Mistakes and Forgiveness 2



Disclaimer: This story contains adult material! All characters are property of whoever copyrighted them in the first place.


This lemon is set directly after the original Mistakes and Forgiveness… and I thought it was a one off story…


And I quote…

TO THE LEMON!!!  >_<




Renamon slumped over Rika, both of them breathing heavily and perspiring whole bucket loads onto the already soaked bed; the stench of sex in the room so thick it would even give a Tibetan monk a hard on. They were both exhausted by their marathon of fun activities, their cum encrusted bodies giving mute evidence against them “I… I think we should stop…” Renamon panted.


Rika’s head dipped with weariness “Me too… God, you’re good at this…” She moaned as she tried to recall how many orgasms she had enjoyed over the past ten hours.


Renamon pulled away from her, strings of thick cum bridged the gap that had appeared between them; their last round had caused the most mess by far. “I think I’d better have a shower.” He chuckled weakly.


Rika let her mind wander over the past four years as he left the room, she immediately picked out a fond memory; she let it replay in her mind as she dozed… three and a half years ago, Renamon’s first proper job…



Renamon carried the heavy load of metal struts with relative ease but keeping balanced required much more energy, he put each of them into place carefully and stepped back to check the alignment; panting slightly. Unknown to him, a fellow worker was planning a practical joke; the man ‘accidentally’ dropped a hugely heavy industrial sack full of loose rubble, aiming to give the Digimon’s tail a little squishing. Renamon stepped back at the precise wrong moment, the bag crashed in front of him; he was unable to hold his balance and fell two stories, hitting the ground hard.


The prankster immediately dropped his tools and hurried down, running over to the stunned kitsune “Sorry buddy, I didn’t mean to kno-” He didn’t even finish his sentence as Renamon punched him through a wall, luckily only sustaining a couple of fractured ribs.



Rika laughed suddenly, the conclusion to the memory snapping her out of her tired state. She got off the bed and walked into a bathroom, Renamon visible through the shower curtain as he washed off; struggling to reach his back. She walked over and stepped into the tub behind him “Need a hand?”


He sighed in exasperation “Sure, just can reach my back…”


Rika took the shower head from him and grabbed the shower gel from the side, she rinsed off the worst of the sticky mess before rubbing in some gel with a slow kneading motion; she could feel the muscles in his back loosen gradually from the massage like wash. Renamon grunted in satisfaction when she rinsed the soap out of his fur, taking the shower head after she finished “Your turn.”


Rika turned her back obediently; her partner repeated her motions precisely after the worst washed off, giving a strong massage in return. She let her body relax as his three fingered paws rubbed circular patterns. She giggled while he tickled her sides before going down, giving her ass a squeeze “I though you were tired!” She grabbed his paws.


Renamon smirked “I am but your skin feels nice.” He turned her around and began washing Rika’s front ‘Damn… she’s so sexy!’


She moaned as he ran over her breasts, lingering on them before giving the nipples a pinch and moving on. “Ah… that’s good…” She sighed, her belly now getting some attention. The water cascaded over her, making her drowsy; her eyes snapped open. Renamon rubbed between her legs slowly, pausing often to tickle the sensitive folds of her pussy before trailing along it’s length. Rika breathing came in gasps, she moaned loudly as Renamon pushed a finger in; he slid the single digit in as far as possible, stopping only when he had got it all in. He pulled out, plunged back in; keeping a slow tempo. She cried out when she climaxed, adding more to the fluids already flowing to the plug hole. Renamon removed the finger and brought it to his mouth, licking off Rika’s honey. He continued to wash her off.


The doorbell went off. Renamon jumped “What’s the time?” He looked round the shower curtain at a clock on the far wall “When is your mother supposed to be visiting?”


Rika looked at the clock as well “Shit… Now!”


He jumped out of the shower, grabbing a towel from a rail “I’ll get the door, it’s still early so I think she’ll believe this; I’ve just got out of the shower and you have just got in. Any holes?” He finished drying off, replacing the towel.


Rika nodded “That should work. Just make sure she doesn’t go in the bedroom.”


