Let’s get this over with. With no a do whatsoever, my 8th lemon, ‘A Fool’s Wish’



Rika had just gotten home from Henry’s house, thinking about Henry mostly, but time and time again her thoughts went to sex.


Did I do the wrong thing when I told Henry no? Maybe I should have let him…I’d bet he hates me now. No…Henry isn’t like that. He is so curious and smart and wise…gentle…oh Henry. I miss him already. She sat on the couch in her living room where she had stolen Henry’s gum. She looked at a clock. Wow… I must have lost track of time…no wonder I am so tired. She yawned widely. I wonder what Renamon is doing right now. Probably getting fucked…lucky her. I should have stayed with Henry.


After this train of thought derailed, she lie on her bed and fell asleep.




Rika was wrong. Renamon was not getting fucked. She was asleep. Rakamon wasn’t though.


He was standing on the highest part of the church, under which Renamon’s den was. He saw many things that confused him, made him wonder. What is that? Oh…two humans talking and one is pointing a black and silver object at the other. He turned 90 degrees to the left. A strange little animal…it is running around. Hey…that is a digimon! He is only a rookie though, not worth the effort. Another turn. “Damn…this world is boring.”




Juri was dreaming of what had happened to her the week or so before. She was shivering in her sleep, and she woke up with a start in cold sweat.


“Takato…help me!” she screamed. She instantly covered her mouth, hoping she hadn’t woken anyone. She waited a moment, and then sighed. “Phew…I didn’t wake anyone. And it was only a dream…”




Henry was having the best dream of his life.


Rika was naked and touching herself, and she invited him to come and touch too. Ooh…Henry…come and feel too… He did…and we’ll leave his dream at that. It isn’t nice to eavesdrop on other’s dreams is it? If Spongebob Squarepants has taught us anything, it is that.




Time passes…lots of time. Almost an insane amount of it.




A few weeks later, 3 to give it an exact number.


Rika and Henry had become as close as Renamon and Rakamon, but they still hadn’t gone all the way. Sure, one of them always wanted to, but the other backed away.


Takato and Juri became close as well, with much fun in their relationship. They enjoyed a very active sex life, and they hid it very well. Who’d have guessed those two did more than peck each other on the lips?


Renamon and Rakamon kept there mating to a minimum; it becomes less special over time if it is, and they still had a lot to catch up on.


So…whom shall we go to first? How bout Juri and Takato for a change?




Juri and Takato were in Guilmon’s little house. This is where they made most of there love.


“Mmm…Takato…” Juri was lying down, Takato straddling her. But they were both fully clothed, and they were kissing. “Takato…you are so good at this.”


“Thanks Juri, we haven’t been able to do this for awhile…I wish we could.” Takato smiled at her. “Juri…I love you.”


“I love you too.” She nudged him off of her, and she got on her knees, so they were face to face. “Your eyes are the weirdest color Takato…they are so pretty.”


“Yours are too.”

“So are Henry’s.” Rika and Henry were there.


Takato did a double take. Juri backed away into a dark corner. Takato was the first to speak.


“What are you doing here?”

“Hoping to do what you two are doing.” Rika said.

Juri spoke. “Go away, this is our place!”


Henry spoke for the first time too. “C’mon Juri, we need a place to go too…Renamon won’t let us use her den, and our houses are always busy. Please?”


“Takato…what do you think?” Juri took him to the corner where the hole in the back is. They whispered to each other.


“Should we let them come here too?” Juri asked him.

“I don’t know…I know they wouldn’t tell anyone about us.”

“Why not let them stay then?”


Takato turned to them. “Yes you can, but don’t tell anyone about us.”

Henry smiled. “Sure, we won’t bother you.” He led Rika inside with him. They sat in the corner opposite from where Takato and Juri were. They kissed gently, and then pressed their bodies together.


Juri and Takato started to play cards. Juri looked at Rika, and how she was kissing her man. She asked her a question.


“Rika? How is he at kissing?”

Rika broke the current kiss and looked at her oddly. “Why?”

“Because, I want to know if all boys can kiss good or if it is just Takato.”

“No way Takato is as good as Henry.”

“Yeah right Rika…” she smiled a big smile at her.


“I’ll prove it.” She turned to Henry, took his head in both hands, and pushed their lips together. She waited a moment, and pushed his head away gently. She then went to Takato, pulled him up to a standing position, and did the same thing with him. She broke this kiss, and looked into Takato’s terrified eyes. “Not bad. But Henry was better by far.”


