Discurramer: I don't own .Hack Games or the show and the characters. btw this is my first Non-Digimon Lemons so you have to be 18 or much older to read this so I hope you can enjoy this


This is better then Aromatic Grass


Written by Paladin-Sephiroth


            Kite Logged back on the his Computer to resume playing The World and help his friend Orca who fall into deep coma before he was going to do that he got a E-mail by his team he got only one today e-mail it from Mia and saids "Kite meet me at D Sever there some I want to see you about and come alone" "Mia? What she up too?" he asked to himself.  He put his headgear on him and logged in Kite transported to D Sever and saw Mia standing at the right side of the Choas Gate but Elk is not there Kite look around and asked "Mia where's Elk is he with you?" "Nevermind about that there something I want to see about" Mia replyed ".....About what?" He said "I'll tell you but first were going to D Blooming Promised Walkway then I'll tell you" She said to him "uhh Why are we going to that area We've already check to find this Aromatic Grass and didn't find it" Kite looked confused "Let just go there" Mia said about to get mad "Okay okay" Kite said and Invite Mia and active the Choas Gate and chose D Blooming Promised Walkway Kite and Mia transported there.


            After they got there in the Field, Kite is still puzzled When Mia told him "Let's head to the dungeon" "Okay" he said.  After few Encounted of monsters and gain some few EXP when they finally head to the Dungeon "Okay Mia what this about" Kite asked Mia and getting impatient "Just hold on you find out" Mia replyed as soon they reach B3 of the Dungeon they come across a Dead End Mia took off her equipment revealing her B size breast and naked body putting her armor down without making any noise and her weapon as well "Mia this is a dead end why did we come...." when he turn around and saw her for the first time "here?" Kite finish his sentences with a sweatdrop back of is head She walked towards him warped her arms around Kite neck and gently kissed him on his lips Kite's eye went wide open as he felt that cat-like lips touch his lips "Mia What was that for?" Kite asked took it quite a shock Mia answed back with a smiled on her face "I just feel like it" and use her cat like tongue to licked his left ear Kite eyes went even wider and felt a bulge from his pants Mia could feel that coming she look down and look at Kite again and again with a smile when she begin remove his clothing, she remove the Red Hat, The Item bag from his back, next the Red Vest, The Gloves, and White Shirt and saw his bear chest and she gently lick his nipples Kite moan, next she reach down to his waist and grab Kite weapons and toss them to the pale where Mai's equipment is and she unbuckle his belt toss them at the Right side of the room and unbutton his pants and she told him to remove his shoes so he took off this shoes and toss it at the same corner where the belt place, and then she unzips pants and grab his underwear and pulled them both down Mia look at his 6 inches cock "well this look Suprising" took hold of his member and gently lick it tip of the head Kite moan of pleasures and Kite grab Mia back of her head and Mia started to sucking on his member back and forth, back and forth few time until shot his cum Mia lick the rest of his cum from her face and his member when she up to her feet and kisses him passionatly and slid her tongue into Kite's mouth and make him more confortable when Mia gently move him down on the Dungeon Floor while kissing as Kite layed down on the floor Mia stop kissing look at Kite and give him a lovely smile and get her vargina into position she closed her eye and lowerd herself down it went in easily she begin humping up and down Mia moaned loadly and purred.


Meanwhile back at the Root town


            Blackrose log back in and saw Elk he was becoming worry can't find Mia any where of the sever "Hey Elk something wrong?" Blackrose ask him "I can't find Mia have you seen her?" Elk is still worryed "Sorry Elk I haven't why do you need to see her?" She asked and he said "I suppose to give her the Aromatic Grass I've check all the sever and she not here if you see her can you tell her?" "Sure I'll tell btw have you seen Kite around here?" Blackrose said "Sorry I haven't.  I haven't seen him about weeks ago" Elk answed "Okay thanks anyway" Blackrose said and saw Elk Log out of the world and Blackrose went back at to the place where her brother fall into a coma Delta Hidden Forbidden Holy Grounds.


Back at the Dungeon


            Mia kept on pump on Kite's Penis for like 5 Minutes Kite about going to cum again and Kite sit up and warp his arms around Mia body and start sucking on Mia's breasts Mia moan of Kite's treatment and Mia also warp her arm around Kite's.  Kite kept on sucking on Mia's Tits <Oooooo This is way better then Aromatic Grass> She thoughts to herself Kite kept on sucking until Mia's breasts milk start to leaking out and Mia kept on humping until his orgasm about to blow Kite can't take it anymore he shot his loads into Mia vargina they out of breath Kite and Mia stared at into there eyes until kisses some more passionalty and Mia loved to have feel Kite's member inside of her.  after they regain there breath they got there clothes back on and  Mia said "Well that was fun I hope we can do it again someday" Kite said back to her "Yeah I guess so" so walk up to Kite and give him one last kiss and use Sprite Ocarina to get out of the dungeon and went back to root town Kite log out and call it quits for the night he took off his headgear and shut the system down completedly change his into pajamas bottoms and no top on got into the bed and fall asleep and dream about Mia for the first time




Okay Okay I made it short but can you really blame me well That it for now it took me about 1 day to finish it so anyway bye