This is take place of The Boy and The Fox until they meet new creature so I don't own Digimon any of the stuff you got to be 18 or older to read this so....enjoy



The Boy and The Fox Part II


Written by Paladin-Sephiroth



            Five months later when Kenny and Renamon been together, as for Kenny been having second thoughts like what well happened to him when he gets older well he die or well he be sad when his love Renamon past away and felt another suffer painful memorys of his real parents when all the sudden he felt a paw made him jumpy he quickly turn around and got hold of his sword it turn out it was Renamon all long and he let go of handle of the sword "Oh i'm sorry did I make you nervous?" she said and wrap her arm around him to make him relax, when Kenny felt her arms wrap around he feel so relaxing and answed "Yeah you did and It's okay I'm just having some deepest thoughts" "Deepest thoughts?" She said and tilt her head "Yes like what would happened to me when I growin older well I die? or saw you died front of my eyes and suffer this painful memory of my real parents?" Kenny questioned.  Renamon looked at sad face on Kenny and she never thought about that.  Renamon lay her head on Kenny's lap and careless his hair with her paw when he looked at her with smile on her face, Kenny smiled back and lay on his back and look up in the blue sky and watch the clouds passing by.  The silents went on and they held hands and they both look at the sky and see some bird-like digimon flying by.  Renamon clawed up to Kenny and lay beside him and gently kissed him on the cheek with those furry lips and rest her head on his chest and Kenny caresless her cheeks softly and they both doze off to sleep.  Three hours later the sun is going down Kenny is first one who woke up and stretch out and set up and Renamon slowly open her eyes and see her lover face she got up and kisses some more this time on the lips Kenny kisses back they got on there feet and head back to cabin.


Inside of the cabin


            Kenny and Renamon set the table for dinner of Fish, slice pickles, rice, and green tea.  After dinner they sat down on the floor and work on the meditation and finding there center, the meditation went on hours until when there finish meditation they got on there feet and hugged and went there bedroom and give each other another kiss and Renamon said "Goodnight and sleep tight Kenny" "Yeah you too Renamon" he said with a smile she smiled back and enter her bedroom and he enter to his own bedroom.


Renamon's Bedroom


            Renamon got into the bed and cover herself up and turn off the lamp as she lay down to get herself comfortable and being to think what Kenny said early today <What if he's right? what if he did turn old and dieds would be I'll be alone again? or would he be sad when I passed away from one of the battles I can't let this happened no matter what me and Kenny we be stronger I can't let our hopes down we got to take that chance to live.> She thought and fell sleep fast.


Kenny's Bedroom


            Kenny got his pajamas on bottom shorts, and blue sleeveless t-shirt, he walk toward to the bed and clawed in and layed down cover himself and turn off the lamp and get some sleep and tryed not to think too much.


Meanwhile outside of cabin


            A unknowed creature wonder in the digital world at night and watching them and walked off without a word after far away from the cabin, as unknowed creature stopped at the fresh clean drinking water this creature scoop drink water with hand or paws and drinks it and rest off the rock and fall asleep.


Next Morning at the cabin


            Renamon woke up and got out of the bed and made the bed and head out get breakfast started.  Kenny woke up and made his bed also change his clothes to his dark blue long shorts, dark red tank-top, got his shoes on got out of his bedroom and saw Renamon at the kitchen he smiled and said "Morning Renamon." Renamon turn around and responed back with her smile "Morning you too Kenny breakfast well be ready soon so why don't you get some berrys and some fruits before it ready?" Kenny nodded picked up the basket "Be back later" Kenny said and head out to door and heads to the forest to find some berrys and friuts.


At the Forest


            Kenny arrived at the forest and search for some berrys and fruits (sorry to interrupted the story but incase you know Kenny remembers when Renamon take Kenny to out to forest and pick some berrys and stuff reason I didn't put that in on the first lemon story of the boy and the fox because well... you figuer out why.  back to the story) but little he didn't know this unknowed creature is hiding from the bush when this creature walk slowly behind him.  After finish picking fruits and berrys he turn around and see creature a wolf-like he started to scream and same goes the wolf-like creature in female voice Kenny run away while holding the basket without spilling anything.


