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Takato had arrived at Rika’s house. He hadn’t seen them leave, because they had left about 15 minutes before. He looked at his D-Ark, as it beeped. “Two dots…close together.” He looked up, and saw Guilmon looking at his device too.


“Oooo…what’s that?”

“It’s a digivice. It is what makes you digivolve and makes you faster and stuff. Right now I am using it to find Henry and Rika.” He looked at Terriermon. “Can’t you hear them or something?”

“Shut up for a minute and I’ll listen.” Terriermon seemed annoyed. He closed his eyes once there was silence, and lifted his ears up. After a moment of this, he looked up at Takato. “They went that way.”

“You sure?”


Takato followed the bunny’s directions, and then thought a bit. What the hell does momentime mean?  He didn’t bother to ask. Terriermon had run ahead, and was surprisingly fast for such a little digimon.

“Where is he off to?”

“I don’t know.”

“We have to follow him you know.”

“Let’s go then slowpoke!” Guilmon ran ahead and tried to catch him. Takato followed.




Raka had just recovered from his performance with Renamon.


“Ah…yes…that was good.” Rakamon was still breathing heavily.

“What a wussy…I need to get you back in shape. The next time a digimon appears, you are going to fight it.” Renamon sighed, her paws on Raka’s back. She was rubbing it because he said he was sore, but she doubted this. Rena’s ears twitched. “Huh?” She looked out the small window that was the only source of light. “Raka…they are here.”

“Good…I want to meet your…tamer.” The thought disgusted Rakamon, but as long as Rena was happy, he didn’t care. “And her mate.”

“I don’t think they have mated yet.”

“I’d bet that they were collapsed from mating.”

“Maybe…but they are very young. I don’t think they have. Henry is responsible, and Rika wouldn’t let just anyone mate with her…I am just like her and I didn’t. They had to earn me.” She glanced at her mate. He smirked at her.

“Heh…yeah. I did have to work pretty hard. But you are worth it.”

Rena smiled, and licked the back of his ear. This sent a chill down is spine, and he quieted down. Now I remember. He loved to have his ears touched. She chuckled lightly.




Henry and Rika had reached the church where, just a few feet away, Renamon had just licked Rakamon’s ears. Henry’s hand in Rika’s, they pressed forward. They heard footsteps, and Henry spun around, only to confront his digimon. The rabbit looked at Rika and Henry holding hands.


“Do you two want to be alone?” Terriermon said with a smart alecky tone.

Henry and Rika both got the same embarrassed look on their face. “None of that now.” Henry had piped up. “Is Takato behind you?”

“Yes, with Guilmon.”

“Could you lead them off our trail?”

“So you do want to be alone…” Terriermon smiled.

Henry’s face turned deep red. “Enough of that. If you get them of our backs, I’ll lock the door to my room so Susie can’t play with you.”

“Okay!” he ran back the way he had come.

Rika turned to Henry. “Who is Susie? And why were you embarrassed when he asked if we wanted to be alone? I do want to be alone with you.”

“Susie is my sister…and…” he sweat dropped. “And I do too…it is just I’d like to keep it a secret.” He thought for a minute. “What would you do when you got me alone?”

“I’d make you hold me and never let me go.” She said this without hesitation.

“Okay then…that is good.” Henry scratched the back of his head. “Let’s go in, shall we?” He grabbed her hand and led her into the church.


The floor was dusty after the years of non-use. Every footstep echoed, and reverberated off the walls. Rika was scared, though she wouldn’t admit it.

“Henry…I will hold your hand tighter if it makes you less scared.” Rika said with a slight shiver in her voice. Playing her game, Henry held her hand tighter.


“Thanks Rika.”

“No problem.” She looked around and saw a shadow moving about. It wasn’t either of their shadows, it was moving nonetheless.  She pointed to it. “Henry, is that shadow either of ours?”

“I don’t think so.” As he said this, the shadow disappeared. Rika was shivering with fright now.

“Henry…hold me…don’t let go…” she was almost crying. Henry knelt next to her, and held her close.

