her eyes. “What are you doing behind the pillow?”

“Hiding from little girls.” Rika pulled the pillow back onto herself.

Suzie giggled. “Hey you! Get out from under there!” She tried to pull the pillow off, but Rika held on tightly. “What are you doing here anyway?”

Rika moved the pillow. “Well…I am making Henry feel better.”

“Is he sick? I got some doctor stuff…” Suzie sucked on her thumb for a moment.

“No, there is something that doctors can’t fix that only I can for him.”

Suzie puzzled. “What?”

Rika nearly hit the floor. “I meant that only I could make him feel better.”

“Why is that? What makes you different than me?”

“Well…I love your brother very much, a lot like how your parents love you.” Rika explained. She sighed and said, “He loves me too…”

Suzie started to cry. “You aren’t gonna take him away are you?”

“No, no…I wouldn’t take him away.” Rika tried to comfort her, but she wasn’t the best at it. “Please stop crying…”

“Okay!” Suzie smiled. “As long as you aren’t stealing Henwy away!” Suzie ran away, Rika guessed that she went to her room.

Rika sighed and relaxed. “I really do love him…” She started to cry. “I was so cruel to him…so mean…but…he needs me now…I’ll be there for him.” She got up and walked to Henry’s room. Janyu was giving him the third degree.

“Did you force her?”

“No!” Henry had tears in his eyes. “I’d never make her do anything like that!”

“Would you love her if she denied you her body?”

Henry didn’t understand the question at first, and he hesitated. Rika did understand, however, and she spoke in broken syllables. “Henry…would you still love me if I wouldn’t let you touch me?”

“Rika! Of course I would still love her…even if I could never touch her again…” Henry looked at her sincerely. “I really would…”

Rika broke out in tears. “Henry…” She pushed past Janyu and hugged her mate tightly, and he squeezed her back. She rolled over him and they kissed once. They didn’t speak another word; they just gazed into each other’s eyes.

Janyu smiled and turned to leave. He paused and whispered something. “Rika…Henry…good luck.” He closed the door behind him. The clock started to ring. “4 P.M…my son…have I already lost him?” He asked himself.


Rakamon and Renamon arrived at the den. Renamon yawned and looked around. Rakamon made a few head gestures, and Renamon nodded.

“Are you hungry?” Rakamon asked.

“A bit I guess…I could use some chocolate.”

“Rena, we just got done with that!” Rakamon snickered.

Renamon sighed loudly and walked towards the small box where she kept her food. There were a few snack cakes and those chocolate koalas that Rakamon had bought. There were 5 boxes left.

“Hey Raka, we had one box when you brought them here, right?”


“And we had one earlier today…”

“Yeah…is there one missing?”

“Yes…” Renamon looked around the den. She seemed to spot something. “Yes there is!” Renamon disappeared and reappeared about 5 feet behind Rakamon. She jumped at a box, and pulled out a squirming figure. It was Impmon.

Impmon was holding the missing box of chocolate. “Yeah…lemme go toots!” Impmon then saw Rakamon. “Uh…sorry toots…I mean mistress!”

Renamon threw him against the wall. “Watching me touch myself is bad enough…but stealing…you will regret that.”

Rakamon seemed to flare at the nose. “He watched you touch yourself?”

“Yeah…he was jerkin off when I was…pervert. But he stole from us.”

“Impmon…virus rookie…” Rakamon whispered. “I could give him to Goukanmon.”

Impmon’s eyes opened wide. “Goukanmon!”

“What do you know of him!” Renamon squeezed his fragile neck.

“I don’t know anything!” Impmon dropped the box and started to flail around.

“Talk…or he will…” Renamon looked at Rakamon with a ‘continue’ look.

“Turn you to emerald.” Rakamon’s paws glowed a bright green color.

“I don’t know nuthin!” Impmon tried to punch Renamon, but she dodged his pathetic attack easily; afterwards she slammed him on the ground.

She stepped on his chest and pushed down. “Tell me!”

“…” Impmon was silent.

Rakamon grew impatient. He crystallized the air around his paws and he shaped a shard into a crude knife shape. He put a knee on Impmon’s chest and the knife on his nose. “You sure you don’t know anything?”

“Yeah…I know…I’ll tell you everything!” He screamed out the last part.

