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Rakamon puzzled. “I don’t remember…maybe it was something that happened in the transfer to the disk. I’d bet the memories that I put on there I’ve forgotten.”


“I still remember the things on there. Maybe you are just losing it.” Renamon yawned, and lay next to Rakamon. “Do number 2 first.”


Rika piped up. “Why, is that one about you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then why start with 2?”

“Why not?”

Henry interrupted them both. “Fine, 2 it is.” He pushed the button and another small fanfare started, with high graphic quality. “Nice graphics. But are they necessary?”


Rakamon blinked. “Of course. I always do everything to the up most quality. Right Rena?” Renamon giggled, which was a weird sound.


The title “The origin of Rakamon” appeared. Henry sighed. “Rakamon first? I wanted to see how you two first met.”


Rakamon, with a mean tone, said, “Henry…you got one lucky punch. Want to try again?” Rakamon yawned and lay back down.


(Okay, these flash back things are done from the digimon’s point of view, i.e. this one will be from Rakamon’s. They’ll be written in the third person, like the rest of the lemon. If the watchers interrupt, it will be in parentheses.)


The scene began with a view of a stream. The face in the reflection was not Rakamon’s. It was obviously an in-training digimon. It was ball-shaped, with fox ears. It was a pale yellow color.


The digimon then turned and started hopping around. It went past some weird trees, and then it was obvious he was in a forest. Odd trees loomed about, with some visible digimon moving about. After almost 10 minutes of this, he suddenly stopped. He let out a scream, in a typical in-training voice, not unlike Terriermon’s.


“Ahhh!!! Ow! Lemme go!” The mini Rakamon was being held by something.


“Oh shut up and hold still!” A gruff voice said. “I’ll make this quick.”


The digimon picked up Mini-Raka and turned to face him. It was a Goblinmon. The Goblinmon held his club out and struck Mini Raka on the head…or body. Or whatever. But, Mini Raka bounced out of the way and Goblinmon hit his own hand. “Ouch…damn it…hold still you little booger!”


“No way!” Mini Raka shot some bubbles at the Goblinmon. The bubbles hit the Goblinmon on the head and it flung him back hard enough to hit a tree. He was knocked unconscious. “Wow…I did that?” He shot more bubbles, and more and more. The rookie digimon finally disintegrated after a few minutes of this. “Ooo…wow…cool…” He then absorbed the data. He felt himself get stronger, and bigger. A blinding light ensued. The line of vision started to go up.


“Yanomon digivolve to…” he looked around and saw limbs growing, a tail even. “Kitsumon.”


(“Wow…he digivolved. I wonder what he looks like now.” Rika wondered.”)


The newly digivolved rookie ran back to the water, actually running and not bouncing. He looked into it, and saw his new face. “I’m…bigger now.” He looked like a small version of the current Rakamon. He didn’t have any designs on his body, and no mane. He stood flat-footed, like a human would. His face was almost the same, but not as much personality or details. His eyes were yellow, and his body green. He sat down for a bit.


“I wonder what I am now…maybe I can ask someone.” He ran into the trees again. Then, the screen flashed and flickered. He was now in front of a cave.


(“Hey…what happened?” Henry complained. Raka said, “The next few parts aren’t important.”)


He called into the cave. “Hello?” it echoed back to him. “Anyone in there?” He waited. “Nope…where is everyone? I haven’t seen another for many light changes.”


“Because, a Mega lives in that cave.” A soft voice told him. He turned quickly, and a Floramon was there.


“A Mega digimon? What kind is it?”

“I think it is a kind of dragon…I haven’t actually seen it.”

“Do you know anything else about it?”

“No…not really. Why?”


Kitsumon took one step back. He breathed deeply. “Green Nail!” He lunged forward, hitting the Floramon in the chest with a glowing paw. The Floramon gasped, and then fell. Particles flew from the lifeless body. He absorbed them quickly. “Ahh…feels good to get some new data in me.”