“I won’t let it hurt you.” Henry was scared out of his mind, but he had to protect her. Why did I say that? I feel like I have to protect her, like it is my duty to her. Maybe I am her mate, and I am protecting her. After thinking this, a furry hand was felt on Henry’s back. “Ahh!” he yelled at swung wildly at the intruder. He landed a square punch on the intruder’s chin, sending it sprawling. Rika looked at Henry, and what he had just done.


“Thank you Henry…I am glad…that…” she couldn’t find the words. Instead she buried her head in his chest. “I wish I could be right here forever.”


Henry was startled at what he had done. It felt like he had punched a rock covered with shag carpet. He rubbed his hand, and looked at the intruder. Rika was as well, but she recognized it. “Rakamon?” she said with an unstable voice.


The figure groaned in pain for a moment, and sat up. “That hurt you little…human.” He stood up, wobbling slightly. “I should rip your heart out. But good job hitting me. You are the first to hit me since I digivolved. I am impressed.” Rakamon was actually surprised beyond belief that this small, insignificant human had hit him. You know…maybe that was the same power I tap into when Renamon is in danger…a mate protecting his mate.


Henry was as startled. He had just punched out a Champion digimon with one punch. Where did I get the strength to do that? Maybe it was because Rika was in danger? He guessed that is what it was. Rika had stood up already. “Renamon! Where are you!”


“Right here.” Renamon was at the staircase going down to the basement where her den was.

“Did you see what Henry did?”

“Yes…I guess you have the stronger mate.”

Henry and Rakamon both looked at her.

“This is Rakamon?” Henry inquired.

“No way he is stronger than me. He got a lucky punch in.” Rakamon’s pride was hurt.

“Oh…you are definitely going to fight next. You have become soft…you let a human hit you?” She laughed at him sarcastically.

Rakamon looked down in shame; Renamon’s comment had hurt him. “...” He looked evilly at Henry. This scared him a bit, but he wouldn’t let it show. Henry stared back at him. “You messed with the wrong human.”

Rika was impressed by this comment, and Rakamon enraged. “You are lucky Renamon is here.” This time Henry took his threat seriously, and Rika saw it.

“Henry, drop the subject for now. You too, fuzzy.” She laughed in Rakamon’s direction.

“What?” He growled at them all. “I could destroy everyone of you.”

Renamon stepped up. “No you won’t. Henry beat you, even though you were going to sneak up on him. Technically…” she smirked at him, Rakamon said nothing more.




Terriermon had successfully diverted Takato and Guilmon from the church, and he was now on his way there. “I am so glad I can run fast!” he chuckled to himself.




Takato and Guilmon were stuck on a subway headed for Kobe. Guilmon was well hidden among the crowd, and Takato was getting mad. “Stupid rabbit…I should put him in a pot and put some chicken in and…” When he said ‘chicken,’ the entire car looked at him, and a man sitting down looked very nervous. (Guess why…if you know Japanese you will)




Renamon had a small computer with her. She looked nervously at it, and then at Rakamon.


“You sure this won’t hurt?”

“I wouldn’t hurt you…” he looked at Henry menacingly. “It will tingle a bit. I will join you once I show your,” he got air quotes, “tamer, how to do things.” Rakamon sounded smart for once instead of evil or horny. “Rika…that is your name right?”

“Yeah…actually…it is Ruki…but I like Rika better.”

Henry raised an eyebrow. “Ruki? I like that name.”

“Hey…I changed my hair…” as she said this, she brushed a hand through her hair. “I am not changing my name.” Rakamon shouted a few obscenities for being ignored.

“Shut up for a minute. This works by the download process. I download Renamon’s base program…”

“Henry…this is boring.” Rika whispered to a very bored looking Henry.

“And I will put her in the…”

“I know…but I want to see what happens.” Henry whispered.

“Then, once she is in, a small…are you paying attention? Your digimon’s life is in danger if this is done incorrectly.”

“Okay…all I do is put her on the disk, and put her into the movie player right?”

“Yeah…I guess that is a shorter version. I will be going into the computer after her.”

Rena was obviously scared. Raka saw this, and said, “Or maybe I will go first.” Renamon smiled. Rakamon grabbed a disk from the computer.

Henry had a question. “Hey I have a question.”

“To answer it, all you do is place it on our bodies somewhere.”



Rakamon sighed and gave Rika the disk. Rika took it, and looked at Renamon. “Why are we doing this?”

