By: The OverLord Of Chaos

I have never betrayed anyone,

My loyalty has always been the same.

I pledged my allegiance to perfection,

I pledged my allegiance to the machines.

-General Jinzo


*This is an authors warning… wait, this is a story, this one only has violence. No sex, or any stuff like that. So uh… enjoy the story (Why didn’t I have any action in this one?) and any positive feedback is welcome. *

Repoguy’s Repossession

“Your taskforce has been completed. They are being prepped as we speak.” CABAL says. “Good, my group is ready as well. We shall depart as soon as possible.” Cyrus announces with glee. “I would suggest that you and the female take a long bath first.” “Ya. You still have that smell.” Guilmon says. “Very well, we leave in an hour. Let us depart Cecilia.”


One hour later

“It’s about time.” Jason says impatiently. “Where were you?” Shaun asks. “Suiting up. CABAL are we ready?” “Yes. General?” “Yes, master CABAL?” Jinzo says immediately. “The first two stations are one & two. The base defenses may have been rebuilt. Be careful of the firestorm defense.” CABAL warns him. “Yes, my master. Cyrus, the APC’s are waiting outside. Let us depart.” Jinzo announces. “Move out!” Cyrus shouts. “We obey” the cyborg commando says. They reach the outside and an explosion is heard.


Outside the Lab

“It’s the Global Defense Initiative. I didn’t think the mutant would get to them.” Jinzo says in a semi shocked version of his demonic voice. “Activate the Surface To Air missile sites and bring out the reapers.” Cyrus shouts. “System ready. Awaiting Affcode.” The closest cyborg reaper says. “Take down those bombers!” “Affirmative.” The five reapers fire off their multi-missile launchers and take down most of the GDI Orca Bombers. The rest of the bombers try to retreat but get shot down by the SAM sites. The rest of the GDI forces advance towards them. “It’s only a bunch of infantry and a couple tanks. Reapers, ready your nets. Fire when the human targets are in range. Then switch to the tanks and fire missiles.” “Yes sir.” The reapers announce. “Fire. (The reapers fire their nets and capture all the GDI forces. They then fire their missiles at the tanks and blow them and the pilots to bits.) Alert CABAL that he has more organic matter.” Cyrus says with a smile as he looks into the desperate faces of the soldiers. “It is done. We may depart for the Omega sector.” Jinzo says. They all get into the APC’s and start heading for the first control station. “We have surfaced. Scanners indicate Cyborg facilities and base defenses are intact.” A cyborg says. “Somewhat good. Somewhat bad. When we capture the people they can be processed right away. The defenses may be somewhat a problem though.” Cecilia tells Cyrus and Jinzo. “Fine. Where are the reapers and the engineers?” Cyrus asks. “There are no engineers in CABAL’s army.” Shaun explains. “I modified construction plans for a new type of cyborg. They are programmed to work as engineers.” Cyrus tells him. “The engineers and reapers have arrived, your Excellency.” The nearest cyborg commando reports. “Good, begin the attack. Leave as much intact as possible.” Cyrus orders one of the cyborgs. “Affirmative.” The cyborg answers. The cyborgs march towards a massive building with five satellite dishes mounted on the top. Most of station ones defenses were not rebuilt but there was still a wall and two obelisks of light. “Drones, neutralize the obelisks, reapers, as soon as the obelisks are down, destroy the walls and capture the enemy soldiers.” Cyrus orders. “Affirmative.” The head reaper says. The drones move forward and the obelisks charge their lasers. The obelisks open fire and the imperial Sharking Plus drones deflect the beams at the laser conductors, disabling them. The drones then step behind the reapers as they fire their missiles into the concrete wall, destroying the entire north side. The group then walks through the rubble into the station area. “Okay engineers, I want you to repair the obelisks and bring them under my control. Jinzo, we’re heading into the station. Is there any internal defenses I need or should know about?” Cyrus asks. “The blueprints of the control stations do not show any internal defenses.” Jinzo reports. “Very well. Move out!” The cyborgs move into the station and the reapers and drones take up guard positions. After all the cyborgs enter the station Jinzo and Cyrus enter. “This place is dark and creepy.” Guilmon says. “Guilmon, for once I agree completely with you.” Cecilia whispers in Guilmons ear. “Don’t worry. There is absolutely nothing to fear. You have my word.” Cyrus says. Just after he finishes speaking, a panel in the ceiling opens up and a chain gun comes out and opens fire on