“That wasn’t nice.” This new voice sent a chill down his spine. “Would you like to try on a real challenge, child?”


“Of course I am! I’ll finish you of just as fast!” The screen then did the flash and the flicker.


(“Wait, wait, wait!” Renamon interrupted this time. “Why didn’t you fight the digimon?” Rakamon blinked in thought. “I don’t remember.”)


This time, it appeared in a dark place. He lay there for a long time. “Uh…”


“You’re awake? Good. I thought you had frozen.” It was the one that had challenged him. “I hit you pretty hard. Hard enough to kill a rookie anyways.”


“Why…did you spare me?”

“Because…I need some company. No one wants to talk to me.”

“You seem very nice. Why not?” A pair of red eyes appeared in front of him.

“Because…my type.” A light appeared, and it was very surprising what he saw; just a white hand.


“A what?” The small white hand picked him up and placed him on his feet. “A virus?”

“Yeah…I know…I am too…but…you’re an ultimate.”

“I am a LadyDevimon, a virus ultimate level.”

Kitsumon panicked. He was looking for an exit. “I want to leave!”

“Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you.”

Kitsumon whimpered. “I’m scared.”

“Why are you scared?”

“Virus types are evil, you are gonna destroy me and take my data! And I just digivolved a few light changes ago!” The entire room lit up, and there was the LadyDevimon. She was just like the picture on the card.

“Virus…vaccine…it is all on how you fight. There is no difference between the types really. The way you fight is what you are, and you fight like a virus, surprising them with lots of power.” She was hovering slightly above the ground. She landed and walked to him.

“What does a vaccine do? When I fought one, they always knew I was going to attack, so they defended, then attacked when I was recovering.”

“Yes…that’s right. I’m not evil. A vaccine could be evil and a virus could be angelic.” She laughed at her pun. “Like me.”

“I…think I get it.” Kitsumon got the same clueless look that Rakamon did. “So I shouldn’t judge?”

“No…and I wish the vaccines would stop judging us virus. Did you know there is only one mega level virus? He lives in that cave I found you by. There are almost 50 vaccine megas. They destroy a virus as soon as they digivolve into mega.”

“That isn’t fair.”

“Of course not. Viruses aren’t loved and respected like vaccines are. Data digimon fear us, but not them.” LadyDevimon sat on the ground next to him.

“So you won’t hurt me?”

“No…do you not trust me?” She took off her mask, revealing a surprisingly beautiful face. “Is this better?”

“Yes…you are different. There is something different about you. Your voice, your body’s shape…”

She thought for a moment, and an idea hit her. “Ah…I’m a female. We are very rare. Maybe for every 50 males formed, one of us is.”


“I don’t know. Maybe because we are weaker as rookies. Like that Floramon you destroyed.”

“Oops…” Kitsumon blushed.

“It is okay. She is better off.”


“I’ll just say that females aren’t respected as fighters.”


“No more of this. You will become my apprentice. I’ll teach you how to fight.”

“I know how to fight.”

“You didn’t beat me. You didn’t even see me when I hit you with my finger.” She pointed at him.

Kitsumon stood up to his full height. He was almost up to LadyDevimon’s waist. “Let’s fight then.”

“No, no…I won’t fight you. I’d kill you too quickly. Call me mistress instead of LadyDevimon.”

“Fine…will you find me opponents then?”

“Yes…and I’ll give you some of my power.”


(“The next few scenes are just a few battles I remember.” Rakamon yawned.)


There were many battles, against rookies and champions. Suddenly, it stopped going fast and went normal speed.


(“This one is important”)


The opponent was an Ogremon. Kitsumon jumped up, avoiding a Pummel Whack. The Ogremon jumped and slammed him down with is club.


“Oww…” he looked like he had froze up. LadyDevimon covered her smile with a hand.

“That was easy. Your pet isn’t worth the effort. But, I’ll take his data.” Ogremon glanced at LadyDevimon. He held his club high, and smashed Kitsumon’s form with it. Kitsumon faded and disappeared. “What? Where is the data?”


