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With nothing else following the title of this chapter, except for the story, “I Confide in Thee.”



Rika was in the den, lying down on the pillows of Renamon’s bed. She looked blankly at the ceiling, and the dirt and mold that had accumulated there over the years. Her thoughts were still on whom she should go to.


Well…I don’t want to bother Renamon. So I won’t wake her. And Juri is sleeping; she is just that sort of girl to be asleep at 9 p.m…She looked at the digimon staring into her eyes. What is he looking at? I wonder if he knows what it is like to be totally empty…probably not. Who could do that to him? He is so powerful. I wish he had gotten there sooner. Maybe he could have killed the guy…No…I don’t want anyone to die.


“Rakamon, what would you do if you found the guy who raped me?” Rika looked at him sadly.

“I’d make him feel the way you are now.”

“How would you do that?”

“You told me you felt like you had been ripped open from the middle and then he gutted you out…”

Rika was appalled. “As much as I want that to happen to him, I don’t want him to die…I want him to suffer.”

“Then he’ll suffer. I owe you for caring for Renamon, and making her digivolve. I wish I could have seen her as Kyuubimon. I’ll do this for you.”


Rika continued riding her train of thought.


Would Henry still love me? I know he would still want me…but would he love me after I betrayed him? I…don’t think I can tell him…not yet…but…I feel so empty…and I want him badly. I don’t know why…but I need him. She wiped away a tear. I miss him already. I want to be in his arms; because I know I’d be safe forever…She whimpered slightly and started to cry.


“Henry…I need you…” Rika said almost loud enough to wake Renamon. Renamon stirred in her sleep, moaning something about diamonds.

“Rika, I will take you to Henry.” With this, Rakamon picked her up and ran up the stairs and out the door.


Rika couldn’t believe how fast she was going. Rakamon was jumping from building to building. They had already covered half the distance. She pinched his neck. He stopped abruptly.


“Ow…what was that for?” Rakamon placed her down gently, and then rubbed where he was pinched.

“Raka…how should I do this?”

“It depends on what you plan to do. What are you intentions?”

“Well…I want to…I…don’t know how to say this really. I just want him…just to be in his arms…”

“Well, just do it then. Go into his den, get into his bed and fall asleep with him.”


“That is what I did the first night Rena and I were together. I just walked in and she welcomed me there.”

Rika hugged him. “Thanks Raka…you’re the best. How could I repay you?”

“Well…I am actually a bit embarrassed about this.”

“About what? I’ll do just about anything…” She hoped it wasn’t what she thought it was.

“Well…that chocolate stuff…I’d like some more of it.”


“Oh…sure Raka. I’ll get you as much as I can. Wait…in fact…I can give you something that can get you any kind of food you want.” She reached into her pocket, and fished out a 5000-yen bill. “Just go to that building over there, and say you want some chocolate.” She pointed to a candy store. “Thanks again Raka…but don’t forget to bring me to Henry’s first.”


Rakamon looked at the strange piece of paper, and put it in his mane. “Okay then, I’ll take you to Henry’s.” He picked her up gently and ran towards the Henry’s house.




After 10 minutes, Rika was looking into Henry’s window. Rakamon was holding her with one hand and clawing into the wall with the other. “Is this right? I don’t want to disturb another person like the last time…”


“And the one before and the one before. But this is the right place.” She could see Terriermon sleeping on the same pillow Renamon had been lying on. “Rakamon…thank you.”


“Do you need anything else?”

“An open window would be great…”

Rakamon slipped a thin sliver of emerald through the glass, made a tiny hole, and lifted it up with a claw. “There you go. I’ll be at the den…after I get some chocolate.” He disappeared after that.


Rika climbed into Henry’s room, immediately closing the window behind her. It is so light in here, even if it is dark out… She immediately turned to see Henry staring right at her.


“Rika, what are you doing here?” Henry yawned after saying this.

“I…want to be with you. She approached him and lay in his bed with him. “Well…maybe I should take off my shoes and stuff.” She got out of the bed and took off her shoes. She looked into Henry’s eyes. I know what I am going to do. I’ve wanted this for a long time…but now…I’m not afraid anymore. Who am I kidding? I’m terrified…I don’t think that I can do this…I must make sure that Henry loves me.  She closed her eyes as she took off her shirt, revealing her slightly developed chest.


“Henry…I’m sorry.” She climbed into the bed with him. She took off his pajama shirt and pressed their bodies together.

He didn’t understand. “Rika, what are you sorry about?”

“I should have done this a long time ago. I…” She didn’t say much more. She pulled his head in for a long, passionate kiss.


