Mistakes and Forgiveness



Disclaimer: This story contains adult material! All characters are property of whoever copyrighted them in the first place.


This lemon is set a few years after Rika and the gang finished their adventures in the Digital world. The only characters used here are Rika (who is now 17) and Renamon (who, for the purpose of making a good sex scene, is male – Read it to find out how, if you want to know…)


TO THE LEMON!!!  >_<




We see a city. Clouds broil overhead like some vast unsettled ocean while rain pours down so thick, you can’t see the horizon. All the buildings are blurred and indistinct as the view pans round. All except one… A single window on an old gray tower block, half way up the structure is in clear focus; the view zooms in to see a young woman, her hair blazing red as it cascaded down her back and over her shoulders. She turned away from the window, closing her purple eyes as she walked out of the kitchen; the various implements giving away the room’s purpose. “I don’t think the rain’s letting up.” She mumbled to an unseen presence.


“I’m sure we can go out later, Rika.” A voice sounded from the black leather couch in front of the 12 inch HD Plasma TV; showing a movie in stunning quality.


Rika, as she had been identified, nodded with a scowl “You’re right. I suppose I could try to get some sleep.” She turned and went through another door.


The view moves to look over the back of the couch at the owner of the voice. It’s a Digimon; yellow fur covered it’s body except on it’s front, paws and the end of it’s tail where it turned a soft white. It’s thin yet heavily muscled belly and chest displaying strength. It moved a paw to get an itch under a thick tuft of fur covering the top of it’s chest area, it revealed well developed abs; the absence of breasts signaling that it is a male.


He lay there while deep in thought as he watched the movie “It’s been two years and I still am not used to this…” He sat up, leaning back into the couch; breaking his train of thoughts for a moment to get comfortable “Why did I have to be so careless? I’m just lucky enough of my data survived for me to be reborn… or am I unlucky?” He sighed and turned off the TV with the remote control sitting on the arm rest “Getting hit by a stupid train is bad enough but… did I have to be reborn as a male?” The kitsune suddenly punched the cushion next to him with a curse “Fucking hell! I still don’t know how anyone can think straight with all these bloody hormones flying about… maybe that actually explains a lot…”


A few hours later he stood up and looked to the door that Rika had gone through “I guess I’d better see if she’s slept enough yet.”


Not a sound could be heard in the darkened room, except for Rika’s quiet breathing. Renamon teleported in close to the door and sighed in exasperation “Why does she keep doing that?” He thought as he moved to pull the bed sheets back up and over the sleeping woman. He froze when he felt a tingling between his legs and looked down, seeing his cock half erect; dangling out of its sheath ‘Damn it! Why does that always come out at the wrong time?’ The yellow warrior resisted the urge to shout random curse words and instead tried to finish what he had started. He grabbed the sheets and began pulling them back up but froze when he caught sight of Rika’s cunt, a vivid mental image flashed before his eyes; he almost jumped back, breathing heavily ‘What the fuck am I thinking?’ Renamon tried to turn away but couldn’t stop staring, his dick quickly reaching its full length; he involuntarily reached out with one paw ‘Oh God…’ He touched Rika with a single finger, flinching away when he heard her moan in her sleep ‘This is so wrong…’ He kneeled at the end of the bed and licked the slightly hairy pussy before him, making the woman moan again ‘She does taste nice… NO! I have to stop!’ He shook his head, trying to get these arousing thoughts out of his head; the musky smell from the now wet twat near his nose driving him insane “Rika… please forgive me…” Renamon whispered as he got up, walking round to the side of the bed and climbing on silently; covering Rika’s frame with his own and positioning his dick at her entrance.


Rika kept her eyes shut after waking up, she tensed when she realized that the bed sheets were on the floor ‘I always do that…’ She thought to herself, just then she felt the bed shift slightly ‘Renamon is probably just putting them back…’ She relaxed again. Rika could feel his fur on her, she puzzled over what he is doing; she didn’t think long however. Her eyes snapped open when she felt something poke her vagina; she looked up at Renamon’s black eyes “What are you doing?” She spoke groggily for she still felt very tired, her eyes went wide; his dick pushed into her. Rika immediately started screaming, her weariness vanishing “What are you doing? Stop! Renamon! No!” He didn’t seem to hear her, his eyes showed a deep lustful longing, his body acted of its own accord; ignoring the mind that is supposed to control it. Renamon thrust hard, separating the two folds covering her hot box forcefully as his cock slid in “Why…” Rika looked away, crying freely.


