Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon and I don’t claim this story to be in any way an accurate portrayal of how the writers of Digimon wanted to go after 02.  In fact, I’m sure if they had a clue who I was they would sue my pants off for the way I am about to defame their characters.


WARNING: This is a lemon.  And yet, it contains no fruit.  Okay, bananas and a peach.  But no citrus fruits.  Just a lot of juice, and it may leave a sour taste in your mouth.  If you are under 18, or offended by this kind of thing, then please try a sweeter fic.  The lemon scene in this fic is a forced gang-bang.  For the love of God, please stop reading now if you are easily offended.  It is not necessary that you read “Prophecy” before this, but it is recommended.


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I’ve always been the troubled one.  When I first became Digidestined, I acted like a total loner.  I even tried to overthrow our leader, thanks to an enemy’s trick.  After that, I had more or less wallowed in self-pity until we encountered the last of the four Dark Masters.  And yet, my troubles have just gotten much worse.



It started that day in the Primary Village.  After my brother and Davis got into yet another fight over Kari, we came across a strange Digiegg.  It was pure black, and avoided by the Digimon living there.  After Seraphimon had come, threatened it, and then left, not wanting to try to call Davis and Ken’s bluff about Imperialdramon’s Paladin Mode (and who can blame him?), it hatched.  To say that Black Puyomon wasn’t the most fear-inspiring thing in the universe would be like saying that Apocalymon hadn’t been the weakest Digimon.  There was a pause as we tried to figure out who would take it.  Tai made a typically thoughtless suggestion about Ken, which was turned down immediately.  Surprisingly enough, it was Davis who came up with the answer.


“June’s the only girl in Japan who doesn’t have a Digimon yet; maybe he’s her partner.”


As those words left his mouth, thoughts of terror started running through my head.  June Motomiya had gone out on-and-off with Jim Kido, the brother of our resident doctor-in-training, since 2003.  Recently, however, something had happened between them and she had reverted to the same psychotic fangirl I had known before, and then some.  Suffice it to say, I didn’t exactly relish the thought of her having access to the Digital World.  I voiced my objection quite clearly and June was taken out of the picture, for now.


After a while, Tai and Kari decided that they could take care of Black Puyomon, and we didn’t really give it any more thought.  We returned to the real world, all thoughts of June as a Digidestined now out of my head.



Five days later, I was visiting TK, just seeing how he was doing, when the phone rang.  He answered it. “Hello, TK Takaishi here.”  There was a pause, before he said “What are you calling about, Davis?”  There was another pause.  “Yeah, I remember Kari calling and telling me about that.”  There was a pause, and it seemed like he was going to drop the phone.  His face turned to one of horror and he didn’t speak for about a minute.  Finally, in a much more grim tone, he said “When is the funeral?”  There was another pause, before he spoke again.  “Yes, of course I’ll be there, Davis.”  He hung up the phone and I started to express my condolences.


“TK, I know this hurts.” I said, “but you have to be strong.”


“I’ll try, Matt, but how can I when such an integral part of the team is gone?”


“Integral part of the team?  That’s all you have to say?”


“Sure,” he said, “what else would I say about Tai?”  I felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest.  All this time I had thought this was about Kari.  I hadn’t dreamed that Tai Kamiya, our first leader, was dead.


“Tai?  But that conversation made it sound like it was Kari.”


“If you eavesdrop on a phone conversation, you can expect to get some details wrong,” TK said.


TK gave me all the details.  Apparently Tai and Kari had been closer than they ever should have been as brother and sister and Tai had been killed by an extremely mad Veemon, who had overheard an alternate scenario Tai had told to Davis.



The funeral came on the following Monday.  We were all there, even Mimi had come in from America, to say goodbye to our leader.


TK hadn’t gotten his licence yet, so I had had to drive him.  That wouldn’t have been a problem, except something occurred to me.  Davis didn’t have a licence either.  And that meant…


“Hi, Matt.”


