Sorrow & Joy


By PokePimp


I used the pen for many years

Effecting great change

But I used the sword for a single day

And found my blood draining

Onto the cold, cold ground


Chapter 4: The Joy’s Sorrow


Juliar did not know what to say; Dan’s crying becoming audible, “Dan…” Juliar put his hand on Dan’s shoulder “DON’’T TOUCH ME!” He shrieked as he grabbed his sword; his eyes turning mad. Juliar backed away “Dan! Are you alright!” Dan made a lunge but his clumsy strike missed as Juliar fled. He sat back down, looking back to Rennie. His Sorrow.


Juliar burst into the hallway and shut the door behind him cursing “Fucking hell! He’s completely lost his head!”


Over the next month, Dan’s madness deepened. No one could get near enough to him to give him food and any food they did get into the room went to Rennie. Dan was slowly wasting away as he tried to protect his beloved. Juliar and his subjects could see how far the insanity had gone for Dan attacked any who entered the room but his efforts grew steadily weaker each day. Eventually, Rennie woke up. She picked herself up from the bed; using her staff. Dan was busy chasing away the serving maid but as he heard foot steps behind him; he whipped round with his sword raised above his head. Rennie gasped and fell backwards. Dan following her; his madness burning in his eyes. Rennie saw this, she picked herself up and jumped back as Dan made a strike. He stopped for a moment; panting heavily. When he recovered he turned back to her. She leapt at him, both of them falling onto the bed. Rennie’s lips locked with his. The madness faded; his eyes softened. “What am I doing?” He demanded of himself when their kiss ended but she shushed him “Never mind that. I’m here now.” Juliar fell through the door as it swung open “Argh! Crap!” Rennie pointed at him ominously “Go. Now.” He obliged quickly. She turned back to Dan but he had fallen asleep. She sighed “Oh, what am I going to do with you?”


Juliar poked his head into the room a few hours later but he could see them both asleep on the bed. Juliar walked over to them, “Dan… look what you’ve done to your self…” He shook his head slowly as he saw how thin his friend had become. He looked at Rennie also, “I wonder…” He thought “No! Don’t even try, just leave her be. But what…” He battled with his own thoughts for some time but gave in after a minute “Fine! But just a quick touch…” He reached over to Rennie and lightly touched her arm. He blushed furiously but touched again, feeling the fur. Juliar marveled at how soft it was. He heard a faint growling coming from Rennie “That’s not good…” He thought before Rennie whipped her arm round, her claws tearing into Juliars arm; leaving five deep cuts. He fell backwards onto Dan’s chair and fell over that, landing heavily on his back. Rennie’s eyes snapped open, she saw him on the floor “Oh, crap. Not again.” She jumped up and ran over to him “I’m so sorry, Juliar.” He looked at her “It’s OK, I… Shouldn’t have touched you…” He looked away, supremely embarrassed. Rennie retorted “Don’t worry; I keep doing that when I get woken.” She reached for his arm “Give me your arm.” He obeyed “OK… Heal.” She attempted to heal the damage but nothing happened “What? Heal!” She tried again with no effect “Damn!” Juliar looked worried “You shouldn’t try to do that… You saved my city but we couldn’t wake you up. You were in that bed for around a month.” She closed her eyes “I wish I had been more careful… I don’t want to think what could have happened if Dan hadn’t reached me in time…” Juliar hissed “Does Dan still carry that green bottle in his backpack?” Rennie seemed confused “How do you know about that?” He grinned at her “Dan told me how you two met.” She looked embarrassed “Did he tell you…” Juliar winced “About his madness? Yes.” She shook Juliar’s shoulders “That was incredibly stupid! I’m surprised he didn’t kill you! You never remind him how his insanity felt… It took ages to break it before…” Juliar cried out in pain “Your having more success at that than he did!” She let go of him “Sorry… I…Whoops! Your arm! Don’t move.” She ran off to get Dan’s backpack. Juliar watched her, although very inappropriately “Stop it you fool!” he thought angrily, snapping his eyes to his arm.


An hour later, after Juliar’s arm had been bandaged, they sat on two chairs; watching Dan sleep. “He was really protective over you for the entire month.” Juliar said seriously “Oh? How many people did he chase off then?” Rennie laughed “I don’t think it’s funny. Just look at him. When ever we managed to get food into the room he always gave it to you; Dan never ate anything.” He shook his head “I’m not worried. He’s a tough cookie, him!” Rennie giggled “I noticed but… Are you OK?” Juliar frowned “I’m OK, just remembering.” She replied giggling uncontrollably “I don’t want to know.” His face started burning up “Nothing like that, silly! It’s… Actually; it depends on what you mean by that.” Rennie smiled broadly “Why does Dan go… Mad like that?” Juliar changed the subject hurriedly “When I’m in trouble, or anyone he cares about, he goes into something like a sort of battle rage. It may give him a strength boost but he loses his ability to think.” She laughed “When I came to he actually had a go at me!” Juliar was stunned “His madness really went that far?” He shuddered violently. They both sat in silence for a minute “I can still remember how I broke his insanity last time!” She laughed “It was so simple yet I didn’t see it!” Juliar saw that she was going to tell him anyway, despite what he may say, “How simple?” Rennie almost fell off her chair laughing “This is how…” and she began the tale…