“You’re lying!” Juri pointed an accusing finger. “I’ll do that too.” She took Henry’s head like Rika had done, and pulled him in for a kiss. Henry’s eyes opened widely, Juri was a great kisser. She pushed him away hard; he almost fell down. She then walked to Takato, and kissed him gently. “Takato is much better. Henry is just a little wussy boy.” She smiled at her Takato.


Juri and Rika started to fight, not like a catfight, because it was more like a massacre. Rika had Juri down in three or four seconds. Juri then bit Rika’s hand, and then they started to brawl. Takato and Henry got out of their way.


“Rika! Juri! Stop fighting!” Takato shouted at them.

“Takato, they aren’t gonna stop. Let’s go outside.”

“Yeah…sure.” They both stepped outside.


“How often do you see two girls fighting over who the best kisser is?” Henry laughed.

“Not very often…Rika is a good kisser. I wish she hadn’t bit my tongue though.” Takato said.

“Juri is too…very soft tongue. But Rika knows how use hers.”

“True…see, why can’t girls get along like us?”

“They are terrible to each other, but very nice otherwise.” Henry sweat dropped.

“Girls are weird…but…”

“Yeah…but is right.”

“Hey, Henry…have you and Rika had sex?” Takato inquired.

“What? Oh…no…sorry I am thinking about something.”

“Yeah…I thought so.”

“What do you mean? Have you and Juri…?” Henry trailed off.

“Yes…we have. I love her so much.”


Henry’s eyes almost bulged out of his head. “You two seem so innocent and carefree…how many times?”

Takato blushed. “8. Eight times.”

If Henry’s eyes hadn’t bulged out by now, they had fallen out. “Eight! Rika says that she is never ready…Juri doesn’t seem like the type to like it.”

“Oh…she is a real fireball sometimes.” Takato laughed.

“You think something happened to Juri that made her want you?”

“We actually talked about that, and she said that she wants to keep it a secret.”

“Oh come on Takato.”

“No…I promised her. I really love her, and I don’t want to hurt her.”


Henry thought for a moment. I wish it would happen to Rika, what ever happened to Juri, I want it to happen to her too. So then she’ll open up more often, and be like Juri is. He didn’t ask about it anymore.


“I wonder if they are done yet? It seems quieter now.” Takato wondered.

“Yeah…sounds like it. Let’s go in and check.” Henry led the way.


What they beheld was something they never thought they’d see. Rika was lying on her stomach, arms held back by Juri. Juri was pulling her hair and saying, “Who is the bigger man?”


“Henry is! Owww!!! Damn you!” Rika cried out as her hair was pulled again. She looked up at Henry. “Help me!”


Henry wrenched Juri’s hands from Rika’s hair, and helped Rika to her feet. “Are you alright?”


“Yeah…I’m fine…stupid bitch.” She turned to Juri and stuck her tongue out. “Let’s go Henry.” She pulled him out with her.


“Takato…I’m sorry.” Juri apologized to Takato.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I kissed Henry…”

“Oh…it’s fine. He says you are a great kisser.”

Her face lit up. “Really? Did you beat him till he said it?”

“No…he just said it. He says you are better than Rika.”

“Henry isn’t that stupid then.” She smiled widely. “I’m so happy! I want to…” she whispered the rest in his ear. Takato suddenly got a goofy smile, and he pulled Juri’s panties off from under her dress.




Henry and Rika had just reached the outskirts of the park.


“Rika…I have to go home now.”

“Yeah, me too. But I don’t want you to go yet.”

“My mom has been getting suspicious. And she found your panties in my room.”

“I wondered what happened to that pair.”

“Take care, okay?” He kissed her deeply, and patted her on the ass. “Bye now.”

“You are a much better kisser than Takato was.”

“You bit his tongue didn’t you?”

“Yes…he tried to resist.” Rika winked at him.

“Well…I really have to go now.” Henry ran away towards his house.


He is so silly sometimes…but he is so cute. She smiled and walked towards her house. She passed the usual sites, a McDonalds, a bookstore. She went into the bookstore for a while and picked up a few digimon card packs. She opened them, no new cards but she did get a Terriermon.


“I’m sure Henry will like this one.” She gave the rest to a bunch of kids on the street that were playing the game. They thanked her for the many cards. All hail the digimon queen! She giggled to herself.


