This is part three of The Boy and The Fox lemon story series and also I don't own Digimon or any of this stuff expect for Zeusmon she my made up digimon so I own her anyway you got to be 18 years or older to read this...enjoyed


The Boy and The Fox Part III



Written by: Paladin-Sephiroth



            When Kenny first woke up in the living room naked and see Renamon and Zeusmon laying down sleeping behind him and smiles at them and heads to the bathroom and got in the shower and turn on the warm water and starts wash everything off his body and start using his bar of soap and put it on his body covered in soap and wash it off.  But until Renamon steped in the shower with him and Kenny not notice anything because he has eyes shut and feels furry paw on his chest and been pull towards here and whisper in his ears with a purred "What are you doing on the shower without me?" Kenny blush when Renamon press his body to her and feeling her breast press at his back and turn around and see her face and they smiled and kisses each other and feeling each other bodys and Renamon purred again escaped from her lips while kissing few minutes when they depart there lips and start washing each other.



Back at the living room


            Zeusmon woke up hearing running water in the bathroom got up on her feet and put her loin cloth back on and left the note on the table and heads out the cabin turn around and smiles and hope meet again some of these and head back in the forest.  Kenny and Renamon got out from the shower while Renamon wrap her furry arm around his arms and they kisses again this time with tongues and depart again and Renamon whisper again "Kenny it about to lose the long hair." and Kenny whisper back "What wrong with having long hair?" he smiles and she smile back and said "Nothing I thought it be good to have it short like when you just a child." he still smiling and kisses her "Yeah your right I do need one for a long time." she giggled and they head to the living room and pulled up to the chair and he sit down and Renamon use Kenny's sword and grab so much hair from front and back and cut it off made it short Renamon smiled at him and kisses him on the cheek and wrap her furry arm around him still feel of Renamon's yellow fur on his chest and Renamon licked his left ear and whisper last time "Your are so handsome" Kenny shirvers from his ear got licked and blush at same time.  When Renamon let him go and get his clothes on Kenny head to his bedroom and got his clothes on and head back to Dining Room and see Renamon reading the note left by Zeusmon "What you reading Renamon?" he said and walk up toward and sit down next to her "A note from Zeusmon" she anwsed and hand him the note and said




            Dear Kenny and Renamon.



            It been great get to know from both of you that day and I'm glad you didn't made fun of me

and it been fun and sorry I have to run off so soon I have to take care of few thing at the digital world

I might be back soon and pay a vist both of you these days and have some fun again.







            "Do you think she'll come back?" Renamon asked and he reply "hope so." they both smile and getting ready for lunch.  After lunch and wash and clean the plates and put them away Kenny decide to head outside for a while "Renamon I'm heading outside of a while wanna come?" he ask and Renamon said "No lot to do around the house like rerange the living room area." Kenny nodded "And don't forget your sword" Renamon remain him and he nodded again and picked up his sword and place it on his back and head off.



At The Forest


            Kenny wonder around the forest area see bunch of in-train Digimon Demiveemon, Tokomon, and Gigimon and start chasing Demiveemon and they all laughing running though Kenny's legs around and around as for Kenny looked at the 3 In-train digimon running past though his legs around and around and they start jump on him bearly knock him down 'There so cute when they playing' he thought when Demiveemon went down in Kenny's tank-top shirt and start tickling him and Kenny tryed to resist to laugh the other 2 in-train digimon look each other and nodded and also jump in Kenny's shirt and start tickling him and Kenny keeps on resisting it but he can't hold his laugher any longer the 3 digimon keep on tickling him until he laugh.


            He finally laughed and fall on the ground and still getting tickled and when he said "Okay okay okay I give I give." 3 Digimon get out of his shirt and leave and still chasing Demiveemon 'Very cute indeed' he thoughted again and got back up on his feet again keeps wondering around the forest.  A another creature is watching him in the shadows and followed him.


            When Kenny got at the river is so clean and clear he put his hand in the river and get a drink from his hand until he hears a snap from the stick he quickly pull out his sword and turn around at same time and see a big wolf much tall as Kenny "Who are you?" he said and wolf spoke with a male voice "I'm Weregarurumon and your's?" "I'm Kenny." he respone back at the wolf and Weregarurumon walk up toward him with no pants on and his erect cock is hard and stiff when Kenny saw Weregarurumon's hard cock and stand there and say "What do you want?" Weregarurumon walk up toward him some more and Kenny move back little right close to the edge of the river "Look like your not going anywhere kid." Weregarurumon said reach his arm and tryed to grab him but he ducked  and crawled under him got at about 6 feet away from him and took out his sword again.


            Weregarurumon turn around and see he has sword out again and smirk runs at toward him at top speed and knock his sword out his hands and use his other hand at his neck he was choking him and hold him up "You won't get away from me kid" he said and remove his carryer and slam him against at the tree hard, Kenny screaming of pain as he feel his back got slammed at the tree he tryed to fight back but he can't move Weregarurumon put him on the ground and grab his hair brought to his dick and said "Suck me" Kenny shook his head no, Weregarurumon kneed him in the gut "Do it what I say or I well to forcely" Kenny responed back "Make.... me...." Weregarurumon put his cock in Kenny's mouth and thrust it in his mouth, Kenny's tears leaking out from his eyes and Weregarurumon keeps on thrusting fast and hard "Yeah enjoyed that huh?" he said with a moan and Kenny begin to cry muffled and Weregarurumon took his cock out his mouth and rip his pants and shirt off of him and position his cock to his ass "No....please don't" he said but Weregarurumon didn't listen and push his cock inside of his ass and he scream again of pain and his ass started to bleed feel his Weregarurumon's big cock in his ass and Weregarurumon starts thrusting him and smiles evilly keeps on thrusting fast and hard in his ass and Kenny's ass is still bleeding, Weregarurumon going to cum soon every thrusting of Kenny's ass and Kenny still crying of pain and release his first cum on his body, and Weregarurumon shot his load into Kenny's ass and pulled his cock out of him and stand up and kick him down and Kenny get kicked and flew back few feet and on his back as Weregarurumon walked up towards him and say "I was going to kill you for disobey me but I might let you live little longer I'm not going let you off the hook." hold up this cock and releasing his piss all over his body, Kenny giving 'oh gross' look on his face been cover by Weregarurumon's pee after he done peeing on him he turn other way and walk off "Remember this kid I will kill you" grab his pants and put them on, Kenny tryed to get up slowly and try to walk over where the sword get knock out his hands goes to the bush and found it pick it up and head to the sheath but fall down and been knocked out 'Well this be the end of me or i'm going stay alive?' Kenny thoughted.




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