Rakamon took his knee off of him, and Impmon jumped up. “Now…what do you know?”

“Well…I was there when he came to this world in the first place.”

“Is that all?” Renamon snapped at him.

“No way toots…he saw my potential.” Impmon smirked.

“Tell me more whelp.” Rakamon insisted.

“Why should I?”

Rakamon was totally taken aback. “What the hell? Do you want to die?”

“Go ahead…kill me…and then you will never know.” Impmon stuck his tongue out.

“What do we have to do to trade?” Renamon inquired.

Impmon looked around the den, and then his eyes fell on Renamon. “I want you.”

Rakamon growled and almost ended Impmon’s life then and there, but Renamon waved him off. “Renamon…”

“Raka, it is okay. If it will help Rika, I will do anything.”

Rakamon sighed. “You must really like her to settle for this one.” He pointed to Impmon.

“Hey!” Impmon shook a finger. “Renamon will be lucky to get a piece of me!”

“I agree Impmon.” Renamon sighed as she said this.

Impmon jumped for joy. “Okay then toots, after these questions…you and me in the back.”

Rakamon almost lost control. “Renamon…don’t lower yourself.”

Renamon shook her head in disgust, and then turned to Impmon. “What is your relation to him?”

“He gave me data packets. I told him where to get fear. It was a good trade.” Impmon sighed. “I’m stronger than you now.” Impmon ignited a small flame on the tip of his finger.

Rakamon was holding back. “Renamon…”

“What else?” Renamon said calmly.

“He also gave me one of his knives, he has a lot of them ya know.” He pulled out a small dagger and showed it to Rakamon. “This knife got me a MegaSeadramon’s data!”

“Anything else Impmon?” Renamon hoped there was more.

“I told him where to get his food…he eats fear. He can’t go too long without absorbing the fear of someone.”

“So he rapes girls and eats their fear?” Rakamon said mysteriously calm.

“Yeah…pretty much. I told him where to find that little girl…with the dog puppet…” Impmon shot the little flame he had on his finger.

“Did you tell him where Rika was?” Renamon inquired.

“No…your tamer? He did her on his own. So…you ready toots?” Impmon pointed to the door.

Renamon bowed her head down and looked at Rakamon, then, without a word, stepped through the door. Impmon let out a woohoo and went into the room with her.

Rakamon punched the ground hard, making a crack in the bare cement floor. “Rena…I will respect your wishes…but…vengeance…” Rakamon looked up evilly. “Impmon…enjoy yourself…”


Impmon stepped into the barely lightened room with a big grin on his face. Renamon was standing near the door, with a look of disgust on her face.

“On your knees.” Impmon demanded. Renamon obeyed, and she was still taller than Impmon. He looked up at her. “On all fours.”

Renamon obeyed and bowed. “Would you hurry up?”

“Did I say talk?” Impmon slapped her. Renamon looked at him with surprise, and she rubbed her face.

“That hurt…I should destroy you right now.” Renamon didn’t move.

“Do you know why you don’t try?” Impmon waited for a response. “Good girl.” Impmon pet her on the head.

Renamon growled at him, but she didn’t move. She was a digimon of her word. “…”

Impmon started to rub the small fold of skin around the pouch covering his Imp-hood. He commanded Renamon. “Come and get him out of there.” He pointed to his crotch.

She sighed and rubbed the inside of his leg with a furry paw, and Impmon moaned loudly. She moved up to the actual pouch and poked it lightly and then rubbed it fully up and down, making him moan louder.

“Good girl…just like that…” Impmon closed his eyes and started to hump her hand.

Renamon closed her eyes and whispered to herself, “I’m sorry Raka,” and she saw the head of his imp-hood poke out. She rubbed the underside of it with a gentle touch.

Impmon was already in ecstasy. “Damn you are good at this…”

Renamon shuddered as the entire 3-inch shaft protruded out. She shuddered again. That is gross…I don’t want to touch that. Renamon closed her eyes tighter and she wrapped her paw around it and rubbed it back and forth. She was absolutely disgusted, but she pressed on. She felt him start to twitch and she moved her head away as he came quickly. She felt one drop of it on her neck and she pulled away.

“Okay, you are done now!” Renamon shouted.

“Oh no I’m not…you want to cum a few more times…” Impmon was breathing heavily, but he felt he could still take her on.