After 10 minutes of walking, she was within site of her house. She was taking a short cut, so she would be there shortly. She was deep in thought. Do I really love Henry? Of course I do…and I feel like…after today…I think I am ready now. I wonder if I went over there now, he’d be up to it? She shook her head. Later…it is almost 7…I should be getting home. I’ll tell him tomorrow. Henry…I can’t wait. She walked down the street, and almost into a telephone pole. “Whoa! I need to watch where I am going!” She continued down the street and came to the alley where she had told Henry she loved him. She walked into it, looking at the spot where they had fallen asleep.


“Henry…I’d want to do it right there if it wasn’t so open.”

“Do what?” A voice said.

Rika spun around, only to have her mouth covered from behind. What’s happening?! Let me go! “Mmmpphh…” she tried to bite the hand, but it didn’t work. A blindfold suddenly went over her eyes. She thought it was a cruel joke from Rakamon or Henry, but Henry’s hand wasn’t as big and Rakamon’s were furry. She wash pushed forward, right into the wall.


She fell to the ground, and the stranger bound her hands. “Let me go!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The stranger said, “Shut up or I’ll kill the fox.”

Rika’s eyes went wide, even from under her blindfold. No…he couldn’t have Renamon…but…can I take that chance? No…she is like a sister to me. She shut up.

“Good girl.” He started to pet her like you would a cat, long, slow strokes. “Hmm…I haven’t had a girl like you for a month or so…she was a virgin…I’d bet you are too.”


“No! You can’t do that!” Rika begged. “Please don’t…I’ll do anything…”

“The fox is starting to turn blue under its fur. I don’t think that she can hang on much longer.”

“No…I’ll submit…I’ll be a good girl…just release her.” She started to cry. Henry…I’m sorry…

“We’ll shut up and be a good girl then? If you resist…I’ll…” he did that for effect.

“I…understand.” She sniffed. She didn’t say anything more.

“You are the first girl not to resist…hmm…I think I might spare you.”

“…” Rika could only think about how she had betrayed Henry. And now she was paying the price.


He picked up her head and looked over it. “Hmm…cute…if you were a few years older I might let you be my girlfriend.” He rubbed her cheek with the back of his hand.


He sat her against the wall and reached up her shirt. She groaned with pain as he squeezed her nipples to the point where she thought she would faint. He bunched her shirt up around her neck, and tightened her bonds. Rika just wanted to die. Henry…where are you? Renamon…Rakamon…anyone…please…help me…I don’t want to feel this again…ever…


He put a big hand over one breast and caressed it slowly, making her nipple harden. He sucked lightly on it, and licked it a lot. Rika wasn’t feeling any pleasure at all. She was feeling pain and pain only. And the stranger loved to see her suffer.


“Stand up, bitch.”

“…” She stood obediently, even though she knew what was going to happen.

He unzipped her jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles. He looked at the thin fabric of her panties. He rubbed a finger against the crotch, sending a shiver up her spine. She moaned quietly, even though she didn’t know if it felt good or it hurt.


I hate him…I hate him…I want to take a knife and stab him over and over and over…She then got an idea. I might be able to hop away and grab someone’s attention…but if I fail…he’ll make sure I never try and escape again. She hoped to the depth of her soul that someone was walking by. She leapt forward, pushing him down. She tried to run, but her pants tripped her. As she fell down, she saw someone go by. “Help me! Please! Help me!” she screamed at the passerby. He ignored her. “No…no!” The stranger stepped on the small of her back, hard. This sent a sharp pain throughout her.


He yanked her back to her original position by her hair. “Bad girl!” He slapped her across the face, and she almost fell. She looked at him with a look of pure hate and despair. “No mercy now!” He pushed her down, and she landed on her chest, scraping it badly.


She cried out in pain. He ripped her panties off, revealing her most private area. He plunged his entire hand into her, making her spasm with pain. He found her clit and pinched it hard. Rika almost blacked out. She wished she had. The rapist turned her onto her back. Her blindfold had come off in her stunt, so she got a nice long look at him. I hate him…well…at least it isn’t anyone I care for…I know what is going to happen…


“Ready for it?”


“Answer me!”

“Fuck you!”

“No…fuck you.” He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her face. He shoved it in her mouth. “Bite it and I’ll bite your clit off!”

She began to suck it and lick it like she had done with Henry, but this man’s was much bigger. It almost choked her. She sucked and sucked till he was just about to cum. He thrust into her mouth, and the cum came. The cum tasted worse than anything, even Henry’s.