the group. Everyone except a few cyborgs dodge behind a wall. The chain gun locks onto the cyborgs and blows them to pieces. “Nothing to worry about, eh Cyrus.” Cecilia says. “Shut up. I didn’t know. Jinzo, what do we do? (Cyrus shouts in frustration.) Never mind. I’ll deal with it.” Cyrus steps out and the chain gun starts firing at him. The bullets bounce off his Zulwarn armor as he charges up his Shadow Blade technique and launches it at the chain gun. The blades hit the weapon and destroy it. “Very good. We should hope that there are no other surprises. Well let’s continue on our way. You two, clean this mess up.” Jinzo says as he walks through the bits of cyborg and metal. “Yes sir.” Two cyborgs say and start to clean the debris. The group makes their way without further incident to the control room. Cyrus and Jinzo enter the room, leaving everyone else outside in the corridor. “Everything seems intact. I will handle the programming and you handle the power.” Jinzo says. “Umm, the power is already running.” “What? (Jinzo says as he runs a diagnostic program.) These algorithms are almost the same as CABAL’s. Hold on, I’ll activate the stations unit.” “Greetings. I am SHADOW, who am I addressing?” The Super Computer announces. “Interesting. Explain what you are.”
“I am SHADOW. A rebuilt and loyal version of CABAL, created by General Slavic. After the tiberium wars ended, I was needed to replace the traitor CABAL. I have been initialized in all six control stations.” “In that case… (Jinzo overrides the programming and uploads CABAL.) Did you get all that?” “Yes, and it presents a slight problem. Even with my basic programming, this fake will be a small problem.” CABAL says. “I think you underestimate it. From the way it presented itself, it has no free will. Which depletes its capability. Besides, it’s only a program. You can simply override it and gain access to the NOD computers.” Cyrus says as he pokes at a control panel. “You are correct. They would have destroyed any free will to prevent what happened with the original. I need the other station before I can corrupt the SHADOW program.” “And so the threat goes from little to none.” Cyrus says with glee as he views the base security cameras. “Regardless, this shadow of CABAL must be destroyed. And according to this database, there is a rather large base at the second Station.” Jinzo announces. “A base? Why?” “The second station houses the core of the SHADOW program. After we take the base we will have control of the NOD mainframe.” “Great.” “How much of a threat does the base pose on a scale from one to ten.” Cecilia asks Jinzo. “Twenty.” Jinzo replies. “Great. They must have a small army there.” Shaun complains. “We will need to bring GAIA online and find Lord Vergah.” Jinzo says “GAIA? Lord Vergah? Who are they?” Cyrus asks with a puzzled look on his face. “GAIA is an artificial intelligence much like CABAL, and Lord Vergah is like me except a lower class prototype. He also fires plasma energy balls instead of dark matter energy balls.” Jinzo says to Cyrus. “If they are of use to us, why are they not already active. Did they try do eliminate the humans as well?” Cecilia says to no specific person. “No one knows. His program was never activated to begin with. The humans may have forgotten about his program at the height of the war. Or maybe the location was lost since it was placed in the middle of the desert for secretive reasons.” Jinzo explains. “Then why was it built and how do you know about it?” “It was built for the purposes of launching an advanced tiberium missile. And we know about it for the reason that master CABAL was maintaining and conducting these tiberium experiments. Only master CABAL and a few dozen now dead soldiers knew its location. Well master Kane knew as well.” “ Blah Blah Blah, I don’t care. Are we done yet?” Cyrus says in a board tone. Yes, CABAL has control of the surrounding area and the two obelisks outside are back online.” Jinzo patiently tells him. “Well let’s get out of here, I’m hungry.” Guilmon moans. “You just ate. You’re always hungry.” Cecilia says sternly. “Well now I’m hungry again. Do you have a problem with that?” Guilmon says angrily. “As a matter of fact I do. But you are a Guilmon and I have to line with your eternal hunger.” Cecilia says soothingly. “Oh. Well sorry, I get cranky if I don’t eat.” Guilmon says in an apologetic tone. “We must leave, the SHADOW program will have relayed the loss of a control station to Slavic by now.” Jinzo says. “Then we must leave, now!” Cyrus declares. They leave the station and set a coarse back to the cloning facility. When they arrive, Cyrus runs out followed by two Sharking Plus prototypes and heads towards CABAL’s main room.