“Up here ugly.” Kitsumon was on top of his club. He jumped down on the ground and stuck his tongue out at him. “You can’t hit me!” He said with a singsong voice.


“You little…” Ogremon smashed at Kitsumon and he dodged with a step. Another attack, another miss. “Hold still! Pummel Whack!” He shot the dark energy from his hand and it missed. “Why can’t I hit you?!”


“Because you stink, you can’t aim, you have no speed…” Kitsumon was lying on the ground listing Ogremon’s flaws.


LadyDevimon called to her student. “Stop playing with him. If he was a bit faster he’d have killed you.”


Kitsumon rolled to one side, avoiding another attack. He rolled his eyes. “Fine…okay.” He jumped up and dove into Ogremon. He jumped off of him, did a flip and dove again, this time with a Green Nail. Ogremon looked down at his gut, with a small fox’s paw going through it. Kitsumon looked at him, winked, and said, “Goodbye.” Ogremon disintegrated, and Kitsumon took his data.


“Champion data is so much better than a rookies.”

“Good job.” His mistress was clapping. She then got a look of surprise on her face. “Kitsumon…”

“Yes Mistress?” Kitsumon approached her.

“You are going to be very happy very shortly.”


“You’ll see at the day change. Or maybe even before then.”

“What will happen?” Kitsumon stuttered. The screen did the flash flicker.


(All three of the watchers: “What the hell!?” Rakamon laughed. “You’ll see.”)


Kitsumon returned to the water where he had had his first battle and saw himself as rookie for the first time. LadyDevimon sat on the water’s edge.


“So this is where you first remember being?”

“Yeah…I looked down into the water. It has been…about 3000 light changes since then. I digivolved right over there.” He pointed to the place where he had destroyed the Goblinmon.

“Go stand where you digivolved.”

“Why? Does it matter where I stand?” He then caught his tongue. “I apologize, mistress. I shouldn’t question you.” He did as he was told.

“The light change is soon. Remember when I told you I’d give you my power?”

“Yes…I do. I’ve actually been wondering what would happen.”

LadyDevimon stood up and clutched her heart. She looked like she was in pain. She pulled out a ball of dark energy…very dark. “This…is most of my energy and power…I’ll stay ultimate, but I won’t be very strong anymore. Kitsumon…you remind me so much of my mate that…I feel like you should have this. You need it more than I do.”


Kitsumon moved forward. “No…don’t…”

“Kitsumon, stay there.”

“Please don’t…”

“Take it!” She threw the ball of energy at Kitsumon. He felt it hit his chest, and sink into him. He felt the familiar light of digivolution hit him. He felt the darkness spread throughout his body, giving him power he couldn’t comprehend. “Kitsumon digivolve to…” he felt his arms and legs and tail getting longer, his entire body changing. “Rakamon.” He had the familiar face. His voice was deeper now. “I…digivolved?”


His mistress fell to the ground after giving up most of her energy. “Yes…I sensed it after you absorbed that data. You could handle my power. So…”


“You gave me the power of an ultimate?”

“Yes…” she collapsed.

“Mistress!” he ran to her, holding her head up. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine. I just need rest. Take me to the cave where the mega lives.”

“Yes…I will do this for you.” He lifted her up easily. “I am a lot stronger now…I think I like being champion.”


Flash Flicker.


The cave was there again. Rakamon pointed to it. “We are here.”

“I know…” she was still short of breath. “Go in.”

“He’ll surely destroy us.”

“What did I tell you the first day?”

“Forgive me mistress.” Rakamon closed his eyes and stepped in. He could hear heavy breathing.

“Who is the mega?”

“You will see. Go in further.”

He stepped further. He could see almost plainly in the dark. He saw a figure lying on the ground.

“Rakamon, let me down.” He obeyed, and she approached the figure.

“That is a Bakemon…I thought a mega lived here?”

LadyDevimon picked the ghost up. “You reversed…I’m sorry I abandoned you.”