“But I’ve just begun!” Rakamon appeared from nowhere and kicked Impmon right in the gut, sending down to his knees.

Renamon looked at him with watery eyes. “I’m sorry Raka…but I promised.”

“He will get it now…he threatened you so…by the law I get to torture him.” Rakamon smiled evilly.

“You aren’t seriously gonna…” She trailed off.

“I might need a bit of a jump start. Rena…if you would.” Rakamon pointed to his tail.

“Sure. Your tail is much better than his twig of a dick.” Renamon stroked the base of his tail gently and, with her other hand, brushed the fur backwards. Rakamon loved this.

“Just a bit more…” He was rubbing his pouch slightly, and it popped out, almost literally. Renamon took this in her mouth and licked it till it was at full length. “Thanks Rena…I’ll repay you later.” Rakamon looked at the almost unconscious form of Impmon. “It’s my turn now.”

Impmon looked at him in fear. “What are you gonna do with that?” He was staring at Rakamon’s cock. The thought struck him. “Oh no!” He made a run for it. Rakamon caught him easily and forced him to his knees.

“You forced my mate to touch you…” Rakamon said coldly. He pushed Impmon down to his chest, and he located his asshole. “You look pretty tight down there.”

Impmon was terrified. “Don’t you dare!! Ahh!” He felt a pressure on his tight virgin rear entrance, and it sent a wave of energy through him. “Stop…”

Rakamon smiled to himself and pushed into him, and he grunted. “Almost too tight…” He pushed in more, and it gave a bit. Impmon moaned with pain.

“What are you doing…” Impmon whimpered.

“Getting my revenge.” Rakamon started to push more into him, and he stopped about 5 inches in. He waited for Impmon to scream in pain, but he didn’t. And that is what he wanted to happen. Rakamon grabbed Impmon’s tiny shoulders and pulled back, pushing in him even more, and Rakamon got what he wanted. He then started to notice it felt good. He pushed in a bit more, and started to pull out.

Impmon wanted this to end. He screamed in pain as his ass was penetrated more than it ever should have been. He gritted his teeth and gripped at the ground, trying to get rid of the pain. But he couldn’t phase it out. He reflected on what he had made Juri do when he told Goukanmon where she was. Is this what it feels like…I guess I deserve this…

Rakamon started to pound mercilessly into his ass, get himself ready to cum. This was actually almost as good as Renamon’s front entrance, but he would never admit it. Impmon screamed again as he felt the warm cum shoot into his ass, and the cock leave his asshole.

Impmon lay there in the same position for a long time. His ass was bleeding profusely, and he moaned in great pain and suffering.

Renamon looked at them both with wide eyes. “What the hell was that?”

“My revenge. He will never bother us again.” Rakamon smirked. “Don’t feel threatened.”

“Yeah right.” Renamon kicked him. “Oh Impmon…”

Impmon looked up.

“Does Goukanmon have a weakness?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He eats fear…uhn…” Impmon passed out from the pain.

“So is being courageous makes him weak? I guess we will have to try.” Renamon nodded. “Let’s get Juri and Rika. Then we will go to where you hid Goukanmon.”

Rakamon smiled evilly. “Of course.”


Juri and Takato had just finished there play session on the balcony. They were both inside Takato’s room snuggling and sharing a candy bar.

Takato took a bite and gave it to Juri. “That was pretty good.”

“Do you think that too many people watched?” Juri nodded with gratitude.

“Someone was watching?” Takato laughed. “I could only see my Juri.”
Juri smiled. “Takato, I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Takato smiled back at her and kissed her on the cheek lightly.

There came a knock on the door.

“Takato, go get the door, you are easier to dress.” She threw him a shirt.

Takato hastily put his pants and shirt on. “Fine…but you better be naked still when I get back here.” He winked at her.

Juri winked back and finished off the candy bar. Oh Takato…never change.

Takato walked into the main room and looked through the peephole. There was a blue eye looking back at him. “Who is it?” he asked through the door.

“It is Renamon. I need to speak with Juri.”

Takato sweat dropped and opened the door. “How did you know she was here?”

Rakamon stepped in first to show who was dominant. “I smelt her from a mile away.”

“Oh…alrighty then.” Takato walked to the door to his room and knocked. “Rakamon and Renamon are here to see you.”

