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Date Started: 5-3-2003

Characters Involved: M.Flamedramon / M.Yoshi

Story: Flamedramon is still trying to find Mewtwo’s house in Smash World, but he runs into another detour!

Relationship Involved: M/M

Flamedramon’s Adventures in Smash World – Chapter 2 – Horny Dramon Meets Hornier Dino

The time: The day after the events of “DETOUR!!”. Flamedramon was in front of Bowser’s Castle.

Bowser: Must ya really go?

Flamedramon: Yes, Bowser, I have to find my little honey-cat.

Bowser: OK.

Flamedramon and Bowser held each other close, then Flamedramon shouldered his backpack and walked away. He walked around, following the map, when he came across an area that looked like something out of a little kid’s book: Yoshi’s Island.

Flamedramon: What is this place?

A Yoshi walked to Flamedramon and gasped.

Flamedramon: Hiya! Where am I?

The Yoshi scrambled away, squawking to his superiors.

Flamedramon: Well!

Flamedramon sat down on a rock and waited for another Yoshi. A huge one appeared at the shoreline of the island. It spotted the Digimon and walked over to him.

Yoshi: Hello!

Flamedramon looked at Yoshi.

Flamedramon: Hi.

Yoshi: Welcome to Yoshi’s Island!

Flamedramon: Ah. That’s where I am. Can I get to Mewtwo’s place from here?

Yoshi: Yeah, through (points at a forest pass) there.

Flamedramon: Aw, great, thanks.

Flamedramon started to leave, when…

Yoshi: Wait!

Flamedramon: Hmmm?

Yoshi: It’s been so long since I’ve had any companionship. Wanna walk with me a bit?

Flamedramon: OK.

The two walked deep into the woods along the trail Yoshi pointed out. Soon, the two came across a clearing.

Flamedramon: Is there a way out of here?

Yoshi: Cross that tree and you'll find Mewtwo. But for now…

Yoshi sat down on a log and bade Flamedramon sit down next to him. Flamedramon took off his pack and sat down next to Yoshi.

Flamedramon: What?

Yoshi leaned in close to Flamedramon and nuzzled him. Flamedramon chuckled.

Flamedramon: Horny, ain’t’cha?

Yoshi nodded. Flamedramon hugged Yoshi close and rubbed his back. Yoshi gasped as Flamedramon licked his face. Then, Yoshi began licking Flamedramon back, slowly kissing him.

Flamedramon: I understand, I am, too.

Yoshi began rubbing Flamedramon’s sheath, causing the Digimon to gasp and moan.

Flamedramon: You're even hornier than me, huh?

Yoshi: Oh, so horny.

Flamedramon chuckled as he and Yoshi laid down on the forest floor, Yoshi stripping Flamedramon’s armor off as Flamedramon French-kissed him. The blue dramon and the green dino kissed, licked and rubbed each other, moaning and groaning. Yoshi shucked his saddle and shoes and tossed them near Flamedramon’s armor. Flamedramon began licking and rubbing Yoshi’s now-naked body, sending shocks of pleasure up-and-down Yoshi’s spine. Yoshi rubbed Flamedramon’s back with his small-but-strong hands, Flamedramon gasping and moaning. Flamedramon turned over onto his back, the green dino licking and kissing his whole body. Flamedramon squirmed with delight as Yoshi’s tongue and hands kept migrating south on his writhing frame until it struck the dramon’s sheath, causing the Digimon to lay as still as a stone and as stiff as a board. Yoshi kept licking and kissing Flamedramon’s sheath, drawing the dramon’s member out into the open. Then, Yoshi clamped his lips around it, surrounded it with his tongue and began sucking and licking, Flamedramon going just plain nuts with pleasure at Yoshi’s warm mouth and tongue.

Flamedramon: Ah! Yoshi! Oh, yeah! Mmmmmm!

Yoshi began rubbing Flamedramon’s tail and legs as he continued licking and sucking the blue dramon off. Flamedramon gasped more and more as Yoshi’s hands got nearer and nearer to his butt-hole. When Yoshi’s hands strokes his anal lips, Flamedramon spasmed.

Flamedramon: I wanna feel your finger in there, Yoshi.

Yoshi slickened a finger and pushed it into Flamedramon’s ass, the Digimon spasming and gasping as he did so. Flamedramon felt his orgasm approach due to Yoshi’s sucking and fingering. After a while of blissful treatment, Flamedramon fired his cream into Yoshi’s mouth. Yoshi cherished Flamedramon’s sweet warm jism as it struck his tongue and slid down his throat. Flamedramon fired his cum into Yoshi’s mouth for two minutes, then Yoshi laid down onto his back, a cum mustache around his smiling lips.

