By: The OverLord Of Chaos

There is always a greater darkness.

One of which I’ve met.

But that was a power I was consumed by,

One that was my own…

-Snatchmon’s last thought


*Just to let anyone know who is reading this, this is a small story on how the Zulwarn’s Black Diamond came to be, I thought it would be good, considering I use it so much. Anyway, enjoy. *

The Origination of the Black Diamond

The year is 1812 B.C., the location is a large floating fortress located in the digital world, where the most evil digimon reside. Apocalymon, Malo Myotismon, Reapermon, Kimeramon, Devimon, and the original Snatchmon. The base itself houses the D-Reaper program, which is the starting point of all evil as we know it. There are two new types of creatures being created today. A massive power named Transuamon, and an equally powerful creature simply codenamed Shadow Wolf. Deep inside the fortress, in the very depths of the D-Reaper, these two powers are about to hatch from their eggs. “PROGRAM CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE…” The D-Reapers booming electronic voice announces. “Heh, what is so special about there programs anyway?” A large purple lizard named Snatchmon says. “These are to be the most powerful creatures in existence. The Shadow Wolf is based on a simple Weregururumon, with some modifications to appearance and attacks. Its only appearance differences is its slimmer frame and emerald eyes. The power capability cannot be compared to any existing digimon. The other, a Transuamon, meant to copy itself when it gathers enough data, is based on yourself and a Flamedramon. It gets most of its appearance from the Flamedramon, while its techniques and intelligence come from you. Somewhat of a mirror of your inner self, complete with your neural paths and some traces of memories. The appearances it gets from you are just the crimson eyes that are hidden by your helmet. It gets its gray color and its double-headed tail axe from the data blend. Your merging abilities have been modified to become its shape shifting ability.” The D-Reaper echoes. “I see. Heh, that thing has my memory… they’re hatching…” Snatchmon mumbles. The two eggs, one black, the other gray, start to glow and morph. In a dark black glow, the eggs morph into the creatures. They look around slowly, the Transuamons crimson eyes and slit-like pupils glance quickly around and land on Snatchmon. Shadow Wolf simply takes a slow look about and then stands at the ready, awaiting orders. As the Transuamon looks at Snatchmon, it smiles and mouths something just before the D-Reaper issues its first orders. “The two of you have been created for one purpose, to eliminate the light, and cover this world in darkness. Do you both understand?” The D-Reapers dark voice says. “Understood sir.” Shadow Wolf says sharply. “Hmmm, yes sir, your words are fully understood.” The Transuamon says in a somewhat lazy voice, one lurking with evil intent and deception. It then chuckles and glances at Snatchmon, mouthing the same four words as last time. “Good. You are both to report to the central abyss. Snatchmon, escort them.” The D-Reaper orders. “Fine…” Snatchmon starts to mutter as he takes the two to the others in the abyss, which is located in the fortresses core. “Master, I don’t think he likes you.” Shadow Wolf whispers to Transuamon. “Of coarse not, I’m his mental mirror.” He whispers back. “What’s wrong old chap? Something got you upset? Or do you just feel intimidated?” Transuamon chides. “Be quiet! You are under my command!” Snatchmon yells. “Heh, don’t like your illegitimate bastard child do you? Too nervous to tell Flamedramon you love him?” Transuamon sneers and laughs in a slightly unstable way. “Master?! Why are you talking to the commander like that?” Shadow Wolf says with a questioning look. “That is none of your business! Now shut up and stay quiet!” Snatchmon screams. “Heh, so I was right. I was just kidding. But if you want me to be quiet, I must disappoint you. We can help you know. I know what you intend to do. You cannot succeed, you will fail.” Transuamon says with an odd look in his eyes. “Uh, master?” Shadow Wolf inquires once again. “What? I’m not planning anything.” Snatchmon says in an entirely different tone. “We can beat them, and you know it. We can help you take power, to take what is rightfully yours.” Transuamon continues. “Heheh, so that is also a part of your memory. Fine, go ahead, your deletion will just silence that piece of information you possess.” Snatchmon jeers. “Actually I know more about that than you do. But Shadow Wolf, we have our orders. We shall eliminate the others and put an end to this.” Transuamon tells his partner. “Yes master. I obey.” Shadow Wolf says. “There, that’s my loyal little wolfie. Lets continue.” Transuamon says. They resume their walk to the core in quiet and after entering a large door, the two are surprised to find themselves floating through a great darkness. With all the others there as well. “Hee hee, time to do our thing Shadow Wolf.” Transuamon mutters. “Yes master, I shall take Malo Myotismon.” He says. “And I Apocalymon.” He confers. They both blast off towards their targets, Shadow Wolf reaching his first. Malomyotismon is caught by surprise but attacks with his Screaming Darkness attack. Shadow Wolf withstands it and uses his Darkness Bite, which destroys Malomyotismon. Apocalymon watches and then sees Transuamon heading towards him. He launches his claws but Transuamon destroys them with his Nightmare Blast. Transuamon then uses his Nightmare Enclosure, which forms a dark bubble around Apocalymon and with a quick blast of shadows, Apocalymon is destroyed. Transuamon laughs insanely and absorbs the dark data from both destroyed digimon. Shadow Wolf turns and cuts down Devimon as Transuamon eradicates Kimeramon. Transuamon then absorbs their dark data before continuing. Reapermon floats back a little with fear in his eyes. Transuamon and Shadow Wolf turn towards him and grin. “Heh heh, an offshoot of the D-Reaper, Reapermon. One of the most feared digimon around. I must say, I am sorry that I have to destroy you…” Transuamon quickly turns around and destroys Snatchmon. He then absorbs the data and turns back to Reapermon. “I won’t go down without a fight!” Reapermon shouts as he blasts forward and impales Transuamon with his clawed flamethrower. Transuamon chuckles as they both start to glow. “Heheh, my…time…is…up…I have…finished…my job…” Transuamon says as they merge and explode, sending a dozen gray eggs into the darkness and leaving behind a solitary black crystal. “Master…” Shadow Wolf says as he grabs one of the darker colored left behind and picks up the crystal. “Soon master…soon…” Shadow wolf says.



“Cecilia, over here, I found! I found