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Date Started: 8-2-2003

Characters Involved: Ash / M.Charizard / Misty

Story: Six months after the events of “Forgive and Forget 2”, Ash and Charizard have forged a strong relationship.  When Misty finds out about their love affair, the two males make her pay…

Relationship Involved: M / M,  M/F/M


Forgive and Forget 3


Six months after Ash and Charizard made their romance official in the forest, they were out in the forest again, Ash sucking Charizard’s cock as the dragon-like Pokémon gasped and growled with delight.  Ash did all the things he knew his most powerful Pokémon liked; light bites, finger up his tailhole, Ash even squeezed Charizard’s balls a bit, Charizard moaning happily at each stimulus.  Ash knew Charizard enjoyed it all; his tail-flame burned serenely as Ash’s licking and sucking made Charizard squirm.  After a while, Ash tasted the familiar taste of Charizard’s cum, warm and sweet, like hot fudge.  The young trainer savored every drop of his writhing-with-pleasure Pokémon’s offering, Charizard smiling as he felt Ash swallow every drop.  After three minutes, Charizard’s orgasm ended and Ash laid onto his back, his cock straight up like a flagpole.

Ash: Come ‘ere, Charizard…

Charizard nodded, crawling over to Ash and sucking on his cock.  Ash gasped and moaned as Charizard bobbed his hot muzzle up-and-down on his trainer’s pole.  Charizard did unto Ash what Ash did unto him as the human sucked him off; the bites, the fingering, he even lightly squeezed Ash’s balls a bit, Ash gasping and panting and sweating, Charizard’s radiant heat warming him big-time.  Ash gasped and moaned, his hands taking Charizard’s head and his hips bucking into his Pokémon’s mouth, Charizard moaning and sucking and licking Ash’s cock all over.  After a while, Charizard tasted Ash’s familiar saltiness as his cum flew into the dragon’s mouth, Ash gasping and spasming as he orgasmed for nearly four minutes.  Charizard drank all of his trainer’s cum down, then hugged Ash close after he finished orgasming, Ash’s arms wrapping around Charizard’s neck.

Ash: Aw, Charizard…

Charizard purred as Ash held him close, his cock pressing against his trainer’s asshole.  Ash nodded and began lowering his ass on Charizard’s member, his Pokémon catching Ash’s drift and bouncing him on his yiffstick, Ash moaning Charizard’s name.

Ash: Aw, Charizard, yeah…

Charizard smiled and licked Ash’s face.  Then, Ash French-kissed Charizard, the fire dragon pumping Ash’s ass on his yiffstick faster and faster, both moaning and gasping as Ash felt Charizard pump him faster, harder, deeper.  After a while, Ash felt Charizard’s cock erupt in his tight ass, cum oozing out of his asshole and dribbling down his legs, pleasuring Ash with its warmth.  After nearly four-and-a-half minutes, Charizard’s orgasm ended, the fire dragon laying on his back, his tailhole exposed.  Charizard nodded at Ash and Ash nodded back as he began to pull his Pokémon’s member out of his ass.  Charizard helped by lifting Ash straight up, Ash gasping.  Ash then was put down on the ground near Charizard’s tailpipe, Ash nodding at his Pokémon.  Charizard nodded back, then gasped as Ash plunged his member deep inside his hot asstunnel.  Charizard moaned and growled with pleasure as Ash began humping his asspipe, his trainer gasping and hugging his waist, licking his stomach.

Charizard: Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

Ash: Huh?  Charizard?

Charizard: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, (struggles to say Ash’s name)

Ash: Aw…  C’mon, Charizard, you can do it…

Charizard heard his trainer’s encouragement and began trying harder to say his trainer’s name.  Ash yiffed Charizard’s rear passage harder, faster, deeper, the dragon shivering and moaning.

Charizard: (repeating): Ah…

Ash: C’mon, what’s my name…?

Ash yiffed Charizard deeper, harder, faster, both sweating profusely, the yiffing growing faster and more intense until, with a huge scream, Ash fired his load into his Pokémon.

Charizard: AH!

As Ash’s five-and-a-half-minute-long orgasm began winding down, Charizard got closer to saying Ash’s name.  Then, he let the name escape his lips, laying flat on his back, gasping and panting.

Ash: Charizard?

Charizard: Ah-ah-Ash…?


Ash hugged Charizard tight, Charizard gasping and hugging back, purring.