June had driven him.


“I said hi, Matt.”


I turned around, not wanting to acknowledge her.  I looked at Kari, who was definitely taking this badly.  Not that I can blame her, I mean if my brother died I would be crying too.  And Tai hadn’t just been her brother either…


“Hello, Matt, have you gone deaf?  Not that it will affect your great talent, after all Bethoven was completely deaf by the time he wrote his ninth symphony, so not being able to hear doesn’t hinder musical genius…”


I finally turned to face June.  “Look, June, Tai was a close friend of mine.  What’s your excuse for still being here?”


I saw her burst into tears.  “I came by to drop off my brother.  I was just saying hi before I left.  You know, hoping that you might, just this once, acknowledge me.”


This shocked me.  I had never seen June cry before.  Not even at the Christmas concert where she had found out about me and Sora.  The time when she had practically bounced straight into the arms of Jim Kido.


“I’m glad I came here, Matt Ishida.  Otherwise I never would have found out what an arrogant asshole you really are.”


“June, I’m sorry.”  But it was too late.  She ran out the door crying.


All through the funeral my concentration was never fully on what was currently happening.  Okay, fine,  Kari could have done a eulogy extolling Tai’s “technique” and I wouldn’t have noticed.  Most of my mind was focused on what I had done.  June was just trying to be friendly, and I had acted like a complete ass.


The funeral ended and June stopped by to pick Davis up, then immediately left.  She didn’t even glance at me.  I knew I had fucked up big time and I had to make it up somehow.



As soon as I got home, I picked up the phone and dialled the number for the Motomiya house.  Davis picked up.  “Hello,” he said.


“Hi, Davis


“Oh, hey Matt.”


“I’d like to speak with June.”


“That’s a first.”


“Shut up, Davis.  I did something I’m not proud of today, and I have to make it up to her.”


Davis covered up the mouthpiece, but I could still hear him and June.  “June, Matt’s on the phone.”


“Tell him to go fuck himself.”  Okay, I deserved that.


“June, he wants to somehow make up for what happened today.”


There was a moment of hesitation before I heard the ‘click’ of a second phone being picked up.


Davis, hang up.”  After the ‘click’ indicating that Davis was no longer on the phone, June started talking again.  “Why do you want to talk to me?”


“Because I can see that I really hurt you today.  June, I’m sorry that I was so quick to jump to conclusions.”  There was a ripping sound in the background.  “What was that?”


“Just a Young Wolves poster being torn off my wall.”


“Okay, I’ll admit I deserved that.  Anyways, is there anything I can do to make this up to you?”


There was a pause, and I could practically hear her mind shifting gears.  Finally, she replied “How about dinner?”






“Fine, tonight.  I’ll make all the arrangements, but please don’t act like this is a big deal.  Just dress casually.”


As tempting as it was to cheap out on June and have her over to my house, I had given her enough trouble that day without having food poisoning to worry about.  So, instead, immediately after hanging up the phone, I made arrangements at a moderately-priced restaurant.  Nothing big, I didn’t want her thinking it was a date or something.



As it turned out, even if I had been taking food out of a dumpster (which would still have been a step up from my own cooking) it wouldn’t have discouraged June from dressing up like this was a big deal.  When I dropped by to pick her up, she was dressed like she had been invited to a dinner party with the Emperor of Japan.  She had a low-cut, open-backed red dress with flowers made of ribbons on the sleves, which even I had to admit made her look absolutely stunning.  I had a bit of a laugh at Davis trying desparately to come up with a compliment that wouldn’t sound completely wrong.  Eventually, he  managed to come up with “nice dress, Sis.”


“Yeah,” Veemon piped in, “it is a nice dress, but where’s the rest of it?”  I winced as a question that had been on my mind for a while was answered.  Yes, Digimon do have testicles after all.