Yoshi: Oh, yeah! You tasted so sweet, Flamedramon.

Flamedramon: Thanks, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Hey?

Flamedramon looked at Yoshi as Yoshi spread his legs, his cock pointing straight up.

Yoshi: Want a taste?

Flamedramon slowly crawled over to Yoshi and began sucking on the green dino’s member. Yoshi gasped and moaned, rubbing Flamedramon’s head as the Digimon sucked him off.

Yoshi: Ah, yeah. Oh, Flamey. Mmmmmm…….

Flamedramon stuck a finger into his mouth and slowly pushed it into Yoshi’s ass, causing the green dino to spasm and moan loudly. Yoshi began rubbing himself roughly, the pleasure Flamedramon was giving him by fingering his ass and sucking his cock driving him nuts. After a while, Yoshi’s body became rigid as a board as his cum blasted out of his member and into Flamedramon’s mouth. Flamedramon savored Yoshi’s taste and creamy texture as the jism flowed for two minutes. After Yoshi’s orgasm ceased, the green dino laid on his side, gasping and moaning.

Flamedramon: So… sweet… mmmmmmmm……….

Yoshi (gasping): Thanks.

Yoshi spread his legs, revealing his asshole to the horny dramon.

Yoshi: Wanna-?

Flamedramon: You bet!!

Flamedramon crawled to Yoshi’s anal entrance and began licking and kissing it. Yoshi squirmed and moaned as Flamedramon ate his ass out. The green dino felt Flamedramon’s tongue enter his body and wiggled and jiggled with delight. After a minute of lubing, Flamedramon spread Yoshi’s legs with his tail and pushed his still-rock-hard member into the green dino’s asshole. Yoshi screamed loudly with delight and moaned with ecstasy as he began jacking himself off to the feeling of Flamedramon’s meat in his small body. Flamedramon knocked Yoshi’s hand off his cock and began stroking him off, still humping Yoshi’s ass spoons-style. Yoshi gasped and moaned as he let Flamedramon continue, humping his Digi-lover’s paw. Flamedramon licked Yoshi on the back of the head as he pounded Yoshi’s butt-hole, his breathing becoming ragged and sweat pouring off his body. After a while, Yoshi felt Flamedramon’s cum flood his ass-tunnel. Yoshi screamed and gasped loudly as the dramon filled his body with hot Digi-cum. Then, Yoshi’s own rod exploded in Flamedramon’s warm hand. The two reptiles spasmed with the orgasms, which lasted for about two-and-a-half minutes. After the orgasms ceased, Flamedramon was on his stomach, huffing and puffing, smiling widely.

Flamedramon: Sooooo……. tiiiiiiight…. mmmmmmm………

Yoshi chuckled, then noticed Flamedramon’s tail-hole.

Yoshi: I wanna repay you, Flamey.

Flamedramon: Huh?

Yoshi walked staggeringly to Flamedramon’s side and began licking Flamedramon’s tail-hole. Flamedramon spasmed and moaned as Yoshi French-kissed his rear entrance. After a while, Yoshi put Flamedramon’s chest on the forest floor and pushed his pecker into Flamedramon’s butt-hole. The Digimon huffed and moaned as Yoshi’s thick cock pistoned in-and-out of his body.

Flamedramon: OH! YEAH! Yoshi! ah, yeah, your… cock… is… so… thick….

Flamedramon screamed and squirmed as Yoshi’s member kept plugging away. The blue dramon felt Yoshi’s warmth on his back and the green dino’s member plug away in-and-out of his ass. After a while, Flamedramon and Yoshi screamed and spasmed as Yoshi’s dino-juice blasted Flamedramon’s insides with warmth and pleasure. Flamedramon laid flat on the ground, writhing in delight as Yoshi’s warm cum filled his body. After three minutes, Yoshi’s orgasm ceased. The two reptiles laid on the ground, huffing and puffing.

Flamedramon: That was great, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Thank you, Flamey.

Flamedramon chuckled and scooped Yoshi up. Yoshi gasped.

Flamedramon: I’m going to Mewtwo’s house now, wanna join me?

Yoshi: Yeah! Me and Mewtwo have sex and three-ways all the time!

Flamedramon: Great!

Flamedramon staggeringly got to his feet and put on his armor. Yoshi put on his saddle and shoes and Flamedramon’s backpack and the two walked through the forest, hugging each other side-by-side on the way to Mewtwo’s house

The End

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