“You wanted to see how he ‘tamed’ me right? Then push the disk onto him.”

Rika did so, and Rakamon was gone. She put the disk into the computer, and a small file called ‘rakamon.mov’ was there. She clicked on it, and a media player came on. A small, 2-d image of Rakamon was there, and he talked to her.

“Now that I am on, put Renamon in.” Renamon heard this, and looked scared. Neither human had ever seen her scared.

“Rika…I will be strong.” Renamon gave her another disk. “Put me on this one, and do the same thing.” Rika placed the disk on Rena’s chest, and she was downloaded into it. Rika looked at Henry. She placed the disk on the keyboard of the computer.


“You know, we could have that alone time now.”

“Renamon is obviously scared. You should put her into the computer now.” Henry wanted to be alone with her, but he cared for his mate’s digimon too.

“Okay.” She repeated the process with which she had put Rakamon into the computer. A similar 2-d figured appeared next to Rakamon’s, obviously Rena.

Renamon’s voice came on. “Rakamon says we need about 45 minutes to get everything ready. Think you can wait that long?”

Rika looked at Henry. “Yeah…I think so.”

Rakamon’s figure nodded. “Okay then…be back in about an hour or so.” He shut off the audio, and thought a sentence, and Rena could hear it.


“We don’t need 45 minutes.”

“They do though…I can tell Rika wants to be with Henry alone.”

“Really? Do you think they will become real mates now?”

“They want privacy. Turn off the camera.”

“Oh come on…”

“No. Our first time…you destroyed all the digimon for miles to get some privacy.”

“So what? I want to see it done human style!”

“Human style? Maybe we should watch.”

“That is the old Renamon talking there. Horny…sexy…Renamon.”

“Shush…I outta slap you till your bytes hurt.”

“Don’t you think we should…tell Rika about...”

“Turn the audio back on.”



Rika turned round and saw Renamon on the screen. “What?”

“Tell Henry to leave for a moment.”


“Okay…I will go get some stuff to eat. There is a store across the street right?”

“Yeah.” Henry reluctantly walked out.

“Rakamon…you go too.”

Rakamon thought spoke to Renamon. “I can hear anything you do.”

Her reply in the same. “I know…it will make her feel better.”

“Okay…” his icon disappeared. Renamon’s face was zoomed in, and it was in high resolution.

“I know what you are going to do with Henry.”

“What do you mean?” Rika honestly didn’t know.

“You want to mate with him.”

Her eyes bulged. “Mate! I can’t…do that. I am too young…” she trailed off. Do I want to mate with Henry? And why does that word keep appearing…

“You do love him right? You want to be with him…that is why you wanted to be alone?”

“How did you know? I wasn’t going to mate with him…I wanted to be with him…just being together.” Rika was exasperated.

“How much do you love him though? What if he wanted to…would you let him?”


“It seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well…you have a mate now.”

“I thought mates were just for sex and then they left each other. That is what animals do.”

“Me and Raka are animals, and we are still together.”

“That is true…but you are more evolved than they are, like humans.” Rika scratched the back of her head.

“Are you really more evolved than animals? If you think about it, humans and say…mice go for the same thing in life: survival of the species. You find Henry attractive don’t you?”

Rika stuttered, “I…I…yeah…I guess I do.”

“And you want to make him happy right?”

“Yeah…” Renamon’s point had gotten across to her.

“Well…now that you know how you really feel about him, I should tell you a few things about the actual process.”

“Uhh…” Rika was stunned. I am only 12! I shouldn’t be thinking about having sex with someone yet! Or maybe I should… “Hey! You are making me feel really screwed up!”

“Sorry…” Renamon’s face lost some color.

“No…I have to do this sort of thinking on my own.”

“It is going to hurt.”

“What is? The thinking or the…uh…mating?”

“The mating will. It will hurt a lot. You haven’t felt pain like this before. You never will again either.” Renamon’s digital face looked sad.

“It…does? How could it hurt that much?”

“I don’t know exactly how…I know from experience that it will hurt.”

“Uh…does it hurt him too?”

“I honestly don’t know. You will have to ask Rakamon.”

