Renamon’s love



Hey this is no doubt my first Lemon ever so try not to be too disappointed *wink wink*

and if you are offended by this kind of thing or if you are not 18 years or older don’t read my lemon’s. Now with no further ado Renamon’s Love *Cheers*.



Renamon was sitting in her usual tree in the park in deep thought. It was about midnight when she decided to give Guilmon a visit. As she hopped from tree to tree Renamon kept wondering if she should have stayed where she was in case any digimon decided to Bio-emerge.


But she thought better of it and continued on to Guilmon’s cave. When she got there he was fast asleep. “Guilmon wake up.” Renamon said quietly hoping not to wake up Takoto. Guilmon stirred for a moment then slowly open his eyes. “Oh hi Renamon what are you doing here?” He got up and found some bread and began to munch on it.


 “I was wondering if you want to come outside to take a walk with me?” said Renamon. ‘God I hope I don’t sound like an idiot’ she thought. But to her delight Guilmon said yes. As they were walking Guilmon asked why she wanted him to come along. “Wellll I was kinda alone and wanted someone to talk to.” “Oh.” He said.  Renamon then led him behind some bushes. “What are we doing behind here?” Guilmon asked. “You know Guilmon I kinda…” She trailed off. Renamon then touched his cheek. “ Renamon what are you doing?” Guilmon said. “OH DON’T YOU GET IT” Renamon grabbed Guilmon and began to kiss him. It was a passionate kiss at first then a long exploring kiss as they intertwined their tongues.


            “Don’t you get it Guilmon I love and want you!’ Renamon said angrily.

Renamon then began to rub his cock. Guilmon gasped at the sensation then slowly and began to lie down. Renamon kept rubbing his cock until she looked at his stiffening cock in shock, as it kept growing larger till it stopped at about 12 inches. Renamon then slowly put the cock into her mouth and began to move in an up and down motion. Guilmon took great pleasure in this and began to moan “Renamooooonnn please…. don’t stop.” He said. Renamon began to taste bits of pre cum, savoring the taste she began to move faster.  She did this for a few minutes and Guilmon kept moaning finally she decided to use the old “prostate gland trick” She pushed her finger up Guilmon’s ass he said “Renamon?!?” when she found his gland she began to rub it. This was too much for Guilmon “RENAMON!!!” Guilmon said and let loose his cum. Renamon drank down but he kept going and Renamon’s mouth began to overflow with cum.


            “That was great.” He said. Renamon then began to spread her legs and motioned for Guilmon to come over. He lied down and began to lick Renamon’s pussy. Renamon began to shiver, as she was overwhelmed with pleasure as he began to push his tongue farther and farther inside Renamon’s love hole.


He then began to pull out then in. “Oh god that feels good!” said Renamon. Hearing this Guilmon began to go faster Renamon was overloaded with pleasure and began to cum all over Guilmon’s mouth and tongue by this time Guilmon’s cock was hard again. He got up and began to put his cock into Renamon’s love hole she gasped at how large it was but pain turned into pleasure as Guilmon began to pull in and out of her. But both partners were unaware that within a tree there was a silhouette spying on them through nightvison “hmmmm…. these new digimon can be very useful in my army.” The silhouette said. It jumped down and began to walk off into the night….



            Renamon ears perked up “Did you hear that?” “Who cares Renamon.” Renamon felt foolish and began to move in rhythm with Guilmon. He began to move faster as Renamon cummed for the second time, this increased the lubrication of Guilmon’s cock and moved at and incredible pace. “Renamon I can’t hold on any longer!” and as of saying that Guilmon let loose his cum again. But this was too much for Renamon’s love hole and she began to overflow with cum. “God that was great.” said Guilmon. “Indeed.” Said Renamon



            The silhouette was back again and began to take examination of the digimon. “Well well well you seem like a happy couple I’m afraid that I’ll need to help out with that relationship.” It said then a green portal opened up behind the silhouette and it then walked into the portal and with a flash of green light it was gone.




To Be Continued…