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"Digimon Muyo! Series"



Angel of Mercy


Written by: Paladin-Sephiroth



            It was a normal day in the Digital World Malomyotismon and the D-Reaper are Destroyed and peace being forth to whole Digital World.  Guilmon has been thinking about Takato everyday and hope to meet him again he deside to walk around to the Digiworld and met up with his friends Veemon, Gatomon, Agumon, Gaubmon, and Terriermon "Hey Guilmon what up?" Veemon said  "Oh nothing just been thinking about Takato again." Guilmon Repsond "Your not only one who been thinking" Terriermon said "You miss Henry alot don't ya?" Guilmon said and Terriermon nodded.  They hang out for hours and play alot and got few laughs.  But laugher has stoped they looked the sky and saw a portal and the portal started to sucking up 6 Digimon Guilmon grab hold of a tree, Veemon grab hold of Guilmon's Tail, as for Agumon, Gabumon, Terriermon, and Gatomon grab there legs try to not to get pulled in but the portal is too strong Guilmon is losing his grip when the other's yelled "DON'T LET GO GUILMON" but he failed all 6 digimon get sucked in and taken them to the unknowed


Meanwhile in Okayama


            A young teenage boy named Tenchi Masaki half earthling and half jurai, live in house with six females from space, one pet, his father, and his grandpa live in Masaki Shrine.  One day Tenchi goes to the harvest fields to pick up some carrots and next the cute cabbit appeared and jumped in the basket full of carrots and started eatting as soon Tenchi walk up to the basket and pick up cabbit and said "Ryo-Ohki you shouldn't eatting so much" Ryo-Ohki just meowed "*Sigh* Look I know you like carrots so much but..." Tenchi has idea took some bunch of carrot on Ryo-Ohki's back and tied it up to make sure doesn't fall or anything Ryo-Ohki look so happy and Tenchi smiled and she head back home and eat "Well I better get back to work" Tenchi said.


At the Masaki Residents


            A little girl named Samami is preperd for lunch "It's about done" she said in her cheerful mood.  In the living area Samami older sister Ayeka is setting the table and notice Ryoko laying there on the couch doing nothing just watching the tube "It would be nice if you help around here" Ayeka said to Ryoko, but Ryoko ingore what Ayeka just said and Ayeka almost blow her temper but she recovers her temper and continues setting the table. Another girl step out of the room at the broom clawset "Oh Washu your just in time for lunch" Ayeka said "Yes I've working all day working my new experiments IT WELL BE THE GREATEST IN THE UNIVERSE" Washu said and proud of greatest work Washu doll A appeared on the left "Washu you are the greatest" and Washu doll B appears on the right "Washu your are genius" (SXF Spotlight turn on and gliter falls like raining only goes slow) Washu laugh and Washu dolls clap and cheered Ayeka and Ryoko sweatdrop and laugh nervousely.


Back the Fields


            Tenchi sat down on the rock for a break and for snack Samami made for him Tenchi was about to eat he heard a yell <Hmm I've must be hearing things> Tenchi thought and take a bite of the Rices Crackers another yelled became louder and hears a thunder Tenchi looked up and see a weird portal <Is that one Washu's experiments again?> Tenchi thought again and saw someone or something coming down the sky Guilmon landed on Tenchi first follow by Agumon, Veemon, Gabumon, Terriermon, and Gatomon but Gatomon landed on her feet "Such a purfect landing has so said to myself" Gatomon said but five other digimon didn't hear what she said and look around and saw a human got dog pile by five digimon.   Guilmon woke up first and got up and other four woke up too Guilmon look so confuse and doesn't know where he is so the other Digimon look so confuse "Wh-wh-where are we?" Veemon said so nervous the other digimon give 'I don't know' look on there face.  Tenchi stirred and got up and saw six strange creatures with his eye's open wide he tryed to escaped but he couldn't move at all his feet felt like someone drop the safe on his feet Veemon ask him "Hey do you know where we are?" Tenchi was shocked that strange creatures talk and he responed back "uhhh your at Okayama"  the digimon were shock they not suppose to be at Okayama Guilmon notice there food on the rock he walk up at it Tenchi look at Guilmon and went to his food "Hey hey that my....." He tried to finish but guilmon at it "Food" Tenchi tears start coming down.  Guilmon look at Tenchi "Opps Sorry" Guilmon said and he lowed his ears Tenchi know he sorry "It okay you didn't know" Tenchi said and he continue "I uh gotta go cya" packed up his stuff and place basket of carrots on his back like a backpack and head home Guilmon and the other went to find the place to hide but Gatomon deside to followed Tenchi.