‘That would give us away…’ He opened the door and went out, he walked through the living room and the kitchen before coming to the front door; he opened it “Ah. Rumiko, we weren’t expecting you for a little while.”


Rika’s mother stepped in “its , I had said I would be here exactly then.”


Renamon tried to keep from sweating as he gave Rika’s excuse “OK. Rika is in the shower at the moment, do you want some tea?”


She sat down in the living room “Please.” He heaved a little sigh of relief and went about the kitchen, getting down all the bits needed.


Rika poked her head out of the bedroom, she came out and closed the door behind her “Good morning, mother.”


Her mum looked round “Glad to see you have settled in well. Sorry I couldn’t visit earlier.”


Rika waved her hand “No problem. You have your own life as well.”


Renamon came through from the kitchen and handed them both a cuppa, the tamer’s mum took a sip “You make a good cup of tea, thanks.”


He blushed as his partner replied for him “He is something special when it comes to drinks.” Rika smiled broadly at him ‘And I don’t just mean tea…’


Her mother took another sip, the silence stretched on for a moment “Have you managed to find a new job?”


He blinked and sat down “Yes. I am working at a construction site four blocks from here.”


“Have you made sure they are paying you right, this time?”


“Checked the law on that matter myself, they have honored their word; so far.”


Rumiko nodded “Great news. Rika, how are your studies progressing?”


Rika smiled warmly “Very well, I should have my degree in a few months.” She sat down next to Renamon; he put his arm round her shoulders unconsciously and drew her closer.


Nether he or his tamer noticed this familiar gesture but Rumiko did, one of her eye brows shot up as she thought to herself ‘Everyone knows they are close friends… but… that seems a little too close…’


Just then, an explosion could be heard out side on the streets; Rika instinctively grabbed her Digivice from the side “Sorry mum but we have to go!” She ran out the front door with Renamon close behind.


Rumiko blinked at how fast they had left, she snapped out of it and gave chase “Rika! Get back here!” All the while thinking ‘They couldn’t…’



A Digimon, BlackWarGraymon, could be seen demolishing buildings as people ran in all directions. Rika arrived with Renamon via the side exit to their home “Shall we tell him this is a no-destroy-everything zone?” Rika muttered.


Renamon nodded “Let’s. I’ll have to digivolve to beat him.” He watched Rika swipe a blue card but nothing happened “What the… It didn’t work!”


His tamer frowned “In that case, all we can do is distract him while we wait for the heavy cavalry to arrive; are you up to it?”


He smiled “He may be big and powerful but I have the speed!” He leapt into battle, raking his claws across the invader’s face. It turned and swatted him down into the ground “How can it be so fast…” He stopped talking as the draconian Digimon kicked him into a building.


“Terra Destroyer!” BlackWarGraymon followed up with it’s special attack; blowing the building to piece.


Rika screamed “RENAMON!” She could see him, draped over a lamp post; he wasn’t moving. “No… and I can’t do anything… What if…” She looked at the button that had appeared on her Digivice after they had become much more than friends, she had refrained from ever pressing it; afraid of what it might do. She resolved herself ‘He is doomed… without my help.’ She pressed it.


The digivice immediately bathed her in a rainbow of light “What?” Text appeared on the screen ‘TriCrest Fusion’ She blinked and felt herself being downloaded, not unlike being transported to the digital world…


The light that enveloped her whisked the data that she had just been transformed into and plunged into Renamon.



Rika opened her eyes “Where am I?” She spotted Renamon lying on the featureless ground, she ran over to him “Renamon! Are you OK? Wake up! Please!” She stopped suddenly “But what… of course!” Rika smiled and hugged the unconscious from to her “I see now… Renamon…” She closed her eyes and kissed him…



Rumiko exited the door just in time to watch her daughter get transferred into Renamon “Rika?” She stuttered.


Renamon suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the Digimon bearing down on him “I don’t think so!” He started smoking pink vapor from his body and leapt away, dropping to the floor “The power… I feel… Rika…” BlackWarGraymon’s attack tore the lamp post to pieces and it roared in frustration. Renamon suddenly punched it from behind, sending it flying down the street.