Rennie and Dan were walking slowly through a forest, Dan’s eyes were everywhere and his sword was loose in it’s sheath. However, Rennie walked with difficulty over the uneven ground; leaning on her staff heavily. They walked in silence but Rennie tried to break the silence “How far is it to the Magician’s place?” That seemed to be a reasonable question but Dan looked at her; his mad eyes showing his incomprehension. Rennie sighed “Your friend. The Magician. Mortim.” Dan suddenly understood “Motim, yes. His house is not far. We can make it in one week.” The madness in his eyes seemed to fade slightly, she held her breath but it returned despite her hopes. “Damn! I was so close!” Rennie thought but her thoughts were interrupted when an ogre bulled it’s way past some trees ahead of them.


Dan whipped his sword out, placing himself between Rennie and the ogre, getting ready. The ogre noticed them, it thought this would be an easy meal, it was wrong. Dan ran forward and swung his sword heavily, it bit into the monster’s side, he recovered from the move quick to deliver another lightning fast strike to the other side. His barrage of attacks rained down on the unprepared ogre, all it could do was raise it’s arms and cower. That was a mistake; Dan raised his sword and drove it into the monster’s foot before raking up it’s leg and severing the muscles. The ogre went down, blubbering in terror and pain as it clutched at it’s severely injured leg. Dan raised his sword for an over head strike, gripping it with both hands he swung and severed it’s head cleanly. Rennie could not believe what she just witnessed but she felt happy that Dan had won. She rushed to him dropping her staff to hug him tightly, she kissed him deeply. Dan’s eyes suddenly cleared and he returned the kiss, dropping his sword to wrap his arms about her.


The kiss lasted some time but they had to stop for air. Rennie saw his eyes “You’re back…” was all she could say before Dan kissed her again.



“Wait a sec… You were attacked by an ogre? And Dan killed it? That’s incredible! It normally takes a whole platoon to deal with just one of those!” Juliar looked at his friend with a new respect, “Hey! I was just getting to the good bit!” Rennie was fairly annoyed “Err… Heh… Sorry, maybe some other time?” He wormed his way out of it “Oh, you!” She punched his arm “Hey! Cut it out!” Juliar protested, laughing, “I think I’d like to see your city, would you like to come along?” Rennie suggested with a grin “Why not? I know a brilliant baker near the city gardens!” Juliar exclaimed happily “Well, what are we waiting for? Come on!” They got up and left Dan to his sleep.


Rennie and Juliar strolled around the city, seeing the sights as they made their way to the public gardens. Juliar breathed in deeply “I don’t know why, but I find this place very relaxing.” As they arrived “This is a garden? It’s huge!” Rennie gasped, the garden stretched as far as she could see. People were having fun everywhere. Juliar pointed to a small shop in the corner closest to them “There’s the bakery.” Rennie sniffed at the air, there was definitely something tasty cooking in that direction “Mmm… I can small it already.” She licked her lips “Steady on!” They laughed and made their way across the field to the shop. Some people spotted their King and waved warmly, Juliar waved back to all of them with a huge grin on his face, most saw Rennie too and waved more nervously. Rennie couldn’t help but notice and thought that it was adorable; watching people wave timidly as she passed.


A bell tinkled above the door as they entered, Rennie could really smell it now, she looked around for the source and found it relatively quickly “What’s this, it smells lovely!” She asked Juliar “That? That’s a cherry pastry with a light dusting of cinnamon, unless I’m much mistaken.” He laughed “Juliar! Haven’t seen you in three weeks!” A man walked out of a back room “Ah, Urim, I thought you had vanished for a moment!” Urim shook his head “Ha! An ogre couldn’t pull me away from this shop! And who’s your friend?” He pointed to Rennie “She’s Rennie, although she is more commonly known as Sorrow.” Urim seemed surprised “Hmm… Well, I can discount one rumor now. For some reason, most people believe that you’re really scary! I can’t see anything scary about you, pretty lady!” Rennie blushed “Aw! You’re embarrassing me!” she giggled “Noticed! So, what you after, Jules?” Juliar thought for a moment “Hmm… I think I’ll have one of your caramel pretzels, you want a cherry pastry, right?” He looked to Rennie “Yup, please!” Urim turned to a metal cabinet over a small fire, he opened the door and reached in to take a warm pretzel and Rennie’s cherry pastry “Here you go.” Urim said cheerily as he handed over the snacks. Juliar gave him some coins “Thanks, Urim! See you later!” They left the shop and sat on the grass to eat their treats.


