Sorrow & Joy


By PokePimp


Be careful what you wish for

Because while peace is all and good

The ultimate peace…

Is death



Chapter 2: Tolnamon



Rennie is sitting on a straw bed, crying, the sound echoing off the damp earthen walls. Dan, feeling similarly distressed, sat next to her and put his arm round her shoulders. She leaned to him, hugging his waist. “Don’t worry. We’ll get out, just you see.” He whispered in her ear, trying to comfort her. “I know… but it’s my fault we’re here.” She said through her crying, “No, you couldn’t have done anything to change what happened. Don’t worry.” Dan replied softly. She rubbed her head against his chest, sighing deeply “We don’t do this often enough.” Her laugh breaking through her depression. “Your right! Not to self; snuggle more often.” He chuckled, carrying on the joke further and wiping away the tears on her cheeks, she giggled in response “Thanks, I needed that.” Dan also laughed “Any time, my little fur ball!” she punched his shoulder, laughing “What?” He said innocently. Just then they heard a key turning in the lock, the door opened. The leader of the platoon that captured them walked in “It would seem you have a visitor” he sneered, stepping back out. Then a tall man, simply dressed, came in “Ah, there you two are. Very sorry about him.” He said, “Who are you?” Dan asked “Have we met before?” The man chuckled to himself “I am King Juliar the fourth, and you must be Joy.” Dan was stunned “Why the arrest?” Juliar laughed “I’m really sorry about that, Captain Quin here thought that by ‘find them and bring them here’ I meant ‘arrest them’, just a silly misunderstanding!” the captain’s jaw dropped “But I’m a General!” The King looked at him casually “You aren’t now, next time I’ll make sure I am not misunderstood again.” Quin stared at his King “Sorry, sir!” He saluted and left. “Now, lets get out of this place, I hate prisons. Oh and, Sorrow… the man you healed said thanks.” Rennie blushed.


Juliar led them into the street “So, what brings you to my city, Joy?” he questioned “Please, call me Dan. We came here in search of a blacksmith called Jermine.” He replied “I am ever so sorry, that man died last month in an accident with his furnace.” Juliar shook his head “It took days to put that fire out!” Dan slapped his forehead “Damn…” The King looked puzzled “Why were you looking for him?” Rennie sighed “He is the only person we know of who knows how to make and smith mithril.” Dan looked up “Speaking of mithril, where is my sword?” The common looking monarch chuckled “It’s in my armory, with the ancient display weapons. No one will take it.” Dan heaved a sigh of relief “Thank you, it is irreplaceable now.” They walked on towards the palace. When a small child with her mum spotted Rennie and ran over “Rennie!” She squealed, hugging her leg as she blushed furiously. “Ah, your little friend from earlier!” Dan laughed. The little girl’s mother, hearing her daughter squeal in delight, turned round and saw Rennie with her child. Her eyes went flat, she ran over, dragged her girl off and hissed at the furry fox “Get away from my daughter!” Rennie was startled by this woman’s reaction to her “What did I do?” Dan stepped in “She’s Rennie, you don’t need to worry, I’ve known her for years and she won’t do anything… despite her appearance.” He joked “Hey!” She objected.  The girl’s mum thought about it “Please mum?” The girl pleaded “Oh, alright but I’ll be watching.” She gave in, speaking ominously “Yay!” The girl launched herself at Rennie’s leg again “You washed your fur, haven’t you? It’s a lot softer!” Rennie blushed “Just a quick wash.” They all set off again to the palace, the girl chatting to her new friend while her mother trailed behind the group “Rennie isn’t actually that bad…”


Later on, after the general turmoil that Rennie’s arrival caused, Juliar showed them to their room. “You should be very comfortable here, it’s not the best room but it is comfy.” He told Dan and Rennie, “Thank you.” Rennie said “I think I will sleep now, I have had a very long day.” Dan nodded “OK, you get some rest. I still need to talk to Juliar.” He shut the door. “There is only one bed in that room, I’ll get some one to bring in another one.” Juliar told Dan “Don’t bother, we normally sleep together anyway.” Dan started strolling to the gardens “Alright then… Are you… Well…” Juliar tried to find the right word “Lovers? Of course, we have been for around one hundred and seventy years now.” Dan explained “I can’t help but find that slightly disturbing… And I can see the attraction.” Juliar made a face while Dan chuckled “Yup, she is very sexy! I love her personality too though, she is fun to be around and she is very caring, as one of your men can tell you.” Juliar laughed “I know, why did she do that though?” He asked “She used to be a cripple; she couldn’t use the right side of her body, until she learnt that healing spell. She tried it without any practice at all and I really expected it to go wrong.” Julian laughed again “I can see it did work!” Dan shrugged “She is a natural at magic… If it weren’t for me she would have never found the book with that spell inside and guess how she repaid me!” Juliar blushed “I think I just guessed.” Dan blushed too “If you are thinking what I am, then you are right. She had sex with me, right there and then! Funny thing is, she was still a virgin, and I really thought I had hurt her when I broke her hymen.” They both laughed, continuing their conversation.