Back at the Masaki Residents


            Tenchi wash the carrots and place them in a different basket "Oh Tenchi you home" Samami said and gald to see him again and same goes to Ryo-Ohki she jump on Tenchi's sholders and lick his face "Yeah I'm glad see you too Ryo-Ohki" "Tenchi your just in time for dinner" Samami said "Great I'm stavin" Tenchi said and they all went in but for Gatomon she is hiding behine the tree <This boy is kinda cute> Gatomon thought and begin to blush.  Has soon Tenchi, Ryo-Ohki and Samami went back inside Ryoko went up to Tenchi and hug him "Welcome Tenchi" Ryoko said but Ayeka pulled Tenchi away Ryoko's Arm "Leave him alone" and Ryoko pull him back and so Ayeka and Ryoko begin Tag of War on Tenchi's arms "Ayeka! Ryoko! Stop it" Tenchi said getting tag by 2 females Washu watch Ayeka and Ryoko <Poor simple minded fool> Washu thought after the 4 minutes of Tag of War Ayeka and Ryoko ripped Tenchi's clothing and landed on there butts 2 girl look at the sleave and sweatdrop "were sorry Tenchi" Ayeka and Ryoko said it at the same time. Tenchi Accpte there sorry's and ate there dinner they went to bedrooms get some rest but Tenchi couldn't sleep and couldn't stop think about those strange creatures he was laying down on the bed and try to sleep he hear a tap on the window "Huh?" he open the blinders and see that same at the fields and open the window "What are you doing here?" Tenchi said Gatomon smile and giggled and said " I followed you" "You what? why did you follow me?" Tenchi asked but she didn't ansewed jump on Tenchi's chest and kisses him on the lips Tenchi yelled quietly and land on his bed and Gatomon land on the floor and digivolve into Angewomon.  Angewomon took off her outfit and the Helmet revealing herself naked Tenchi eye's open wide and left his nose is bleeding she move closer to him lick the blood off him and kiss him on the lips again he can feel her breast touching his chest.  She smiled and took off Tenchi's pajamas and his underwear she press her body next to Tenchi's naked body and they kiss deep and hard while the kissing Tenchi move his hands from her back to her butt-cheeks and gently squeeze she let out a moan and angewomon brush his hair with her hands angewomon broke the kiss she low her head and took Tenchi's man-hood into her mouth she started to sucked on it Tenchi moan and place his hand on back of Angewomon's head, Angewmon bobbed her head up and down and cupped his ball and gently massaged Tenchi's balls.  Tenchi never felt anything like that (Of course he a virgin),  As for Angewomon kept on bobbing her head and still sucking on Tenchi's cock.  Tenchi is going bout to cum in of Angewomon's mouth <What what is this feeling is she giving me this treatment but I just usely be shyed around women only they not hugged me to death I..... I> Tenchi thoughts were interrupted he relese his cum in her mouth she shallow his seed and not let escape she took Tenchi's memeber out of her mouth and placing her pussy afront of his face, Tenchi was little bit scared until he know what to do he took out his tongue and started to lick Angewomon pussy she moan of pleasure as Tenchi kept on licking he dug his tongue deep into Angel like Digimon vagina she moan quiet as she can <I never thought of this.  This boy knows how to pleasure! much better from that Veemon.> Angewomon thoughts as more intense she relese her orgasm and Tenchi tasted of Angewomon's love-juice from out of her clit as she got up and told Tenchi to lay down on the bed. Tenchi's dick is still hard has a rock she position her clit at his penis and she lowed herself down Tenchi and Angewomon let out of a small moan she started pumpin on Tenchi's prick, Tenchi felt of vargina walls of Angewomon as Tenchi place his hand on her butt-cheeks and help humping in and out of her vargina she let out a big moan best way to keep it quiet not let anyone to hear.  About nearly 5 half minutes they both reach there orgasm. Tenchi first shot out his seed into her and Angewomon splash orgasm all over Tenchi's penis and his bed covers they out of breath as angewomon laid down and gently kiss Tenchi fully on the lips after the kiss she got off the boy's prick got her clothes back on and her Helmet as she head to the window she said "We shall do this again some these days or nights" she jumped out of the window and fly off and went back to the other and for Tenchi he got his pajamas back on and went to bed.



To Be Continue



Okay this is my first Cross-Over Lemon Storys and I know I've made it short I going to try my best and try to make it longer so catch ya later..  Day it made this story March/21/2004 to March/24/2004