Henry didn’t resist at all; he pushed his head into hers, intensifying the kiss. They looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, still kissing. Rika broke the kiss, and lay on her back.


“Rika…I love you.”

“I love you too Henry…I love you so much it hurts sometimes.” She closed her eyes and pulled him on top of her. “I want you to promise you’ll love me forever, no matter what happens.”

“Of course Rika…I promise.” He smiled at her.

She smiled back, with tears in her eyes. “Henry…you can do whatever you want…I’m yours…I’ll do anything you want…” She kissed him on the neck. “Anything.”


This surprised Henry a lot. Wow…my wish must have come true. She is opening up…what should I do now? She said she’d do anything for me. I wonder what happened to her. I really love her…I always have since I said I did. “Rika, what are you thinking about?”


“Nothing really…just you.”


“Yeah…really. Rakamon brought me here, because I wanted you…I really need you right now.” She reached down into his pants, and rubbed his cock through his underwear. “I need all of you.”


He moaned slightly and took off his own pants. He then unbuckled Rika’s and pulled them off. No panties huh…she must really want me.


Rika looked at the bulge in Henry’s shorts, and rubbed a bit harder with her hand. She got a moan out of him. “I’ll make you feel good Henry…I just want to know you’ll be here for me.” I can’t believe I am doing this. But I can’t let him leave…I need him…he is the only one that loves me…


Henry sat up, and leaned against the wall at the front of his bed. “Rika, come here.” She came over obediently. He leaned forward and kissed her. He was silent for a moment, and saw that Rika was waiting for him to say something.


“What’s wrong Rika?”

“Nothing at all…I’m with you now.”

“No, there is something wrong. You never did anything I asked you to before. What happened?”

Rika hesitated. Does he know? Am I that obvious? Does he hate me…probably. I have to do something. With this thought, she climbed onto his lap. She trapped him by locking her legs around him. She tried to get his underwear off, but she was sitting on them. She got up, and took them off quickly. She sat back down, and felt his cock rubbing against her most personal and most guarded of areas. “Henry…all you have to do is push forward a bit…then…”


“Rika, are you sure?”

“I’ll never ever regret us doing this.”

“Really…? I love you Rika.”

“I love you too Henry.”


Henry looked into her eyes; she clearly wanted this. He sighed and pushed forward, pushing his manhood into her snatch. They both gasped as they felt the warm flesh of the other.


Rika’s thought: Henry…I knew I could trust you…it still hurts a bit…

Henry’s thought: All the way in…all the way…must push in…


Rika tightened her embrace of Henry, in as many ways as you can think of. Henry pushed himself all the way in, not noticing her slight whimper of pain. Rika closed her eyes tightly. It isn’t supposed to hurt…but…not nearly as much as the stranger’s did…ow…just thinking about it makes me cold inside. It feels good…it’s warm…She sighed with relief.


Henry had pushed all of himself into her, very, very aroused, but still thinking. Wow…I never thought it would feel so good. But last time, there was resistance, now it slid in quite easily. Could…she have had sex with someone else? No…maybe it is because she wanted it…yeah… He lied to himself. That was the only explanation. Rika would never cheat on me…yeah…she isn’t like that. He tried to pull out, but he couldn’t shift his hips enough to move it anywhere. Rika felt this effort.


“I think I should do it.” Rika pushed herself up with her knees, and then lowered herself again, sending many waves of pleasure through both of them. She repeated this maybe 15 times and suddenly Henry held her down, preventing her from going back up. He pushed forward with his hips, cumming deep into her womb. He closed his eyes as his body took control and limped forward slightly. He couldn’t move.


“Rika…thank you…” he said between breaths.

“Anything for you Henry…should I start again?”

“No…I’m so tired…” His breathing was very labored. “Rika…why wasn’t there resistance?” He hoped he wouldn’t get the answer he thought he would.


Rika sweat dropped, stuttered some nonsense for a moment, and started to cry. “You…aren’t the first to be inside of me…this man came and…just…”

“Did you want him to?” He again hoped he wouldn’t get the answer he didn’t want to get. I hope she didn’t get raped…but I don’t want to think that she did go with someone else…

“No…he tied my hands…then he put a blindfold on me and…” She tightened her embrace even more. “I…I’m sorry Henry…I betrayed you…I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore.” She released Henry from her legs’ grip and rolled back onto her back.


“There is nothing to be sorry for Rika. It wasn’t your fault…and I still love you, if not more.” Henry’s eyes were watering. “If anything, it is my fault for not being there to protect you.” And then a scary thought hit his mind. “Is it someone we know? Was it Rakamon? Or Takato?”


“No…it wasn’t either of them. It was a stranger…I’m glad it was a stranger instead of someone I knew.”