Ash: I love you, Charizard…

Charizard (slowly): I love you, too, Ash…

Ash gasped at his Pokémon’s confession and held him closer, tears of joy streaming down his face.  Charizard returned Ash’s hug, crying happy tears of his own.  After a while, Ash and Charizard came back with bundles of firewood.

Ash: Thanks for helping me out with this, Charizard.

Charizard (growling a bit): No prob, buddy-boy…

Misty: Humph!  And just HOW good “buddies” are you two?!

Ash and Charizard sweatdropped at this sudden straightforward accusation by Misty.

Ash: What do ya mean, Misty?

Misty: Oh, shut up, Ash!  You and Charizard disappear into the woods, where you two do HECK knows what and take for-EVER to get the firewood for our meals!  WHAT’S GOING ON WITH YOU TWO!?!

Charizard (whispered, raspy): I think we’d better leave her alone before she REALLY loses her temper…

Ash (whispered): I agree…


Ash and Charizard stammer for a moment, then stash the firewood by the campfire, Charizard using Ember to light some logs.  That night, Ash and Charizard were in their special tent (the large, fireproof, soundproof tent Ash bought in “Forgive and Forget 2”), getting ready for more action, when Charizard noticed Misty snooping around outside.  Charizard grinned almost evilly.

Ash: What?

Charizard: So, Mrs. Big-Shot wants to know what we do in the woods, eh?

Ash: Yeah…

Ash’s face broke into a similar grin.  Outside, Misty walked to her sleeping bag and fell asleep.  After a while, Ash brought out his Bayleef and the Grass-type pulled Misty’s sleeping bag into the tent.  After she was done, the Bayleef looked at Ash and Charizard.

Charizard: We’ll thank you later, Bayleef.

Bayleef: Bay, bay!

Ash: (laugh), Bayleef, return!

Ash recalled Bayleef, then the two males turned their attention to Misty.

Ash: Ready, Charizard?

Charizard: Yes, Ash, I’m ready.

Ash and Charizard walked to Misty’s side.  She had on a mask, so she couldn’t see Ash unzip her sleeping bag and Charizard pulling her out of it.  Ash then took Misty’s clothes off and motioned Charizard to have at her.  In her dream, Misty was walking through a meadow, naked, then she saw a Blastoise.  The Shellfish Pokémon walked to her, laid her down and began eating her out, licking her twat hard as Misty gasped and moaned.  In real life, it was Charizard eating her out.  Misty squirmed and moaned, then she saw a male Vaporeon in her dream, she opened her mouth and took the “Vaporeon’s” cock into her mouth; in real life, she was sucking Ash off, the trainer moaning a bit, before Charizard silenced him with his tail.  Ash looked down to see Charizard shaking a finger, as if to say, “Don’t do that yet.”.  Ash nodded in acknowledgement, then he saw Charizard move his cock to his trainer, Ash kneeling down and sucking his Pokémon off, making sure Misty was still sucking him off.  Charizard nodded at his trainer as Ash sucked him off, the human moaning his pleasures at being blown off.  After a while, Ash and Charizard blew their loads, Misty’s twatjuice filling Charizard’s muzzle as Ash tasted his Pokémon’s jism for the second time that day, firing his load into Misty’s mouth.  In her dream, Misty sucked down Vaporeon’s cum as Blastoise drank her twatjuice.  Then, the two Water-types switched places, as, in real life, Ash began eating Misty out as Charizard began receiving his blowjob from Misty, Ash’s cock near his face.  Charizard began sucking Ash’s member as Ash dove his tongue deep into Misty’s cunt, the Cerulean City Gym Leader oblivious to what was going on.  After a while, Misty stirred and awoke, shocked at Charizard’s cock in her mouth.  But then, remembering the pleasure that Charizard and Ash made her feel, she submitted, watching Charizard suck Ash’s cock right in front of her.  Misty chuckled despite Charizard’s large member in her mouth.

Misty (muffled): You two…?

Ash nods.

Misty (muffled): Wow…

Misty kept sucking Charizard’s cock, rubbing his balls and ass, causing Charizard to moan and groan.  Ash smiled as Misty pleased his Charizard, his lover growling with delight.  Misty moaned around Charizard’s yiffstick as Ash sucked her deeper and licked harder.  After a while, the trio had another orgasm, Misty’s twatjuice flowing into Ash’s mouth, Ash’s cum squirting into Charizard’s muzzle and Charizard’s cum flooding Misty’s face.  Charizard’s cum came out from around Misty’s lips, the girl letting the final few pulses cover her, gasping.