He couldn’t talk, his mind completely shut down as instinct took over; making him pull out and hump back in with harsh intent. Rika’s cries became louder, he couldn’t stop his hard meat pounding his partner; she screamed painfully as Renamon increased the pace, his lust driving him, fueling a burning desire deep in his belly. Rika felt helpless, too weak to resist; completely at her Digimon’s mercy, although she could not see any in what he is doing. He thrust as hard as he could, too hard for the young redhead to handle; she gave ear splitting shrieks every time the degrading motion repeated itself. The smells that greeted her nose made her want to vomit. Renamon could see the pain he is causing written on Rika’s pretty face but couldn’t stop. The sounds filling the room also sickened the frightened teen, the wet slapping as their thighs collided; Renamon’s cock fully burying itself in her tube before moving back out, glistening with lubrication, only to repeat; over and over. He began grunting, fucking even harder and faster; rocking Rika’s young body violently before suddenly exploding, cumming into her and completing the rape. She shuddered and gasped; the pain faded slightly and she felt a warm glow emitting from her full cunt ‘W-What the…’ She recognized that feeling.


The lusty fog that clouded Renamon’s mind lifted suddenly, he looked down at Rika; the look of anguish painted on her features tearing at his heart. “What have I done?” He demanded of himself as he withdrew suddenly. He pulled at his ears and ran out of the bedroom.


‘Did I…’ Rika whimpered quietly as she picked herself up off the bed “Renamon…” Blood trickled down her leg as she stood up, she walked to the door weakly; part of her wanting to flee but another side, a stronger side, demanded to know why, the reason behind this brutal attack… and something more ‘I… Enjoyed it when he came! How could I…’ She shuffled into the living room to find Renamon sitting in a corner with his legs drawn in and his face hidden behind his arms “Renamon, why?” She managed to walk closer with difficulty, fearing what she had called friend not long ago.


Renamon just curled up tighter in response to her question, hearing her speak in such a heart broken voice made him cry with regret. They both remained still, in almost total silence for several minutes before he tried to talk between sobs “Rika… I can’t… I… don’t deserve you…” He had something in his hand; Rika recognized her Digivice and gasped as he crushed it in his paw before putting it on the floor “I’ll… leave now… I don’t want to… hurt you again…”


She became angry and started yelling despite her battered body “That’s it… You… You raped me and then… decide to leave! I… don’t want you to… go…” Rika’s shout petered off mid sentence as she hung her head. Tears welled up in her eyes again ‘I feel… Oh God… This can’t be right!’


Renamon recessed further into himself as the full implication of what he had done to her hit him like a brick wall “I… please, forgive me!” He reached out to her but stopped when she flinched away from his paw. Rika’s weeping grew worse and she unexpectedly dashed forward to bury her face in his chest fur “Rika…”


‘I… I can’t believe it… I want…’ She looked up into his eyes “We’ll just have to try again…”


He blinked in confusion “What?” The meaning of what she had just said sunk in and he gasped “Rika! I don’t want to do that to you again!” Renamon pushed her off.


Rika frowned and sat back against the wall, hugging her knees “Please… I don’t want to remember today like this.” She spoke softly, almost to herself.


His ears twitched slightly as he looked at the floor between his feet “I can’t, it’s wrong.”


‘I haven’t felt like this with anyone before…’ “Do you love me?” She spoke calmly but some grief crept into her voice.


‘Not like that! But…’ Renamon looked out the window in the kitchen with wide eyes ‘Oh crap… I do! YES! I DO!’ The weather seemed to be improving “Yes… I…”


“Then why won’t you help me forget…” Rika grabbed his paw.


“But…” He struggled to find some point he could make to convince her, he stopped; why is he refusing? She wants him to do it “Are you… sure?”


She virtually leapt on him “Yes… Please… I need this…”


Renamon suddenly felt irrationally nervous as Rika’s faced closed in on his. Their lips touched lightly, he breathed in sharply at the feelings that came with that touch; she pushed her lips to his muzzle again, trying to invade his mouth with her tongue. He tried and failed to keep his arms by his sides as he allowed her entry, countering with an attack from his own tongue; his paws running along her back gently. Rika could feel herself becoming exited, the pain from the recent mistake melting from her; being overlaid with better sensations and feelings ‘I love him! I want him!’ She shuffled along to sit on Renamon’s lap, breaking the kiss to look down at his body; she ran her hands through the chest fur, feeling the muscles partially hidden underneath it. His head rolled back as he moaned, his paws running lower down her back. Rika’s eyes went wide when she spotted his dick, she couldn’t believe it could be so big; fully thirteen inches long and two in diameter ‘God… how did that fit in me?’ She looked into his eyes “Be gentle…” She whispered.


