This story i s 1 out of 4 series called PRooF's Master Piece Theatre.




                                                                                     The New Guy



            A new semester of school just started. "Shit what time is it?" Joey said to him


self. Joey looks at the time and it read 8:20am. "Oh fuck this, I got to get to school." Joey


ran out of his flat."Wait Joey your breakfas..., ah forget it." His dad yelled out. Joey ran to


the school real fast. "Shit, I made it in time." Joey looks at his watch, it read 8:28am.


"Good day class I would like to introduce a new student he transfered here from Osaka. "I


wonder who it is?" Ask Takato to him self. "Class I would all like you to meet Joey."


"Hello Joey!" said the class in a boring voice. "Hey guys, what's up?" "Wow he's cute."


said Jeri. "Hey, I thought you liked me?" said Takato. "Dont worry Takato I still like


you." replied Jeri. "Enough class, Joey you can sit beside the boy with the gogles over


there." "Yes miss." answered Joey. After school Takato and Henry were playing soccer


on the field. "Hey Henry lets take a break?" "Yah sure." answered Henry. The two sat


down on the bench near the basketball court. "Hey Takato isn't that the new guy in your


class?" asked Henry. "Huh where?" "Over there he's playing b-ball." Takato and Henry


approach Joey. "Hey there Joey, what are you doing?" asked Takato. "Hey I got an idea


you guys want to play one on one?" "What play basketball, nah no thanks, it's not my


sport." said Takato. "Then how about you?" Joey looked at Henry. "Sure I can use a work


out." said Henry. "Kick his ass Henry!!!" Takato yelled out behind the fence. "Whats


going on here." asked a student. "Um it's a basketball match." answered Takato. As


Takato said that half of the school came to watch. "Hey Henry, that's your name right?"


"Um ya." answered Henry. "We will play with no rules alright?" "Um ya sure." The game


began. As this happened Rika comes by the school. "Hmm I wonder where Henry is?"


She saw the crowd and ask "what's going on here?" "Oh, it's a kick ass basketball


match." answered a student. Rika see's Henry and signal's him that she will be watching


him. The game was up to 21 and with no rules Henry was a little nervous. Henry had the


ball and as soon as he started to bounce it Joey Elbows Henry in the face. "Owww." the


crowd yelled Henry was down and out. Joey look around and scored 21 points before he


helped Henry. "Yo, you ok?" "Um ya, it just hurts alot." "I m sorry I hit you in the face, I


thought you were going to play agressive." "Thats alright Joey." "Hey Henry, next time


we meet, I better get hurt too, huh?" Henry just laughs and walks over to Rika. "You


alright Henry?" Rika kisses Henry's cut. "Ya I'm ok." "Hey Henry?" "Ya what is it"


answered Henry. "Who is that guy?" "Oh he's the new guy, his name is Joey, why do you


ask?" "Oh nothing, so we still up on are date for tonight?" asked Rika. "Oh shit I forgot,


sorry Rika but I promised my dad I was going to take Suzi to the park." "After That


then?" asked Rika. "Sorry I promised my mom I was going to help her prepare dinner."


answered Henry. "You always do this to me, we haven't went out to a date in a long time,


2 months we have been together doing nothing and still no change, Im sorry Henry." Rika


gave back Henry's bracelet, and ran off crying. "Rika I'm sorry.....Sob......." Joey was


about to leave but he see's Henry crying. "Yo whats the matter Henry?" Joey asked. Just


leave me alone Joey, I'll talk to you tommarow." "Fine I try to be nice and you tell me off


If you don't need my help I'll be on my way." As Joey was going home he saw Rika


sitting near an alley. "Hey your Henry's girl right?" Rika pulls Joey into the alleyway.


Rika looks at Joey and hugs him. "!!!!! wha..." "Your name is Joey right?" Joey moves


away alittle. "Um ya, hey wait your the digimon queen?" said Joey. "I was but not


anymore." answered Rika. "You elminated my ass in the finals to challange that kid


Rito.....Ryu.....Roy....ah Ryo right?" "Yes but I'm not the same person you challange, the


one you challange was a heartless person.......(Sob).....I'm sorry." "Don't cry, it's alright, I


think your the most beautiful girl I ever met." "What." Rika was shocked. "You see Rika


after that tournament I thought about you alot." said Joey. "Oh Joey I can take it. I had a


feeling when I first looked in to your eyes back in the tournament your eyes called out to


me. Take me here Joey!" "!!!!! What, I'm sorry but I cant go for a girl who's already


taken." said Joey. "Who said I was, I broke up with Henry." Rika kisses Joey. "Shit I cant


do anything, I might as well get her to be my girl, she's sooo cute." said Joey to himself.


Joey lifts up Rika's skirt and starts touching her pussy. "Shit she's wet already, I could


feel it through her panties." Joey thought to him self. "Oh Joey please, fuck me good."


said Rika. Joey unbuttons Rika's dress shirt and see's her soft small breast and start to lick


them. Joey then unzips his pants and pulls down Rika's panties and puts his huge cock


into her pussy. Rika was riding Joey good. "Joey I'm gonna cum!!!" said Rika. Joey


noticed that he was going to cum too so he pulled out fast and released his giz on her


chest. The couple cleaned them selves up and headed out the alley. "Listen Rika, you


want me to walk you home?" "Sure, that will be great Joey." Joey put his jacket around


Rika and walks her home. Meanwhile...... Henry was walking home. "Man I miss her, I


got to call her." Henry said to himself. "Hey what the...." Henry see's Joey walking with


Rika. "That mother fucker, he's taking my girl, that's it Joey you have won this round just


wait and see tomarrow." Henry walks away clutching his hand.



The next story will even get more better, just wait and see. I'm your host PRooF, good night and god bless.