Back at the cabin


            Renamon sat everything up for breakfast and saw Kenny re-enter with basket of berry and fruit and he catchin his breath Renamon look at him "What wrong with you it look like you seen a ghost?" She said Kenny regain his breath slowly and said "I've just saw a wolf-like creature after I finish picking some fruits and berrys" "Do you still have it with you?" Renamon asked "Yeah I've still got it" he said and Renamon walked up and see he got everything she look a the basket and she look really happy "Kenny I'm so proud of you! and you've remembered" Renamon said and give him a big hug "It was nothing I've been watching you doing that since i was little kid" Kenny said and blush an embassment they sat down at the table and begin eatting there favorite meal pancakes with hearts shape.  After breakfast the sun is blightly and Kenny and Renamon deside to go Swimming to there favorite Swimming holes when Kenny going to grab his swim trucks but Renamon stop him and told him let just go Kenny shrugs and head out of door and head to the Swimming area.


At the Swimming Hole


            When Kenny and Renamon got there, Renamon took her purple gloves and for Kenny, he never saw Renamon took off her gloves she turn around and see Kenny staring at her "What are you staring at Kenny?" Renamon said with a blush "Uhh nothing" Kenny said and try not to blush real hard but it was too late his face turn beet red. Renamon she giggled and walk toward him and whisped "You never saw me without my gloves before have you?" Kenny's face is still red and said "Uhhhhh n-n-n-no" she giggled some more and another whisped "Well then this is your first one you saw me naked" She licks his ear.  Kenny shuddered of Renamon's vixen tongue at his ear, Renamon unbutton his pants and unzipped it and pulled his pants and underware down next her paws went to his shirt and pulled them off completedly now Kenny is standing on ground naked "C'mon Kenny let go in the now" she whisped one last time Kenny nodded and jump in together.  But still a Wolf-like creature is watching there every move <Damn by watching them the fox is putting on good move him and somehow want to.... want to?> the wolf thought.  As Renamon and Kenny having fun swimming and having a good ol' Water Wrestling as Renamon got him hold tightly and Kenny tryed to break out but she too strong for him and after he gave up and Renamon is still the world champion.  They look at each other and they locked lips for deeply kiss a Human body meet Digimon Furry body as they kisses deeply and played there tongues while underwater as so they depart of kissing they swim up to the surfest and they stared at each other eyes and hugged once more and they closed they eyes until when they heard a splash "What was that?" Kenny asked, Renamon answed "I don't know" and went back hugging.  Wolf-like creature swam under water and got hind of to the human boy and rose up from the surfest, Renamon open her eye and saw a wolf-like creature "Whoa" Renamon backed up and Kenny turn around and remember that creature and move back until she said "Wait don't go" Kenny and Renamon stopped they remain there until she said "I didn't mean to scare you" "Scare me you scare both of us" Renamon said "I know I'm sorry" wolf creature said "Who are you anyway?" Kenny asked "I'm Zeusmon" She said Introduce herself  "Zeusmon? I've never heard of that name before what about you Renamon?" Kenny asked and Renamon said "No I've never heard of that it must be new" "It is new i'm just uhhh." she said and can't finish the rest "Zeusmon why did you scared me this morning?" Kenny said, "I just want to get to know you after you saw my face you scream and ran away" Zeusmon said, "So you did scared him? so you want to get to know him better?" Renamon said and Zeusmon nodded and said "And I'm really sorry about all this." Kenny and Renamon accpeted her apologies and they all got out of the water and dryed off for like couple of hours.  Four hours later they all dryed Kenny got his clothes back on and Renamon put her glove back on but expect for Zeusmon she didn't wear anything, before they head back to the cabin Zeusmon stopped them "Wait I didn't get to know your names" Kenny and Renamon look at each other and Introduce to "My name is Kenny" He said, "And my name is Renamon" She said, Zeusmon smiled and said "It's nice to meet you two" Kenny and Renamon smiled back and Zeusmon asked them to invite herself to there place Renamon and Kenny nodded and went to the back.


