This is part four of The Boy and The Fox lemon story series and also I don't own Digimon or any of this stuff expect for Zeusmon she my made up digimon so I own her anyway you got to be 18 years or older to read this...enjoyed


The Boy and The Fox Part VI


Written by: Paladin-Sephiroth


            Kenny lay on his stomach with his sword in hand and right close his sheath out cold and naked with encounted of Weregarurumon keeps on hearing Weregarurumon's voice in head repeating. 'I was going to kill you for disobey me but I might let you live little longer I'm not going let you off the hook.' over and over again until he regain his conscious soon or later.


            Somewhere in other side of the forest Zeusmon walk deep into the forest until she sighed 'Maybe leaving them was not a good idea they might need some extra help around Renamon's Cabin...' she thoughted until finally made he decidesion 'That it I'm going to stay with Kenny and Renamon' she thoughted again and turn around heads back.  For about 2 hours later Zeusmon picked up a scent from her nose and hold her nose from the awful smell "Ew what is that smell" she said and follows it and scent became stronger until she found some one when she got bit closer and hold her nose and remember the hair color but didn't know what it is when she turn it over and saw his face 'Kenny?' she thoughted and continues 'What happened to you?' when she saw Kenny's dryed blood from his ass she gasp and decide to carry him home and puts his sword into his Sheath and put around around her back and grab his clothes and picked him up and head back to Renamon's cabin


            Back at the Renamon's cabin She real worry about Kenny he never been so very late before sit down on one of the furturner until heard someone knocking on the door 'Who could that be this hour?' she thoughted and walk up towards the door as she opened and see Zeusmon at the door way, "Zeusmon? what bought you here?" and see Kenny being carry on her arms still out cold "What happened to Kenny?" she said as look at Zeusmon and said "I don't know Renamon I just found him laying there unconscious" Renamon belive her every word and nods and plug her nose "What is that smell?" Zeusmon replyed "because of him and I don't know what happened to him that all I know." "It alright it not your falut and I wonder who did to Kenny?" Renamon said as she picked him up and carryed to him bathroom and wash off the smell by using warm water.


            Few hours later when Renamon wash him she ask Zeusmon to carry him to his bed room and Zeusmon nodded and walked in and carryed his legs and Renamon got the arms. 3 minutes later they reachs to Kenny's bedroom and enter and place him on the bed gently on his back in naked Zeusmon whisper Renamon "Renamon could we put something to wear?" Renamon whipser back "Don't worry about it he'll be fine" pulled the covers on him and she nods and both heads out the Kenny's Room and head to the living room and talked.


            Renamon and Zeusmon sit down at the couch start have conversation "You haven't told me what you here?" Renamon asked and Zeusmon replyed "Okay reason I'm here because I want to live here with you and Kenny." Renamon asked her "Why?" and Zeusmon said "I thought it been good if you have some help around here you see there more about me after my family were been deleted and took there data I'm only one left they deleted of digimon from my village and after I was out there site I was so scared and alone" Zeusmon said as she crying and Renamon hugged her and asked her "Then how did you manage to suriveve?" Zeusmon final replyed "Been hiding underground and eat some berrys which one are good." Renamon smiled and said "Well Zeusmon you can live with us there no use to staying out of the outside but we have to tell Kenny about this if he ever wake up that is and make what happened to him from that day." Zeusmon smiled and nods and they hugs and decide get some sleep.


            Next morning Zeusmon is first one woke up and heads to the Kenny's Room when she opened the door take look and see Ken still asleep and leave the room and shut the door quitely and head to the living room when she turn around a see Renamon behind her and said "How's is he?" and Zeusmon replyed "Still asleep." Renamon nods and they head to the kitshin to get food ready.


            Back in Kenny's room, Kenny begin to stir and moaning in his sleep keep having nightmares of Weregarurumon torture and showing of Renamon and Zeusmon laying down there dead blood pouring out of there face, everywhere and when weregarurumon turn around and see Kenny and start saying "You have no one protected you kid your all alone.... all alone" ecohing while fading out Kenny kept hearing all alone over and over again, Kenny stir and moan some more on his bed and started to sweat as can't sleep anymore when he open his eyes and look around and found himself in his room "How did I got here?" He said to himself  when he tryed to get up just some how fall back and feel some more pain from his back has he can't get up "Damn that Weregarurumon... Damned him to hell." he said to himself again as he lay down again.


            In the dining room Zeusmon and Renamon had breakfast and still worryed about what could done to Ken.  Few hours later when Renamon walk towards at Ken's room when she open the door and enter and walked up towards to his bed and when she heard "Is that you Renamon?" she move up more and happy to hear his voice and kneel next to him and tears are leaking out and hugs him as she say "Oh Kenny I was real worry about you" Kenny hugs her back "Renamon tell me how did I got here? last time I remember I was laying in forest." he asked her and she said "Zeusmon found you and carryed you back here." Kenny chuckled alittle and saids "Zeusmon huh? I must thank her" Renamon smiles as she lick his fore head and say "Kenny tell what happened to you and who could of done this to you?" Kenny aweser Renamon's question "Weregarurumon done this to me." Renamon gasp of shock when she heard of the name "Weregarurumon?" Kenny look at her as if she know anyone "Renamon? Is something bothing you?" "What? umm no." Renamon said tryed to hide something "Renamon please I know your hiding something I don't know anything unless you tell me remember when you told me about my past how I got here and I was been adpoted by you?" Kenny said and Renamon have to tell him "Yes I remember and Yes I know Weregarurumon back then since I live on my own that until i met him he was charming and a liar." "Why he did lie?" he asked as Renamon continue "Because I caught him for making out of Male digimon when he promise me we'll be together but I'll never been so cheated ever since I only knew him about 3 months when I saw him kissing from the male digimon until he saw me he goes "Renamon this isn't what you think." and I know what I think he lair scum never keep a promise to a to a woman.  So I haven't seen him about 5 years I think..." "I see but I wonder why he taking out on me?" he wondered "because of me I'm the one who broke his heart." she anwsered "Now how about you get out of the bed." offer her paws but Kenny look another way and said's "I can't Weregarurumon slam my back at the tree I tryed to get up but my back hurts." Renamon said "that fool, anything else?" "He raped me and pee on me" he replyed "I can't belive that jerk." Renamon said with angy rage "What are you going to do Renamon?" He asked "I don't know Ken I just don't know if I confort of him he'll might killed me." she replyed "Renamon I can't risk losing you I just had wrost dream  it was when Weregarurumon killed you and Zeusmon....... I was helpless.... and alone" Kenny said with a sad look on his face. Renamon place her paws on his head and said "well you better stay in bed and get some rest." Kenny nods and Renamon smiles and kisses him and walk off the room.


To Be Continue

(I'll end this for now and take break for a while I'll be continue this more of this later and Remember if I made any mistakes on this stroy like mis spelled or anything please let me know okay? Okay! Peace.)