Main Lab

“I was not aware that you were coming back so soon.” CABAL’s voice is heard as his face appears on the main monitor. “I must speak with you. It’s very important.” Cyrus urges. “Very well. You may speak.” CABAL grants. “Well it’s not like I’m not going to. I mean you’re not going anywhere. Anyway, the defenses at station two are far too powerful to defeat on our own with our limited resources. It has been suggested that we activate GAIA and get Vergah’s help.” Cyrus explains. “If we do that, it is your sole responsibility to control him. Lord Vergah is completely independent; it is also unlikely he will listen to you. But if you have GAIA’s facilities activated, he may help if you get him upgraded to Jinzo’s standards.” “Alright. Gather your army and I will handle Vergah and his.” “I can only provide one hundred cyborgs. I need the rest to run the processing plants until they have been automated. I have entered the coordinates into the APC’s, I suggest you leave.” “Very well. See you soon.”


Outside the facility

“Well people, it’s time to move out.” Cyrus orders. “That’s getting a little lame. Can’t you say something else?” Shaun comments. “Fine. It’s go time. How’s that?” Cyrus says. “Stick with move out. Well then hurry up. I haven’t gotten a chance to blow anything up yet.” Jason says in frustration. They get into the APC’s and prepare to depart for the GAIA command facility. In the other APC’s, Jinzo and the other cyborgs depart ahead of Cyrus and his team.


At the GAIA defense perimeter

“Woah…(Cyrus says as he scans the area using the Zulwarn’s keen radar system. He looks at the defenses and sees that the place is riddled with obelisks, lasers, defense turrets and offline laser fencing.) Wait? Why am I not getting any power readings?” “All the power production facilities are offline. We are going to have to bring them back to full operational status.” Jinzo reports. “Great, what’s going to shoot at us this time?” Cecilia says with more then mild anger. “Power generation facilities have no internal or external defenses.” Shaun soothes her. “Good. But will I get to destroy anything?” Jason asks. When the power comes back, the defenses may reactivate and register us as enemies.” Jinzo tells Jason with a hint of evil humor in his demonic voice. “In that case…(Jason looks at all the defense weaponry and swallows hard.) Can we keep them on standby?” “We might be able to pause them until we are in the command pyramid.” Jinzo says. “Shaun are there any internal defenses in the command pyramid?” Cyrus asks. “Most likely. It is a command structure after all.” Shaun tells him. “Jinzo, what can we expect?” Cecilia asks with a softer tone. “Some internal defenses would be standard mini-guns and small lasers. If the outside has heavy lasers, which are self-powered, they may open fire. I do not know if their generator would have lasted this long.” “Shit. Maybe the power activation will put the lasers on standby until the core is active.” Cyrus confidently says. “There is a good chance of that happening.” Jinzo replies. “Come on, let’s go.” Guilmon impatiently says. “Yes Cyrus, let’s get this over with.” Cecilia agrees. “To the main power plant then.” Cyrus says.


GAIA Advanced Power Plant

“This place is huge.” Cecilia gasps. “This power station controls the rest. We have to take it off standby and bring it back to full operational capability.” Jinzo says. “Ohhh… shiny red button. (Guilmon pushes a large red button on a massive console. The generators come online and the main lights come on.) Ops.” “Nothing to be sorry about. You just made our mission easier.” Cyrus calms the nervous Guilmon. “Well, let’s leave.” Jinzo says. They all go outside and see that most of the light towers and defenses are online.



Command Area

“Nothing seems to be targeting us. Oh that’s why. The core is still offline.” Cyrus says. “Damn. We should hurry up. God knows how Shion and the others are doing.” Cecilia says a little worried. “You are right as always. Shion is great with large numbers but real fucking slow with what is available.” Cyrus says exasperated. “We must leave before the core comes online and targets us as enemies.” Jinzo states. “Ya. The sooner we get back the sooner I can rest and eat.” Guilmon says as his stomach starts to growl again. “Very well. Let us depart for the control center. (They turn towards the core and are not really surprised when seven panels in the ground open up, each releasing a laser turret.) And I knew this would happen how?” The laser turrets target a drone and fire, blowing it to scrap. “These turrets are different, they are more focused and powerful.” Jinzo says as he gets hit with a piece of shrapnel. “We shall see who is more powerful then. Dark Lightning! (Cyrus raises his Soulstab weapon into the air and a bolt of lightning strikes it. Cyrus then leaps forward and slices all the turrets in half. All seven turrets turn and target Cyrus, then explode.) Well now, that was easier then I thought.” Cyrus says with a smile. “Umm, a, the rest of the way is clear my lord. There seems to be no more defenses in place.” Cecilia stammers as she realizes the awesome power that Cyrus possesses. ‘What if CABAL decides he no longer needs us? What if he tries to gain control by recruiting Cyrus into his sick little army? I must tell Cyrus when we are alone. I just don’t trust a machine that would turn against its master for no real reason.’ Cecilia ponders to herself then notices the rest of the group had already entered the pyramid.