In the car, we took the shortest route to the restaurant.  That was a mistake.  It took us right by the Kido house, and as we passed it, I saw tears starting to well up in June’s eyes.  “What’s wrong?,” I asked her.


“I really don’t want to talk about it.”


There was silence until we reached the restaurant.  I thought of how we must have looked, with her all dressed up and me dressed so casually stepping out of a beaten-up old car.


We went into the restaurant, and thankfully they hadn’t lost the reservations or anything.  The waitress came and took our orders, and eventually they brought us our meal.  We each had a glass of wine.  It turned out that the wine loosened June’s lips.  “I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet through this entire thing, Matt.”


“Oh, it’s okay.”  I wasn’t complaining, after all this wasn’t a date or anything where we were expected to talk about ourselves and get to know each other.  At least, that was what I kept telling myself.  But in that outfit June just looked so… different.  Like someone I wouldn’t actually mind being on a date with.


“Matt,” she said, “do you know what it was about today that really got to me?”




“The way that you talked, like I had no right to be anywhere near you.”


And that was it.  I knew exactly what it was that I had done, I had misjudged June.  The second she showed up, I had assumed that she was stalking me.  I had made a big mistake.  And that mistake had somehow led me to this dinner.


“June, I didn’t know.  I’m sorry.”


June wiped away a tear forming in her eye.  “No, it’s okay,” she said, “I suppose I should be used to this kind of thing.  After the way Jim and his friends used me, I should have learned that nobody could really love me.”


“June,” I said, “you should never be used to this kind of thing.  No one should go through life as a victim, thinking that the world is out to get them, thinking that no one loves them.  Especially when that’s not true.  Your friends love you in a way, your family loves you.”  I don’t know what it was that inspired my next words.  It could have been the wine, it could have been pity, it could have been the dress, it could have been actual feelings I had hidden deep my heart because of her desparate behavior, or it could have been some combination of two or more of the possibilities.  Whatever it was, I have yet to regret it.  I looked her right in the eyes and I said four words I had never thought would cross my lips.  “I love you, June.”


I saw June’s eyes starting to fill with tears again.  I was sure that I was going to get some sobbing lecture about manipulating people’s feelings.  Instead, she reached across the table, hugged me, and said “I love you too, Matt.”  That, while hardly unexpected, was not what I had thought would happen then.


By the end of the meal, I had found out a lot about June, and she knew a lot about me.  I hadn’t had any more wine, since I had to drive, but she had more or less killed a bottle.



We got back into the car and I started to drive her home.  We took the longer route, since I didn’t want to see her reaction to passing the Kido house when she was both drunk and so emotional.


“As far as I’m concerned,” June started out of nowhere, “Jim Kido can get assfucked by Imperialdra-fucking-mon.”  Yep, she was completely out of it.


“What could he have done that she would hate him like this,” I asked myself a little too loudly.


“What did he do?  I’ll tell you what that fuckhorser did!”  I didn’t even bother correcting her, she thought she was talking normally and it wouldn’t have done anything anyways.  I continued driving as she related her story to me…



(June’s POV)


So, I was at his house and we were getting pretty serious.  Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.  He got up and answered it.  Two of his asshole friends are standing there and they ask him to come out.


“Why would we go out,” he said, motioning towards me, “when we’ve got all the entertainment we need right here?”  At that point he made a crude thrusting-motion with his crotch and his arms.  You know what I mean.  He and his moron friends exchanged high-fives, and I wished I was somewhere else, anywhere else.


“Jim,” I said, “this kind of joking is making me very uncomfortable.”


Him and his friends approached me.  “You think this is uncomfortable,” said the big one with the seriously deep voice, “you just fucking wait.”  I responded by raising his voice a couple of octaves with a kick to the nuts.


“Now, June,” Jim said, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, “that’s no way to treat a guest.  You make a guest feel at home.”  He then turned to his friend with the ‘innie’ testes and said to him, “Don’t worry, pal.  What’s mine is yours for now.”  Then the three of them surrounded me.