“Alright…let me get dressed.” Juri called.

“I don’t have time for this.” Rakamon pushed Takato aside and went into the room. Juri was there, naked, putting on some panties. Rakamon pointed to her. “C’mon, let’s go.”

Juri looked up, and then thought for a moment, and then screamed. “Get out of here now!” She threw a nearby book and tried to cover herself.

“You humans and your clothes…” Rakamon turned around and sighed. The book then hit him in the back of the head. He grunted but didn’t move.

Juri quickly put on her dress and told him it was okay. “Don’t walk in on people getting dressed!”

“Oh boo hoo…shameful to cover yourself if you ask me.”

“What do you want Rakamon? Are you going to kidnap me again?”

“No…I am here to take you somewhere…your mate is coming too.” Rakamon picked her up swiftly and went into the living room. “Rena, follow me.”

Renamon nodded and picked up Takato unceremoniously. She followed Rakamon out the door and out onto a nearby building. Rakamon wasn’t in a hurry, so Renamon could see him easily, Juri was obviously there because she was screaming her head off.

“Ahhh!! You didn’t go this fast last time!” Juri screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Don’t be a in-training.” Rakamon smirked at her and dodged a power line nimbly.


Rakamon and Renamon had arrived at their destination with their cargo. Renamon put Takato down and Rakamon likewise. They were at the same alley where Rika and Henry slept for the first time, and where Rika had been raped. Rika’s torn panties were still lying on the ground near a cardboard box.

Takato looked around. “What are we doing here?”

“We are going to visit Goukanmon…after I get Henry and Rika.” Rakamon snapped a finger and both foxes left in a flash.

Juri looked around, and noticed the panties. “Hey Takato, what do you think these are doing here?” She showed him the undies.

Takato sighed. “No idea…they aren’t yours are they?”

“Nope, mine are white with pink elastic…these are more bluish.” Juri threw them aside. She suddenly shivered. “I can feel him nearby Takato…it scares me.”

“Goukanmon?” Takato hugged Juri tightly. “It’s okay, I will protect you…I am here for you.”

“Thanks…” Juri sighed and put her hand on his shoulder. “I feel woozy.” Juri fell and pulled Takato down with her.


“Just a little.” Juri yawned. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. “Nighty night.”

“Good night…see you soon.” Takato smiled and ran a hand through her hair. His thoughts lingered to Goukanmon. I am gonna kill that guy for even thinking of hurting this girl…she is so innocent…so young…it just isn’t right. He will pay… He clenched his fist. Takato himself yawned and closed his eyes.

Henry’s voiced echoed through the alley. “So this is where it happened?”

Rika sighed. “Right where those two are sleeping.” Rika kicked Takato. “Get up, we are going to see him now.” Renamon and Rakamon were standing behind her.

Takato flinched at the blow from the steel tip boots. “Fine…” He shook Juri slightly. “Time to wake up Juri…time to wake…” He kissed her forehead.

Juri stirred slightly, and then yawned. “Ah…good nap.” She stood up, and helped Takato up.

Rakamon counted the humans. “Are we all here?”

Henry’s mind was hit with a realization. “Where is Terriermon?”

Renamon sniffed the air. “No where near here. Is it necessary for him to be here?”

“Not really.” Henry sighed. “Where did he go off to? You think he found what he was looking for?” He directed the question at Rika.

“No idea really. Rakamon, let’s go.” Rika was tapping her foot in impatience.

Rakamon stepped forward, and performed the motions for The Emerald’s Bane. “The Emerald’s Bane!” Rakamon shot the ball of emerald at the wall at the end of the alley, turning it all to emerald.

“I thought the wall would shatter.” Rakamon popped his knuckles.

Rika and Juri looked at the wall. It glowed slightly. Juri was in awe. “Wow…it’s so pretty…” It was perfectly smooth and polished to the touch. It flickered slightly, and then shattered in front of them. They both covered their faces, but none of them touched them.

Rika was the boldest and uncovered her face. She touched the edge of a nearby fragment; it was deadly sharp. It drew blood with the slightest touch. She sucked on her finger. “That is really sharp Rakamon!”

Juri laughed at her. “A ha! What a dumb butt!” Juri pointed at Rika in her laughter.

Rika growled, but Renamon held her back. “Let’s go…there is an opening.” Some mist drifted out of it.