Rika kept her eyes closed; Renamon returned the kiss and wrapped his arms about her. She responded and pressed her body to him; her hands tracing out his heavy muscles. Their tongues soon fought each other, wrapping round; exchanging saliva…



Renamon could feel the ethereal touch of his Tamer’s hands and her lips on his; her actions inside of him intense.. He spread his arms wide as he felt her body pressing against him, a symbol materialized between them; the crest of love, power and soul connected by a blue triangle “Rika, I love you…” He whispered as the symbol suddenly collapsed on itself to form a new one, it’s complexity stunning to behold; it flashed white and began collecting energy from the very air as Rika and him passionately kissed in his mind’s eye. The power waves radiating from him caused deep cracks to appear in the road. The symbol suddenly erupted into an energy beam. It hit the BlackWarGraymon head on, getting pushed back into a building as it’s code dissolved into nothing.



Rika could feel energy tearing through her, mixed with an overpowering desire that completely overwhelmed her young mind… She slumped and passed out…



Renamon almost collapsed after the intense attack, Rika’s digivice glowed as she got thrown out. “Rika!” He bent over her. She didn’t respond, he picked her up carefully and nuzzled her neck “I’ll get you home, love.” Rumiko couldn’t believe what she had just seen or heard; she stepped in front of him with a furious expression,


“Tell me… Right now… What is going on!” She shouted at him.


He glared at her “Rika and I are much more than just friends now. I made a stupid mistake years ago and hurt her, I have been paying her back for it ever since. Almost instantly, I realized that …” He looked down at his sleeping tamer fondly “…she means everything to me. I love her more than you can comprehend. …” He looked back to Rumiko, returning to his harsh expression “If you have a problem with that… I don’t care, no one will separate us! Never!” He walked pass Rika’s startled mother and started up the stairs to home as he held onto her protectively.



Rika awoke to the warm feeling of Renamon’s body pressed against her own; she smiled “I guess we won…”


Renamon nuzzled at her neck again “We did. I couldn’t have done it without you.” He turned his head to look to someone “She’s awake.”


She tried to see who else was in the room, she spotted her mother and began sweating “Mum! I… erm…”


Rumiko shook her head “I already know. As long as you are happy, Rika.”


The tamer blinked in surprise “You mean…”


Her mother smiled, she didn’t agree with this but… “Yes. I won’t interfere; he makes you happy so… I guess I can live with it.”


Renamon gave his partner’s mother a direct look “I think we may need a little time… alone.” He could feel his cock coming to life slowly.


Rumiko’s face turned scarlet; she blushed even more when she noticed the Digimon’s dick starting to emerge from it’s sheath “Oh… Bye Rika.” She left in a hurry.


Rika gave Renamon a wicked grin, her body also burning up with need “I’d say that pretty much gets rid of her… Now… let’s have some of this alone time, hmm?”



Renamon switched their positions, Rika lying face up on the couch; his body comfortably resting on her “Renamon… do it to me again… what you did years ago…”


His jaw dropped in shock “Rika! No!”


She blushed and spoke timidly “That time… it was horrible but… I think of it now and it… makes me want you more…”


He silenced her with a finger “Are you sure you want me to do that?”


She nodded with a hungry look in her eyes “I want it so much!”


Renamon smiled “Tell me if I’m hurting you at all.” Rika didn’t get a chance to answer, he tore off her trousers and underwear before shoving his entire dick in her; she screamed and he stopped with fear in his eyes “Did I…”


She glared at him “Don’t stop!” He flinched back from the look she gave him and complied. Rika screamed more as he jack hammered into her cunt “HARDER!!!” He looked at her reddening face with concern but did as she wanted, forcing his cock in with an enormously loud squelch; pulling out with such suction that her body lifted off the couch. He fucked her like an animal “OH GOD, YES!!!”