“I’m sorry Rika, I should have been there for you…”

“It happened about 5 hours ago…”

“No…I should have walked you home.”

“It’s okay Henry…it’s okay.”

“No! It isn’t! Not till I kill him with my own hands!” Henry almost shouted this out. He felt the rage in him building, almost taking over him. Rika…I’ll kill him for doing that to her…I want to look in his eyes and see fear beyond fear…

“No Henry! I don’t want him to die…I want…just to be with you.” Rika begged him to calm down.


Rika doesn’t want me to…I have to respect that. I am still so mad…but I guess I should be trying to make her feel batter. He started to say something, but he forgot. He started to cry and whisper, “I’m sorry.”


He got on top of her, and started to make her feel as good as possible. He rubbed her left breast with one hand, and fingered her womanhood with the very tips of the other hand, making her shake slightly and moan just as much. He started with 2 fingers, and slowly went to three. He licked her remaining nipple, and waited for her response. She twitched slightly, and came almost silently. She closed her eyes, and held Henry’s close to hers.


She never once resisted; it was nice to have a guy try and make her feel good instead of make her suffer.




Well…now we visit the antics of Rakamon.


Rakamon was sitting on top of the building where Rika had told him to go. He looked at the piece of paper that she had given him. So, I trade this for food? Interesting…I must learn how to get more of these. He jumped off the building, and landed lightly on the ground 3 stories below. Many people saw him land, and were surprised, not at the fact he had jumped off a building, but that he was a giant green fox. He looked at the people looking at him.


“What? Never seen a digimon before?” Rakamon turned and stepped into the store. Most people swore under there breath they’d never drink sake again.


As he walked in, a woman shouted. “Monster!”

Rakamon turned round, and said, “Where is the monster?”

“You are the monster!”

“Me? I’m not that bad, am I?”

She didn’t expect reason from a monster. “What do you want?”

“I want to trade this,” He held up the bill, “for some food.”


She definitely didn’t expect this. “Well, that man over there will help you.” She pointed to the clerk. He walked to him, and showed him the money.


“I want chocolate.”

“What kind of chocolate?”

This startled Rakamon. “What kinds are there?”

“There are bars, malted milk balls…”

“I want the kind in the shape of…” he searched for the words. “I think they are called koala bears.”

“These?” The clerk held up an octagonal shaped box with a picture of a cartoon koala bear.


“You can get 7 of these with that paper.”

“I’ll take 7 then.” He went to a shelf, and took 6. He then took the one the clerk was holding. He stepped outside, but not without placing the money on the counter.


The clerk and the woman were quiet for a moment. The clerk spoke. “Do you know how many times I’ve seen a fox come in here asking for food?”


“This one had some money at least…and he was a different color.”

The woman nodded dumbly. After thinking about it, she left without buying anything.


The clerk sighed. “That fox is the best customer I’ve had all day.”




Henry was looking at Rika, who was now asleep. He wanted nothing more than to make her happy, and he was plotting how to do it. Maybe I could get a DNA test…nah…that would never ever work. Rakamon looks like he could find him easily…I’ll ask him. He glanced down at his digimon, and then his mate. Those two are the most important people…life forms…uh…I can’t think of the word…well…they are important in my life…Terriermon is my partner, Rika is my mate. Wouldn’t Rika count as my partner? That would make Terriermon my mate…He shook his head violently. No…I need to sleep to think about this more. She is so beautiful…how is she going to get home tomorrow? He yawned. Good night my angel…


He pulled Rika’s sleeping form towards him, and held her close.




Rakamon appeared at Renamon’s den, fumbling one of the boxes of chocolate. He picked it up, and quietly stepped towards the place where Renamon was keeping some food in case of a midnight snack attack. He placed the boxes down next to the apples, one by one. He kept one and leapt towards the cushions, landing next to his sleeping mate. She awoke with a start.


“Ahh! I’ll kill you!” Renamon leapt towards the noise, eyes half open. Rakamon caught her neatly, and placed her down.

“Frisky eh?” He smirked at her.

“Raka…damnit, don’t do that again!” She was panting because of her sudden movement from sleep.

“Poor Renamon…you were scared.”

“I was not!”

“You were.”

“I was not!” She stomped the ground with a foot. “I’m not scared of some green fox that sneaks up on sweet, innocent females and scares them when they are asleep!”

“Who ever said you are sweet and innocent? I got some of those chocolate koala bear things; do you want one?” He offered.

“Please…” she took one, and munched on it. “These are good…how did you get them?”

“Rika gave me some paper thing, and I traded it for this, and some more too.”

“When did you speak with Rika?”