“O…okay…I’m scared now.” Rika shivered. Her stomach rumbled. “I hope he doesn’t get any chocolate.”




Henry was just walking out of the church. What kind of food am I gonna get? I don’t know what Rika likes…All girls like chocolate right?


“Henry is your name? What happened to the -mon part?” Raka’s voice boomed.

“Ah!!” He turned round, and saw nothing. “Huh? Where are you Rakamon?” He looked at his digivice.

“Boo! You found me.” Raka’s face was on his digivice.

“What do you want?”

“I have no concern for you…I care for your mate. I have to tell you something.”

“Like what?”

“Rika wants to be alone with you.”

“I know that.” Henry wondered why though.

“I do not like her much…but I feel it is my duty to Renamon to protect her…tamer.”

“You don’t like the fact that Renamon has a human partner?”

“Of course not.” Rakamon’s tongue stuck out.  “I hate you…and I hate any human that is a tamer.”

“Then why are you warning me?”

Rakamon ignored this. “Rika wants to mate with you.”


”Rika…” he said it slowly, “wants to mate with you.”

“Does she?”

“Yes. Beware at first…it will hurt her. Try and look concerned.”

“What? What will hurt?” Raka’s face had disappeared. He waited a moment. “What? Talk to me!!!”

A different voice came up. “Henry! There you are!”


“I heard yours and Rakamon’s conversation.”

“You did? Do you have any advice?”

“Not really…I don’t have a mate.”

“Thanks anyways…I guess we should go back in.”

“Back in? I just got here.”

“Terriermon… I need another favor.”

“Do you want me to get some stuff at the store?” Terriermon is the most sarcastic rabbit you ever did hear.

“No…” Henry took another disk out of his pocket. “Hold this for me.”

“Uh…okay.” As he took the disk, he got downloaded into it.

“I will have to put him on the computer.”


He walked down the stairs to the church. Rika wants to mate with me… This thought hadn’t connected with anything until he got to the church. Sex! She wants to have sex with me? What! We only really became…mates… His thoughts trailed off when he saw Rika waiting for him.


“What…no food? I am a bit hungry.”

“What? Oh…sorry…I kind of forgot.”

“Is something wrong?” Rika held his hand. “Let’s talk about it downstairs. Seems like we have more than an hour now. Rakamon disappeared for a few minutes, and they had to start over.”

The question of mates was eating them both up inside. Rika was the first to act nervous. “Henry…Renamon told me about mates…and…”

“Rakamon told me some stuff too.”

“Really? That is where he went.” They had reached Renamon’s den. Henry sat on Renamon’s makeshift bed.

“Comfy. Come here and sit with me.” Rika came and sat next to him, then flopped down on the bed.

“It is comfy…but kinda lonely…” she looked at Henry with her strange purple eyes.

Henry fell back as Rika pulled him down. “That’s better.”

“Rika…Rakamon told me that you wanted to mate with me.” Henry sighed.

“I…I don’t know if I do or not…I really love you,” she paused as his silvery eyes looked into hers. “But…sex? It just seems a bit…mature for me.”

“I really love you too.” He kissed her deeply, and she resisted at first, but then gave into his advance. She pulled him on top of herself. She liked being under him; it gave her a secure feeling. Henry stopped kissing and spoke. “Rika…I am sorry…but…” he was shut up again by her lips. He didn’t try to finish. Her hands ran down his shirt, onto his butt, where she pulled and Henry pushed closer to her.


“Rika…I don’t think we should be doing this.”

“One part of you does.”

Henry realized his boyhood was already almost fully extended. “I…uh…”

“Don’t be ashamed of it. I am a bit horny too…I am under the boy that saved me from a champion digimon…” She was blushing.

“Oh…I see…is it right though?”

“You love me right? And I love you…”

Rakamon and Renamon were listening.


“I’d bet Henry starts things.” Rakamon thought to Renamon.

“No…Rika will.” Her reply.

“I’ll bet ya a night for yourself on it.”



“Rika…that feels good…” Rika had taken Henry’s shirt off and was rubbing his back.

“Relaxed? Good…” she had a mischievous tone.


“Told ya Raka…”

“Damn…oh well…”

“Hehehe…I can’t wait.”


“Henry…that feels really good…mmm…” Henry had turned the tables around, and was rubbing her back.

