Okay, this time I will jump right into it.


Renamon had just woken up from her peaceful sleep after her exercise the night and morning before.  She jumped up to the roof of the church and lay out in a patch of bright morning sun. She did this daily, as it kept her coat shiny. She watched the dark turn to purple, to a greenish blue, then to a yellow…it went on like this for almost an hour. She thought about what they were going to do today.


“Raka…ah…I get to see him soon.” She was talking to the small jewel that flashed brightly, as if answering. “I have to get Rika now.” As she says this, she jumps from the roof onto another one. She was going to enjoy the morning sun. “No real hurry…what am I kidding?” She started to actually run towards Rika’s house, desperate to see her long lost mate.




Terriermon was arguing with Henry.


“You don’t trust me! I can control myself. Maybe if my tamer trusted me more I could digivolve right!” This visibly hurt Henry.

“That doesn’t matter! You almost hurt someone last time you digivolved!” A good counter argument. Henry waited for rabbit’s move.

“How about if I can defeat another digimon without any cards…will that earn your trust?”

“Sure…good luck getting there before Renamon.”

Terriermon slapped his forehead as he remembered the day before. “Wasn’t Renamon going to tell Rika about her mate? I have to hear about the digimon that tamed her.”

Henry agreed wholeheartedly. “Yeah…he must be pretty tough to have won her over.  She can be mean sometimes.” A revelation hit Henry. “Hey…you think that Renamon is so mean because she lost her mate?”


Terriermon nodded, and they both hurried to Rika’s house.  Terriermon passed off as a hat on the way there, so nothing very interesting happened.




Calumon was being confronted by his scariest foe yet, and he was determined to get away. It was big and orange, with many stripes on it. Its claws and high-pitched cry made this very scary to even the biggest of in-training digimon. “Nice kitty! I’ll give ya a nice juicy mouse if you let me go!” The cat meowed at him, and moved in for the kill. (About time I say) “C’mon kitty…I’ll be your friend.” He got an idea that might work…but then again…he is Calumon.


“Meow! Meow Meow!”


The cat seemed startled at his brilliant, yet completely unorthodox tactic. The tabby backed up, and bolted. Calumon stared in wonder. His ears shot out. “Yay! Yay! I did it! I did it!” Then, something tapped him on the shoulder. He turned, and he shouted in surprise.


“Guilmon! I scared away a cat!”

In his almost intentionally childish voice, Guilmon said, “Wow…you must be pretty scary!”

“Raar!” Calumon made his best lion imitation. He jumped on his head, and said, “let’s go see if that fish is back!” Guilmon started running towards the same pond they had gone to the same day before.


A shadow followed them.  It didn’t belong to anything; it was just there.




Rika was awaked by her digimon shaking her. She swung her hand out, with her eyes still closed, and hit Renamon sharply on the chest. She opened her eyes, and got an ‘oh-shit’ look in her eyes. “Ahh! Renamon! Sorry!”


Rena was in too much of a hurry. “Get up and dressed. We have a lot to do today.” She waited and watched as Rika got up slowly, walked to her bathroom, and did the same ritual as normal. “Rika,” she said with a hint of annoyance, “I’d like to do this today.”


Rika just groaned. “Shush…I usually don’t get up till 10 in the morning…what time is it anyways?” She looked at the clock next to her futon. “YOU GOT ME UP AT 7:30 ON A SUNDAY TO TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PAST!” Rika was obviously pissed.


This comment seemed to hurt Renamon. She turned her back to Rika, and sat in the corner. “Fine…take your time.” She said, holding back a tear. She didn’t know why she was crying; the tear had just come out. She pulled out the jewel again, and it was sparkling. “Soon Rakamon…soon.”  Rika saw her do this.


“I’m sorry Rena…I’m just tired. It is awfully early. We’ll go as soon as I get dressed and find something to eat…no…I’ll get something at a vending machine.” Rika hurried and peeled her clothes off down to her panties.  She ran around frantically in her room, looking for her shirt and jeans. Renamon was amused.


“Wow Rika…I didn’t know you were all the same color.” Renamon knew that humans wore clothes, but she did this just to hurry her up. Rika was blushing, and she ran around faster. She found her shirt and put it on, then asked Renamon if she knew where her pants were.


“Are you looking for these?” She was feeling playful this morning. She got a good idea. She held up her jeans, and looked at them as if she had never seen them before. “These will do no good.” She threw them out the window. Rika’s embarrassment turned into anger. “Go get them!” She pointed out the window.


“No. You will hurry faster next time.”

“Get them.”


“Do it! I am the tamer!”

“And I am the giant fox that could snap you in half.” Renamon knew she had won this argument.

“Fine.” She looked for her pajama pants.

“Do it now.” Renamon was enjoying herself. This is something Raka would do. Hmm…maybe I am being possessed by him?


Rika yelled out a few vulgarities, and went to the front door. She peeked outside. She was aghast. “What is Henry doing here? Ah crap!” Henry was walking up the stairs towards her house. She got an idea. She opened the door slightly, and looked at him. “Hey Henry!”


