Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon and I don’t claim this story to be in any way an accurate portrayal of how the writers of Digimon wanted to go after 02.  In fact, I’m sure if they had a clue who I was they would sue my pants off for the way I am about to defame their characters.


WARNING: This is a lemon.  And yet, it contains no fruit.  Okay, a banana, a peach, and a cherry.  But no citrus fruits.  Just a lot of juice, and it may leave a sour taste in your mouth.  If you are under 18, or offended by this kind of thing, then please try a sweeter fic.  This is my first lemon, and I’ve chosen a couple that will undoubtedly make for a story only read by a select audience and people looking for MST material.  In case you are unable to understand the couple-naming system used in the description, this story features Tai/Kari incest.


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When did my life start to fall apart?  That’s a question I often find myself asking.  I know exactly when I hit rock-bottom, when I had sex with my sister.  But when did I start to fall to where I am now?  If I had to guess, I’d say the day we found that damn prophecy.



The twelve of us, and by us, I mean the ones to whom “Digidestined” actually still meant something, were exploring an unknown section of the Digital World when we stumbled upon a cave.  It didn’t seem like there had been anything in it for a long time, but the D3, that stands for ‘Detect, Discover, and Digivolve’, Digivices were indicating there was something in there.  After about an hour of searching through a maze of chambers, we came across one room with words written on the wall.  The D3’s seemed to indicate that this was the place to stop, so we read what was written on the wall.  Of course, it was in Digicode, but Tentomon translated it for us.  Translated, it read:


“Two years after his defeat

The Undead Lord shall rise again

Yet the threat shall come from sources

Striving for all that is good

The Bearers of Courage and Light

Shall unite and bring the Saviour

Yet the Heir to Courage and Friendship

And the Bearer of Miracles, unknowingly

Shall effect the death of Courage

And five days after the union

Shall the Bearer of Courage fall.


Those were the words of the new prophecy.  I knew immediately after reading them that they spelled out doom.  My doom.  There was no question that the Undead Lord was Myotismon, we remembered that from the first prophecy, and that the final line was my death, but that wasn’t what had me the most concerned.  After being a Digidestined for ten years, I had seen such horrific things that I no longer feared death.  What worried me was the fifth and sixth lines of it.  Having held the Crest of Courage so many years ago, I was clearly the Bearer of Courage, but the Bearer of Light was Kari.  Kari Kamiya.  My own sister.  My own completely pure sister.  The more I thought about it, the worse it seemed.  The worse it seemed, the more I tried to forget it.  The more I tried to forget it, the more I thought about it.



About a month after first reading those horrific words, I was lost in thought, trying, as usual, to forget the prophecy and, as usual, failing miserably and only making it worse.


“We’re here!”  I was snapped out of my vicious cycle of thought by the voice of Koushirou Izumi, known to his friends as Izzy.  “Although, I admit, I’m not entirely sure where ‘here’ is.  I suspect there may have been a glitch in the last Digiport, since this looks absolutely nothing like the Primary Village.”


The brown-haired teenager wearing my old goggles and standing as close as possible to Kari on her left side, Davis Motomiya, piped up with a sarcastic comment. “So in other words,” he said, “you screwed up the programming, but it’s absolutely not your fault.”


“That’s oversimplifying it a bit, Davis.”  That reply came from the blonde boy standing equally close to Kari on her right side, TK Takaishi.  The rest of us let out a collective sigh.  We knew what was coming next.


“Did anyone ask you, TP?”


“Three years after we first met, you still can’t spell TK?”


I laughed slightly.  Even after all these years, Kari hadn’t made her choice yet.  Those two were still wrapped up in their pointless fight.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that her choice would soon be made for her by Destiny itself.  And it wouldn’t be either of them.



We eventually found our way to the Primary Village using the Detect function of the D3 Digivices.  The first thing that struck me as odd was the digiegg that all of the Fresh and In Training Digimon were avoiding at all costs.  The second thing that I found strange was its colour, or lack thereof.  The Digiegg in question was a pure Raven Black with no markings whatsoever.  My mind immediately turned back to that damn prophecy.  There was no question in any of our minds that this was exactly how the Digiegg Myotismon would be reborn from would look.  As we stood there in shock, we soon discovered the meaning of another part of the prophecy.


“Elecmon,” came a voice from above, “why do you keep that thing around?  Knowing the monster that will hatch from it, you should have destroyed it the second it showed up here.”  We watched in awe as a Seraphimon appeared in front of the egg, begging to be able to destroy it and its hated contents.


Elecmon stood his ground.  “I’ve told you before, Seraphimon,” he said calmly to the much larger Mega, “Imperialdramon’s last attack purified Myotismon’s data, removing the evil impulses from it.  He poses no more of a threat to the Digital World now than I do.”