Bakemon looked up. “I’m glad you are back. I reversed when the vaccines came. I destroyed them…but…”

Rakamon was impatient. “Mistress…”

“Rakamon…it is time to find your mate and achieve mega level. It will take time and many battles…but I know you can do it. Find a female and guard her, and she will give you the ultimate power.”

“What power is that?”

“It doesn’t have a name. It is the bond between the mates that doubles or triples their power.”

“How do I get her to give me the power?”

“All you do is make her feel special, observe her before you try and find out what she likes.”

Rakamon turned to the entrance of the cave. “Good bye, mistress.”


Flicker black screen


(No more parentheses, and the lemon is coming soon.)


Henry and Rika were wowed. “What a story. Why did you leave then?”


Rakamon looked up. “I did what she told me to. I found my Renamon and gained ultimate power.”


Renamon said another number. “Do 1 this time.”

Rika objected. “Do number 4!”

Rakamon looked at Henry. “Do number 1.”


Shortly afterwards, 1 was playing.


The title “Renamon’s origin.”


(same thing as before)


This one started similarly. It started low on the ground. The terrain looked like a swamp. She was walking, which meant that she had legs as an in training. This one was fairly the same till she met another in training, a Tokomon in fact.


“Tokomon?” The mini Rena said.

“I don’t know what you are.” Tokomon bared his teeth.

“Want to fight?”


“Okay…then what do you want to do?”

“Uhh…I don’t…” He was interrupted by a bubble hitting him. “Owww!”

“Who is there? I’m not afraid of a bubble blower!” An Otamamon appeared and started shooting bubbles at the Tokomon. Both Mini Renamon and Tokomon shot bubbles at him, and the tadpole’s data scattered. The data was then absorbed by both of them. Tokomon started to glow, turning to everyone’s favorite pot roast. Mini Rena did as well; but into Renamon.


Renamon was the first to speak. “Patamon?”

Patamon looked up at her. “Renamon? We digivolved! Yay!”

“I guess we did. Should we fight now?”

“I still don’t want to. You are so much bigger than me…” Patamon looked nervous.

“Size doesn’t matter. It is the amount of data you have.”

“You got smart quickly…and…you…are…”

Renamon had realized that she and Patamon were different in some way that wasn’t obvious.

“I think…I am a female.” She thought for a while. “Yes…I am female.”

Patamon was startled. “Aren’t females rare?”

“Yes. We are rare. But…I wish I wasn’t female.”


Flicker Flash


A familiar face was on the screen. Renamon was holding him. Patamon, for some strange reason, was there too.

“What is it Renamon?”

“It is a strange one isn’t it?”

“Let me go!” It was Calumon.

“Why? I want to get your data.” Patamon inflated himself. “Boom Bubble!” He shot the bubble at Calumon. Renamon dodged the bubble with Calumon.

“Patamon, don’t. There is something strange about him. This marking…” She touched the mark on Calumon’s forehead.


(Henry said something. “Hey…you knew Calumon?” Renamon shrugged. “Yeah…I thought it might be a different one.”)


The red beam of light hit Patamon. He screamed, and he suddenly got bigger. “Patamon digivolve to…Angemon.”


Renamon was startled, but not nearly as much as Angemon. He was looking at his new weapon, and his wings. In the confusion, Calumon ran away.


Angemon looked at Renamon. “Renamon…I think I understand now.”

“Understand what?” She realized what he meant

“Would you be my mate? I want to protect you…”


(“HOLD ON ONE FUCKIN MINUTE!” Rakamon was outraged. “Rena, you told me that I was your first and only mate.” Renamon thought about it for a minute. “We were mates for a short time.” Rakamon growled a bit, and then settled down.)


Renamon was scared. “Angemon, I…don’t want a mate right now.”

This comment didn’t seem to reach the angel. “I want the power that a female can give me.”

“Angemon…please listen.”

“I get the time between day changes to try and convince you.”

Renamon stopped, and then stuttered, “I…I…you’re right. If you can convince me you are everything I want in a mate, I’ll be yours, but you can’t bother me if you aren’t.”