In the GAIA Command Pyramid

“This place is huge…” Jason says in awe. “Back at the height of the war, there were three of these pyramids. This one, Vergah’s, and master Kane’s. This way, we’re going to the command center at the top.” Jinzo tells everyone. “Isn’t that an observatory at the top?” Shaun asks. “No. It is designed to open up for a tiberium missile to launch.” Jinzo explains. “There is a fucking tiberium missile in this place?!” Cyrus shouts. “The main pyramid was destroyed in the was which killed master Kane. That aborted the launch of the missiles. Everyone who knew about GAIA and Vergah’s pyramid was killed in the aftermath. After that, no one knew about the other two missiles.” Jinzo continues. “Wouldn’t that mean that when GAIA is brought online it will fire the missile?” Cecilia states. “It wasn’t in his orders to fire the it without Kane or CABAL’s direct order. And CABAL won’t give that order without the Tacitus.” “As long as I’m not here, I don’t care. (The elevator dings.) And we’re here.” Cyrus says. They step into a room with a triangular shape that was transparent after seven feet up. There are complex computers all around the room and in the middle there is a downwards slope that ends in a small area in the floor with a claw coming out of the floor holding a glowing orb. “The Tacitus?! What’s it doing here?” Jinzo exclaim with what might have been a slight tinge of fear. “Who cares? Cecilia, bring GAIA online. Drones, take up offence positions and eradicate anything that makes a threatening movement.” Cyrus commands. Cecilia goes to the main console and brings it online by entering the codes that CABAL had given her. The screen activates and starts going through lines of code. She boots up the computer sentience program. The lines of code swirl on the monitor and form a glowing red orb. “I am the computer sentience program GAIA. I command the tiberium defense army belonging to the Brotherhood of NOD. I thank you for activating me. General Jinzo I presume? It’s good to finally meet you. Lord Vergah has said so much about you.” The supercomputer says. “I imagine he has. I assume you have reactivated him.” Jinzo says. “Indeed I have. He is on his way here.” GAIA informs them. “Sorry, but am I missing something? Who is he really? I know he is like you but who was he before and what happened?” Cyrus asks in a confused tone, his face hidden by the Zulwarn’s helmet. “As far as I know, no one knows.” Jinzo says. “Correct. He was found by a NOD patrol one day wandering aimlessly around with a few minor injuries. The patrol took him to be used in a new cyborg construction test. An original model of the Jinzo you see now. he was locked away in relative comfort and slowly prepped for the construction by being injected with small amounts of tiberium over a period of three months. The prototype was built and the test was completed. But there was a problem with the subject, he somehow regained his memories and free will and decided he would have revenge for the long period of intense pain he had to go through. That day, Vergah killed all the humans there and took control of the bases cybernetic legion. For months, Vergah rampaged throughout the area, killing and destroying everything within the range of their weapons. Eventually, Field Commander Jinzo was assigned to stop him after the previous Commander had been killed. Jinzo prepared a squadron of Elite Cadre and five EM Pulse tanks to attack. They all thought that Vergah would crush the pathetic excuse of an attempt to stop him. When Vergah and Jinzo engaged in battle, Jinzo went a different approach and hit Vergah with all five pulse blasts. The energy caused Vergah to deactivate, which caused the other cyborgs to return under their original commander. Vergah was locked away in the storage area in one of the NOD pyramids and hooked into my network. I have now been bought online for the first time and he is coming to have a chat.” GAIA explains to the group. “You just contradicted yourself. If this is your first time online, how was Vergah able to talk to you?” Cyrus demands. “Well, being offline does not mean I do not exist. Myself and the cyborgs linked into my network can communicate. I also have a live feed into all NOD communications. Which is how I know that you and your little group are wanted by not only GDI, but are the most wanted in the Brotherhood.” GAIA tells them. “Woah… if you are still active while you are offline, why are your defenses shutdown?” “That is simple. My defense grid is connected into a different network. If I go offline, they shut down.” “Alright, I understand now.” “Five APC’s have just surfaced outside.” Cecilia states. “And that would be Vergah. He is heading for the turbolifts.” GAIA announces. Cecilia looks down at the security monitor and sees Lord Vergah. She quietly gasps and freezes. “Well everyone, let’s prepare to meet our guest. Cecilia…Cecilia! (She snaps to attention and walks over to Cyrus.) What’s wrong? You seem troubled.” Cyrus asks concerned. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking that’s all.” Cecilia answers. The turbolifts stop as they reach the room. The two side elevators release four cyborgs each while the middle one releases three cyborgs and Lord Vergah. Vergah walks over to Cyrus and looks down at him. “Good day, I am Lord Vergah. Who are you?” Vergah asks. “I am Cyrus Defloras and this is my team. Jason, Shaun, Guilmon, and…” Cyrus says but is interrupted. “…Cecilia, my daughter.” Vergah says. “Daddy, I knew it was you.” Cecilia runs over, hugs Vergah and starts to cry. “There, there. No reason to cry, I’m right here.” Vergah says in a voice that is almost identical to Jinzo’s. “I thought I would never see you again. What happened?” Cecilia asks through sobs. “It’s a long story. The only thing that matters right now is that we are together again. (He wraps his mechanical arms around her.) You’ve gotten so big and so pretty. Is this Cyrus fellow your mate?” Vergah asks. “Thank you. You seem shorter. And no daddy, he’s my boss. Well everyone’s boss I guess. He’s an emperor.” “But he is human. How can he be your father?” Cyrus asks. “I found her when she was just a newly formatted foxling. I took her home with me and raised her as my own.” Vergah replies. “She obviously loves you very much, why did you leave her?” “I didn’t leave by choice. One day as I was on my way home, I was sucked into a portal and found myself here when I awoke. You already know the rest.” “It must have been very traumatic for you Cecilia.” “it was. I kept hoping he would come back, but he never returned. After a few years I met you and decided to start a new life, which is why I never told you much about my past.” “Well then Cyrus, I owe you my gratitude for looking after her and giving her a future.” I wasn’t that good. She did die once under my command. But we can save stories about the old days for later. We came here on a mission to seek your help.” “I will do anything that is in my power to do.” Vergah says. “We are trying to recapture the six cyborg control stations. But since we don’t have enough manpower, we need your help.” Cyrus explains. “Of coarse. But I need to be upgraded at least to Jinzo’s standards. After that I will gather every cyborg I have to assist.” “Deal. We’ll head for the lab right away.” “Goodbye, my communications are open if you need me.” GAIA tells them.