Misty: (laugh), guess I couldn’t handle it!

Ash: (laugh), I almost didn’t the first time, no big deal.

Charizard: Yeah, no sweat, babe.

Misty: (gasp), Charizard?!

Charizard: What?

Misty squealed and hugged Charizard, Charizard giving Ash a thumbs-up.  Ash returned it and Misty looked at them.

Misty: I'd've guessed Bayleef myself, Ash.

Ash: Bayleef came on to me.

Charizard: Witness.

The trio laughed, then Misty looked at them.

Misty: (points at Charizard) He good?

Charizard: Why don’t you find out for yourself?

Misty: Huh?

Charizard purred as he put Misty on her hands-and-knees and began eating her tailhole out, his hot tongue diving deep into the writhing girl.

Misty: OH, HELL YEAH!!!

Charizard chuckled, licking and sucking Misty’s ass for a minute before he pulled his head back.  Misty gasped and squealed, then silenced herself.

Ash: It’s OK, Misty, this tent’s soundproof.

Misty: Oh, cool.

Charizard stepped aside and let Ash hump Misty’s ass.  Ash nodded and Charizard nodded back, the trainer yiffing the Water-type trainer.  Ash then felt Charizard lick his ass, moaning and tingling a bit.  Misty giggled as Charizard licked Ash’s tailhole.

Misty: Getting him ready, Charizard?

Charizard nodded, his lube job done.  Then, he began pushing his cock into Ash’s rear passage, making Ash speed up his yiffing of Misty’s.  Misty gasped and moaned as she felt Ash yiff her faster and faster the more Charizard pushed into him.  Ash felt Charizard’s cock enter him to the hilt, then start humping him, the dragon’s hands on his waist as Ash began humping Misty faster and faster.  Misty moaned and gasped as she felt Ash speed up.

Misty: You two wanna do me while doing each other, huh?

Charizard: If you want.

Misty nodded, bucking back into Ash’s yiffing as Charizard sped up slowly.  Ash gasped and moaned as he felt his Pokémon yiff him again, speeding up to full-speed into Misty’s ass, Misty gasping and squirming.  Despite his best control efforts, Charizard found it hard to slowly yiff his trainer.

Ash: Can you cum enough, buddy?

Charizard: Yes, Ash.

Ash: Then go for it!

Charizard: OK!

Charizard began humping Ash fast and hard, his speed and force transferring to Ash’s yiffing.  Misty gasped and squealed as Ash yiffed her faster than ever, driven by his huge Pokémon driving his member into him faster, harder, deeper.  Charizard felt his orgasm approach fast, his tail twitching.

Ash: Misty, here it comes!

Misty: I can see that, Charizard’s gonna blow!

Charizard roared as he orgasmed, setting Ash off hard, cum filling both humans’ tailpipes.  Misty squealed and moaned as Ash moaned and screamed out both Misty and Charizard’s names as their asses were filled with hot cum, Ash’s to overflowing.  Misty noticed.

Ash: Yeah, Charizard’s getting good at that.

Charizard: (chuckle), they’re getting big, Ash.

Misty: So I see…

Charizard chuckled again as the orgasms wound down.  After the orgasms ended, Ash pulled his cock out of Misty’s ass and Misty laid onto her back, legs spread.  Ash and Misty nodded at each other before Ash pushed his cock into Misty’s twat, Misty’s legs around Ash’s waist.  Charizard began humping Ash’s ass all over again, making Ash yiff Misty full-speed off the bat, Misty’s body jerking around in delight.  Ash held Misty’s wrists to the floor and Misty squealed in delight, bucking her hips back against Ash’s yiffing.  Charizard was humping Ash faster than he ever yiffed his trainer before, Ash moaning his name.  Charizard purred as Ash’s ass muscles clamped around his pistoning member a bit, causing him big pleasure and to hump him even faster.  Ash felt Charizard’s speed increase more and hump Misty’s twat that fast, Misty moaning and gasping.  Ash and Misty French-kissed, moaning and groaning until Charizard orgasmed, Ash and Misty following soon after, Misty’s cuntjuices leaking onto the floor of the tent, Charizard’s jism leaking out of Ash’s tailhole.

Ash: Man, can you ever cum, Charizard!

Charizard: (laugh), I’ve had practice, kiddo.