Takato spoke up. “Hey…won’t other people see the opening?”

Rika looked at him. “I was screaming and no one looked down here…” Rika turned to Henry, who accepted her in his arms.

“It’s okay…let’s go.” Henry took her hand and led her into the opening.

“Renamon, let’s go.” Rakamon took her hand, and she took it back.

“I am a big girl.” She said coyly. She shook her hips as she walked forward.

Rakamon saw this expression and reacted in the typical Rakamon fashion. He pinched her ass, and she yelped. Rakamon broke out in laughter.

Renamon turned around and tried to salvage her dignity. “That is the last time you will touch anything around there for awhile…” She winked at him and stepped in there, followed by Takato and Juri.

Rakamon put his hand on his heart. “That hurt Rena…that really hurt.” He said in a mock-pain voice. That really did hurt…damnit. Rakamon stomped on the ground and walked into the opening, and sealed it up with emerald. Takato seemed to question this. “Just in case he escapes.” This didn’t seem to calm him down. He just ran ahead.

The room itself was dark, damp…much like a cave. It was sort of green inside; Rakamon had obviously remodeled it. Goukanmon himself was embedded in the emerald; his arms and legs buried in it. There was a low moan of pain coming from him. He was also mumbling between the moans, “Help me…”

Juri stood behind Takato. “Goukanmon! I am gonna kill you…for hurting Juri, for even thinking about it!” Takato said boldly.

Henry did the same. “I’ll kill you first for touching Rika…she is mine!” Rika blushed at this.

Rika also spoke up. “I’ll make you feel the pain and the fear you made me feel…”

Juri didn’t say anything. Rakamon pushed her towards him. Juri looked at Takato, who gave her the go ahead. “I hate you…I hate you…You stole my innocence…made me feel the worst pain of my life…I can’t get it out of my head…get out of my head!” Juri punched Goukanmon in the gut hard, knocking the wind out of him.

Renamon smiled. “Good job Juri. It is good to get your anger out.” Renamon shooed the others away.

Rakamon spoke. “Since Juri was the first one to get hurt…she gets to go first. Her mate can stay.” Takato looked at Rakamon. “Let’s go.” Everyone left but Takato and Juri.

Goukanmon moaned and moved his head up. “So…my favorite girl is here…want to beg me for another go?”

Takato backhanded him. Juri squealed as he did, and put a hand on his shoulder. “Takato…I can’t hit him anymore…I can’t…when I punched him I got scared…” Juri shivered as she said this.
Goukanmon laughed. “HA! She does want another go!” Takato kicked him this time.

“I’ll do it then…I’m not afraid of a coward who rapes little girls…” Takato popped his knuckles. He looked at Juri. “You won’t like this side of me…”

Juri nodded and walked away, towards the others. She sighed. “I never want to see him this angry again…” Juri hugged Renamon as she arrived.

Renamon looked down on her. “What are you doing?”

“Takato is gonna do it for me…he needs a knife Rakamon…can you do that thing with your hands?” Juri asked sweetly.

Rakamon laughed. “Alrighty…” He made a shard of emerald appear, and he shaped it into the shape of a knife. He handed the blunt end of it to her. “It’s very sharp…be careful.”

“Thank you Rakamon.” She bowed slightly and turned to walk towards Takato. “Rika…you and Henry better get ready to take him out.”

Rika nodded, and held Henry’s hand. She was terrified of Goukanmon, because she had been in intimate contact with him twice; she was going to be twice as scared as Juri was.

Juri walked off, and as she did, Rakamon broke the silence. “So, eat any good food recently?”


Takato was working Goukanmon over with his fist cuffs. He had just hit him in the soft spot under the ribs, and Goukanmon was still taunting him.

“Is that all you got? Your girl hit me harder when I was raping her.” He laughed.

Takato kicked him in the gut hard. “Shut up…” He heard footsteps and turned around. “Juri, is that you?”

She nodded. “Yeah…it’s me. I got you a present.” She held up the knife and gave it to him.

Takato nodded and laughed and showed the knife to the bonded Goukanmon. “Ready for this?” The knife sparkled.

Goukanmon looked at it spitefully. “Like you know how to use a knife…if you let me go I’ll tell you what fear of Juri I took from her…”

Takato stopped. She was afraid of something? Was it me? “You liar!”

