The Gift



            "Hmm what day is it today?" asked Henry to himself. "Oh I remember it's Rika's


birthday, shoot I didn't even get her a preasent yet." "I know I'll buy one right now."


Henry ran to the nearest shoping mall. "I know what to get her a nice gold braclet.


"Excuse me sir would you like something ingraved on the braclet?" Henry had a confused


look on his face. "Hmm, how about "I will alway's love you." The clerk was surprised and


ask "Is this for your girlfriend or something?" Henry replied "Oh shit, I was reading that


magazine cover!" "Well sir you have to take it, that will be 100$."Ahh man this will be a


major hit on my alowence. Henry took the gift and had it wrapped and head back home.


"The party isn't till 7:00pm, dam it's only 4:00pm, what should I do to pass time. Henry


looked around the place for something to do, but he couldn't find anything. "Ahh well I'll


go back home. When Henry got home he relized that there was no Terriormon to talk too.


"Dam I miss him, I miss him so much." Henry couldn't forgive his father for not telling


him that using the red card would bring back the digimon back to the digital world. As


Henry looked around the place and found money on the table with a note. The note read:


"Henry, we all went out to dinner and a show, so here is some money for a pizza or


chinese food we will be back around 12:30am or earlier." Love Mom. "Hmm thanks


mom." Henry whispered to him self. Henry got changed (CENSORED) "What time is


it." Henry looked at his read...6:30pm. "Shit I better get going." As Henry was


about to leave the phone rang "Ring Ring." "Gez wat now?" Henry picked it up "Hello."


"Hello Henry? it's me Takato, ready to go to the party?" "Um ya sure." replied Henry. "Ok


I'll meet you in your Lobby." *Hang up*  Henry went down and saw Takato waiting


already. "What the fuck?" how did you get here so fast?" asked Henry. "I called from a


pay phone jackass." answered Takato. "So what we waiting for lets go!" Takato and


Henry arrived at Rika's mansion around 6:58pm. "Ding dong." as Henry pushed the door


bell. The door opened and it was Rika's grandma "Oh hi boys, come in. Rika dear your


friends are here!" yelled her grandma. Rika's grandma brings them to the living room


were all the other guess were. Henry looks around and see's Ryo Talking to Jeri, Kazu


and Kenta having an wrestling compition, and a bunch of cute girls from Rika's school.


"Dam, girls, girls, and more girls!" Yelled out Takato. "Wow." Henry was breathless.


"Hey guys whats up?" asked Ryo. "Yeah get out of the way who ever you are your


blocking my view." replied Takato. "Hmm sorry Ryo, I guess Takato gets way to excited


when there are a bunch of girls around." answered Henry. Takato was breathless to see so


many cute girls in one party, but as Takato was about to ask the girls there number's


*SLAP* "OWW SHIT that realy hurts!" as he looked up it was Jeri. "How could you


Takato, I thought you said I was your only girl I can't believe you." and Jeri stormed out


to the back yard. "Aww shit I'll go out there to talk to her, but if any girl ask for me give


them my number." asked Takato. "Ya sure." answered both Henry and Ryo. Takato ran to


the back door which lead to were Jeri was. as this happened Rika comes into the room.  


"Alright here comes the birthday girl." Happy Birthday to you................. Then Rika's


mom comes in with a birthday cake. "Alright Rika blow the candles and make a wish."


Rika blew out the candles with one breath. The party began with music and dancing. It


was almost preasent time, so Henry went up Rika and told her he was going to give her,


her preasent after the party. The party was finish all the guess have left, Rika's mom and


grandma were fast asleep in there room's. It was about 12:45am, the Gang finished off


cleaning the whole house. "It's late I got to go." Ryo said and he left. "Um we got to go


to, lates Rika." Kazu and Kenta leave. Takato and Jeri were about to leave, "Well nice


party, bye Rika." Takato walked out first. "This was a magical evening, bye Rika." Jeri


left with Takato. "Well Rika I got to run." said Henry in a nervous voice. "Hey Henry?"


"Yah." "Didn't you say you had something for me?" "Oh ya sorry I almost forgot." Henry


gives Rika her preasent. "Wow it's nice." "You like it?" asked Henry. Rika's face turned


red for a minute, then it hit Henry the Inscription. Henry was about to walk out but Rika


stopped him with a kiss. "What was that for?" Henry had a confused look on his face.


"Dont talk." Rika unzipped Henry's pants and started to give him head. "Aww shit, that" Rika was sucking him dry. "Oh shit!" Henry came in Rika's mouth.


Henry took a small rest. Henry looked at Rika in the eyes he knew that it wasn't over.


"Henry come here." She pulled her pants down showing here tight pussy to him. You


don't wear panties? asked Henry. "No, I'm always prepared." She smiles at Henry. Henry


sticked his penis slowly in Rika's pussy. "ah ah ah yes give it to me." Rika was moaning


hard. Rika shed a small tear out of her eye, Henry thought to himself shit "I'm hurting her


I better stop." Henry pulled out quickly. Rika looked at him "Why did you stop?" "I didn't


want to hurt you." Rika then took his huge cock and put it back into her. Henry noticed


her pussy was wet, real wet and continued were he started. "AHH shit I think I'm gonna


cum." said Henry. "SO em I." answered Rika. Henry pulled out and came on her face.


Henry and Rika cleaned them selves up. "Do you really love me?" asked Rika. "Ya I do,


after all this I think you are my true love." Rika hugs Henry. "Ah what the hell I tell my


folks I'll be sleeping over tonight." said Henry. "Later if you want we can do it again?"


asked Rika. "Hmm we can start right now." said Henry.


                                                            The End