“Girls are so soft…I never knew.”

“Is it a good thing?”

“Of course.” He took off most of her shirt, but some of it was still bunched around her shoulders. “Hold your arms out straight.” She did so, and soon they were both shirtless.

“Henry…I am a bit embarrassed…my…uh…” She held to the pillows under her.

“I don’t care…nothing to be embarrassed about.” He rubbed her back reassuringly. This calmed her a bit, and she turned around. Her chest was very slightly developed, and Henry carefully placed a hand on one of them.

“Ahh!!! What…actually…rub them a bit please…” She didn’t know what felt good…but she didn’t care. Henry complied, and rubbed the slightly at first, then harder and closer to the nipple. Rika fell backwards, laying on her back, with a very curious boy on her. She was moaning very softly. “Mmmm…ahh…”

“Does it feel good? Nothing is too good for my mate.” Henry smiled, as he was making someone important to him feel very good.

“Yesssssssssss!!!!!!” Rika had lost all thought in her morals and being nervous; she just wanted Henry now. She grabbed his hands and pushed them, making them switch places. She started to lick his chest, up and down. This sent Henry into a similar mood.

“Ahh…that feels great.” Henry gave up resisting and let her finish.

She looked up and smiled at him. Henry smiled back, and received a nipple in his mouth.

“I licked your chest…you lick mine.” Rika was serious.

Henry took the protrusion into his mouth, and licked lightly. He couldn’t see her face, but it was obvious she liked it. He started to suck on it lightly, and licked it till it tasted raw.

“Unnn…ahh…Henry…” Rika collapsed on him.

He rolled her on her back, and looked at her body. A very good-looking body he thought. He placed himself on her, gently, and started to kiss her neck. “Good girl…don’t move.”

“I won’t…Henry…please…” she made an effort to undo her pants. Henry did it for her, pulling them off one leg at a time. This revealed her very wet panties. He could clearly see through them.

“Rika…are you sure about this?”

“As sure as I will ever be.” Rika closed her eyes and waited for him to take her. She felt him take her panties off, and as they slid down her leg, she kicked them off. “Well…here I am…this is me.” She blushed.

“Good view. I want to explore a bit.” Henry moved his hand up and down her naked body. Whenever he found a sensitive spot, she rewarded him with a moan. He was very curious about the little bump in her slit.

“What’s this?” He rubbed it a bit. Rika shuttered and moaned in her neck. “You like it?” She nodded swiftly. “What if I…” he rubbed it slowly and put a little pressure on it. Rika was instantly his; they could both tell from her reaction. She moaned very loudly, and sat up slightly. She fell back down, and said, “Do it again…please.” He rubbed harder this time, and even pinched it. Rika seemed pleased. Henry was proud. This isn’t that hard, and Rakamon said it would hurt her. She hasn’t felt any pain yet. I can tell. During this thought, Rika was fiddling with his pants. When he realized what she was doing, he undid it and she pulled them down, revealing his undies with a bulge in them.

“Oh my…what is that?” Rika pulled down the underwear, freeing him from his prison.

“It feels great not to be confined.” Henry blushed a little.

“Wow…that is what it looks like.” Rika was amazed. She estimated 4 inches, but it was closer to 5. (That is big for a 12 year old)


“Later…you first.” He picked up her hips, and buried his face in her crotch. She struggled at first, but when he started licking, she tightened her grip on him. Her legs locked his face in there, and didn’t let him breath. She was very close to cumming, but she didn’t know it. He licked the outside first, then the clit. He hurried though, as he couldn’t breathe. Her legs got tighter and tighter around his head, as he thought his head was going to explode from the pressure. In a final attempt to get air, he pushed his tongue in her cunt, making her twitch slightly. Rika screamed as the first orgasm of her life hit her hard. Henry’s face was sprayed with her juices. She collapsed totally, and almost fell asleep. Henry was breathing hard.


“Rika…what is this stuff?” he was looking at the cum on his face.

“What? No…I don’t think I did. What does it taste like?”

“It is salty kinda…maybe a little like fish.”

“Fish?” Rika was puzzled. “Well…as soon as I can move…” She was suffering from all the pleasure still. “I will repay the favor.” This comment excited Henry.

