Who let the dogs out? I did. If you have a problem…


Takato had just arrived at Sagamihara, a small town on the way to Kobe. He was staring at a map to see where he could go to get home.

“Stupid rabbitmon…where is Guilmon?”

Guilmon was looking at a vendor, trying to convince him he didn’t need money for a candy bar.

“Why can’t I have it?”

“I have to run a business here.” The vendor was steaming. With these words, Guilmon ate the candy, wrapper and all.

“Mmm…not bad. Takatomon…where are you?” He ran to Takato as the vendor yelled at him.

“Takato, that man told me I need moneys to get a candy.”

“Well Guilmon, you need to have these,” he held out a 500 en piece, “to get stuff. But I need it to get to home with this.” He pushed it into a ticket machine, and got two tickets to his stop. Almost home now…stupid rabbit.





Rika and Henry were up and about after there first intimate moment. Rika had gone to the store and bought snacks. Renamon wanted some.


“Hey, let me out of here, I want some cake.”

“Yeah…I like chocolate!” Terriermon pleaded.

With a mouthful of fruit chews, Henry said, “We don’t know how to get you out. We would…” he took a big bite of another fruit chew, “but we can’t yet.”

Rakamon’s icon flashed. “All you have to do is put a disk in and take it out, then do some other stuff. It will happen automatically.”

Renamon’s increasing the volume increased her voice. “Get me out of here! We are done loading it and stuff…we don’t need to be in here anymore!”

Henry picked up a disk and placed it in. “I’ll take Renamon out first, okay?”

No real response, so he did so. He held the disk up, and nothing happened.

“Rakamon, what do I do now?”

“Put it through your digivice.” His icon’s eyes closed.

Rika actually spoke. “I’ll do it.” She took the disk, and pretended it was a modify card. A brilliant flash, and Renamon appeared. She collapsed and Henry caught her. He was surprised at how soft and light she was.

“Wow…” he was almost hypnotized. He rubbed his cheek against her mane. “Soft…warm…feels good.”

Renamon looked at him, and she and Rika said, at the same time, “Enjoying yourself?” Rika looked madder; she was a cruel girl, as shown by this. “Am I not enough for you? You want my digimon too?”


Henry unceremoniously dropped Renamon and sweat dropped. “Rika I didn’t mean anything by it!”

“Sure…” she was milking this. She sat down and curled up, and made like she was crying. “You don’t think I am pretty…”

Henry fell for it. “You are beautiful…I’m sorry Rika…forgive me.”

Rika looked up in false tears. “Really?”

“Of course I am…I never want to hurt you.”

Rika jumped up into his arms. “Good, and don’t you ever forget it. Now let’s get the rest of the digimon out. She held the empty disk and placed it back into the computer. “I am putting Terriermon on this one.” She did this, and Terriermon came out of the disk. He didn’t faint like Renamon did, he ran towards the food. Renamon slowly walked towards it, selecting a chocolate cupcake.


“Should we take Rakamon out? Is he hungry?” Rika said with a mouthful of jerky.

Rakamon’s icon blinked, then flashed. “What are you doing Rena? Why are you putting that in your mouth?”

Henry almost choked. “Rakamon doesn’t know what eating is?”

“Eating? What good does it do?”

“It provides energy. In the digital world we only needed to sleep, but here we have to eat. You said your stomach was hurting earlier right?” Renamon explained.

“Let me out of the computer and I will try some.”

Henry placed a disk in and repeated the same process Rika had done. He slid the disk through his own digivice and Rakamon appeared. He didn’t faint, but he acted more like he had just wakened up.


*yawns* “Ahh…good nap…well…let me try some of that ‘food.’” Rakamon took an apple and bit it. He paused for a moment, and then asked, “What do I do now? Nothing is happening.”

Henry broke out in laughter. “Chew! You have to chew!”


Renamon whispered something in his ear. He began to chew perfectly, then swallowed. Rika asks, “What did you tell him?”

She whispered the same thing in her ear, and Rika’s eyes went big. “What! Wow…”

Henry sat up, wondering what it is. Rika told him, and Henry looked very red. “Whoa…that actually works?”

“What does?” Renamon asked him.


“What is that?”

“That thing!”

“Which thing?”

“The thing with the…” Henry whispered it in her ear. 

“I never said anything about that. New subject.” She held a disk. “Our past is on this disk, but this computer isn’t powerful enough. Rika…do you have a computer?”

“No…not one I could use. Henry’s dad is into computers and stuff. Don’t you have one?”

“Yeah…” he scratched the back of his head. “I got a lot of computers. Let’s go to my house, I think no one is home right now.” He looked at his watch. “It is about 6 p.m. How long is it the show?” He smiled. My first movie with Rika…maybe she’ll sit on my lap. He smiled wider as he remembered the ‘special treatment.’



Takato emerged from his subway stop, a short walk away from his house. Guilmon followed with another candy bar. He ate this one in the same way he did the one he had before.


“Guilmon…don’t steal another candy bar, okay?” Takato said with a parental voice.


A familiar voice said, “Ruff…silly Guilmon taking candy from a baby.” Juri had joined the conversation, or at least her puppet.  In her real voice Juri said to him, “Takato, where have you been? It is getting dark.” She pointed to the setting sun. “You are going home right now…both of you.” She sounded like a mother. “I’ll walk with you.”


Takato sweat dropped. “Well, we have to take Guilmon home first.”

Juri said nothing and walked towards the park. Takato followed, with Guilmon walking heavily behind. This continued for a while. Finally, Juri said something.


“Takato, where is Guilmon’s house?”

“Right there. Guilmon, go ahead and go in.”

“Okay…bye Takatomon.” Guilmon ran to his house, and actually locked the door behind him.

