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Now…for the 11th chapter in the ‘Rena’s Mate’ series, ‘’



YamiRakamon stood there, staring at Renamon.


“Food…I’m hungry…” He stepped forward, revealing a massive paw print on the concrete. The rain had started again. The drops of cold water awoke Renamon.


She sat up, clutching her chest where the knife was. She pulled it out, and a small stream of blood came out. She fell back down, and she concentrated on stopping the flow. Luckily, Renamon’s heart was on the other side of her chest. She moaned with the aching pain in her.


“Raka…Rika…where are you?” She looked at YamiRakamon. Something in her mind tried to connect with that sight, but it wasn’t. Renamon stood up woozily. She slowly walked away from him, but then froze in her steps. She turned cautiously, and he was right there, almost breathing in her face. “Raka…is that you?”


YamiRakamon looked almost offended. “Who are you? You are nothing but a snack to me…”


“Raka…please remember me. You digivolved in the first place to protect me…didn’t you?” Renamon sat down, not resisting him at all. She then continued, with fear in her voice. “Raka…I…love you…” she approached him, and hugged his side. “I know you are still in there somewhere…I can feel you.”


YamiRakamon didn’t stand for this. He swung his tail around and sent her flying. She landed hard about 20 yards away. “Foolish rookie…I will make your death painfully slow…” He jumped and tried to swipe at Renamon’s almost frozen body. A large fireball hit him, and it altered his jump enough to make him trip. He snarled the words, “Who dare…” before another one hit him.


“Pyroblaster!” Growlmon shot again.

“Gargo Laser!” Gargomon shot him too. Takato and Henry ran to help Renamon. They both picked up her shaking form.


“Renamon, wake up, we can’t carry you very far…” Takato grunted. Renamon was heavy like a cat when she was asleep or unconscious.

“Takato, let’s put her down over there. Our digimon need us.” Henry took her bottom half, which he was carrying. He placed her down, and wrapper her tail around her for warmth. Takato covered Renamon’s wound with a rag he had kept in his pocket. They both ran to Gargomon and Growlmon, who were waiting for instructions.


“Destroy him!” Henry screamed.


Gargomon started to empty all his ammo into YamiRakamon, who actually flinched a few times. He wasn’t accustomed to his power, so he attacked Gargomon, not recognizing him.


Gargomon stopped. “Henry, that is Rakamon!”

Henry stood there, agape. “That couldn’t be Rakamon…Rakamon is green and…”

“Well…” Takato said, “he could have digivolved.”


“Of course he did you fools.” A strange man had appeared. YamiRakamon recognized him.


“Goukanmon! I destroyed you!”

“You destroyed my shadow…good job too.” Goukanmon said with a smirk.

YamiRakamon growled. “Damn you…” He lunged forward, and swiped him with a claw. He landed the scratch, but that is all it was.

“You can’t defeat me…I will always be here because there is fear…if you can destroy fear than you can destroy me…but…that…will…never happen.” Goukanmon waved a knife at him. “You almost killed your mate in your hunger for power.”


YamiRakamon froze. “She is my mate? Impossible. I don’t remember getting a mate.”


Renamon muttered weakly in her sleep, “Raka…Rakamon…”


He was outraged. “I almost killed my own mate…I remember now…Rakamon’s mate…not mine. I got my power, but at what cost?” He walked to Renamon. “I…almost killed her…”


Renamon woke up, and saw him, but she didn’t fear him. “Raka…are you my Raka?”

“Yes…I’m here…I don’t deserve to live.”

“You do, I need you, we all do.” Renamon breathed deeply. “I need to sleep…don’t disappoint me.” She fell asleep again.

“I won’t…” he nuzzled her with his nose, and then turned to Goukanmon. “You bastard…how could you hurt a female?”


“I hurt them everyday…” Goukanmon smiled.

“I will hurt you…I will rip you open and gut you…because you made her feel that way.”

“That Rika girl? Oh yeah, the submissive one. She was my favorite…I’d like to fuck her again in fact. After I kill you, I will find her.” Goukanmon licked the edge of his knife.