He hesitated. Should I tell her? I’ve spoken with females that have been raped…they never wanted others to talk about it if they weren’t there. Renamon told me that Rika was like a sister to her…I think a sister is something like mates…but they are both female…I don’t know. I will tell her. “She was forced, and I rescued her.”


This took Renamon by total surprise. “Someone forced her?” (To a digimon, the word rape is as bad as the n-word is…I dare not even write it) “She is such a strong girl…how did he do it?”

“She was bound with rope when I found her, she wanted me to cut her loose.”

“Did you?”

“Of course I did. I took her to Henry’s den afterwards. She said she wanted to be with him.”

Renamon thought about this. If I were forced, would I want to be with Raka? “I’d want to be with you if someone forced me.”

“I’d never let that happen to you.”

“I was all alone here…someone could have bound me and done it.”

Rakamon gasped a bit, then looked at her. “Good point…but you are stronger than Rika, you can defend yourself. She is just a human, she can’t do anything.”

Renamon tried to protest, but what he said was true. “That is true…Rika couldn’t defend herself against a fully grown male…poor female…I wonder if she was innocent before?”

“I think she was, there was blood.”

“Poor thing…it must have hurt a lot. I hurt me more than anything, my first time…” Renamon sighed. “But it was with you. Imagine what it feels like to be forced and lose your innocence.”

Rakamon couldn’t comprehend the females’ pain, so he admitted it. “I can’t, I’ve battled most of my life…but nothing hurt me more than seeing that look on your face when I…” he hesitated.


“It’s okay Raka…it was worth the pain. But we should decide what to do. The male who did that to her cannot get away unpunished.”

“I already have his scent…it is much easier to track his sent in this world.”

“Yes…I can smell things miles away. I’m hungry.” She took a pawful of the chocolate and ate them all. “We’ll rest, and then we’ll look for him.”

“I can do it now. Come with me.”


This is where Renamon and Rakamon always fought, about who was superior. Rakamon usually won, but he respected Renamon a lot more recently.


“We will do what I want to.” Rakamon insisted. “I am the male, the protector.”

“No…I make you strong. You are nothing without me.” Renamon held her head up. “If I left you’d be just a normal champion digimon…no love to tap into.”

Rakamon hung his head down. She is right…but…Rika was hurt. I want to help her…I don’t know why. I think it is mostly a principle thing. If I don’t stop him, who will?

“We will stay here then…and I will hunt him tomorrow.”

“I thought you wanted to fight Guilmon?” Renamon asked.

“This is more important to me.”

“Why is it important? At first, you hated her…why do you like her now?”

“She reminds me of you.” Rakamon said.

“Really? I always thought we were quite different.”

“On the outside. You both want to become stronger…and you both are very loyal.”

Renamon smiled. “Of course…I didn’t find any other mates after you ran away.”


“I never ran away.”

“You did…I remember…you running away…leaving me to fight for myself.”

“Do you remember the one that saved you?”

“Yes…but he wasn’t you…why did you run away?”

Rakamon was silent. I can’t tell her the truth. Should I lie? No, she could tell. I guess I have to tell her now… “That digimon that destroyed the ones that intruded your territory…what was his name?”


“I don’t know. He was gray and had red eyes…that is all I remember. I wanted him as a mate for a long time. I never did found him. I found the gem with your data in it in one of his foot prints.”

“That digimon was me.”

“How? I saw you run away…I thought you had left me…” Renamon looked into his eyes.

“I digivolved and fought them all for you…and you thought I had left you? I feel so useless.” He sat down, with his back to Renamon. “I don’t deserve to be your mate.”

“That was you? He looked so evil…how could he have been you? He was like you are when you battle, but all the time.”

“YamiRakamon…that is my ultimate form.”

“YamiRakamon…wow…that sounds tough. What does Yami mean?”

“If I knew that I could change it.” Rakamon drooped his head.

“Could you digivolve again?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Why not?” Renamon wanted to see him.

“Because I’ll forget who you are…I forgot my mate…I digivolved to protect you but forgot you…and if I did it again I’d be staying that way. I’d rather stay a champion and have a mate than an ultimate with none.”


This touched Renamon. “Raka…” But to no avail, he had fallen asleep.


Raka…was that you? How could digivolving change someone so much? Oh…Angemon. She shook her head, and sat next to her mate. He exposed a great weakness…I am his weakness. I am holding him back…should I leave? No…Raka needs me. He needs me…I need him. Renamon curled her tail around Rakamon’s, smiled, and then picked him up. I didn’t think I could pick him up…he is very light…wow. I must be strong now. She placed him on the cushions, and then lay next to him, tails still connected.



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