Shall We Dance?

By PokePimp



Disclaimer: This story has sexual content. Anyone under 18 is (un)kindly asked to leave. If you are under 18 and do not listen; I’LL COME OVER THERE A GIVE YOU THE BEATING OF YOUR F***ING LIFE!!!



As The God of Stupid says “You don‘t need a mind to be happy but you do need one to enjoy it.”


And as I said after him “Go to hell! *BANG*”


As he said in reply “You shot me! You bloody asshole!”






The lights in the full club flashed and pulsed as heavy techno music blared out of gigantic speakers which reached from floor to ceiling. A bright green spotlight swept past a table, briefly illuminating something that looked out of place in this human gathering place. His black, cat like scaly face turned to the front, his green cat eyes staring at the DJ.


He smiled as the music changed and a blue female Renamon approached him with two large drinks “Here‘s your beer, Black.” She handed him the one in her left paw.


Black took it in his own three fingered hand, the scales flashing as they caught the light “Thanks, Ren.” He took a long drink from the glass.


“How can you keep drinking? You‘ve already had twelve!” Ren pulled out a chair and sat next to him.


“Thirteen now.” He put down the empty glass.


She gave him a withering glare “Good thing I‘m driving…” She tipped back her own drink slightly to take a quick sip “You would crash us into a tree for sure.”


“I think so too… Anyway… good thing human drinks aren‘t as strong as the ones at home or I‘d be snoring by now…” He pushed himself up from the table “I‘m going to he loo. I‘ll be back in a sec.”


“No doubt to throw up. That stuff you‘re having tastes horrible!” She smiled, watching him stumble over to a door next to the bar “Always the drunkard…”




Black manage to find his way to a urinal and get the zipper on his grey jeans open without too much trouble “Phew…” He let out a quick breath as he relieved himself.


A human in the corner looked up and spotted the scaly visitor, he flashed a predatory grin before speaking “Do you need anyt’ing?”


Our main character jumped, looking round “What? Me?”


“Yeah, you. I got jus’ abou‘ anyt’ing you migh‘ want.”




“Like dis stuff.” The man pulled a sealed bag from his pocket “Put some o‘ dis in a lady‘s drink an‘ she go all weak…”


“Really… Hm…” Black considered it in his drunk mind “How much?”


The now obvious drug dealer blinked at how easy that had been “Special price… only ten dollar a hit…”


“OK. I think I have that…” He zipped up; realising he had finished a moment ago. He then reached into his back pocket, withdrawing some change. He sorted through it and picked out ten dollars worth “Here.”


The dealer took the money quickly, pressing the bag into Black’s hand “We never met.”


“O… K?” The Dragon/Digimon hybrid took the powder.




Ren watched the people dancing “Where is he? I want to dance, dammit!”


Black appeared from the toilets with a foolish grin and walked over “I‘m back!”


“It‘s about time! I‘d like to go dancing sometime tonight!” She scolded him.


“Right. One more drink first?” He took note of her empty glass.


“Alright… If it makes you happy.”


“Just a sec…” He walked to the bar and leaned over to talk to the bartender “I‘ll have a beer and a lemonade, please!” He had to yell over the music; human ears being much less perceptive than most. The drinks came in short order, he took them and started back to the table. Black looked around quickly before pouring the powder he bought into Ren’s drink with an exited shiver.




Ren looked up as her drink appeared in front of her “Ah! Thanks!” She picked it up and drank it quickly.


Black had his beer just as fast, he breathed heavily after finishing “Care to dance, now?”


“You know I want to!” She was up in a split second and dragged her startled date towards the throng already moving to the rhythm “Finally!” She immediately began dancing like everyone else.


He grinned as her body rubbed against him and he joined in, his developing erection straining against his pants “Oh, damn… You‘re getting me exited!”


“I noticed…” She gave a wicked laugh and pushed her groin on him “Don‘t get any ideas!”


“I won‘t, I won‘t…” Black almost jumped out of his scales.




The lively bump n’ grind music eventually stepped down a notch as closing time approached. The DJ pulled a mike towards him and shouted over the collective groans of disappointment “Closing in half an hour! Sorry!”


“That… was fun…” Ren stretched an ache out of her back as she panted from exhaustion.


Black was in a similar state “Yeah…” He winced as his member gave an extra hard throb “Damn… This kinda hurts…” He pulled the front of his trousers to relieve the pressure slightly.


“Hmm…” She giggled quietly and put a paw to her forehead, feeling dizzy from the dancing… or so she thought. She frowned as the nauseating sensation intensified “Shit…” and she fell to her knees “Great… now I feel terrible… Urgh…”


Black blinked as he slowly remembered spiking her drink “Let me help.” He put his hands under her arms and lifted her up, keeping her steady as they walked to a table.