YamiRakamon was almost blinded with fury. He didn’t understand how a data could have gotten this evil. He tried to bite him again, but this time he had agility.


Goukanmon leapt out of the way of his attack, and then drew his knife out. “Burn Slash!” He slashed at him, and YamiRakamon had a large gash on his side. YamiRakamon snarled, then attacked again. He got a good hit in that time.



Rika was dreaming.


She was naked, tied, and Henry was there. He was fisting her deeply. She screamed and screamed and cried, but she made no sound. Henry seemed to be laughing at her pain. The sound of Rakamon digivolving had awoken her.


She woke up, and screamed, “NO!” She looked around, checking her clothes to see if they were still there.


Henry…I was so scared…I am scared…he took my innocence…I wanted to give it to you…is that why he raped me in my dream? Henry would never do that. Damn him…damn Goukanmon…I hate him…I hate him so much…


She stood up, and walked to the edge of the building. She watched Goukanmon reappear, and surprise YamiRakamon, and now that battle.


“Get him Raka! Make him suffer…” She ran to the elevator and rode it down to the bottom floor. She bolted out of the building as soon as the door opened.


She reached the outside, and found Renamon on the bench.

“Rena…” She whispered. “You okay?”

“I’m fine Rika…I am just tired…” she yawned and fell back to sleep.

“Okay Renamon…I’ll stay here…” Rika held Renamon’s paw.


YamiRakamon saw Rika. “Rika! Run!” He was silenced by Goukanmon’s blade. He had stabbed him in the side, and YamiRakamon fell over, defeated.


“Rika…nice to see you again…” Goukanmon stepped towards her, slowly for effect. He knew he wasn’t going to be stopped from getting her again.

“No…you get away from me!” Rika held her ground, acting fearless.

“I can sense your fear…delicious…” He licked his lips and grabbed a hold of her.

“Let me go!” She tried to resist, but his grip was as a vice. “I’ll kill you…”

“I’m so scared…” He mocked her. “If you submit, I’ll let you be my mate.”

“I have a mate…I don’t want you! Let me go…ah…” Rika stopped as she was getting fingered.

“It’s so soft…I love little ones…” He continued to finger her, and then licked her neck. She shivered with disgust. But she couldn’t speak.


Henry saw this, but he was paralyzed. What can I do…I can’t move…something about that guy is just terrifying…But…I can’t let him do that to her…could he be the one that raped her before…must be. Rakamon said so. But he is so strong…Rika…I…am such a coward.


Takato punched Henry. “Snap out of it! We have to help Rika! Renamon and Rakamon can’t fight! Growlmon! Attack!”


Henry finally spoke. “No…I will do it.” Gargomon stepped forward, but Henry signaled him away. “I will…” Henry slid a card through his digivice.


“Digi-modify! Phantomon’s Shadow Scythe Activate!” The scythe appeared in Gargomon’s hands…er…guns. Henry took it, as it was very light. “Goukanmon! I will defend my mate!”


“Using Phantomon’s Scythe? You weakling…” Goukanmon kissed Rika, which paralyzed her. She fell the ground, unable to move. “I will enjoy eating you…” He drew a long knife from his jacket, and it grew to the size of a long sword.


“Fine…” Henry attacked him with the scythe; his attack was blocked by Goukanmon’s sword. He twirled it neatly. He had gotten the skills to use the scythe as he held it. He attacked with lightning fast slashes. He quickly got tired.


“Are you done child?” Goukanmon slashed at him with his sword, and Henry blocked neatly. He attacked many times, and finally landed a slash on Henry, right across the chest.


Henry fell down, clutching his chest. It didn’t bleed; it was just burning. He fell forward, and moaned in pain. Rika…I’m sorry…I…failed you…please…I need the strength…to kill him… He thought. He felt the scythe begin to move on it’s own. It picked itself up, taking him with it. What… Henry felt better. He swore he could hear a voice.


Use your pain…strike at him with all your hate.


What? He thought.


Focus your hate into me; I will break through his defenses.


Okay… Henry replied.


