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"Renamon Herm Series"


The Arrivel


Written by : Paladin-Sephiroth



            Ken woke up from his bed one morning when he got out of the bed and heads to the shower when he remove his boxers and step inside and turn on warm shower and start wash himself as he get his bar of soap and put on his body as his body is covered in form and rinse it off the form and get shampoo and put it on his hair and scarb his hair for 30 mintues and rinse off and wash more to get off any form left then after he wash everything off and turn off the shower and get towel and dry off and wrap his towel around his body and head back to his bed room and get his boxers on and heads to the walk in closet and pulled out clean clothes of Red T-shirt of Video Rental and Tan pants and put them on then he get his socks on and shoes.  Ken head to the kitchin get some breakfast of eggs and bread then put on grase on the pan then put egg to fry them for few minute and put the bread in toaster and for few 1 minute the bread poped up and put the egg on the bread and other bread to cover it and grab case of Juice of oranges poured on the cup and sit down and begin to eat his meal as he thinks and swallow his meal and sigh then say "Man I wish my mom and dad are alive if wasn't for the assassin." He look so depress and very not in moody from that day when he was 19 years old when he finish his meal and take his drink of his orange juice then start cleaning the dishes and put it in dish washer and head to the car and drive to his work.



            When Kenny got to the Video Rental and check in the time clock and head to the counter as he see his friends "Hey John" John turn and see Ken "Morning Ken slept well?" he ask and ken anwser "Yeah and still depress" "I know your still upset of your parents death Ken but you have to get over it they well always watch you from above" John said as Kenny sigh "I wish I could but it just so hard I feel so lonely" John try to comfrant him by place his hand on his shoulder "I know something it might help." Ken look at him and John continue "A Night Club it would be good for you" "John you know I hate Night Club" Ken said and John reply "I know but you never have any experience the night club well be fine with you so let loose and have some fun" Kenny sighed more and say "Okay okay you talked me out of it." John smiled and pat his back and say "There you go and you have a great time" as they start working and Kenny go and put all of the return Videos, DVD's, and Game back on the shelves and put the new release Video and DVD on shelves to the new release section then went back to the counter and get the Movies and Game from costumer and scan it and look at her ID told the phone number then told them price to pay "That would be $8.53 miss" when she give out 10 dollar bill and give her change back and goes to other side and give it to her "it well at Friday by 11" Ken said and she nod and walk out and goes back to the counter and see something at the candy image inhuman yellow fox facing other way and slow turn around see Ken's face and disappear and Ken rub his eyes and see nothing "I must be going crazy." he said and get back to work.  4 hours later when he ready about to go home and get some rest when John said to remain him "Ken remember your coming to Night club at 8:00 PM" and Ken said "I won't" when he went to check out and head back to the car and drive back home and get out of the car and walk back inside.


            Ken went back to the bed room and lay down and think and came cross of image of yellow fox "Who was that and why did look at me and disappear like a ghost.... ah whatever I better not think about" yawns and rest for bit he slept for 2 hours later and wake up and heads to the tv and turn on and watch some of news of about of the assassin has been found and get arrested "about time that jackass get arrested god it been like 4 years to find him" sigh "I should been happy but I'm not, and I'm still depressed" he turn off the tv and get his dinner ready and suddenly the computer went turn on by itself and Kenny turn around and walk up toward "The hell?" his computer went crazy and Ken try to turn it off nothing happen and went to the plug and pulled it out and look at the screen and it still on "What the fuck it been turn off right now?" his computer went crazy and stop for sec "is it over?" then start doing high pitch Srceech and Ken plug his ear from the sound and fell on his knees and Vortex opened and Ken see something coming out and the computer spit out same Inhuman yellow fox from video store only for real Ken look at the fox and Fox look at him "W-who are you?" he asked the fox and creature spoke in female voice "Renamon" she cross her arms and Ken stand up and walk up toward her to feel make sure it real but Renamon move back and said "Don't touch me" as Ken stands there and shrugs and look at watch at 7:30 PM and heads to the closet and remove shirt he wear and change into shirt into his black t-shrit of dagon breath fire and heads back to the car and head to fast food place to get a cheese burger only and get some ketup packet it and use it on it  and eat it and sip of his drink then finish of his first burger and get pulled out some fries and eat it and sip more of his drink as he finish his meal and drink more of his soda and head out of the car and heads to night club John talked about.


            John waitted for Ken at the at the door he got there earlyer when Ken park at the park lot and turn off the car and lock it and walk up toward where John is "Hey Ken what took you so long?" Ken sighed "I don't want to talk about it." "Ken lighten up you don't want to ruin the night don't you?" John asked him "Sorry John it just I've been really depressed and not very moody most of time." Ken said and look down "It okay Ken most people in that way about other people parents death and they found to understand to stay alive to keep the last night alive that how I felt" John said and Ken look at him and show a smiles "You know your right I can not be all depress and have bad mood most of the time for 4 years but now since they found that Jackass he now right into jail." John smile and pat on his back "Now that Ken I know of." Ken laugh "Yeah" they started to laugh until there gut started to hurts and saw the door open and walk in as bunch of people walk in also and they party has started as Ken talk all his friends he knew and having fun for 6 hours later the club close for the next weekend Ken and John said good byes and head back home and rest.


            Renamon sit on couch in the bit dim light on of touch lamp with tv is still off and computer is plug back in and still off as she heard the car pulled up and Ken walk inside and see Renamon at the couch and sitting and decide to avoid her by walk past her and heads to his bed room and get into his boxer and crawled in bed and sleep.