Back at the cabin


            They all sit down on Furniture, Kenny and Renamon sat down at the couch and Zeusmon sat down at the chair and then later Zeusmon stared at Kenny for some reason and asked "Kenny tell me how come you look different like us?" "Uhh." Kenny couldn't find the answed but Renamon did "Well he a human." Zeusmon eye's open wide and never saw a human before and said "A human from the human world?" "Yep" Kenny said "How long you been here?" Zeusmon asked again "He been here for entire life for 16 years" Renamon said "He been here for 16 whole years?" Zeusmon said, "That right 16 whole years" Kenny said, Zeusmon smiled and asked Kenny once more "Tell me when do you ever want to go home with your family?" "This is Kenny's home" Renamon said, She look at Renamon "What do you mean?" "What Renamon mean is this is my home" Kenny said, but she still didn't follow Kenny and Renamon sighed and told her from the started "It happened 16 years when Kenny was a little baby and I was out of the forest picked fruits and berrys until I heard a faint cry so I have to check it out the crying becoming loader and loader when I saw the another basket it was at the edge of river so I pulled it out from the river I couldn't see face was been covered under the blaket so pulled it off and revealing it his face I was quite suprise when I saw him so I made him stop crying" Renamon said, "After when Renamon picked me up and hold me closer and then I've endin of my cry when I saw her face it didn't scared me at all and I laugh and she laugh back and she took good care me and raise me like a her son to me." Kenny said, Zeusmon was inspired there story and said "So Renamon raise you like a one of her own and you been living this world for 16 years?" "Yes after when he just little child Me and Kenny play together and when he little bit older train together I taught him everything to force his mind and to be strong and wield of a sword the training really payed off" Renamon said and held Kenny's hand and smiled, "goodness both of you having some good time" Zeusmon said and Kenny and Renamon nodded after they finish there story they set up for dinner after they ate they went to bedroom got night rest, Zeusmon is sleeping with Renamon when they got in the bed Zeusmon begin to think for herself <Those 2 are real nice me like good friends, I never have friends all they do is picked on me and teasing me, but for Kenny and Renamon they don't teast and make fun of me let just hope if they don't find out> Zeusmon fell asleep so is Renamon, back Kenny's room he went fast asleep.