Henry didn’t expect to hear her, so he jumped in surprise. “Sorry! We will come back later!”

“No! Don’t go! I need you for something!”

Henry sweat dropped as he saw that she had no pants on. “Uhh…what do you need?”


While all this was going on, Renamon had snuck up behind Rika. She thought about pushing her outside, but she was done playing. She wanted to see if Rika knew how to control boys, or if either of them were old enough yet. Rika turned around, and saw her partner’s smiling at her pantless form. “Renamon…I outta…”


“I’m just trying to see something.”

“See what?”

“If you can control Henry.”

“Control Henry?” She thought about this. “Control him…”

“You know, most girls about your age can make boys his age do odd things just to see you like you are now.”

“Ahh!” She knew what she was speaking of now. “That is called sex appeal, and I don’t think Henry likes girls yet!”

“So if I pushed you out the door, he wouldn’t care?” With this she made the motion to push her out. Rika ran out the door.

“You won’t make me come out here!” She then realized where she was. She could feel herself blushing…it was that bad. She saw Henry stare at her, making her feel uncomfortable. “Turn around!!!”

Henry obeyed, turning his back and covering his eyes with Terriermon’s ears. “Sorry Rika…I…uhhh…”


Rika ran to where her window would be, grabbed her pants out of a small bush, and put them on. “Now, why is Henry here?”


She walked back to where Henry was standing. He was still standing in the same spot, and still blabbering like a fool. “Uhh…I…uhh…” Rika turned him around. He was blushing very brightly. “Ahh! Rika! I didn’t…”

“Shut up Henry…just…shut up.” She looked at Renamon. “Come on…you were the one that got me up this early to see your mate.”


Henry snapped back to his senses. “See her mate? We get to see him?”

“What do you mean ‘we’?”

“Well…I am here…and if you don’t let me come along Takato is going to have a good bed time story, won’t he?” Henry winked at her and walked off. Rika grabbed him. “You tell and you will…” After this, even Renamon closed her ears. No girl should ever even know those words.

“Rika, I am going ahead…I still have to search for something.” With this, she motion to Terriermon to follow her. He did, and they went off, leaving them alone.


Henry was looking at Rika now. “Fine…I won’t tell.” He snickered. Rika caught this.

“What are you laughing at?”

“What? I am not laughing at anything!” Henry was still blushing from his sight. 

“You are going to tell him…aren’t you?!”

“No, no I,” he was silenced by Rika’s lips. “Mmmphh…mmm.” He moaned in his throat, this was the best thing that had ever happened to him. His hands, unknown to him, wrapped around Rika’s waist. Rika broke the kiss.

“Now will you not tell him?” She looked at him with the most sincere look he had ever seen from a girl. However…Henry knew that he could get more from this. He leaned forward and kissed her again. She obviously didn’t like it, but then again, she had more to lose than in the other option of Takato finding out, and then telling everyone. She felt his tongue in her mouth. She felt the vibrations of him moaning in her throat. Henry this time broke the kiss. He had a cocky tone in his voice.


“Now don’t tell me that wasn’t good.”

“I…” Rika suddenly felt like a normal girl, like that kiss had made all her anger and hate disappear. “Henry…” Her voice was gentler now, and it creeped Henry out.

“Rika? What is wrong?”

“Nothing at all.” She now noticed his hands around her. She went in closer, getting as close as she could to Henry. She felt the warmth of his breath, and the hard feel of his chest. She looked into his eyes. They were about the same height “I…” Henry sensed what she wanted, and pulled her head closer to his, kissing her again. It was the best one yet. Henry felt her soft tongue in his this time, sending an odd feeling through his whole body. His intentions suddenly turned from lust to love.

“Rika…” he hugged her, and broke the embrace. “We can’t do this you know.”

“Do what?”

Henry was looking at her differently now. “Let’s go to follow Renamon and Terriermon.”

Rika agreed. They walked off of her property, and walked down the street. “Henry…why did you kiss me twice?”

“I thought you wanted me to.” Henry wanted to get off that topic. “Where do you think they went?”

“Why did you kiss me?” Her purplish eyes were shining with tears.

“I…I don’t know. It just felt like I should. Was that them?” he pointed to a street corner.

“Henry…tell me and stop trying to get off the subject.” She pulled him off to an alleyway where they could be alone. She fell to the ground, and curled into the fetal position. “I am so confused. I was sure that I had myself under control. I shouldn’t be crying.” She rubbed her eyes, and looked at the tears on her hands. “But…after my first kiss…I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not in control anymore…I feel…” she was hoping Henry would say something. To her relief, Henry piped up.


“I feel the same way, you know.  I saw you as a mean, callous, little bully that enjoyed causing others pain.” Henry knew this would bring on tears, but he had already said it. Rika felt another surge of tears coming to her.