“Swallow it.” He demanded calmly. She did, the swallowing motion pleasured him more. He pulled out of her mouth. He rubbed her crotch till it was wet. Her sweet juices came out of her womanhood, despite the fact she hated him, hated the pleasure she got. I…can barely feel anything now. Henry…I’m sorry…


He tore the panties off of her, literally. He held her legs as wide as they would go, and thrust hard into her, stealing her innocence and her feeling. She let out something between a scream and a whimper. She spasmed, and she started to cry. “Henry…I’m sorry…I…betrayed you…”


The stranger continued to pound into her. Every thrust into her made her emptier and colder inside. She was so tight; he couldn’t contain himself. He pushed his cock in as far as it would go, and came, filling her tainted womanhood with his seed. He thrust in a few more times, and then stopped.


“Is Henry your boyfriend?” He asked.

“Yes…” she said with a whimper.

“He won’t want to be with you now.”

“Why?” she said feebly.

“You are a whore now…you came…you couldn’t feel it though could you?”

“I did?” She looked down at his cock inside of her. He pulled out, and cum came out, and then a trickle of blood. The stranger put a finger in the small puddle of cum, and put the finger in her mouth.


“Does that taste like me?” He pulled up his pants. “You liked it, and you know it. You are a little whore now…why would any boy want a whore?”  He left her there, not another word.


She sat there for a bit, letting what had just happened sink into her. I was raped…I’m not a virgin anymore…Henry didn’t take me…Maybe I am just in a dream right now…I can’t feel anything…I should go home…but I am in so much pain…I guess I can only feel pain now…I am just a whore now…that was my cum…but I didn’t feel myself cum…I am so ashamed…I betrayed you Henry…I am sorry…She watched people walk by, not even noticing her. She tried to free her hands, but to no avail.


She was so tired…and in so much pain, she fell asleep, or blacked out. Either one was a great relief to her.




Rika awoke, and it was nighttime. She tried to stand, but she was still hurting. She looked around, and saw Rakamon approaching.


“You are awake.” Rakamon walked to her.

“Don’t come near me…you will rape me too!” Rika tried to crawl away, but she was still bound.

“Rape? I would never rape you. In the digital world, raping a female is punishable by death. Did someone rape you?”


She looked at him for a moment and realized who he was. “Rakamon? I…my hands are tied and…” He walked to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. He cut her bonds with one claw. “Thank you.” She pulled her jeans up and unbunched her shirt. “I can’t walk either…”


Rakamon picked her up gently and held her closely. “You are safe now Rika. I won’t let harm come to you.” She didn’t say anything. Rakamon looked into her eyes. That spark she always had in her eye, like the one in Rena’s…it’s gone. She must feel horrible.


“How do you feel?”

“I feel like someone ripped me apart from the middle up and gutted me…” she began to cry. She sobbed softly until she fell asleep in his warm embrace.


Humans are so cruel to each other. A digimon would never rape a digimon, only one with a virus. And the virus would be killed, and the host would be returned to in training. But here…the human who did this must pay. I’ll rip him open and gut him out… Rakamon jumped up and disappeared with Rika.




Rakamon appeared at Renamon’s den. Renamon was asleep, after a long day of exploring with him.


Rakamon placed Rika on the pillows next to Renamon. She stirred slightly. “Uhh…Raka…? If I told Henry this…do you think he’d still love me?”


“Yes…I’d never leave Renamon if she was raped. She’d need me more than ever. Would you like me to take you to his den?”


“Well…maybe…let me think.” Rika thought hard. It is late, and Henry might be asleep, but I need him so much…and…well…I could go home, but mom wouldn’t listen to me, and I’d have to deal with this feeling by myself. There is always Rena, she is always there for me…but Raka is strong…and he can protect me…I don’t know. Juri maybe…I know she probably hates me but she might understand this better than me. Takato? No…


“Where do you want to go? Do you have a den to go to? I could always talk to you if you wanted me to.”

Rika thought about his offer. She then tried to stand, and she woozily got up. She looked out the window that brought the moonlight into the den.


I…feel empty…but I am a whore…Henry won’t love me anymore…but…he would make me feel better anyways…no…Henry will always love me…I’m not a whore…Henry will understand…but…She shook her head. Henry…



This is the end of my 8th lemon, and the 8th in the Rena’s Mate series.


I hate rape, and this was a very hard lemon for me to write.  


The next lemon, Rika surrenders herself to…not yet…I can’t tell you now.


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