This is Part 2 of 4 series, from PRooF's Master Piece Theatre. Enjoy.



                                                            War on Two Fronts



            Takato was thinking to him self. "Shit poor Henry, he lost his girl to that new guy.


Dam that fool." "Ring Ring" "Shit, now what!" "Hello." "Oh hey Takato it's me Jeri." Oh


hi Jeri." "We still on for tonight?" asked Jeri. "Um ya." answered Takato. "So where we


going?" asked Jeri. "Oh I know lets go to that small chinese restuarant near Kenta's


house, I heard they had good fried rice, and sweet and sour pork there." "Ok sure." said


Jeri. "I'll pick you up around 9:00pm alright." "Ya sure, bye Takato." "Hang up" "Dam I


better get ready." It was 8:50pm "I guess it's a little early alright but who cares." "Knock


Knock" "Who is it." "It's me Takato." "Door open's" "Hey Jeri are you ready?" "Ya lets


go." Jeri and Takato walked to the restuarant. "Hi, how may I help you sir." asked the


attendent. "A table for two please." "Yes right this way." Jeri and Takato sat down and


ordered. The table was silent Jeri and Takato haven't said a word to each other. Takato


thought to himself "Hmmmm shit, I my relationship with Jeri is this bad, she might just


break up with me." "Jeri?" "Yes." answered Jeri. "Look Jeri we've been going out for


more than 2 months now, what do you think about me?" asked Takato 'Takato, look I like


you but somethings I feel lost, like I'm missing something." answered Jeri. Takato was a


bit disapointed to hear that. The couple ate the rest of there dinner and left. Takato


walked her home. "Bye Jeri." "Ya Bye." Jeri said softly. As Takato walked home he


thought to himself "how did this relationship go so bad? fuck, this is all my fault if I


hadn't been a real jerk to Jeri she would still like me. Man this is soo fucken gay, fuck


fuck fuck!!!" Takato yelled all night. The next day Takato and Jeri didn't say a word to


each other at school. The girls in the class were worried about Jeri, and guys in the class


were worried about Takato. All types of words were being used like: "He's a real creep


Jeri, dump his ass already." And in the other side you would hear "Fuck that bitch yo,


Takato move on man." After a long hard day of school, the  two decided to meet at the


park. "Jeri we got to talk." asked Takato. "Ya I got to say something too." replied Jeri.


Once the two started to talk, a rapist show up and grabs Jeri. "Hey buddy nice girl you got


here." said the man. "Let me go you bitch, someone help me please!" yelled Jeri. "Sorry


kid but this girl is mine, so piss off." yelled the man! "Let her go you monster!" yelled


Takato. Takato jumps on the man and tries to submit him, but the man throw's Takato at


a tree and gets unconsious. Jeri ran as fast as she could, but the man caught up to her.


"Hey little girl, remember me." said the man. "Stay back, I'm warning you." yelled Jeri.


As the man approached Jeri "PUNCH" the man falls strait to the floor. "What!!!" Jeri


gasped. "Hey follow me quick." the uknown kid took Jeri hand as they ran through the


bushes. They go halfway through the park and took a break near the old swings and


slides. "Well I got to go." said the kid in hood. "Wait, who are you your voice sounds


familiar?" asked Jeri. The kid revealed himself and it was Ryo. "Oh Ryo you saved me,


I'll do anything you want Ryo!" pleaded Jeri. "I dont want anything, I just wanted help.


answered Ryo. Jeri then comes up to Ryo and brings his hand to her breast. "What are


you doing Jeri." "Just think of it as a reward for your deed." The started to makeout right


in the spot, Jeri could feel a new feeling that wasn't there. Jeri broke the kiss and got


down to her knee's. She then unzip his pants to reveal his huge cock already stiff. "Oh


Jeri, thats good." yelled Ryo. She was giving sucking Ryo dry to the bone. "Oh fuck I'm


gonna cum!" Ryo let it out on her mouth. "Ummm tasty." answered Jeri. "Dont move, it's


not over yet." Jeri said. She lifted up her skirt to reveal her juicy pussy infront of Ryo's


face. Jeri leand agains't the wall showing her ass to Ryo. "Please Ryo finish me off!"


yelled Jeri. Ryo inserted his cock in and out, he began slowly and then went fast. "AH Ah


oh." Jeri was moaning so loud. "Shit I better pull out fast!" Ryo said to him self. Ryo cam


all over her ass. The two went to a public bathroom and quickly fixed them selves up.


"That was great Ryo." said Jeri. "I'm glad you liked it Jeri. "Listen I got to ask you


something Ryo?" "Umm ya what is it." with a wierd look on Ryo's face. "Do you believe


in love at first site?"  asked Jeri. "Well kind of." answered Ryo. Jeri stood silient for a


while, then Ryo broke the silence by saying "Jeri I liked you, I alway's liked you from the


start. I would have hit on you but you were Takato girl, so now can I ask you can you be


my girl?" asked Ryo. Jeri was speechless. "Yes I will." answered Jeri. The two embraced


each other and then walk off. Meanwhile........... "Ah shit my head." Takato looks around


and see's nobody but Henry, standing before him. "You alright Takato?" Henry ask. "Ya I


am." answered Takato. "This video will show you something." Henry said as he


disapeared. "Wait come back..........."   Takato wakes up and looks around, it was night


time. "Shit what time is it, hmmmm what a dream." Takato feels a video tape behind


him. "Huh, what the hell?" Takato races home to see what that video was. "Hey son lets


play some old time baseball hmmm?" asked Takato dad. "Sorry dad I got to do


something, how about later." said Takato. "Hmmm kids today and there video games."


Takato ran the video................."That Bitch Ryo, how can he do this to me?" Tomorrow is


a new day Ryo is gonna pay for this I swear it.



The story gets even more hot, so join me next time at PRooF's master piece theatre.