“I know…I have been heartless…but now my heart is taking over me.” She started to shiver. Henry knelt next to her, and held her closely.  Rika continued, “I feel weak now…but everyone hates me, and that is all my fault. I need someone.” She looked at Henry with sad eyes. Henry placed a hand on her shoulder while still hugging her.


“I’m here for you…don’t cry.”

“You are?” Rika blinked. “Thank you…”

“Don’t cry Rika…I can’t stand to see someone I love cry.”

Rika gave him a puzzled look, then realized what he had said. “Do you really love me?”

Henry realized what he had said, and lay next to her. “Of course I do. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.” Rika wanted to say something, but the words started to choke her. Henry saw this. “I really do.”


Rika had never felt this odd before. She felt happy, sad, angry, loved…all those emotions at the same time. There was only one more thing to do. She stood up.


“Well Henry…make good on your promise. You said you’d make me stop crying…” Rika wondered what he would do with this, and then realized this is the control Renamon had been speaking of.  Henry stood up, and kissed her deeply. This time, they both pushed harder into the kiss, and they both fell on there knees. Henry felt bold, and placed his hand on her thigh. She countered with the same move. Rika got a different, and she advanced more, placing her head on his lap, as if to fall asleep. “Henry…I love you too.”


He said nothing, and just acted. He wasn’t even feeling aroused about have a girl’s head on his lap. He picked her head up, and told her to stand. Rika again thought about the control, and she did without thinking about it. Rika faked a yawn. “I am still tired.” She pushed him to the side of a building, making him sit normally. She curled up in his embrace, and fell asleep.


Henry couldn’t believe it. Rika, the girl that had made fun of his best friend, and had threatened to kill said friend, was now asleep in his lap. He stretched his legs out, and Rika shifted in position so that she was laying on him like a chair. He tightened his embrace about her and looked around. No one is there…why not. He let out a sigh, and fell asleep as well, with Rika in his arms.




Guilmon and Calumon had just arrived at the pond. The fish were in there usual frenzy. Calumon jumped onto a rock next to the water and looked for the fish that always splashed at Guilmon. He saw a fish swimming very closely to the surface. He pointed to it. “Hey Guilmon! Is this one it?”


“I don’t know.” He lowered his face near the fish, and pushed his nose into the water, and as he did, the fish splashed his face. He growled, and slashed at it with glowing claws. “Rock Breaker!” he hit the fish, and he picked it up. Calumon looked at it.


“Is it okay?” he poked it with a small hand. It started to flop around and it jumped back into the pond. Calumon was cheery again. “Yay! It is alive!” They both broke into a fit of laughter.


Guilmon suddenly put his head up and smelled the air. He growled the same growl that he did when a digimon was near by. “Digimon!” He peered behind him, and saw the shadow that had been following them. Calumon ran away after seeing the oddly placed shadow.


Guilmon was confused. Usually digimon came in a lot of fog and were big and scary. But this was just a shadow, even though it smelled like a digimon. The shadow looked like it had turned its head, and was looking at Guilmon.



“What? You can talk?”

“Where is Rena…” the shadow’s voice sounded pained.

“Renamon? She lives in a church. Wait…there she is!” He pointed a claw at Renamon, who had just appeared in a tree nearby. “Renamon! This shadow wants you!”


Renamon looked at Guilmon, then at the shadow. “Raka!” She jumped down to the spot where Guilmon was. “Raka…I am here.”


The shadow seemed to walk to her, and then nodded. “Renamon…please…”

Renamon showed the jewel to the shadow, and they both disappeared. Renamon looked worried. “Raka! Rakamon come back!” she felt a large hand on her shoulder, and turned. She looked up, and saw what she had wanted to see for so many years.


It was at least 6 inches taller than Renamon, with a shiny green coat. His tail was a bit shorter compared to his body, and there were no symbols on his legs. Other than those minor details, he looked a lot like a male version of Renamon. The two foxes hugged tightly, and looked into each other’s eyes, Renamon’s blue eyes to Rakamon’s dark blue, almost black, eyes. “Renamon…I missed you so.”


“Me too.”

“You have grown more beautiful since the last time I saw you…if that is possible.”

“Oh…Raka…” she was a sucker for a romantic verse.

“Who is that?” he looked at Guilmon. “Can I absorb his data?”

She shook her head. “I don’t think his tamer would like that.”


“We will talk later. I want to just be with you for awhile.”

“Fine…does he have to stare at us? Go away, dinosaur.”

Guilmon pointed to himself. “Me?”

“Yes…you.” He had a scary, almost evil tone in his voice.

Guilmon walked away without saying a word.

“Let’s go to my den.”

“You made another den? And since when did the digital world have trees in this abundance?”

“I will explain later. Come.”


With this, they disappeared, hand in hand, to go to Renamon’s den.



Well, that is the end of the second lemon I have written, and 2nd in the “Rena’s Mate” series. Sorry for the lime, but I couldn’t see either couple doing that sort of thing just yet. But I promise…next one is a doozy.


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