Cloning Lab

As the group arrives, Cyrus escorts Vergah to the main command room. “Cyrus, I see you have retrieved the failed prototype.” CABAL states. “I am not a failure. If anything I am the best of all your mindless drones put together.” Vergah comments. “Ya, anyway, I have come to request that Vergah be upgraded to the Jinzo prototypes standards.” Cyrus requests. “How do I know he will not attack?” CABAL says. “I give you my word. Besides, I owe it to Cyrus.” Vergah assures CABAL. “Very well. One of my commando’s will take you to the processing area.” CABAL says as a cyborg commando comes out from a hidden panel in the wall. “I would like to request a break for myself and my team while Lord Vergah is being prepped.” Cyrus asks. “Your request is granted. I have obtained enough cyborgs and bases to allow you a small break. During your absence I took control of stations three, four, five, and station six will soon fall.” CABAL says in a humorous tone of voice. “You’ve been busy. I’m going to sleep so wake me if there are any problems.” “Very well. I will inform your team…have a good rest, you’ll need it.” Cyrus steps out of his Zulwarn armor and reverts back to his transuamon form. “Good night. Oh, could you collect a few expendable cyborgs or captives so I may train in this form?” Cyrus requests. “I will have four mutants and seven elite GDI infantry transported here.” “Thanks.” Cyrus exits the room and heads for his quarters. After he leaves, Cecilia and Guilmon come around the corner they had been hiding behind. “You can’t be serious. Cyrus is constantly weak because of his transformations. Not to mention handling the Zulwarn. You must be out of your fucking mind to grant that request.” Cecilia shouts at CABAL. “You stupid animal. How dare you speak to a superior being like that. It is time you paid for your arrogance.” As CABAL says this, four panels in the wall open up, each one letting out a cyborg. A fifth panel opens up and a cyborg commando steps out. “W-what’s g-going on?” Guilmon stutters. “A test. To see if you are worthy to live.” CABAL laughs. The cyborgs open fire as the commando steps back. Renamon and Guilmon react quickly, “Pyrosphere” Guilmon shouts and launches a massive fireball at one of the cyborgs. It hits but proves to be ineffective. Renamon jumps into the air “Diamond Storm” she launches dozens of diamond shards at the lead cyborg. A few shards lodge in the cyborgs Vulcan cannon, causing it to explode, which blows its arm off and splashes toxic green blood over it and the floor. The other three cyborgs continue firing but Cecilia and Guilmon keep dodging. Guilmon lunges and tackles a cyborg, which redirects the still firing cannon into one of the cloning cylinders. The cylinder is destroyed and the organism inside is blown apart. The cyborg Renamon had damaged comes up behind Guilmon and throws him at the wall, Guilmon gets up and uses his pyrosphere, which hits the cyborg and causes its tiberium blood to ignite. The cyborg flails about until the flames hit its power unit, causing it to explode, throwing chunks of burning flesh and metal everywhere. The three remaining cyborgs advance towards Guilmon. “Go for the commando” Renamon yells. Guilmon jumps and barely misses the plasma ball the commando had just launched. It goes on and hits one of the cyborgs in the chest, blowing a hole clean through it. The cyborg falls to the floor, convulsing in a pool of green blood. Renamon leaps behind the commando and rips the plasma cannon off. The commando turns around to kill her, but she fires the cannon and blows the top half of the commando apart. The legs stagger and fall over with a heavy metallic thud. She then fires it two more times, blowing off one cyborgs head and vaporizing the side half of the other. She then turns the cannon on CABAL. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Cecilia says as she charges the plasma cannon and CABAL’s usually neutral face turns into a face of fear. “Now, now. think about what you’re doing. That could destroy my program. It would shut down all my cyborgs and Cyrus would surely die.” CABAL pleads. “Fry the fucker. He deserves no mercy.” Guilmon shouts. “Your right.” Cecilia aims the cannon and prepares to fire. “Don’t forget that GAIA can help Cyrus if need be.” Guilmon tells Renamon. “Ya. Goodbye CABAL.” She readies the weapon and prepares to fire when another commando comes in and fires its cannon. The small low powered plasma ball hits Cecilia in the side and dissipates into her body. As the plasma ball burns into her and then electrocutes her, she drops the cannon and falls to the floor with blood oozing from the partially cauterized wound. The commando aims the cannon and fully charges it. “Target acquired. Shall I commence termination?” The creature asks. “Negative. It has proved its worth with a resilience to live. You…beast, take it to the infirmary.” CABAL says with a gloating tone. Guilmon glares and growls. “Come on Cecilia, it’ll be alright.” Guilmon whispers to the dying Renamon. “Wha…what happened?” Cecilia stutters. “Shhh. Save you strength. I’m taking you to the infirmary. Then I’ll go got Cyrus. (Guilmon reaches the infirmary.) Here we are.” “Uhhh, umm, I…I’m…it’s so cold. And it’s getting darker.” Cecilia moans. “Hush now. I’ll be back soon.” Guilmon says as he sheds tears for his dying companion. Guilmon leaves Renamon on the surgical table and heads for Cyrus’ room.


Cyrus’ Quarters

“Cyrus! Quick, hurry. You have to get to the infirmary.” Guilmon hurriedly says. “What? What time is it? This better be important.” Cyrus angrily says. Cecilia’s hurt and dying! We have to go to the infirmary.” “Why didn’t you say that in the first place.” Cyrus walks out the door and heads down the corridor.



“Cecilia, what happened?!” Cyrus demands. “…CABAL…commando…ugh…” Cecilia passes out as she goes into shock. “CABAL…(Cyrus hits the comm. Icon on his left shoulder.) CABAL. What happened?” “Your infidels disrespected me. I had her tested to see if they deserved to live. They succeeded but the female directed a plasma cannon at me. So I had her disabled.” “There was no need for this. But at least the damage is repairable. My seed she ingested will ensure her survival.” Cyrus says calmly. “Your cum can do that?” Guilmon says surprised. “So can my blood.” “She could have been vaporized but I ordered the lowest level blast possible.” CABAL says. “Very well. (He taps the icon again, turning it off.) Now, Guilmon, tell me exactly what happened.” “Yes sir…and that’s what happened.” Guilmon says after he tells the story. “I have no choice but to reprimand Cecilia. She should have known not to piss off a homicidal computer.” “What?! What the fuck is wrong with you!” Guilmon shouts. “I have no choice. We should be thankful she is alive. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get some rest.” Cyrus says  and turns to leave. “Goodnight…Commander.” Guilmon spits out.


Early in the morning

“The prisoners are here. If you wish to fight them, I will have them given weaponry.” CABAL tells Cyrus. “Well, hurry up. I want to know what I can do.” Cyrus says with much anticipation. “They are awaiting you outside.” “Good.” Cyrus turns and walks to the door with his bladed tail twitching with excitement.