Rumiko froze halfway down the corridor, hearing her daughter screaming with such passion; her face went a deep red again and she hurried to the lift ‘OK… My daughter is into that thing… but that racket just takes the cake!’ She thought as she tried to block out the noise that half the building could probably hear.




Rika gasped; sweat rolled over her violently rocking body, Renamon’s cock slamming into her. She listened to the noises this made; the slap as he pounded into her, the wet squelch as her flesh accepted his and the slurping as he drew back to begin the animalistic cycle of thrust and withdrawal again. Pain shot through her as his hard meat stretched and tore her insides but she loved the sensation, it made her feel that she belonged to him; she had never been dominated in such a way. Rika felt her peak approaching fast and began swiveling her hips to pleasure her lover and herself; she slammed into a wall of erotic bliss and screamed as loud as she could while her cunt tightened; a flood rushing out of her and coating the already slick rod moving like the firing mechanism of a machine gun.


Renamon listened to Rika’s scream; the tightening around his dick almost sent him over the edge but he pulled back from it, suppressing his desire to cum into her ravaged body. Instead, he plowed onwards through her orgasm; his legs were wracked with exhaustion but he kept up the hard, fast humping he had started, even speeding up. A peculiar thought grew in him; he closed his mouth over one of her nipples and bit it gently, licking round the hard as steel nub. He nibbled her flesh, traveling to her other mound. Rika pushed her chest up as she climaxed again. He thrust even harder into his bitch… He almost stopped when what had just passed across his mind registered fully. He suddenly felt so dirty, looking up to her face, he saw a mix of emotions in her eyes. Lust burnt clear as day, pleasure and vapid adoration sat in almost equal amounts but a fourth one made him cold; there was fear mixed in there with a slight hint of pain ‘What am I doing?’ His body wouldn’t respond when he tried to stop; his teeth closed on Rika’s breast more forcibly this time and drew blood ‘No! I have to stop! I’m hurting her!’ Yet again, his body refused the command; his fucking became erratic as she soaked the couch with her juices again, whimpering quietly. Renamon flicked his eyes downward with a terrible premonition; there was blood oozing out around his cock as it moved out before he slammed into her again, his eyes went wide ‘NO! RIKA!’ Despite his efforts, he continued; his loins tightened and he pummeled Rika with several extra hard thrusts before exploding within her.


Rika almost passed out from the sheer intensity of her final orgasm and bucked her hips wildly as Renamon’s claws dug into her shoulders; his cock slammed into her one last time, cum blasting her innards. The milky seed dribbled out of her with her own liquid; she slumped, her breathing ragged “Renamon…” She gasped as he drew back from her with an ashamed look to him.


He looked at his blood stained paws “Rika… I’m so sorry…”


She struggled to sit up “Why?”


“I hurt you again… more… much more…” He raised his head to look at her again; he noticed claw marks on her arms, sides and thighs, most of which bled “I’ve really injured you this time…” Renamon hid his faced and sobbed “I treated you like some bitch!”


“Renamon… I loved what you did! Every moment of it! You made me feel that I belong to you… and I do.” She wiggled round to sit while giving him an intensive stare.


He trembled “But your body… Look what I have done to you!”


“I don’t need to. I know exactly what you did.” She shuffled up to cuddle him “I loved it; your claws running over me… Nothing has ever exited me so much.” She gripped his shaft “And this monster tearing through me… There is nothing more intense! I came a least three times!” Rika brought her mouth to his lips “Your teeth… Don’t get me started on them…” Renamon gasped; she had never spoken in such a dirty way to him before. He blinked when she licked his muzzle seductively “Learnt that trick from you…” She giggled wickedly as his cock sprung back up in her hand.


He was having trouble keeping still; her openly naughty actions aroused him “W-When?”


Rika moved her hand to play with the tip of his dick; smearing his precum around with her thumb “Don’t you remember? When you were still a female… a couple of weeks before your accident…”


Renamon almost fell off the couch “You didn’t…” He gaped with shock.


“Oh, but I did! What you did to that other Renamon… Just watching you seduce him made me so hot…” She then made a seemingly innocent gesture, rubbing one of his ears while nibbling his cheek “Remember this one?”