“Now, where is your house Takato?” Juri said in her motherly tone.

“About 4 blocks away.”

“Let’s go this way.” She pointed a bit off course, but the price was right.

“Okay…close enough.” Takato followed.


They walked and walked through almost a mile of forest.


“I think we went the wrong way.” Takato climbed a bench, and then a tall water fountain to see where they were.

“Takato, come here for a second.” Juri was sitting on the bench he climbed.

Takato jumped down and landed next to her and sat. “What is it Juri?”

Juri leaned forward and kissed him. It wasn’t a normal first kiss; it was more like a foreplay kiss. She didn’t let him escape this one. Takato was trying nonetheless. He finally pushed her off.

“What was that?” Takato felt strange. What is this feeling?

“Just a little something to get you started.” Juri said, very seductively for a 12 year old.

Takato was paralyzed. She started to approach him. “Uh oh…” he got up and bolted.

“Come back here!” she tackled him from behind. She straddled him and held his hands down. “Good little boy. Now kiss me.” She leaned forward. He withdrew, and she said, “You aren’t getting out of this. Now kiss me.” Takato leaned forward and kissed her a bit, a slight peck.


“Now that wasn’t that bad was it?” Juri took his shirt off. “Ooh…” she ran a finger down his chest, from his collarbone to his bellybutton.  He shivered. Takato’s mind and body were battling for control, or maybe for some reason or explanation. He didn’t want this…yet his body did. What is she doing to me?! What is this feeling!? Do I want this? All he could think about was what Juri was doing to him. There wasn’t a reason, she just…his thoughts were stopped by his body taking control. This was due to Juri.


“Takato…be a good boy and kiss me again. But this time…make it good.” She held his hands down again and leaned forward. Takato leaned forward and drew a deep kiss from her. She cooed and said, “Much better…” She started to unbuckle his pants.

“Juri…” Takato chanced a question. “What are you doing?”

“Having a little fun…” she pulled his pants off, revealing his white undies.  “What to do now…what should I do Takato?”

“What is there to do…” he shuddered. “Really what is there to do?”

“Well…I could always take off your underwear.”

“Do you want to?”

She winked at him. He knew what this meant. She practically tore off his underwear, leaving him in his shoes and goggles. She looked at his erect cock, towering at a grand height of 4 inches.


“What is that?” Her puppet was out now. The dog nibbled slightly and the end of it, then went down. Takato shuddered with delight. He finally caught on with her game.

“Let me go.” He said half-heartedly.

“No…you are mine.” Her puppet gripped the base of it, rubbing it with the soft fabric. This brought him close to going over.

“Please?” He wondered what she was doing, what was going through her mind, but he decided to think later.

“No.” She was done pleasuring him.  She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, and kicked them off.  “Much better…” She aligned herself over him, and pushed down onto his cock. She went down all the way, getting the whole thing in her trap. She wasn’t a virgin before this moment, but Takato didn’t know that.

“Takato…does it feel good?” Juri smiled at him. She had gone from dominatrix to nice girl. “I hope it does…” She started to rise up and down, effectively fucking him. He pushed up and down with her rhythm, making himself cum quickly. He stopped for moment, obviously winded.

“I can’t do anymore.”

“Sure you can.” Juri wasn’t stopping on account of him. She pushed it all the way in, came up and did it again.

Takato looked dazed. “Why?”

Have you ever been cruising down the road on 3rd gear, lazily going past some people in your new, shiny car, and then you accidentally shift to 1st instead of 4th? Juri got that look, the same look when your car’s engine flies out of the hood. She stopped for a moment, as if snapping out of something. Then she looked at him sincerely. “I don’t know.  It feels good though, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah…it does. But do we want to do this?” Takato was unusually calm for a boy during his first time. “I never thought this would happen to me until I was married.”

“Me too…” Juri disconnected herself from his body. “What am I doing?” She pulled her panties back on. She gave Takato his shirt and got off him. “I’m sorry.” Takato hastily put on his pants.

“Have you done this before?” Takato inquired.

Juri’s lower lip curled, and her eyes watered. She nodded silently. “Oh Takato…” she hugged him tightly. She quietly sobbed, and she squeezed him till he almost couldn’t breath.

“What’s wrong? Is it something I said?”

“No…just hold me…I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

Juri closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder. “I don’t know.”





At a hand signal from Henry, Rakamon and Renamon stepped into his house. Henry opened the door to his room, and told them to go in. Rakamon led, making sure there wasn’t a trap of sorts. Rika followed, and sat on his bed. She bounced on it a bit. Soft…I like a soft bed. She fell back, and sighed. “Comfy.”


Renamon came last, closing the door. She looked around. “Henry, is this your den?”

Henry thought for a second. “Yeah…I call it my room though.”

“A room? Den is a much better word for it. Anywhere is a room…a den is where the heart is.” Renamon nodded matter-of-factly.

Rakamon nodded. “True, true.” He looked at Rika. “What are you doing?”

Rika sat up. “I want to see the movie now.” She motioned to Henry. Henry took the disk with the movie on it a loaded it on his computer.

“Henry, sit with me.” Rika patted the space next to her. Renamon sat on the floor, with Rakamon lying next to her.

Henry pushed the play button, and it started. A small fanfare showed, and in impressive graphics, a menu appeared.


“What’s this?” Henry got up and went to the computer.

Renamon waved a hand at him. “We put it in sections in case that we only had a short time. Each one has a number.”

“Which is what?”

Rakamon stuttered. “I don’t remember which is which.”



Well, sorry to end this one short, but the stories takes a bit longer than a good lemon should be. Don’t get discouraged; the story does have lemon material. It takes me so long to name these things.


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