“I’ll wait then.” He sat next to her and hugged her. Rika caught her second wind. With a grunt, Rika pushed Henry down. She examined his crotch.


“Henry…you aren’t very hairy down here are you?” Only a few pubic hairs protruded.

“You were perfectly hairless down there.”

“So?” She touched his pubes a bit, and then moved to his balls.

“Now what are these for? They don’t look that good.” She started to finger them, and his boyhood started to grow again. Henry let out a small, deep moan. “Does that feel good?”

Henry nodded quickly. Rika smiled. I must be doing it right. I hope I can make him feel as good as I do right now. The after-effects of the licking were still with her. She moved the shaft. It had attained its full length once again. She touched it softly at first, and then rubbed the base of it. Henry wouldn’t shut up.

“Ahh! Oh…yeah…mmm…ahh!”

“Henry, shush or I’ll stop.” He quieted down immediately, and placed a hand or two over his mouth. She pat his head gently. “Good boy.” She then decided to take a jump and she licked the tip of it, getting a lot of movement in Henry’s legs. She saw he liked this a lot, so she took the whole thing in at once, and started to suck. Henry sat up carefully and grabbed her head. Rika couldn’t resist, so she let him. He began to move her head in time with his hips, which were humping slightly. He couldn’t take this treatment for more than 30 seconds, as he squeezed her head, which made her choke, which sent him over. He thrusted deeply into her head; cumming and all his energy going with it in her mouth. Rika pushed his hips and got her head free. She rapidly spat out what she could and pulled him on top of her again. Henry took this as a signal. He started to align his boyhood to penetrate her. He pushed in slowly…almost teasingly.

Rika had mixed emotions. This is supposed to hurt… “Henry…stop.” No response. “Please Henry.” She felt resistance down there and Henry pushing in. “STOP!” She kicked him in the gut. Why did I have to kick him! Poor guy…but he didn’t listen…that was pretty close. “I’m sorry Henry. But I think that part is going too fast.”


Henry caught his breath. “Uh…I agree actually…sorry for not…”

“It’s okay.” Rika interrupted. “I’m glad you understand. I am thirsty so I am going to get some water.”

“Okay…I’ll give you awhile.” He remembered the disk with his digimon on it. “Uh oh…” He went through his pants that were off to the side. “There is the disk.”

He walked over to the computer. He noticed the camera pointing at where they had been. “You two were watching weren’t you?”

No response.

“I know you two were. Did I do well?”

Rakamon couldn’t resist. “Yeah…pretty good for the first time. You should have gone first, and you shouldn’t have cum that quickly; you also need to last longer. A good lover can make her feel that feeling you gave her for hours at a time. Ask Renamon for help on how to pleasure a female.” Rika found her water and collapsed on the bed.

“I knew it…I am going to put Terriermon in there too.”

“Okay…sure…put in the rabbit.” Henry put Terriermon into the computer. His icon appeared under Renamon’s.

“Hey! You kept me on that…Henry…you are all the same color!”

“Uh…sorry.” He blushed, and Rika yawned.

“Henry…I am tired. I’ll be asleep over here.” She fell asleep almost instantly.


He looked at her sleeping form.  “Renamon…how do I keep a girl awake?”

“I don’t know…Rakamon usually comes on so strong he doesn’t give me the chance to fall asleep.”

Rakamon’s icon smiled evilly.

“She is easy to please…looks like you aren’t satisfied. I do not think you…” he looked almost indirectly at him, “are ready for the real thing. You came very, very quickly…you need to practice a bit.”

“Really? Well…when she is ready. I am glad I could please her though.” He turned off the microphone and the camera manually so they couldn’t see. He went back to Rika and her still flushed body. She had a goofy grin on her face.


He looked outside the window; it was dark outside. “Good night…my love…” He held her face to his chest, and waited to fall asleep. Rika mumbled in her sleep, “Do it again Henry…”




Okay, this is the end of my fourth lemon, and the fourth in the ‘Rena’s Mate’ series. This one is my longest one yet, and I am proud of it. 


Ah…young love. This one could have gone longer…but I have to get on with the plot right? Sorry to those that wanted them to go all the way…but then I couldn’t write about later could I?


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