The three of them were now keeping me from going anywhere.  They unzipped their pants and yanked out their tiny, greasy dicks.  “Now,” Jim said to the other assholes, “the fun begins.”  He looked at me and told me to drop to my knees, face him and open my mouth.  I refused, and he slapped me across the face.  He then told me again, with more force in his voice, to open my mouth.  Not wanting anymore violence, I obeyed.  He grabbed my head, shoved his penis into my mouth, and made me start sucking.  Five minutes later, I found my mouth full of jizz.  He told me to swallow it, I spat, he slapped me again and passed me along to the next asshole.


I would call him the little guy in the group, except that there are many kinds of size.  He wasn’t tall, but he was the longest there, which wasn’t saying much, five instead of three.  He forced me to suck his cock, then when he was about to come, he pulled it out and sprayed me in the face.


Then it was onto the last asshole.  Unfortunately, he had recovered from my previous actions and was looking to make me suffer.  He made me blow him, then when he was ready to shoot, he pulled out and rubbed his dick through my hair while he was cumming.  He called the technique a “gel shot” or something like that.  You’ve probably never had to wash semen out of your hair, so I’ll tell you, it doesn’t come out easy.  I thought it was over, I really should have known better.


Jim held me down while the other assholes tore my clothes off.  Next thing I knew, they had all chosen their placement and the two unknown ass-suckers were waiting for the go-ahead from Jim.  “Now,” Jim said and I suddenly found all my holes full, and I use the word ‘full’ very loosely, of asshole-cock.  It took about two minutes before they finished up and traded places.  After they had all had two shots in each hole, the worst twelve minutes of my life, the assholes left.  I scrambled to get my clothes back on, then I spat the last load in Jim’s face and got the hell out of there before he decided to have more friends over.



(Matt’s POV)


She finished telling me her story just as I pulled up to her house.  I leaned over, somewhat uncertain of whether she would want to do anything even slightly romantic after she had told me that story.  I was rewarded with a kiss that absolutely blew anything I had ever done with Sora right out of the water.  It must have been a good fifteen minutes before our tongues found their way out of each other’s throats and she started walking toward her house.  Then she motioned for me to come in.  I declined because she was still drunk and I didn’t think I would be able to control myself.  I definitely didn’t want to end up in the same boat as Jim.  I drove away knowing that I had found the one, and she had been a lot closer than I had thought.


So, you may find yourself asking, if she makes me feel so great, how have my troubles gotten so much worse?  Because, to be completely blunt, now I’m haunted by how badly I had misjudged her, how I almost completely rejected my soulmate, and how many more amazing years we could have had if I had realized then that she wasn’t just a crazy groupie.  I’m also troubled by how my utter rejection had sent her into the arms of Jim Kido, setting her up for that horrible night.  I know that wasn’t my fault, no one could have guessed that would happen, but I still at least partially blame myself.


While I would like to be able to regret the way I treated June at the funeral, I can’t.  It may have been a mistake, but we’re pretty much agreed it was the best mistake I ever made.





Ah, two down, God only knows how many to go.  If you ignored my warning at the beginning, and the rating, and the description, I’m afraid you can’t blame anyone besides yourself.


This story once again followed my pattern.  Plot first, characterization second, sex after everything else.  I didn’t have any mindscrew in this one, but I did have constant hints that something had happened and I didn’t reveal what it was until the end.


No explanation for the end of “Prophecy” yet, but it’s coming eventually.


I realize that I have officially become a hypocrite.  My original profile at FFN spoke against exactly what the sex scenes in these stories are.  In fact, I remember naming that list “Just Plain Wrong”.  Now I’ve written stories with two of the biggest “WRONG”s on my old list, and I’m wondering if I have any morals left at all.  Oh well, at least it’s just stories.  My Canadian government says they have ‘artistic merit’, however Sick and Twisted they may be.


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