Henry stood up slowly, and focused on putting his hate into the blade. It began to shine with a black light. He thought of Rika’s face when she had been crying in his arms, Goukanmon laughing as he raped his mate, Rika tied and naked in an alley, bleeding and whispering his name to come and help her. Henry looked up at Goukanmon, and said, in chillingly evil words.


“You will pay for hurting her…” His voiced seemed to echo. He picked up the scythe, and did a downward slash. Goukanmon blocked, but it broke through the sword. It struck him, and he screamed in agony. He fell down, unconscious.


Henry dropped the scythe, which disintegrated. He fell to his knees. “I…am…evil now…” Henry started to cry. “What have I become..?”


Takato was the only one who watched the whole thing. The other had hidden when he had the scythe. He approached Henry, and placed a hand on his shoulder. “You aren’t evil Henry. You killed him with your love for Rika.”


“He isn’t dead…”

“I know.” Takato approached YamiRakamon’s form. He poked the fur; it was hard. He decided to wake him. He kicked him right in the chest. YamiRakamon awoke, growling.


“Where is he…” He eyed the body in front of him. “He must be frozen…Henry…order Gargomon to attack me.”


“That way I can revert…”

Gargomon didn’t wait for the order. He shot him with the best Gargo Laser that he could, and YamiRakamon began to revert. He shrunk down to normal size, and then turned back into Rakamon. He sat up after all this. “Thanks Gargomon…”


“Anytime.” Gargomon saluted with a gun.

“Henry…I can sense the dark presence in you.” Rakamon said gravely.


Henry and Takato stood there agape. Henry spoke. “I know…I used my hate to do that to him…I feel…evil…I don’t think I can talk to Rika now…” Henry walked over to Rika, and touched her. She suddenly regained the ability to move.


“Henry…I saw what you did too.”

“You hate me don’t you..?”

“Not at all…you protected me…why should I be mad?” Rika stood and hugged him tightly. “I’m gonna make you forget all your troubles later.” Rika wouldn’t let him go.


“Goukanmon…what are we gonna do with him?” Takato piped up finally.

Rika walked to Rakamon, and whispered to him. Rakamon nodded, and then said, “It is possible, in fact I can do it right now.” Rakamon grabbed Goukanmon’s hands, and crystallized them. He then melded them together. He did the same with his feet and mouth.


“He should still be able to breathe…” Rakamon picked him up and disappeared. Rika ran back to Renamon, who was stirring in her sleep.


“Renamon, wake up! You feeling better?”

Renamon yawned, and then moaned in pain, and smiled. “I’m fine. Where is Raka?”

“He is disposing of Goukanmon’s body.” Henry said.

“Okay then…” Renamon stood up slowly. She clutched her chest. “Rika…I need to be healed here.”

“Anything Renamon.” She slid a card through her d-arc, and Renamon breathed deeply, and she was healed.

“Thanks a lot.” Renamon stepped to the right, and then fell backwards. Rakamon appeared and caught her.


Rakamon squeezed her paws a bit. “How did you know I was coming?”

“I can smell you. You haven’t bathed since you reformed.”

“I guess you’re right. Do you know where I can?”

“Rika has a room she uses to bathe…” Renamon looked at her.

“Oh! Okay, go ahead Rakamon.” With these words, both of the foxes disappeared.




Only Rika, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon were there. Guilmon had gone home. Takato was talking to Juri on his phone.


“Juri, c’mon to the park, we need you here.”

“Yes we really need you.”

“I do miss you.”

“Juri…there will be other people around.”

“What! You don’t care!”

“Funny…bye then.”


Henry and Rika had found a bench and they were showing each other how much they loved each other. Not that way…at least not yet.


Rika was sitting on his lap, facing him. She was holding his head, and kissing him between sentences. “I love you so much Henry…you saved me from him…you avenged me…” Rika was very horny, but Henry was more or less distracted.


“I’m no good…I don’t deserve you…” He got a big kiss after saying this.

“Henry, shush…evil or not, I still love you…I love you more than ever now…don’t feel bad. Just feel me.” She put one of his hands on her ass. She smiled at him. It was one of those; ‘please take me’ smiles.