Misty: Oh, yeah, you’ve practiced all right!

All the laughed as the orgasms wound down.  When they wound down, Ash pulled out of Misty.

Misty: Guess I take Charizard on now, huh?

Charizard: Oh, yeah, babe.

Misty giggled.

Misty: Do me, you big Poké-hunk!

Charizard: (chuckle), will do, Misty!

Charizard gasped and moaned, yiffing Misty’s tight ass as Misty gasped and moaned.  Ash’s cock rubbed Charizard’s back entrance as the dragon yiffed the Gym Leader.  Charizard nodded and Ash nodded back, pushing his cock into Charizard’s tailpipe.  Charizard purred as Ash slowly worked him, making Charizard speed his humping up.

Misty tingled as Charizard yiffed her, his big cock pumping in-and-out of her ass.

Misty: You two…

Misty was silenced by Charizard speeding up his yiffing, Ash following close behind, humping Charizard’s rear passage faster and harder.  Misty gasped and moaned as Charizard’s huge cock dug into her ass deeper and deeper, pumped in-and-out of her faster and faster.  Charizard gasped and moaned more and more as Ash humped his tailpipe faster, harder, deeper, the trainer’s orgasm pending.

Ash: Charizard, here it comes!

Charizard: Give it to me!

Misty: You, too, Charizard!

All three screamed, Ash’s cock firing its load into Charizard’s ass as Charizard filled Misty’s.  Misty gasped and moaned Charizard’s name as he filled her up with his hot jism, the dragon purring.  Misty loved the feel of Charizard’s hot cum filling her body and, when he pulled his member out of her ass and flipped her onto her back, she leapt up into his arms and hugged him, Charizard hugging her back, his cock near her twat.  Charizard then got an idea and stuffed his cock into Misty’s cunt, Misty gasping and purring.  Then, Charizard looked at Ash.

Ash: Huh?

Charizard bounced Misty on his cock a few times before Ash got the picture.  Ash slid under Charizard and the Pokémon knelt down, his tailpipe touching Ash’s cock.  Ash bucked his hips, his member penetrating Charizard’s tailpipe, Charizard bouncing Misty on his cock.  Charizard’s tail went between his legs and behind Ash’s back, helping Ash buck his hips into Charizard’s tailpipe.  Charizard then began bouncing himself on Ash’s cock as Ash held his waist, trying to bounce his Pokémon.

Ash: Ah, yeah, so warm!

Misty: You said it!

Charizard gasped and moaned as his two human friends pleased him.  Ash got an idea and gripped Misty’s waist, finally getting the leverage to hump Charizard as Misty bounced faster on Charizard’s yiffstick.  The dragon laid down onto his back, Misty bouncing on his cock while Ash yiffed him, his legs on Ash’s shoulders.  Charizard moaned and squirmed, feeling their love for him grow, his orgasm nearing with every stroke.  After a while, Charizard, Misty and Ash screamed, orgasming hard.  Misty’s twatjuice flowed onto Charizard’s lap as his seed flowed into her twat.

Misty: Ah, you're so warm, ah…

Charizard held Misty close to him as Ash filled his ass up.  Charizard noticed that Ash fired more cum than normal.

Charizard: Hey, you're getting’ there, kiddo.

Ash: Uh…huh…

Ash laid onto his two friends, exhausted.  Charizard held them close, kissing them when the orgasms ceased.

Misty: Aw…

Charizard: Thank you for not being mad, Misty.

Misty: Oh, no problem, I knew you were a well-hung hunk, but this takes the cake!

Charizard laughed.

Charizard: Thank you, Misty!

Ash: So, you like big-cocked Pokémon, huh, Misty?

Misty nodded, blushing a bit.

Ash: I’ll try to get some more for ya, ‘kay?

Misty: That’s why I love you, Ash, you always try to make me happy.

Charizard: Aw…

Charizard wrapped Ash and Misty in his wings, the two humans flanking him, kissing his face.

Misty: I love you, too, Charizard.

Charizard: Aw, you guys, I love you both.

Ash: Aw… (hugging Charizard)  Charizard…

The trio fell asleep in each others’ arms.  From then on, Ash caught a Dratini, a Larvitar, and a Rhyhorn, amongst others, each evolving to their final forms.  They all have wild sex in Ash’s huge tent, but, that’s another story!!!


The End

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Date/Time Started: 8-2-2003

Date/Time Completed: 8-8-2003