Angemon smiled. “I know you well enough.”


The next few minutes were of Angemon proving himself to Renamon. After a push over victory against a Soulmon, the signs of the light change were coming. Angemon turned to Renamon. “Did I impress you?”

“You are a great fighter Angemon, but…there is something else I need too.”

Angemon was furious on the inside; it was obvious on his face. He kept a calm voice. “What must I do?”

Renamon sat on the ground, trying to stall. “He’d have to let me be free.”

“Be free? In what way?”

“The mate I am looking for would know.” She got up and started to walk away.

“Renamon…” He grabbed her from behind. He planted the best kiss he could on her lips. Renamon didn’t resist; it was a new feeling, and there were many new feelings in her she didn’t understand. Then, as if a switch had been thrown, she knew what he was trying to do. She knew everything about sex and what would happen, how to mate successfully, and exactly what kind of mate she wanted. She pushed into the kiss slightly and broke it.


“Angemon…” Renamon was a bit turned on.

He didn’t stop there. He kissed her again, and started to rub the base of her tail. This almost knocked the wind out of her. She moaned through his kiss, which sounded like a purr.


(Rakamon was furious. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” Renamon looked down. “The only mistake of my life.”)


Renamon tried to push him away, but eventually her hands fell around him and she held him closely. “You still remind of me of Patamon.” She pushed the helmet off of his face, revealing blue eyes the same color as hers. Angemon stopped rubbing her tail and moved to the inside of her leg. This did make her twitch a bit.


(Rakamon stood up. “I can’t watch this. I am going to the bigger room outside this one and see if there is any…chocolate.” He left. Renamon still looked down, and then at Henry and Rika, who were looking at the picture with great interest. Rika was on Henry’s lap. I don’t blame him for not wanting to see this…maybe I shouldn’t have done this at all? She thought.)


Angemon rubbed near the top of her leg. Renamon decided to lie down and let him touch her. She loved feeling his hands go all over her. She moaned quietly. Angemon kneeled near her and whispered in her ear, “I don’t know what to do next…I think you might.”


She laughed a bit, but then thought, What if he isn’t the right one? He is strong, and he knows where I like to be touched…but will he let me get stronger? What good is a rookie female to an ultimate? I’ll just have to see later. Her body shook a bit, reminding her about her situation. “Here…there is something between your legs I want you to put here.” She rolled on her stomach, and stuck her tail in the air. She rubbed her asshole a bit, and then said, “In here.”


Angemon nodded, and pulled his cock out. It was already fully erect. Renamon looked at it with a puzzled, confused, wowed, disappointed and most of all, scared look. She held her position, even as Angemon grabbed her hips. She felt his hand run through the fur on her back, and then her mane. He scratched behind her ears, and she cooed to him,


“Ooo…that feels great…keep doing that.”

“Does it? Good…I only want you to feel good.”


Renamon thought some more. He doesn’t know that I told him to go in the wrong hole…if he can make me feel good after his first go then he can have me.


 She felt the unfamiliar pressure back there, and gasped as his cock penetrated through. He went in slowly, which just made her shiver. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth; the pain was close to extreme. He pulled out a few inches, and then thrust into her and they both cried out. He started to pump into her rear entrance mercilessly, squeezing her legs as he used them to pull in more.


 I let him do this…I can’t complain. I really shouldn’t have let him do this. Fuck…this really really hurts…I wonder if the other hole would have felt better than this? Renamon was thinking an awfully lot. She tried to grasp the ground, but his pain-giving thrusts were making her dizzy.


He thrusted harder and harder into her, ignoring her cry of pain as he almost pulled the fur off of her hips and thrust as deeply as he could go in. Renamon gasped as she felt his orgasm happen, and the cum flow into her. He thrust into her a few more times to prolong his orgasm, and then, with a bit of effort, pulled out of her.