Henry didn’t say anything else. He just squeezed her nice butt and kissed her back.


Terriermon and Takato were talking and watching this.


“I wonder if they even remember we are here.” Terriermon said.

“I doubt it.” Takato answered.

“Makes me want to find a mate.”

“Well, go out and find a girl.”

“Easier said then done. Renamon is the only female here…”

“Then find a human girl.”

“A human?”

“Yeah, a human. I’m sure they’d love to have a rabbit as a guardian.”

“You’re right…yeah…” Terriermon nodded. “Henry! I’m going to find a girl!” He ran off after telling him that.


Takato, Henry, and Rika all looked at him going. They all broke out in laughter as soon as he turned the corner.


Henry looked at Rika very seriously. “Maybe you could rock his world.”

Rika blinked for a moment, and then said calmly, “Henry, I don’t want to fuck a rabbit. It is just a little gross on my part.”

“I was kidding Rika…please don’t get mad at me.”

“You just wanted to help a friend.” She hugged him tightly. “I like my man though.”


Man? I am a man now eh? Huh…maybe I can turn this into something h. “So I’m a man now, huh? I’ll show you how much of a man I am later.”

Rika laughed, and whispered to him, “You’re on…”


Takato was sitting next to those two, getting jealous. He could see Rika’s panties under her jeans. They were the same color as Juri’s, but Juri’s fit tighter. Henry saw him looking down there.


“Takato, don’t even think about it.”

“What! What?” Takato turned the other way quickly. He saw someone coming, and he ran of in hopes it was Juri.

Rika stopped kissing him for a moment. “What was he doing?”

“He was looking at your panties from behind.”

“What a perv…”

“I don’t blame him though…it is quite a nice butt.” He squeezed it, and she squeaked.

“Hey! Naughty boy.” Rika kissed him gently. “I’m a little turned on now. Want to ditch those two and go to your house?”

“Sure, no one is home.” They got up and left, and Takato and Juri came to the bench. Takato looked around.


“Where did they go?”

Juri smiled. “This is the same bench where we first made love.”

“It is…isn’t it?” Juri kissed him, and Takato held her body close, making her warm all over. “Takato…”




So, you get this far, wondering which couple it is. With this setup it could be anyone huh? Well, as god of this series…I choose. And I decide it will be the couple that I put below.


Rakamon and Renamon had arrived at Rika’s house. Renamon had led the way.


“So, there is an entire room in human houses for bathing?” Rakamon inquired.

“Yes, kind of wasteful. I always used the fountain in the park.” Renamon said.

“In the day time?”

“Nah…just at night.” Renamon opened the door, and peered inside.

“Rena, why do we have to keep hiding from the humans?”

“It makes them nervous to see two giant foxes walking around on two legs…and talking.” Renamon sweat-dropped.

“Ah…is it all clear?”

“Yeah…all clear.” She walked in, and signaled to him to follow.


Renamon showed him the shower. Rakamon stepped into the small tub, and waited for something to happen. He waited and waited, and then asked Renamon for help. “What am I supposed to do?”


Renamon covered her mouth and laughed. “See those knobs in front of you? Turn the one on the left to the left.”


“Sounds simple enough…” Rakamon turned the left knob to the left. The hot water came on, and sprayed him right in the face. He sighed because if felt very good. “I like this. Want to join me?”

Renamon pondered. “Sure, why not?” She stepped into the shower, right behind him. She grabbed a brush and put some soap on it. She started to scrub his back.

Rakamon stopped moving around and looked at her over his shoulder. “What is that stuff on that stick?”

“It is called lotion. It helps clean your fur and the stick helps you reach places your can’t get with your paws.”

“How did you know this?”

“Rika told me. I walked in on her doing this once. I asked her what she was doing, and she explained it all to me.” She stopped scrubbing and put more soap on the brush. She started to scrub her own back. She got under the showerhead, and pushed Rakamon out of the way.


“I need to wash too.” She scrubbed her stomach and then her legs, and Rakamon watched with interest.