He remembered vividly. It had driven that particular mating partner wild… It was now having the same effect on him; his ears twitched as he growled softly “Oh, yes…”


“Good… Here comes another…” She nibbled his neck while her hands caressed his tail.


Renamon’s heart hammered in his chest as his Tamer reenacted what he had done in years past; all the while, Rika slid further down his body, touching him in seemingly random places. He stiffened when she licked around his cock; not actually touching it as she teased him “Enough!” He grabbed her by the thighs and flipped her onto her front.


Rika allowed him to mount her in an animalistic way; shoving his dick in her pussy with one stroke “God, YES!!!” Her entire body exploded with excitement and she pushed her ass back onto him “I’m your bitch! FUCK ME!!!”


He snarled; clamping his paws over her shoulders, his claws plunging into her again. Renamon thrust hard; making her scream, the cries of pleasure shutting down his rational mind. The couch shook; rocking from the force of their sex, the squealing protests of the furniture not even close in volume to the fusion of cock and cunt. The sheer unadulterated passion annihilating any sense of restraint. Renamon screwed into her; thundering through her body. Rika shuddered, twitching as a climax tightened her pussy. He felt the massive increase in resistance keenly; his meat screaming out for release, he granted it and began a series of lightning fast humps as his cum burst forth. They both stopped moving entirely, hugely loud moans and cries issued from them.




Rumiko pummeled the button to call the lift as she heard her daughter orgasming again; she blinked “Shit! I left my bag there!” She surprised herself with her own use of language “Should I…” She looked back down the corridor; the deafening silence now the only noise ‘Are they… done?’ She started walking hesitantly, reaching the door in short order. Her hand stopped half raised as she noticed the door was not closed properly ‘Just grab the bag and go…’ She snuck in, spotting her bag on the side. Rumiko picked it up and froze halfway back to the door; a quiet slurping could be heard from the living room. She blushed furiously as she curiously peeked in, her eyes going wide as she saw what the strange noise was ‘Oh my God!’ Rumiko stared as Rika sucked on Renamon’s huge rod; his muzzle buried in her pussy.




Rika sucked as hard as she could as her tongue worked round the head of her partner’s cock. She shivered as she felt him lapping her insides and took a deep breath before pushing down, taking Renamon’s entire dick. He groaned into her cunt, humping a couple of times. Rika chocked slightly but continued, sliding her head up and down; she pulled off entirely to breathe, licking the head attentively and swallowing the massive meat again. Renamon’s tongue was suddenly crushed as Rika leapt over the edge; he drank every drop of her cum as it flowed out, the stream of sweet juice stopped and he threw his head back to moan with ecstasy.




Rumiko watched, shocked as Renamon’s cock pulsed. Rika could not seal her lips round the shaft in time and creamy white cum splashed over her face, another wave blasted and she swallowed the small amount that had managed to stay in her mouth “Rika…?” Renamon mumbled as his orgasm subsided.


“Hmm?” She hummed back as she licked the larger remainder of his seed from around his dick.


He coughed “You do know we’re being watched, right?”


WHAT!” She sat bolt upright and stared at her mom, trying to cover herself “MOTHER!!!”


Rumiko’s face went redder than ketchup “I, erm, forgot my bag…”


“It’s on the side in the kitchen.” Renamon replied calmly as he nuzzled his lover’s neck.


Rika gasped and tilted her head to give him better access “R-Renamon!” She shivered; partly from embarrassment.


“What?” He blinked and stopped “Oh, right… Damn human prudishness…” He scowled with disappointment.


“Oh my…” The mother uttered as she finally noticed the injuries on her daughters body.


Renamon looked where she did and his ears fell “Uh-oh…”


“What the hell did you do?”


He felt a momentary pang of guilt “Well, I-”


Rika came to his defense “I wanted to try it the way his kind does…” She tilted her head “I kinda like it too…”


Rumiko spluttered for a moment before turning on her heel and leaving; slamming the front door behind her. Renamon grinned “Now where were we?”



The End…