Rennie laid back after she finished her pastry, licking away the few crumbs left around her mouth “Yum! I need to know how to make these!” She laughed happily “I think I can filch the recipe from Urim. Uh… Rennie?” He looked away covering his eyes “What?” She looked in his direction “Your… Erm… Bits, are kinda showing.” He blushed terribly “Huh?” She looked down at her chest and spotted her breasts sticking out slightly. She covered herself quickly “Oh! Sorry!” Rennie looked at Juliar with a puzzled look “You humans are such prudes!” She laughed “I just need to pop into the toilets for a moment.” Juliar got up, his blush spreading “I won’t go anywhere.” She reported to him, he nodded and set off to a little whitewashed building. Rennie chuckled to herself “I’m going to have fun with him!”


Suddenly, four kids burst out from round a corner, laughing. Rennie smiled when she saw her little friend chasing the other four, “Hey! No fair! I don’t wanna be it!” Her laughter giving away her fun. She stopped when she spotted Rennie, “Hi Rennie!” She squealed and ran over “Hey, Clair! Omf!” Clair grabbed Rennie and cuddled her neck “I missed you!” Rennie grinned “Guess what? You’re it!” She tapped her little friend on the nose and jumped back a little “Hey! You cheated!” Clair giggled and chased her. Rennie had never been so happy.


Juliar left the toilets “Much better… Where’s Rennie gone?” He couldn’t see her and panicked “Oh, crap!” But she suddenly ran from behind a little hill being chase by five little kids, one caught up with her and tripped her and the others leapt onto her. Juliar could hear their laughter and grinned. Rennie looked to where he was standing “Alright, kiddies! I gotta go now.” They all groaned “Aw!” Rennie got up and waved goodbye to them; they waved back as she started towards Juliar.


Juliar was wiping tears of laughter from his eyes “That was refreshing!” Rennie grinned “Fun too!” She could smell something but what it was eluded her “What’s that smell?” He blushed “I have just been to the toilet you know.” She suddenly placed it, she tittered to herself “I know. Let’s go back to the palace now; it might be a good idea to check on Dan.” Juliar nodded and began walking her back while she thought “I knew it! He’s attracted to me! Hmm… What should I do then? He’s not bad… Yup! For curiosity’s sake if nothing else!” and made up her mind, a wicked grin spreading over her face as she looked a Juliar, he looked back nervously. She continued her train of thought “He’s shy though. Guess I’ll have to cure him of that!”


They arrived some time later but Dan was still asleep “Well, I suppose there was nothing wrong with hoping.” Rennie said sadly, Juliar put his hand on her shoulder “You should get some sleep.” She shivered under his touch; he felt her shiver and removed his hand “Sorry... I…” She turned to face him “Tell me something…” Juliar could see where this was going “What?” Rennie looked at him very directly “You find me attractive, don’t you?” He blushed and stuttered “Well… I… Yes…” She stood closer “One other thing… Do you think…I’m sexy?” Her eyes smoldered “Umm… Yes.” Juliar couldn’t believe what was happening “That was all I needed to know… I rather like you too…” Rennie breathed as she pushed him to the floor and laid on top of him “But, Dan; he’ll be really pissed off!” She laughed at his worry “Me and Dan worked this problem out years ago. As long as I’m honest, he promises not to be jealous.”


Rennie slipped a paw down to Juliar’s trousers, reaching in and grasping his cock “You’re big… For a human that is…” She rubbed his rod slowly. “Ah! Rennie… This isn’t a good idea…” He panted, she looked at him “You’re right; this isn’t a good idea… It’s a great idea!” And squeezed his meat tightly. Rennie pulled down his trousers slowly with her free paw, exposing him, she rubbed his member with both paws, making him groan loudly. He couldn’t resist any longer; Juliar reached up and took hold of her breasts, rubbing them firmly, she moaned. His pleasure increased suddenly and he yelped as he came onto Rennie’s back. “Oops! Sorry …” He began but she shushed him “I like a little inexperience.”


Rennie positioned herself over Juliar and dropped onto him, impaling herself on his dick. His eyes bulged slightly from the intense pleasure and he thrust into her deeply. She rolled over then, reversing their positions “Go for it tiger.” Juliar got the message and began screwing her slowly “Faster…” She moaned; the slow pace was torture. Juliar sped up but not by much “Go faster God damn it!” She angered him with her tone so he thrust with extreme violence, she yelped in surprise “That’s more like it!” He continued thrusting like that, Rennie’s juices dripping from her pussy as Juliar rammed into her more and more forcefully, grunting. She screamed in pleasure as she came, getting the carpeted floor very wet but Juliar continued pounding her, making her screech loudly in pure joy. Rennie came again, adding more of her fluids to the puddle below them and dug her claws into Juliar’s back. Then he cummed with one last, powerful, shove. Only able to make a tiny squeak as his member throbbed out his load. Rennie also made a squeak but out of pain. Juliar pulled out after a moment, seeing a little blood come out as well caused him to worry “Ah! Rennie! You’re bleeding! I…” She stopped him “It happens sometimes…” She panted. They both jumped when Dan muttered to himself quietly “Tell me about it…” Rennie looked at him angrily “Oh, bugger…” He cursed and slapped his forehead.





To be continued…


Oh no! Rennie and Juliar got caught with their pants down by Dan! What could possible happen next? The Next Chapter holds the answer…