She leaned back into the chair he placed her in with a groan “Now neither of us can drive.” She complained “Damn…”


“Well… we can sleep on a bench or something… I‘ve always wanted to try that for some reason…”


“Be serious… We’ll get a cab.”


“ We can‘t… I have no money left.”


“You spent all the money? Jesus, that was dumb.”


“Hey! You didn‘t exactly stop me!”


“I didn‘t know.”


“But…” Black realised he had lost this argument “You‘re right… I have some cash at home, I‘ll use that.”


“Good.” She smiled triumphantly.




Black half carried Ren into the street “There‘s a place round the other side of the club.” He pointed with his free hand to a short ally.


“Whatever gets us home quicker.” She groaned, nausea hitting again.


He walked her into the dark passage, glancing along its length. He spotted the perfect place; a gap between two dumpsters, a completely hidden space. He moved into it “Perfect.”


Ren frowned “Huh? What?” She blinked as he pushed her back against one of the large metal bins “Bugger… you wouldn‘t… no…” She shivered as Black nibbled her neck “No! Stop it!”


He placed a hand over her mouth “Sh!” His other hand pulled his trousers down, freeing his dick. She saw it and screamed behind the hand keeping her silent, trying to draw some attention.


‘You bastard! I fucking hate you, Black!’ She couldn’t say anything but tried. Ren whimpered as something iron hard pressed onto her pussy ‘NO!’ His cock entered her with some difficulty ‘No…’ He humped in further ‘I wanted my first time with him… but not… like this… not like this!’ She pleaded with her eyes but he didn’t see, his being tightly closed. A sharp pain caused tears to blur her vision ‘Please, stop… please…’


Black felt something impeding his progress “Huh? Oh…” He realised what he had just run into and pushed harder, it broke slowly, seemingly with a great reluctance.


Ren screamed louder this time, she bit the hand over her mouth and screamed again when it flinched away “HELP!!!” Her body twitched uncontrollably from the terrible agony “BLACK! STOP!”


He did not hear clearly, his drunk mind filled only with lust “Oh, shut up…” He put his hand back on her mouth and slammed her head on the dumpster, she went limp in his grasp. He thrust yet again, moving his dick deeper “So tight…”


She could hear a ringing in her ears from the blow, she started crying silently while he rode up into her unwilling body ‘It isn’t fair… I didn’t even…’ Her eyes went wide ‘That last drink… He drugged me!’ Another shove hilted him.


Black groaned, he had imagined this while they had danced “Great…” He pulled out slowly before plunging in again with force “Oh, yes…” Another thrust “You feel so good, Ren…” He moaned and sent his free hand into her chest fur, feeling her breasts as he built a tempo.


Ren’s body tensed, she brought her paw up to try and hit him but found that all her strength had gone. She couldn’t manage it. Her tears dripped off her face and her insides stretched as his dick went in yet again ‘I… hate you…’ She couldn’t keep her thoughts straight, each thrust now only causing mild pain but the emotional side tainted everything. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine a different situation.


He growled and moved his hand to the corner of the dumpster, the solid metal groaned as he bent it out of shape “Ren… I… Here I… Oh, hell!” His balls responded to a silent command, his cock buried itself for the last time and pulsed as cum shot out. He removed his other hand from her mouth to punch the metal behind her.


“N-…no…” She cringed as hot jiz filled her. Ren trembled right up to the last pulse of his meat before collapsing.


“That was great, Ren!” Black exclaimed, he pulled out and let her sink to the floor. He doubled over, taking his cock in his mouth and cleaning it off. He stood back up straight “You taste…” Her sobbing made him stop “Ren?” He reached to her.


“D-Don‘t…” She cringed “Don‘t touch me…”


“Don‘t be silly. We do need to get home.” He was blissfully oblivious, in his drunken state, to the fact that he had made a terrible mistake and pulled her to her feet “Lets grab that cab now, eh?” He blinked “Ren?” She had fallen unconscious “You‘re really tired…” He smiled, hefting her into his arms “I guess I‘ll have to carry you.”




Ren’s eyes flicked open. She could feel something soft under her, she tried to sit up but found a scaly arm round her.


Black woke up to a whining sound “Huh?” His gaze focused on a blue figure next to him “Ren…? What…?” He put a hand to his head and blinked, remembering something “Oh shit… I didn‘t…” A glance to Ren’s frightened face confirmed his thoughts “Fucking hell! I-I did! Argh, Black, you idiot!” He put both his hands on the sides of his head.


Bastard!!!” Ren yelled as she teleported away.


“Ren! Wait! I‘m…” He realised she had already gone “… sorry…”



The End!



Note from the Author: This one actually has a moral! Get yourself drunk and you WILL do something stupid! DON’T FUCKING DRINK TOO MUCH, DAMMIT!!!