Some time later, Dan and Juliar were still chatting as they wandered around the palace “Is she part fox or something?” The friendly monarch asked “No, she isn’t from this world. Where she comes from; her kind are everywhere as well as other species.” Dan filled in Juliar’s knowledge “What is her species called then?” Dan scratched his head “I think she is a ‘Renamon’, she has a big family back home.” Juliar found this very interesting “Just how similar are all these different creatures compared to us?” They walked in silence for a while “I don’t really know, they are just as intelligent as us, they all eat the same things as us… Apart from the fact that they are born from eggs and that they look different… Absolutely no difference at all… Oh, they are much stronger than us too.” Juliar though for a minute “Just how much stronger?” Dan thought back a few years “Well, Rennie is strong enough to pick up and chuck a adult horse around five meters with ease.” Juliar absorbed this with a worried frown “I think I need to talk to her very soon.” Dan, sensing his friend’s unease, said “Why? What’s wrong?” The monarch rubbed his face worriedly “A strange creature has been sighted in a troll village. It looks enough like one to be accepted there but it is too smart to actually be a troll, it might be from her world so she might know what it is.” Dan thought for a moment “I’ll ask her when she wakes up, I may need a picture of one though, she won’t know what a troll is.” Juliar pointed to a door nearby “That is my library, I’ll have a look. See you later, Dan. Try to get some sleep.” They went their separate ways.


Dan arrived back at their room; Rennie was sleeping on the bed against the wall. She looked so peaceful. Dan got undressed and climbed under the sheets, moving to her. He pressed his body against her, throwing over his arm. He kissed the back of her neck fondly before falling asleep.


Dan awoke to a slight whimpering, looking around he spotted Rennie on the edge of the bed, rubbing her vagina slowly. “You don’t need to fantasize, I’m right here.” She jumped with a startled yelp “You scared me! But I’m glad you’re awake…” she leaned over to him, kissing passionately. He kissed back, opening his mouth as she did, both of them pushing their tongues in, exploring. Rennie could feel herself becoming wet, feel her need increasing. “Oh, forget foreplay!” She ordered, shifting into position above Dan’s erect penis. She lowered herself, guiding her lover’s cock to her pussy’s entrance until she felt it poke her sensitive vaginal lips. “It has been too long…” Rennie moaned, lowering further, Dan’s cock sliding in with out any resistance. She squealed with delight, leaning back. Dan, already exited beyond rational thought, reached into her thick chest-fur to grab her breasts, there was an almost ethereal feel to her yellow coat that he could not get enough of. Rennie, reaching out with a paw, pulled the luxurious bed sheets up around her shoulders, enjoying the satin like texture of the material, before leaning onto her lover kissing lustfully, which he gladly returned. The door burst open, “Dan! I found one… ah…”

It was Juliar “Do you mind!” Rennie demanded “OK… uh, sorry… see you later.” He left hurriedly, his face flaming red. Rennie looked back to Dan “Now, where were we?” She leaned to him again, continuing their interrupted french kiss. Braking off she giggled “I hope you’re ready for this.” Dan looked at her quizzically, she reached down to his groin and, using a claw, tickled his ball sack. “Ah! Don’t stop, Rennie!” She continued administrating that pleasure, using another two claws while she began raising up, easing off his member before dropping back down, building a rhythm and squeezing Dan’s clock with her vaginal muscles. Rennie stopped the motion on his balls, concentrating on her humping motion, “Hey! I said don’t stop.” Dan said in a upset voice, his grin giving away the fakery “Are, uh… you, uh… going to just, uh… sit there?” She said between moans “Your right, I’m just being lazy.” He grinned wickedly. She gave a quiet squeak when Dan moved, picking her up and switching their positions, him now on top. His first thrust was slow, pushing in as far as he could before withdrawing with equal slowness; driving Rennie crazy. “Stop being lazy! Go faster!” She demanded playfully “Right-o your loveliness!” Dan played along, increasing the pace. She moaned; sweat standing out on her forehead and rivulets of her juices flowing onto the bed. He also began sweating, the pleasure becoming unbearable “Ah! I’m cumming!” Dan yelled “Me too!” She replied feverishly. He quickened his thrusts, the wet noises of their sex becoming very loud. They both came at the same time, Rennie’s fluids suddenly flooding around Dan’s cock which was throbbing as his cum spurted into her; ending their frenzied tempo.


“That was good…” Rennie commented with exhaustion, “Well, you know what they say; the longer you wait, the better it is.” Dan agreed, getting up from the bed, “Where are you going?” She blinked “Juliar thinks you aren’t the only one from your world here. A creature has been sighted that looks very much like the local monsters but is too intelligent to be one of them.” Dan informed her “Does he have a picture of it?” She asked, very curiously, “Yes, that’s what he said he found when he burst in.” Rennie giggled rather wickedly “Did you see the look on his face though? His head looked as if it had been turned into a big tomato!” Dan waved his finger “Now, now, Rennie. He knows we’re lovers, so you can think again about that silly scheme I can see brewing.” Rennie laughed sheepishly “Am I really that transparent?” Dan shook his head, also laughing, “More than you can ever know!”