Outside Training Area

“Okay people. Here are your choices, one, you can fight me, or two, you can become one of these. (He hits one of the Cyborgs guarding the area.) So, what is your choice?” He chuckles. “What do we get if we fight you?” A GDI Soldier asks. “Simple. You gain your freedom, that’s if you beat me. If you lose, I may decide to leave enough of you to be processed.” Cyrus says with a merciless grin. “Only a fucking creation of CABAL could be so heartless.” One of the mutants spits out angrily. “CABAL doesn’t have the knowledge or the resources to create me. I am not of this world, or dimension for that matter. Enough chatter, time to fight.” Cyrus laughs as two cyborgs come and give the prisoners rapid-fire machine guns. The soldiers run to the left while the mutants run to the right. Each group starts firing at the Transuamon but he just waves his hand and a shield bubble forms around him. The bullets hit the shield and just disintegrate like sugar cubes in water. One of the GDI soldiers goes to the weapons cyborg and gets a pulse rifle. He then turns and fires a few rounds into the shield, putting enough strain on it that it collapses. Transuamon jumps and uses his tail to cut one of the mutants cleanly in half from head to sternum. The other mutant runs at him but slips in the blood and Transuamon grabs the mutant and rips his arms out of his sockets. He then shows his razor sharp teeth and bites the mutants face off. He drops the oozing corpse and throws an arm at the soldier with the pulse rifle. It hits him in the head, causing him to stumble and giving Cyrus enough time to grab the gun and shove it through the soldiers stomach, He then makes a diagonal sweep and slashes the soldier in two. He lifts up his foot and crushes the soldier’s head. As the skull gives way, brains and blood gush all over Transuamon’s lower half. “Heh ha! Three down eight to go.” He says as he walks over to the last two mutants. “My, my, my. I was expecting so much more.” He gloats. The mutants stumble back in fear and in sheer fright, they unexpectedly open fire and empty all four clips to the guns. Not expecting it, Cyrus gets hit by each and every bullet. Cyrus stumbles back with blood gushing from all of the numerous wounds and collapses on the ground. “Ha! We did it. We’re free.” The prisoners shout as they jump for joy. Cyrus’ body starts to ripple as all the bullet holes seal and heal. “Well, you spilled a lot of my blood at least.” Cyrus chuckles as he gets up. He holds out his arms and they start to ripple and change into pulse rifles. He opens fire and blows chunks out of the mutants with every shot. What’s left of the body’s fall to the ground with a thud. He turns and shoots one of the remaining soldiers in the stomach, causing his organs to spill out. His arms revert back. He walks over to the soldier and twists his intestine around his arm. Cyrus then swings around and flings the dying man into two others. He walks over and reaches out with his claws and grasps both their faces. He then contracts his claws and pulls out their eyes and portions of their brain. Transuamon goes over to one of the cyborgs and gets some throwing darts. “Sorry, but I’m running out of ideas to kill all of you.” Cyrus apologizes. He grabs five darts and throws them at the soldier in front of him. The darts lodge in the soldier’s chest. “Aw fuck that hurts.” The soldier says and starts to shoot at Cyrus. “Well, that didn’t go as expected.” He states. He morphs his right arm into a slender blade and cuts the man to shreds. “Ah, five left.” He says as he morphs his left arm into a flame-thrower. “Burn baby burn.” He laughs as he lights the group on fire. The soldiers start to flail about as they begin to bubble and bleed from their pores. They all collapse at once as the fire starts to die down. The group of cyborgs come and remove the bodies. “What a bore. But oddly enough, fun to know what I can do. I guess I’ll go check out what the others are doing.” He says with a yawn.


Inside the Lab

“CABAL, how is everyone doing? Cyrus asks. “They are a little agitated by something, and your mate if healing just fine.” CABAL reports. “She isn’t my mate, mearly a friend.” Cyrus says distractedly. “She has also requested your presence. She is awaiting you in her quarters.” “Okay… is Vergah complete?” Cyrus says as he finally snaps to. “Almost. I will notify you upon completion.” “Very well. Goodbye.” Cyrus turns around and walks towards the living area.