“Let me try.” He put some lotion on his own paw and rubbed her tail. Renamon sighed and moaned at about the same time. She dropped the brush and slowly lowered herself down on all fours. She moaned softly at his tail teasing.


“Raka…what do you think you are doing?”

“Do you care?” Rakamon asked slyly.

“No…not at all…just do it harder.” Renamon pawed the tub’s wall.


Rakamon continued to rub her tail, and moved to her ass. He pinched it, and laughed at the squeak he got. He rubbed the spot tenderly, and her tail wrapped around his neck.


“Just go for it…” Renamon said seductively. Her tail pulled Rakamon’s nose right into her cunt.


The smell of Renamon’s juices intoxicated Rakamon. He tried to pull away, but when he did, the tail pulled more, and the smell got stronger. He finally managed to pull away from her. Rakamon looked at Renamon’s body.


She is soaking wet…last time she was soaking wet…I couldn’t control myself…this time is no exception. Rakamon pushed his nose as far in as it would go, about two inches. Renamon lost control of her body for an instant, and Rakamon pulled away. He grabbed the front of her thighs, while she was still on all fours. He held them still, and used his tail to get his dick out. It brushed lightly at his pouch, and it came out, slowly. When it got to be about 2 inches he rubbed it against the inside of Renamon’s thigh, making her moan and getting her a little pissed. The water was soaking both of them, and water isn’t a good lubricant.


“Raka…don’t fuck me if they are both wet with water…” Renamon said weakly. Her head was next to the drain, so her face was bombarded with the water from behind.

“I won’t. I’ll make you cum first.” Rakamon began to make good on his promise. He rubbed the soft folds of flesh guarding her insides gently, and she started to push down on them only after a few strokes. He pushed one finger in slowly, and rubbed the inside of her. She moaned as he put his whole hand in there and found her clit. He touched it very lightly, and the water running down her slit only increased her pleasure. This whole thing had aroused Rakamon to the fullest.


Rakamon pushed the head into her, and the both moaned as he pushed all the way in. (Sex in water does work if they are both properly lubricated btw…water doesn’t work) Rakamon pumped his love rod in and out of her, and she clenched her teeth to hold back her orgasm. She liked to cum at the same time he did. Rakamon knew this, and thrusted in hard and deep, making her arch her back and cum, her cry of pleasure drowned by the water. Rakamon tried to keep his defenses up, but they fell to the velvety clamp on his member. He came hard, almost knocking the wind out of him. He fell backwards, pulling out of her and lying out full length.


His face was where the water was landing, but he didn’t care. Renamon shifted positions and lie on top of him, breathing heavily.


“That was great…up for another?” Rakamon inquired.

“I’m sleepy…that hit from Goukanmon took it out of me.” Renamon yawned.

“Too bad.”

“What did you do with him anyways?”

“I’ll tell you later…let’s go back to your den, okay?”

“Yeah…let me dry off first.” She got up slowly, and turned of the water. She shook furiously and got herself dry. She was poofy.

“Renamon…the poof digimon.” Rakamon laughed as he did the same thing. But his fur didn’t poof out.

Renamon flicked the end of his nose, and teleported away, not even bother to clean up after themselves. Rakamon followed.




Terriermon had found a girl that he thought was attractive, but he was scared that he might scare her away. She was a real cutie too, long brown hair, blue eyes, and nice small feet. Feet were very important to Terriermon.


He sighed and approached her from behind. She was eating at a restaurant, and he was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. He tugged on the bottom of her skirt, and she looked down. She jumped with surprise, and then said, “Aww…how cute!” She picked him up and hugged him. Terriermon blushed.


“Would it scare you if I talked?”

The girl paused, as if not believing her ears. “Did you just talk, Mr. Rabbit?”

“Yeah…I am scary?”

She paused again. “Not at all…I’m just surprised to be talking to a rabbit.”

Terriermon hugged her back. That wasn’t so hard…I wonder if she is into ears…



This is the end of my 13th lemon, and the 11th in the Rena’s Mate series.


The lemon was short, but it was a good one methinks. Will Terriermon get some action? Will Rika get her revenge on Goukanmon? Where is that guy anyways?


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