Juri squealed. “No…don’t listen Takato…”

Goukanmon continued. “It is quite a doozy…”

Takato shook his head. “You’re lying.”

Goukanmon closed his eyes. “If you kill me, then you’ll never know…Juri would never tell you it.” He laughed loudly. “Not like a little man like you could…ugh…” He was stopped short by Takato stabbing the knife into his gut. It was not a fatal wound, but it was painful.

Takato tried to pull it out, but it had fused with the wall behind him. The wound was bloodless. “You don’t have blood?”

Goukanmon looked down on the wound. “Is that it? Of course I don’t have blood…fear is all I need to live.”

“Well you should know you’ll not get anymore fear from us!” Takato said loudly to him.

Juri’s eyes were wide open from the sudden attack. “Takato…don’t let him get you mad…you’ll be no better than him if you kill him when he is tied…”

Takato thought about this and then nodded. “Alright, I’m done…let’s go back to the others.” Takato took her hand and started to walk, but Juri didn’t move. “Juri…what’s wrong?”

“I was afraid of being forced my first time…I never told you how I felt because I thought you’d make me…” Juri said almost emotionlessly. “He told me he could get rid of my fear of you and then I could be with you…” She turned to Goukanmon. “He did his part of the bargain…” Juri started to cry.

The whites in Takato’s eyes turned red. But he didn’t know whom he was madder at. So he took it out on Goukanmon. He kicked and punched and screamed as he let all his rage out on him. Goukanmon wasn’t hurt especially from this, but the effort impressed him.

Juri looked at this and started to cry. “I’m sorry Takato…please don’t hurt anyone…it was my mistake, you should hit me.”

Takato looked at her, and then shook his head as his eyes began to tear. “Juri…let’s go before he tears us apart.” He took her hand again, and led her off more forcefully, and she followed.


Rakamon was talking to Henry off to the side.
“Henry, you sure bout this?”

“Of course.” Henry took a small object and gave it to him.

“You want me to turn it into what?”

“A circle…about as big as a coin, with a crack in the middle so it can be put back together and broken.”

Rakamon nodded, and he worked his magic. The coin turned green and shiny, with a yin yang type design on it. Rakamon broke it in half and gave them both to Henry.

Henry nodded and gave Rakamon a 1000-yen bill. “Thanks…here is your money. It is worth only a fifth of what Rika gave you though…”

Rakamon nodded. “It’s okay, this will do though.” He put the money in his mane and put his arm around Henry. He walked back towards the girls, who were also talking.


Rika and Renamon were talking about the boys.

“So he really did throw you into the water?” Rika inquired.

“Yeah…I couldn’t even walk because of…well…” Renamon blushed under her fur. “He wouldn’t come and get me for an hour, I just had to float there till he did. Has Henry ever done something like that?”

“Well…he does do something interesting with his tongue…” Rika giggled and whispered into Renamon’s ear.

Renamon’s eyes bulged out. “Wow…Raka can’t even do that.” Renamon blushed even more and covered her face with her paws. “He must be a good lover.”

“Yeah…but I trained him myself.” Rika smirked.

Renamon laughed. “So, who is dominant?”

Rika started to say, “Henry,” but she stopped herself. Who is dominant…I was on top most the time…but I was helpless when he was on top… “I think I am.”

Renamon raised an eye. “You sure? Who was on top more?”


“Who came first?”
“He normally does.”

“Heh…sounds like he has got you around his finger.” Renamon twirled a finger as she said this.

Rika this time raised an eye. “Who is dominant between you and Rakamon?”

“Whoever I want to be.” Renamon said confidently. They stared at each other for a moment, and then heard footsteps. She turned, and she saw Takato and Juri, holding hands and crying. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“No, but…” Takato looked down. “Me and Juri need to be alone for awhile. How do we get out of here?”

Renamon pointed to the entrance, it still had the emerald door in front of it. “You can’t get out till Rakamon gets back.”

They both nodded and walked away into the darkness. Renamon could still see there faint outlines. Juri fell on top of Takato as they just held each other close, Juri crying hard and Takato trying to comfort her.

Rika looked at them. “I wonder what happened with Goukanmon.”

“He probably revealed what fear he ate from Juri.” Renamon sighed.

“What was it?”

