The Dream



I’m getting a hang of this lemon thing now but this one is going to be all out freaky by my means that is this one I defiantly have to say that if your offended by this sort of stuff such as violence and sex DON’T FUCKING READ MY STORYS!!! Or if your 18 go right ahead. ^_^



Renamon was in a small field walking towards a couple of trees. ‘That’s strange I never remember being in a field and where’s Guilmon?’ she thought. Suddenly she saw a black SUV go by and into a small forest. “Hmmm this looks to weird.” She said to herself suddenly Renamon heard a loud rumble. She looked where the SUV was and then all hell broke loose. The ground in front of the SUV blew up in a large explosion. The SUV screeched to a halt and two men got out and pulled pistols. By this time Renamon was hiding behind the trees.


            Immediately the men began to fire in at the forest. Renamon squinted to see what they were firing at and soon she found out about twenty humanoid creatures with black shiny armor began to appear. One of them got to one of the men and began to slash at his throat the man screamed but was quickly replaced by gurgling of blood. Renamon almost puked when she saw this. The second man jumped over the hood and began to fill the humanoid with hot lead. Yellow blood began to pore from the wound the man got back in the car and began to drive away. The humanoids then began to chase the car but then one of them saw Renamon and screamed and ran at her! “DIAMOND STORM!” yelled Renamon as shards of diamond began fly at the monster but I kept coming finally it made a impossible leap for Renamon “Noooooo!!” screamed Renamon.




            Renamon woke up screaming “Renamon are you ok?” said Guilmon with a worried look on his face “Oh god Guilmon! Oh god oh god oh god! I had the most horrible dream!” “There there it’s ok I’m here now.” Said Guilmon “I know and I love you too.” Renamon said. They silently kissed and got up from where they were.


As Guilmon and Renamon came to Rika’s house, Rika came out and looked at Renamon like she killed someone. “Where were you? This morning a digimon decided to Bio-emerge and I couldn’t find you so now T.K. has the data that you and I could had have!” yelled Rika. She looked furious but calmed down when Renamon hugged her saying she was sorry. “Your right I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Oh Guilmon I didn’t notice you.” “Well hello Rika.” Just then Renamon walked over to Rika and whispered something into her ear. Rika looked surprised at first then looked smug “Ok, Guilmon follow me and Renamon.”



Guilmon looked confused at first then as they led him up to Rika’s room he got the idea. Rika began to strip down of her clothes then laid on her bed spreading her legs. Renamon then began to lick Rika’s pussy. Rika moaned in pleasure as Renamon pushed her tongue into Rika’s love hole all the meanwhile Guilmon’s cock is beginning to become rock hard. Rika finally gave in and let her juices all over Renamon’s muzzle and tongue. Finally she gestured for Guilmon to come over. He quickly came over and slowly pushed his twelve inch cock into Rika’s pussy to let her become used to the largeness of his cock then with one hard push he popped her cherry. Rika quivered in pain but that was quickly replaced by pleasure as Guilmon began to pump in and out of Rika’s already lubricated pussy.


Meanwhile Renamon was waiting her turn. As Guilmon pumped into Rika Renamon was keeping watch outside the door in case of Rika’s mom came. “Rika I’m going tooooo…” Guilmon released all he had into Rika’s little pussy, which was too much for her and her pussy, began to overflow with cum. “God that was good.” Said Rika. Now Guilmon turned to Renamon who was already in a doggie style position. As Guilmon mounted her Rika began to rub Renamon’s breasts. Guilmon began to pump Renamon as fast as he could which Renamon couldn’t handle for long “Guilmon don’t stop neeever stop!” gasped Renamon. Soon she gave in and cummed all over Guilmon’s cock and gave it even more lubrication and he went at unbelievable speed “Reeennammmooooonnnnn!!!!!” and began to cum into Renamon “Jesus…your *gasp* great at that…Guilmon” said Renamon breathlessly. ‘I guess I am.” Replied Guilmon.




The End?