She shivered slightly, and turned to face him. With a look of great sadness in her eyes, she fell to the ground, exhausted from resisting so much pain. She breathed deeply, in and out, in and out. “Angemon…I…hope…that…it was good for you.”


“It was really good, thank you for letting me do that.” Angemon bowed. He took one of Renamon’s hands and pulled her up so she was standing. The day suddenly shifted from night to day. He pulled his helmet back down. “Renamon…?”


Renamon had to do some fast thinking. I have to decide now…I wish my ass didn’t hurt so much. I don’t want to hurt him; he has been a great friend. But I think I can get a better mate. I’ll go with it for now, and then keep looking. She looked up to him, and held his hand up and then she rubbed her cheek with it. “Why not? I’ll give you a shot.”


Flash Flicker


“Why can’t I fight?” Renamon said with that scary voice she can do so well.

“You are my mate, I will do the fighting for us.” Angemon answered.

“You promised to be what I wanted…but…” She looked down.

“Besides, what could a little female like you do against the digimon here?”

“You only got your power because of the little white digimon!” She pointed a claw at him. “And I’ll show you what this ‘little female’ can do!” She rushed at him, slashing him in the face with a claw.


Angemon placed his hand where the scratch was, and then looked at the blood she had drawn. “You will pay for that.”

(Renamon paused the movie. “I will be right back.” She left for a moment, and, to Rika and Henry’s surprise, came back with Rakamon eating a candy bar. Rakamon looked at the movie, and saw that she had attacked him. Good…I hope she destroys him.)

Angemon lifted his staff and swung it at her, and she dodged nimbly. She closed her eyes, placed her hands before her chest. Angemon had never seen her to do this before. Thinking she was submitting, he threw his staff at her. She caught it with one paw and threw it aside. She opened her eyes, and spread her arms out, revealing many many crystals. “Diamond Storm!” All the diamonds shot at Angemon. Most hit home.

Angemon looked at the crystals in him. He looked at Renamon, and the pain hit him. “Renamon…I’m…” the crystals exploded, making his data come out of him, and flying all over. He disintegrated, and Renamon absorbed his data.

She fell to her knees, just like she had done at the mall, and she cried. “That will…teach you for fucking me in the ass…” She had lost a good friend, and she wasn’t going to miss him. She lay there next to the staff of her mate, and she broke it in half. She took one half and buried it where he had died. She threw the other half into a tree. “I’ll miss you…Patamon.”

Flash Black.

Rika was obviously hiding tears. She wondered if she would have done the same thing to Henry. “Such a sad story.”

Rakamon looked satisfied. “If he hadn’t been destroyed, then I’d have done it myself. Defiling my mate like that. Rena…what did you see in him?”

“I thought he might be nice and kind like he was when he was Patamon…I was wrong obviously.” Renamon curled into a ball. Rakamon held her closely.

“It’s okay Rena…I don’t want you to think about it.”

“Okay Raka…thank you for understanding…he would have…” He told her to shush for a bit.


A bright light suddenly ensued. Rika’s digivice had detected a digimon emerging. Henry’s went of a bit later. Rakamon was already looking out the window. “Good…battle. I need a good battle to warm me up.”

Rika asked him, “Why do you need warming up?”

“I want to fight that dinosaur in the place with the trees. I think he can digivolve at will so I will be a good fight.”

“No…he has only digivolved once. And he does have a tamer.” Henry added.

“…” Rakamon suddenly disappeared. Renamon ran to the window, and disappeared herself.


“Henry, we have to go now!”

“Terriermon, where are you?” he picked up the sleeping form of his rabbit. “Wake up.” He shook him violently, and he woke up. “Time to go.” He placed Terriermon down, and he ran out the door. “Rika…”


She looked at him. “What? We have to go.”

“I know I know but…I was thinking about earlier today. When I tried to…”

“Yeah…I know.”

“I should have asked you first.”

“I was going to let you, but…oh never mind. We have to go. I’ll tell you later.” She took his hand, and led him out the door.



This is the end of my 6th lemon, and the 6th in the Rena’s Mate series.


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