            When Ken wake up when the sun raise and he got out of the bed and make it and get his clean clothes on and start working on of the house by Vacuumed the floor, clean the bathroom, then gather the durty clothes carry them to the laundry room and start the washer to put clothes in to make sure not to mix the color when Renamon wake up and head out side and sit on the roof  watches the sun and bird flying by and keep eye out of any digimon appear to attack, as Ken keep working on his chores and put matching colors in the dryer and put socks and underwear washer and wait for half hour. When look around and keep finding any wild digimon to attack.


            Right before when Ken finish the landery start put the it away of his clean clothes and sock and everything away and get his gym clothes put it in bag and head to the car and head Gym to work out as Renamon saw Ken leave and keep look around and sighed of bordom.  When Ken arrive the gym and start working in of barbells does 20 rearps by lifting 110 lb and start working on the punching bag to build his arms then start working on his leg on trimell for 45 minutes and start to sweat after he finish he start heads to the locker room and start remove his tank top and put it in locker and head to sauna and stay there for 2 half hours as he walk out of the change back to his original clothes walk back to the car and begin to drive home.


            Renamon watch the sun goes down and pick up a since a digimon is coming "Finally some fight I can do" jump off the roof and begin to run to find it.  Ken keep on driving more as he see something middle of the road and see Green ogre and use his club at hood of car to smash the engine "Ah Shit" Ken get out of the car and say to him "Hey that was my card you bastard" the Ogre growls and laugh like manic and swing his club at his face but Ken duck down "Damn" Move out of the way and Ogre chase him and slam club at the road and Ken dodge it "Can we talk?" Ken ask and trip and turn around as Green Ogre hold up the club up in the air and Ken shut his eyes as unknow ogre send it down but Renamon appear and kick him in the face and ogre Digimon  flies back and hit Ken's car and as for Ken got back up and run away when ogre Digimon growl and see Renamon "Damn you fox you dare to strike Ogremon?" Renamon didn't anwser and Ogremon use P Pummle Whack on her but Renamon Teleport and use Diamond Storm on Ogremon and Ogremon easyly get deleted and Renamon took the ogremon's data.


            Ken arrive back home and regain his breath "Oh god that was close" regain his breath some more and heads to the bed room and remove his clothes and heads to the shower and turn on warm water and close the bathroom door and get in the shower and start washing himself; Renamon teleport back at the house and trying find Ken and when she open the door and saw Ken naked and see his crotch when Ken turn around and see Renamon staired and Yell and cover his crotch and get on his knees and telling her Get out as Renamon shut the door and blush deeply as she saw him nude and heads to the living room and try not to think about it but feel something never been felt before she feeling hornyness inside of her and image of Ken again and stop for while and think she'll do.


            Ken got out of the shower and for 30 minutes and dry off and get his boxers on and crawled in bed and get rest when he turn off the lights and went fast asleep for hard work at the gym and running away from Ogremon and try to avoid Renamon saw him naked; When Renamon appear at his bed room and walk up toward him and place her paw at his face and careless it and she smiled and careless more and Ken stir in his sleep then Renamon move her paws down to his chest and lower body and touch at crotch area only been covered bed sheets and bed cover then move up toward the cover and pulled them off to show his half naked body and as she get on top of him and place her paw at chest and enjoy feeling his skin lean down and give his chest a lick and Ken stir more, Renamon lick some more and feel lust as his member get semi-hard and pulled the rest of bed cover off and pulled his member out his boxer and give it lick and Ken moaned Renamon look at him and lick more of his member and Ken moan more and get harden and Renamon and move up and place her lips on his and kisses him and lick his face and ears and pull off Ken's boxers off and blush more of his naked body and kisses more on his lip and Ken turn around and Renamon's member came out and rubs her memeber around his virgin ass as Ken moan more and push it in begin to thrust back and forth and Ken moan more and slowly wake up and see Renamon pumping him and he scream and push Renamon away from him "Renamon what the hell are you doing?" Renamon didn't anwser and felt her feelings got hurt because of what she did Ken is frustrade from Renamon action and saw tears out of her eyes "Are you crying?" Ken asked her and she said "My crying? No" she whip the tear off her eyes and sniff Ken feel so bad what he did and say "Renamon I'm sorry I shouldn't got angry at you it just you scared me what you been doing to me." Renamon look at him and say "What do you mean?" Ken reply "Well like those girl I've learn how do defend themself" "I see" Renamon said and Ken say "Yeah" Renamon crawled up toward him and they look each other like they meant for each other and move closer and lock lip together and kisses as her paw place on his face and his hand on her neck and they kisses long and deep and they start tongue kissing each other and feel lust stronger and stronger when they broke the kiss and Ken please his hand on her breast gently massage on the left Renamon moan and feel her member became harden again and cunt became wet enjoy being touch at the breast and let him continue as Ken continue massage her left breast and start lick her right breast and Renamon moan of pleasuer getting massage and lick at the breast same time.  Renamon's cunt became wetter and wetter more and push Ken away from her breast and ask "I was wondering if you want to me inside of you?" Ken said "sure" turn around and get all fours and Renamon rub her member and push it back inside of his ass and Ken moan while Renamon resume thrust back and forth as she moan and feel his ass tight around her member when Renamon  place her paws at his hips and keep on thrusting more and ken moan more his orgasm start to build up and Renamon bend forward while thrusting him and start lick his neck as Ken can't hold his cum bit longer and say when he moan "Oh god Renamon" Renamon thrust faster and harder and Ken release his first cum all over the bed then Renamon pulled her member out his ass and rubs it and cums all over his back Ken feel her orgasm on his back and when he sit up and kisses her and Renamon kisses back and say "Did you enjoyed it?" Ken reply "Yes I do" Renamon smiles and snuggles up agaiest him and nuzzle him say "I haven't know your name yet" and he say "The name Kenny but you may call me Ken for short" Renamon yawns and nods then fall sleep againest him Ken smiles and sleep along with Renamon.



To be continue


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