It was difficult to get Seraphimon to leave, but eventually the threat of Imperialdramon’s Paladin Mode caused him to give up.  He flew away, cursing the Viral attribute, just as the egg began to hatch.  We all sat around watching, as the digiegg hatched into a black Puyomon.  We figured it was best that we take him along, so that Seraphimon didn’t get him while Elecmon’s back was turned.


Now that that matter had been settled, there was still the question of who would take him.  “Well,” I began, “Ken is the one with the most experience with Viruses…”


“Oh, just what I need,” said Ken Ichijoji, you don’t really need a description of him, just look on the wall of any girl in Japan; he’s the blue haired one, “a reminder of my days as the Digimon Emperor, and of the implanting of the Dark Spores, following me around.  I’d be as likely to stomp on him as that Seraphimon.”


“Hey,” said Davis, coming up with an idea, “June is the only girl in Japan who doesn’t have a Digimon yet; maybe he’s her Partner.”


“That’s a great idea Davis,” TK said.


“Well, it had to happen eventually,” said Yolei Inoue, a purple haired girl the same age as Davis, TK, Ken, and Kari, “Davis’ brain has finally started working.”


“Someone else should take him anyways,” said Matt Ishida.  Again, look in any girl’s room for his picture.  You can’t miss him, he’s the blonde lead singer for the Young Wolves.  “Ever since whatever happened with Jim, June’s been after me worse than before.  The longer it is until she gets a Digimon Partner and access to the Digiworld, the longer I’ll be happy.”


“Well,” Davis said, “someone has to take him.  I mean, we can’t just leave him here.”


“We’ll do it,” Kari and I said in unison.


“So it’s settled then,” TK said, “Myotismon-in-the-making stays in the Kamiya house until he at least reaches his Rookie stage.”  Well, that was it, Puyomon was staying with us.   After getting a promise from Gatomon that she wouldn’t try to exact revenge on him, we all returned home.



Two days later, a portal opened.  A gate was formed from our home computer.  Kari and I were both in bed and asleep at the time, so we had no idea what was happening as we were pulled into the Digiport, both asleep in our underwear.  We woke up in a state of panic, being in an unfamiliar area in the Digital World.  A quick look around, however, told us that this was in fact a very familiar area.  “Tai,” Kari yelled to me, “look what I found.”


I rushed to where I heard her voice coming from, and saw the writing on the wall.  It was still in Digicode, but by now we knew what it said off by heart.


“Two years after his defeat

The Undead Lord shall rise again…”


It was the hated prophecy.


“Well,” Kari said.


“Well, what?” I replied.


“I think the Spirits of the Digital World are telling us it’s time.”


“Time?  Time for what?”


Kari didn’t answer my question, she just reached down to her bra.


“Oh, that time.”


I had never imagined myself doing this.  But Kari and I were alone in the very cave the prophecy was discovered in, in the same chamber no less.  Consequently, I found myself sitting in my boxers with only Kari, my innocent, pure, sister, in her bra and panties, and a prophecy telling of a time not too far off when the two of us would, to be completely blunt, fuck each other’s brains out.  What else could have happened?


Wanting to have the most passive role possible in the travesty we were about to commit, I closed my eyes, lay down, and started trying to think about Sora Takenouchi, the red-haired girl who both Matt and I had at one time had a crush on.  This soon proved useless, however, and I opened my eyes.  I saw my sister standing naked and waiting for me.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but that was what finally got me up.  Kari walked over to me, then positioned herself accordingly over my erect penis and pushed herself down.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, the thought came up that I had gone through something and Kari had winced slightly, but I didn’t really think about it.  She started moving gently up and down.  I closed my eyes and tried, once again, to imagine that I was there with Sora and not Kari, but my mind wouldn’t let me forget.  Even when I closed my eyes, the image that came into my head was just Kari again.  I gave up on fantasy and opened my eyes to see Kari, with a look of sheer ecstacy on her face, moving rapidly up and down my shaft with her breasts bouncing wildly.  I couldn’t control myself any longer.  I gave up on trying to hold back and shot my load into her cunt.  Minutes later, she screamed out my name and I felt her juices dripping down my shaft.


After it was over and I had come to my senses, I realized what I had just done.  I mentally started a countdown of days.  I then turned to my sister, who was still lying there, naked.


“Shit!  Kari, I’m sorry.  I didn’t want this to happen, but that portal left us in the room with the Prophecy, wearing just our und…”


“Tai, calm down.  You didn’t do anything wrong to me.  Hell, if anything, I was overly violent.  This was a shared decision.  We knew what we were doing, but with the fate of the Digital World hanging in the balance, we united to bring forth the Saviour.”


“I know, but, Kari, look at this from my viewpoint, I just had sex with my little sister, and now I have five days to live.  Saving the Digital World or not, I sure as hell didn’t want this to happen!”