“Juri was afraid of Takato raping her.”

“Guess she was afraid of the wrong guy…I don’t think I could ever see Takato rape anyone.”

A gruff voice seemed to comment. “Rape again?” Rakamon stepped from behind Renamon and tapped her on the ear, which flicked. Henry was right behind him.

Henry took Rika’s hand and smiled. “I got something for you.” He gave Rika the lighter half of the yin-yang thing.

Rika looked down. “Too cheap to buy me a real ring eh?”

“Well…I uh…” Henry stuttered.

Rika smiled. “I’m just kidding…its beautiful Henry…thank you.” Rika hugged him tight.

Henry regained his composure. “I have the other half.” He held it up. “Have Takato and Juri come back yet?”
Rika nodded. “It’s our turn now…” She took his hand. Henry nodded and Rika sighed. They walked forward towards Goukanmon.

Henry turned to Rika as soon as he thought that the foxes couldn’t hear them. “Rika, are you scared?”

Rika looked down. “No…not at all.” Her hand shook and she shivered.

“Alright then, let me hold your hand…because I am.” Henry looked at her sincerely.

Rika nodded and sighed. “Alright then…” She squeezed his hand. “Thanks…”

Henry smiled. “I’ll protect you.”

Rika looked offended, but she was truly scared so she didn’t say anything.

After what seemed to be forever, they reached Goukanmon.

He looked up at both of them. “The soft one is back for another go.” He winked at Rika.

Rika shivered and clung to Henry. Henry wasn’t afraid though. He felt the same feeling that he did when he broke Goukanmon’s sword. “I’ll make you suffer…”

“Fat chance, with what?” Goukanmon eyed him suspiciously.

“This.” Henry closed his eyes and the same scythe appeared in his hands. He held it up, and a black sparkle emitted from it.

Goukanmon looked scared. “Where did you get that?”

Rika was also scared. “Henry…where did you get that?”

He turned to her; his eyes were coal black. “I’ll tell you later.” His voiced seemed to echo.

Goukanmon stuttered. “What…I…I…”

Henry turned to Goukanmon. “Ready to suffer? I want to hear you scream…like you made Rika scream…” Henry held up the scythe and brought it down, cutting the emerald around Goukanmon.

He fell down and landed on his knees. “Big mistake.” Goukanmon reached into his jacket and pulled out a knife and threw it skillfully.

Henry smiled and caught it, blade first. His hand bled around it and he threw it aside. He raised the scythe again and brought it down with little force. The blade started to glow black and the sliced right through Goukanmon’s left arm; the limb was severed.

He screamed in pain. “What was that…what are you!?” Goukanmon backed against the wall.

Rika tried to step forward, but fear held her back. Goukanmon eyed her for a moment. “Don’t even think about it Goukanmon!”

Henry stepped forward once, and slashed at Goukanmon again, this time missing, but it did leave, what seemed to be, a tear in the air.

Goukanmon smiled and phased out. Henry turned to Rika. His eyes turned back to normal, and he looked stunned. “Rika…”

“Henry…help m…” Rika’s mouth was covered by Goukanmon’s mouth. The hand started to glow bluish and Rika stopped resisting.

Goukanmon looked up at Henry. “So, you draw your power from this one…the darkness in your heart isn’t yours, but hers…her fear is very tasty Henry…I’d like to have this one.”

“Goukanmon…release her now!” Henry held up the scythe, but was awestruck at what he saw. Goukanmon’s limb was regenerating and Rika looked as if she was sleepy.

Rika’s eyes were open wide, her strength draining as Goukanmon was draining her of all her fear. Her eyes started to tear again, and Henry saw this.

Henry looked at her purple eyes. “Rika…no…not again…” He felt the evil in him take control again. “Goukanmon…die now!” The scythe this time didn’t miss its mark. It cut right through both Rika and Goukanmon. Rika looked down and saw the top half of Goukanmon fell down, there was still no blood or guts or anything, just binary.

Goukanmon gasped for breath. “Damn you Henry…damn you and your mate…” Goukanmon disintegrated slowly, and the scythe absorbed his data.

Rika looked up with tears in her eyes. Henry stepped forward, but she pushed his hands away. “Get away from me…don’t touch me…”

This is the end of my 15th lemon, and the 12th chapter in the Rena’s Mate series.

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