After Dan had got himself dressed, they both went in search of Juliar. “Where is he?” Dan grumbled to himself “Oh, don’t worry so much. He has to be here somewhere.” Rennie giggled, still feeling the afterglow from their love making. “There he is!” He jumped, spotting the King walking along a hallway at the end of the one they are in. They both ran after Juliar, “Juliar! You said you found one?” Dan called to him. “Oh, Dan. You’ve finished playing I take it?” Rennie giggled, going red in the face. Juliar glanced at her, noticing a pinkish color between her legs, he blushed and looked back to Dan. She spotted him looking, giggling and blushing more prominently. Thankfully, Dan did not see this “Right. I have it here.” Juliar produced the rough sketch from a pocket “Rennie, do you recognize this?” He said, showing her the picture. She gasped when she saw it. “What? Do you know what it is?” Dan asked seriously “Yes… That is a Tolnamon. They are real trouble makers and I have seen much more powerful Digimon than I get squished like insects by these things.” Juliar looked puzzled “Huh? What’s a Digimon?” Dan quickly filled the gap in his knowledge “All of the different types of Rennie’s race are called Digimon collectively.” He seem to understand this short explanation “Right. So, what should we do?” Rennie said bluntly “Get rid of it.” Dan was shocked by her coldness “And, for a moment, I though I knew you.” Rennie gave him a withering look “It has been agreed, in my world, that Tolnamon can’t be considered Digimon. They have no social structure, no morals, no nothing! And, anyway, I hate them personally.” Juliar was shocked too “Why?” She lowered her face “I don’t want to talk about it.” Juliar scratched his head “Well, I suppose we have decided on a course of action then.” Just as they were preparing to go their separate ways about the palace a guard ran up to them “Sir! There is a troll army approaching the city!” Rennie sighed “This keeps happening in my world too. Tolnamon tend to gather groups of other unsavory creatures to do their bidding.”


Dan and Rennie walked down the hallway in silence. Dan caught the faint sound of Rennie’s crying. “What’s the matter?” He sympathized “It’s just a bad memory, it’s nothing.” She tried to avert his interest “But it is to you. Come on, you can tell me.” She looked at him, her eyes brimming. She flung herself at him “Oh! But it’s horrible.” She wailed “Lets go back to our room, you can tell me all about it there. You’ll feel better after.” He hugged her with one arm, trying to calm her down.


Dan handed Rennie a drink, “Tell me when you’re ready.” He said, waiting for her weeping to stop. “OK… It happened year ago, when I was still very young… I was with my parents, walking through a forest near to where we lived. We got attacked by a Tolnamon…” She broke out in another bout of sobs “Hey! It’s OK.” He got up and sat next to her, putting his arms over her. She calmed enough to go on “It tied me and my father to a tree. Then it… it…” She whimpered slightly “It grabbed my mother and raped her. She screamed for so long!” Rennie burst into tears again “Shhh! I’m here!” Dan pulled her into a tight embrace, letting her cry on him. She cried for a minute on his shoulder, shuddering at the memory. “And when it finished…” Rennie sobbed loudly “It tore her to pieces!” Dan could see that this was hurting her deeply; her voice was becoming hoarse from all the crying. “There was so much blood! And there was so little left… I could only see one of her paws clearly… still twitching!” Her crying became regretful “The noise of it… I can still hear it… My father broke out of his bonds… Freed me, told me to run…” Dan stroked her arm “I ran so hard… I could hear my dad dying… Then I fell into a hole, the Tolnamon walked right past… I was so scared!” She raised her chin slightly to look at Dan “It’s alright. That monster is probably dead by now.” Rennie laughed bitterly “I saw to that personally. I… stalked it for days, waiting for a chance… I lost my patience, I climbed a tree with a large boulder, as big as I could carry. I used that rock on it… I am… ashamed, I enjoyed watching it fall unconscious… I can’t!” She lowered her head again, crying uncontrollably “It’s OK. It deserved what it got.” Dan whispered “No! I went too far… I… It… I carved some sharp edged stakes with my claws and… drove them into it’s body…” Dan could not believe it “Did that kill it?” Rennie sobbed “I wish that it did… I kept it alive for days… torturing it constantly… I lost my mind entirely! I just couldn’t stop, I… relished in it’s suffering…” Dan just couldn’t imagine her doing such a thing, yet he could tell she this was the entire truth “It died after two weeks, I killed it myself, I… Cut open it’s stomach, all it’s intestines fell out… It kept begging me to stop but I didn’t! Then I sliced open it’s chest and… pulled out it’s heart… Still beating… And I… I’m so ashamed! I ate it’s heart in front of it’s face, it just stared… gurgling at me…” She moved away from Dan “I went home then, everyone knew I had gone mad. I just couldn’t stop laughing, and the blood… The people in the village were kind to me, they kept me fed because I often forgot to eat. Someone, I don’t remember who, was there when my madness broke. I was laughing at the time, I just suddenly stopped and my eyes focused… I was told that my insanity had lasted fifty years.” She leaned forward, putting her hands over her face. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I can forgive you.” Dan said simply, she looked up gratefully “Thank you.”





To be continued…


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