“Tai, if the Digital World is destroyed, the Real World won’t last long either.  You were going to die anyways, but you just saved billions of lives.”


That last phrase calmed me down.  Yes, I had broken laws of my world, not to mention my sister’s cherry, and yes, I had gone against every moral fiber in my body, but it was for the greater good.  We finally got our clothes, as they were back on and headed back to the real world.



Three days later, I ran into Davis and Veemon.  Knowing that I was going to die in two days anyhow, I decided to tell Davis some ridiculous story that almost bore a slight resemblance to what had really happened.  Not that it mattered, since I had heard Kari telling him on the phone anyways, so he knew it was just a story.  I told him a total lie about what had happened with Kari.  Our mutual encounter in that cave had turned into me raping her in the shower.  I could see in Davis’ eyes that he was just trying to keep himself from laughing, knowing the true story, so I figured I was safe.  I really should have known better.


I turned around to leave, and I saw a very mad Veemon.  Correction, a very mad Ultimate level Digimon that looked like he might have at one point been Exveemon. (1)  His body was a much darker shade of blue, his arms were skeleton arms, he had a pair of grotesque bat-wings in place of his normal ones, he had long, jagged claws, the “X” on his chest was blood-red, and his head made it seem like he was a victim of the Ring Virus (2).  Also, he was about twice the size of Exveemon.  Immediately, I knew what had happened.  Davis had known the true story, but Veemon hadn’t.  He had digivolved twice in anger to become the monstrosity I was looking at.  He looked at me, then shouted out “Rage Slash” as his claws extended even further and he slashed them across my chest quickly.  I looked down, saw myself bleedling profusely, then passed out.



I opened my eyes in a lucid dream.  There was no doubt about what it was, after all I was floating, free of my body, and whenever I looked at my body, I looked dead.  Actually, it occurred to me, my body didn’t look naturally dead.  It had a huge slash-mark on its chest and I could clearly see my heart cut directly in half.  Suddenly, it occurred to me; this wasn’t a dream.  I was actually dead.  I didn’t know how this could be, after all according to the prophecy I still had two days to live.  It had only been three days since Kari and I had ‘united’.  Maybe it had been a mistake to take Myotismon after all.  Maybe he was bad luck.  Maybe we just should have left him there…


Five.  Days.  Ago.  I suddenly remembered something.  Kari and I had said we would take Myotismon with us…


In.  Unison.  We had united in our decision to take him.  I cursed myself for being so quick to jump to conclusions about the prophecy.



From then on, time just blurred together.ster’s wedding, the next I was watching my would-have-been sister-in-law and Venomyotismon defeating Seraphimon, the next I was watching the birth of my nephew, Tai.  I still don’t know if he was in fact named for his dead uncle or for his real father.  Hell, I’m not even sure that was the order it all happened in.  When you’re dead, you can see the past, present, and future until it all seems to blur together.  Wait a minute, I’ll tell you what I see in the future now.  I see Kari, about a year older than she was when I left looking happily at some guy with huge, light-brown hair like she hasn’t seen him for a while. Wait, that guy looks like… me.




(1)   This Digimon, in case you hadn’t guessed, is an interpretation of my name.  This is Pistoffveemon.  His attacks are Rage Slash and Death Laser.


(2)   See either “The Ring” or the Japanese original “Ringu”, (both available now on Video and DVD) then imagine Samara/Sadako claiming Exveemon.


(3)   Only hint in the entire story of mutual Daikari.  Anything else is completely generic.  That’s a first for me.  Plus, when/if I write a sequel, then even this will become ambiguous.


Well, there you have it.  As close to In Character writing as you can get in something like this, one sex scene, plot put before wank-material,my usual mindscrew, and a gratuitous Ring reference (I have an obsession, okay?).  Nonetheless, my first lemon has now been completed, and it’s a slippery slope from here.  Will I someday join the people at the DigiArtist’s Domain with hundreds of completely pointless, tasteless, and OOC PWP lemons?  Only time will tell.


Needless to say, there was much less mindscrew in this fic than in my ongoing series, but how much could I do when I just had one quick one-shot to do it in?


If anyone’s annoyed by the ending, then you should know this, I had three possible endings; the one you just read, one where Tai somehow survived the Prophecy, and one where Tai actually died five days after the encounter.  I determined the former to be both ridiculous and pointless, and the latter to be too straightforward.  Besides, the irony of this ending, where if Tai and Kari hadn’t misinterpreted the prophecy, Tai would have survived it, was way more my style.


And, just when you think the twists are complete, I pull out the final line of this fic.  Tai is dead, but looking into the future he sees himself.  I don’t really need to tell you that this isn’t the last story I’ll write about this.


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