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Note: This is my first Yaoi Lemon story.  Inspired by my good friend Takuya Kanbara.



Love Of The Bunny


Written by Paladin-Sephiroth


            It was a nice day when Takato awoke, not a care in the world. Henry was on his way over, yet Takato had no clue why. He sat by the door, pressing buttons on his D-Arc, when he heard a knock come from the door.  Taktao got up and open the door and see Henry and Terriermon "What up Henry?" Takato said and Henry saids "Hey Takato! Nothing much. Listen, Not to be fast, but could you watch Terriermon for me for a couple of days? My family is going on a trip and My mom won't let me bring him along, she says that stuffed bunny needs to stay home for once. I'd really apreciate it Takato If you did..?" and Takato said "Yeah I'll be glad to watch over him" after that Terriermon jumped on Takato's shoulder.  "Henry let go's" Janyuu said to his son "Coming Dad" turn around to his dad and turn back to Takato and Terriermon "See ya in couple of day Terriermon." and heads to the car and get in and they drove off has soon Takato and Terriermon standing there and saw there car dissappear on the streets and Takato went back inside the Bakery with Terriermon on his head and head back to his room and get change to his clothing while Terriermon laying down on his bed, and Takato put his googles on his head and put his shoes and socks on and Terriermon jump back on his shoulders goes out his room and Sneak into back of the kitchen and grabs some 2 plastic bags and put some of loaf of bread in bags right before Terriermon going to say something but he was cut-off by Takato "Shhh stay quiet I don't want let my parents know about this." whisper softly and Terriermon nodded after Takato filled up bag of bread and head out to the back door quietly and head to Guilmon's hide out.


            Guilmon lay down and being very bored and waitting for Takato to show up and tummy growling "I'm hungry" he whining until Takato showed up and Terriermon with him and he open the cages and Guilmon smiled and pounce on him and Terriermon jumped off him "Takatomon" Takato got slam into the ground and Guilmon starting licking his face and Takato laugh "Okay haha okay calm down boy" Takato said and push him off gently and Terriermon giggled little Takato got up and give him is favorite type of bread and Guilmon notice Terriermon was there "Terriermon where's Henry? Is he playing Hide and Seek?" "Silly Guilmon he just went on a trip for couple of days" Terriermon replyed and they all sit down right next to Guilmon while he munching down loaf of bread and Terriermon got one loaf of bread and starts to eat it.  After eatting Guilmon, Terriermon, and Takato started chasing each other and loads of laughter


            Few hours later the sun is setting and Guilmon return his pad and buryed some of the bread and saving it for later.  And Takato and Terriermon went back bakery again and sneak in the backdoor and went upstaires and enter his room Terriermon jumped off his head and sit down on his bed when Mrs.  Matsuki yelled "Takato dinner time" "Coming" Takato responed "Well you be okay up here while I'm eatting?" Takato said to Terriermon "Momentai Takato" Terriermon said to Takato and he laugh little and head down stairs then Dining room and Mr. and Mrs.  Matsuki set for dinner and started eatten.


            After dinner Takato got into his favorite pajamas and he got into his bed and got tuck in and Terriermon did the same and went down to sleep. They fell sleep round 12 AM fast until Takato felt something from his crotch he open his eye's and open his sheets and see Terriermon's ears touching his crotch and shoock Terriermon gently "Terriermon!?" he said and Terriermon woke up from his sleep and yawn "Morning already?" Takato sighed and say's "No it not morning yet but your ear is on my uhhh" couldn't finish what he saying and blush until Terriermon  saw what Takato talkin about and blush along too.  Terriermon got on his feet and walk up toward it and touch Takato's balls with his small paws and Takato yipe and blush crimson red and Terriermon pulled his bottoms down and starts rubbing his ball and Takato feels his ball getting rubbed and let out a moan Terriermon look at Takato's face and smiles and pulled his underwear down and revlived his member and balls then leand forward and give a lick and again Takato let out another moan.  Terriermon smiled again and say's "Enjoyed that Takato?" and Takato nodded and blush "I enjoyed also" Terriermon giggled and told him to remove his top and he did show his naked body and Terriermon blush and jump off his bed and Takato followed him and Takato said "Now what?" Terriermon begin to digivolve to his champion form Gargomon "How did you digivolve Gargomon?" asked him "I don't know I've never digivolve from away from Henry it must be strange" "Very" Takato said and nods and Terriermon saids "Takato are going to return a favor by remove my pants" Takato just standing there nevousely and walk up to him still nevousely and unbutton his pants and pulled them down 'No Underwear? Weird' Takato thoughted and Gargomon got out his pants and remove his guns from both of his hands and told Takato to sit down and Takato did and Gargomon got on his knees and starts licking his dick and Takato let out of a moan again and getting feel hard as Gargomon keep on licking his penis and took Takato's cock into Gargomon's mouth and begin to sucking on it Takato kept on moaning feel his cock getting sucked and feel his orgasm building up and Gargomon keep on sucking faster and harder and cupped his balls with his huge paw gently.  Takato feel about to cum soon and hold on to it for little while long when Gargomon smiles and keeps on sucking and sucking faster and harder until Takato fired his load into Gargomon's mouth and shallowed it when Gargomon took his cock out his mouth and say's "That was great" smiles and show bit of cum escape from his mouth and Takato smiles and nods and Gargomon say "Now it your turn." he sits down and Takato went on his knees and lean towards Gargomon's cock and start licking and he moan feels Takato's tongue at his cock and say's "More...more" Takato smiles and resume licking on gargomon's dick few times and he moan of pleasure and Takato start took whole rabbit digimon dick in his mouth and starts sucking and Gargomon moans more and place his paws on Takato's head while he keeps on bobbin fast and hard Gargomon feel his orgasm raising quickly and started to sweat, Takato sucks faster and harder and Gargomon fired his load of cum in Takato's mouth he bearly choked and shallow it carefully.  "That was nice Takato now how about we finish this up" he said and Takato replyed "Like what?" Gargomon smiled and turn and showed him his asshole pointing at him and say's "Like this?" when Takato saw his ass at him he's even more nevouses but he try not to be nevouses when he walk up toward Gargomon's ass and went back on his knees again and start licking Gargomon's rim and Gargomon felt his tongue at his hole let out of a moan and push his ass cheeks closer at Takato's face and Takato's keep on licking and lubeing it up when he finish lube Takato grab hold of his dick and place it at Gargomon's ass and push it in there and let out a another moan, same to Gargomon and say's "Ooooh that feels good." Takato smiled and starts humping Gargomon's ass Gargomon moan of pleasure and enjoying it, Takato place his both of his hands on Gargomon's Waist and keep on humping him fast and hard and Gargomon's said with a moan "Oooooh Takato deeper deeper" Takato smile again push him deeper into Gargomon's ass and keep on thrusting him faster and harder and moaning again and Gargomon feel his another orgasm going to be release again and place his paws on his dick and begin to rubbing on it and to get helping hand Takato feel his orgasm building each time of pumping moaning and grunting at the same time Gargomon first one release his second orgasm all over the floor and at Takato's keep on pumping Gargomon's ass and feel about to cum soon when Gargomon know Takato about to cum and told him let it all out and he nodded and get one last pump and fire his second load deep into Gargomon's ass and Takato let out of a sigh and Gargomon groan.  Takato body feels so tired he feel asleep on Gargomon's back and Gargomon smiled and got slowly and pick Takato up and put him in on the bed 'Takato sure is lightweighted' Gargomon thoughted and kisses him and dedigivolve back to Terriermon and went to sleep.



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