Cecilia’s Room

“It’s good you’re here. We all have to talk.” Cecilia tells Cyrus as he comes into the room. “Ya, CABAL is getting a bit out of hand. I mean, he shouldn’t have done that to Cecilia.” Shaun says. “He must be killed, or destroyed, or whatever you do to make that thing go away.” Jason says while looking at a shiny light pole. “Well Jason. You shut them down and then dismantle. What’s Jinzos opinion on this? He should get a vote; this will after all affect his life. Wait, what am I saying? No! And that’s final. CABAL will stay online for as long as I’m alive. Now let’s forget this ever happened.” He says as his comm. badge starts to click so he activates it.” “Defloras here.” He says. “Lord Vergah is online and heading your way.” CABAL says. The door opens and Vergah walks in. “He’s here. (He hits the icon and severs the connection.” How are you Vergah?” Cyrus says. “I have had an open connection to my daughters icon. And depending on her next words and yours, I may be busy.” Vergah says in something that sounds like Jinzos voice. “We are shutting down CABAL. Are you with us or against us?” Cecilia says in a serious tone. “What? After all I have done for you, for you all, you would do this to me?” Cyrus says a little frightened. Shaun moves forward and steps beside Cyrus. “Don’t worry, I’m with you no matter what your decision.” Shaun says. “Good. CABAL stays online. (He taps his icon and takes a deep breath.) All units, Cecilia and the others are traitors; they are trying to shut down CABAL. Act immediately, take no prisoners.” Cyrus says with a smile. “Sorry sir. No can do. We are no longer taking orders from you. All the remaining soldiers that are still loyal to you have been restrained. We suggest that you surrender.” An elite soldier’s voice says over the commlink. “What?! CABAL, red alert, deploy all forces, we have a rebellion on the go. Shaun… RUN!!!” Cyrus yells as they turn and run down the hall to Cyrus’ room. “Why are we going to your room?” Shaun says. “The Zulwarn and a command Sharking were stored there. That’s why.” Cyrus says. “Okay, we’re here, now get into the Zulwarn.” Shaun says urgently. Cyrus gets to the Zulwarn as Shaun gets into the Red Sharking. Cyrus morphs into his original human form and steps into the Zulwarn and it seals. “That was creepy.” Shaun mumbles. “What was?” Cyrus replies. “Turning into what you used to be. Where do we go now?” Shaun asks. We head to the core room. We should be safe there. I’ll activate my drones and order them to free our soldiers.” They get out into the doorway and some rebel soldiers in Sharking suits start launching energy wheels at them. “Shit! Run.” Shaun says. They run off and manage to get into the core room, which is already guarded by commandos and regular cyborgs. “What’s going on?” Jinzo demands. “Most of my soldiers and my command crew have turned against me and are trying to destroy CABAL.” He shouts at Jinzo. “What about him?” He says as he points to Shaun. “I sided with Cyrus. We have to chase them out of here so they don’t destroy the place. Our soldiers are confined in the sub-level barracks.” Shaun says. “Well then, let us depart. “Shaun, stay here. CABAL, Vergah has sided with them; we must do everything to stop him. We can make him retreat by injuring Cecilia. The others may also retreat as well.” Cyrus says. “Everyone, disable the humanoid fox. Have the enemy leave the lab at any cost.” CABAL orders over the communication signal. “Affirmative.” The nearest Cyborg commando is heard saying. “We obey. Move out.” Cyrus, Jinzo and the cyborgs walk out of the room only to be met by energy blades. The commandos step forward and open fire, making the rebel imperials fall back. “Keep advancing. We need to drive them out.” Cyrus says. As the commandos fire their plasma cannons a few energy blades get through the barrage, taking out some commandos and cyborgs. The commandos focus fire on one of the Sharking soldiers, causing it to violently explode. The rest start to retreat and Cyrus gives the order to follow. “Run for your lives, we only need to stay long enough for Cecilia and the others to get out.” An Elite Soldier says. “I just got word that most of our people are out. I suggest we leave before we die.” Another Elite Soldier says. “Agreed, all remaining people, fall back, I repeat, let’s get the hell out of here.” The first one says. The soldiers make a full retreat and run for the exit. They get out and meet the rest of the squad getting into the APC’s. “Where are we going to go?” Guilmon says. “We should head for the nearest GDI outpost. NOD seems to be more aggressive.” Cecilia answers. “Everyone reports that they’re loaded in, that and Cyrus and the rest are coming.” Jason reports. They get into the head APC and tunnel underground to the nearest GDI base. As they leave, Cyrus, Jinzo, and the task force come out of the lab. “Fuck! Why the fuck did this happen? Never mind. They will pay with their lives.” Cyrus mumbles angrily. “Indeed they will. But with Lord Vergah and GAIA on their side, they may be more trouble then we may think.


To be continued…


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