Next day


            It was noon they all went to they favorite place at the cliff (well not edge of the cliff) where all the flowers are bloomin and they all sit down and watch the sceney of the digital world and watch the clouds of the sky move and see bunch of flying digimon pass by, Renamon lay her head on Kenny's shoulder same goes to Zeusmon when Kenny look at Zeusmon and to Renamon he doesn't mind it at all.  Renamon moved her furry tail inside back of Kenny's tank-top and wave her tail to left and to right to tease him. Kenny is still felt tickish from Renamon's Tail, Kenny Tap Renamon's left shoulder to tease her back and she look to left and she see nothing when she look back at Kenny and lick his lips, Zeusmon just saw what Renamon just did she'll feeling bit horney.  Seven hours later they all went back the cabin but Zeusmon stayed outside and sat on the ground and think <What the heck was all about Renamon licked his lips and I just can't stop thinking about it.> she took her hand and place it at her breast and started circling them around but when she stop when she enter the cabin she saw Kenny and Renamon kissing each other passionatly and when Kenny open his eyes and saw Zeusmon standing there and bit surprise and Renamon saw Zeusmon and then Renamon said seductive "Why don't you come over here and join us" Zeusmon said "Uhh no thank I'll just pass" "Aww come on you know you wanna" Kenny said, "Thanks but no thanks" Zeusmon said and tryed to head to the bedroom "Why not Zeusmon you don't wanna have fun?" Renamon said and they both walk up to her, "I do wanna have fun but it just....." Zeusmon tryed to finish but Kenny put his finger on her lips and said "Now now Zeusmon there nothing to get embasses" just that Renamon kisses Zeusmon on the lips and Kenny gently nipple at her neck and Zeusmon never has that kind of this treatment before and she kisses Renamon back and played Kenny's hair after departed Kenny and Renamon got hold of Zeusmon's hands and head back to the where Kenny and Renamon making out when Renamon got behind of Kenny and Zeusmon got on her kness and he started to unbutton his long shorts and unzipped and pull his long shorts and his underware down and Renamon took off her gloves and took Kenny's tank-top off leaving him naked once more.  Kenny turn his to Renamon's face and kisses deeply on the lips and finger in furry vixen vargina and Zeusmon giving him a blow-job Kenny and Renamon moan in usion after few minute Kenny fired his seed in Zeusmon's mouth and Renamon splash her orgasm all over Kenny's finger when Kenny took it out and licked of her juice off his finger and change poisition Renamon got on all fours but for Zeusmon is just to worry when Kenny and Renamon look at her and Kenny said "What's wrong?" "I'm just to embasses to show" Zeusmon said, "To show us what?" Renamon asked Zeusmon removed her loin cloth and revealed her secrect she has a penis "Zeusmon your a herm?" Kenny said, "Yes I'm am reason why I hidden my secrect because all the digimon were pickin on me and tease me so I ran away and so I live on my own why can I be a normal female digimon like everyone else?" Zeusmon said, "You poor thing we don't know how you feel" Renamon said, "All I want is to be a normal female" Zeusmon said and look away "Look I know it tough but it doesn't matter if your different or not but too me it still look nice I know one thing you can do with it" Kenny said with an idea "What?" Zeusmon said "Go under Renamon" Kenny Instruted so she did and he firmly grab her penis and stick it to Renamon's vargina Renamon knows Kenny's up too and she smiled and Kenny licks Renamon's rear good and wet and goes in easly after lubing it up Kenny took hold of his penis to Renamon's butt and begin humping, Kenny bending so he could help Renamon's legs move up and down as for Zeusmon, Zeusmon feeling the pleasure of Renamon's vagina walls, Kenny and Zeusmon kept on humping on Renamon until Renamon splash her second orgasm all over Zeusmon's penis and Kenny and Zeusmon fire there orgasm Kenny pull his member out of Renamon's ass and Renamon got up when Zeusmon has idea she told Kenny get on all fours and told Renamon get under him until they into the position Zeusmon took her member into Kenny's ass, Kenny moan as she started humping him Renamon started sucking on Kenny's memeber when Kenny told Zeusmon go faster and harder she did what he said Kenny's third orgasm is building up drastically Renamon kept on sucking faster and faster and then Kenny fired his string of cum into Renamon's mouths and shallowed it gladly and Zeusmon fired her cum into Kenny's Virginal ass Kenny feels of Zeusmon's cum inside of his butt has she pulled her member out. Kenny got on his knees and Renamon sat up and turn around and kisses Kenny on the cheek and Zeusmon did the same when Kenny's eye about to shut and fall asleep on the floor. Zeusmon and Renamon look at each other and kisses each other as well and they went to 69 position Renamon got on top and begin suck on Zeusmon's prick and Zeusmon being licked Renamon's vargina the two female is eatting out of each other Zeusmon dugged deeper of Renamon's clit with her tongue and Renamon kept bobbin her head faster and harder and then Zeusmon shot out of her third orgasm and Renamon sprayed her juice in her mouth they both shallow it after they finish there orgasm they head over where Kenny is and they wrap there arms around them keep him warm and the trio fell fast asleep.




Okay I have to end this took me 2 days to finish and oh I almost forgot (Zeusmon is a Rookie level Wolf Type Digimon her fur is Silver same height has Renamon and wears white loin cloth around her waist.) peace out everybody