‘I… I’ve always loved her! Even as a female…’ That realization was like a slap in the face. He nodded “OK…” Rika spread her legs, placing her knees either side of Renamon’s strong body; he stretched out his legs to get them out of the way, holding her up by the hips “Are you sure about this?” He had to make certain that she hadn’t changed her mind.


She smiled in response “I am.”


The yellow kitsune nodded, he carefully lowered her down onto his meat; she groaned as it stretched her flesh again but much gentler this time ‘Yes… Feels so good…’ Renamon felt her hands on his back, caressing slowly as he let gravity ease her downwards; carefully embedding his cock. Rika gave a content sigh as her ass came to rest on his thighs; her arms tightened their hold on him when he stood up, holding her in position. He lay down on the couch with Rika on top, his arms copied hers and wrapped round her. Renamon started a simple motion, he eased her up his body; his dick sliding out. He stopped as his member became half visible and pushed her back onto it with the same slowness “Renamon… I… love you too…” She whimpered, giving the explicit feeling an outlet; this sweet love making not about lust or desire. Rika helped the slow movements, shivering; the pleasure washing over her in such a pure form. Renamon felt the same, although lust burned at the back of his mind he did not allow it to control him; instead enjoying the sensation of her flesh gripping his cock, her soft skin rubbing along his body. Rika similarly enjoyed the feeling of his fur, the way it brushed her; exiting and soothing at the same time while her insides rippled in time with his slow thrusts. The smell that sickened her earlier wafted around the room; this time she breathed it deeply, sampling it as fully as she could and liking it to some extent. Their breathing became heavier although the rhythm remained unchanged and sweat started to appear on them. Rika gave a long sigh as her climax passed through her slowly, not enough to overwhelm but not too little to be highly enjoyable; she felt as if it lasted eons, the feeling never ending. Renamon also came with such length, his cum barely dribbling into her heat; each throb of his genitals far apart and passing so gently. They both could feel intense pleasure, such pleasure… The sensations washing over them like the incoming tide on a perfectly calm day, the love they also could feel doubled, quadrupled; multiplying itself ten-fold with every moment. Neither of them realized themselves drifting out into that sea together, the experience cradling them as they silently left the realm of reality; their dreams beckoning.


Rika woke first, she looked around with tired eyes; blinking slowly at the bright sunlight throwing a golden color onto everything in the room. She looked down to Renamon, the light made his fur glow like pure gold; even the white fur on his chest shimmered brightly ‘Thank you, Renamon…’


His eyes flickered open, meeting hers; they both closed their eyes and rubbed against one another’s cheeks ‘Oh, Rika…’ How long they remained like this, neither could say but Rika gasped quietly when a thought occurred to her “What is it?” Renamon spoke very softly, his words barely audible.


Rika climbed off him “The Digivice!”


Those two words blasted through him like a thunder bolt “Oh-no…”


She went over to where it lay on the floor. Amazingly, it showed no sign of damage; still fully functioning as she picked it up and went back to the couch “You were never meant to leave… This is proof…” She showed it to Renamon.


‘I could have sworn I broke it…’ He took it and studied it, noticing a new button on the top; large and gray, it had a blue triangle on it with the crests of love and power in their respective colors but a new symbol on the top point… Renamon recognized it, where he had seen it before eluded him entirely… The crest of soul. He handed it back “The new button… it has three crests on it… Love, Power and Soul. All connected by the points of that triangle.”


Rika examined it herself “This must be significant. There is no way this appeared now by coincidence but what does it do?” She pondered the mystery.


Renamon smiled “We can find out later, the weather has improved.” He pointed out the window.


She blinked “Did we really spend that much time together?” Another thing for her to think about.


The fox Digimon nodded “I guess we did… I love you so much!” He gave her a very tight and completely spontaneous embrace.


The tamer wheezed slightly “Ah… Can’t breathe here…” He let go of her with a deep blush “I love you too… let’s go somewhere nice.” She smiled with happiness.


Renamon coughed “You might want to get dressed first…” She blushed as she looked down at her naked body.