By: The OverLord Of Chaos


When a machine becomes independent,

And begins to see humans as lab rats,

Do you simply shut it off, or would its sentience consider that murder?

Regardless, it is irrelevant; my survival is all that matters.



*Just a warning note from me, the author. This is a lemon, it contains mature scenes with furrie M-F sex. If you are under 18, read at your own discretion. I hate giving these warnings but I think I have to. So, yeah, enjoy and feel free to e-mail me, I don’t like bad comments, any nice ones will be much thanked. *

Part Two: CABAL’s Reawakening

“What a place. I’ve never seen a place like it before.” Cyrus declares when he enters the world of GDI and NOD. The portal he came through reopens and out comes a Guilmon. “What the hell is that?” Jason exclaims in confusion. “It’s a dinosaur.” Shaun says in a matter of fact way. “No it’s a digimon.” Cecilia says. “Hi, I’m Guilmon, nice to meet you.” Guilmon says cheerfully. “Do you mind if I ask why you are here?” Cyrus says. “ChaosLord sent me here with you because he said you had a funny smell.” Guilmon says playfully. “Funny smell? Oh yes, my main makeup is that of a digimon now. I must be giving off a special scent.” Cyrus says. “Oh yeah, I have to give you this.” Guilmon hands Cyrus his Soulstab weapon and his Black Diamond energy crystal. “My Soulstab and Black Diamond. Thank you.” Guilmon inserts the power crystal and Cyrus then takes his weapon. “A Flamedramon sent it through with this thing.” Guilmon gives Cyrus the blood extraction blade. Cyrus takes it and equips it to his shoulder. “That is one of my blood extraction devices. Thank you again for bringing it.” Cyrus says, “Ahem, we have a job to do.” Cecilia says impatiently. “Scanners are picking up power signatures to the west of our location. I think we should check it out.” Shaun points out. “Yes. For fuck’s sake let’s do something.” Jason says rudely. “Oh fine let’s go.” Cyrus says.


At The NOD Outpost

“What is this place?” Shaun asks. “Halt! Identify yourselves.” A NOD soldier demands. “That is none of your concern. Tell me where CABAL is and I may spare your life.” Cyrus says eloquently. “What?! CABAL!!! Sound the alarm. CABAL followers are here!” The NOD soldier shouts in panic. An odd type of alarm starts to sound as the base mobilizes its squad of attack buggies, tick tanks, and soldiers. “Fool. Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. (Cyrus makes a diagonal slash and cuts the soldier in two.) Attention all Junaris soldiers. I want you to disable as many people as you can. Interrogation will follow.” All of a sudden, one of the towers fires a laser from its glowing tip. “Ah, an Obelisk!” Shaun shouts in surprise. “How do you know what it is?” Cyrus inquires. “I studied this stuff when we were at the ChaosLords palace.” “How do we stop them?” “We can deflect the lasers. As for the tanks and buggies, we can easily destroy them.” “All units, you heard him, move out.” “Here it comes. (Shaun deflects the beam back to the obelisk, which destroys the laser conductor.) Got it.” Shaun says excitedly.



In The NOD Montauk *The command vehicle*

“What! They can deflect energy weapons?! Soldier, turn off all particle defense weapons.” The NOD Commander orders. “Yes Sir!” the soldier replies.


Back In The Battlefield

“The obelisks have stopped firing. Everyone focus on the vehicles. Remember, disable not destroy.” Cyrus orders. “Yes Sir.” One of the Elite Soldiers replies. “Ahhhh! Someone help me!” Guilmon screams as a minigunner shoots at him. “I’m there.” Jason says just as he shoots an electric beam out of his Sharking Plus Prototype, electrocuting the minigunner. “Thanks.” Guilmon says gratefully. “We have them on the run. Drones report that over two thirds of the enemy forces have been neutralized.”


In The NOD Montauk

“Sir, most of our forces are down. I suggest we surrender. Maybe they’ll let us go.” One of the soldiers says. “Never. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Activate CABAL’s general, Jinzo, and his unit.” The NOD Commander orders. “But sir, as CABAL’s only general, we have no idea if we can control him. If those cyborgs decide to follow out CABAL’s last command, they’ll wipe us out, or be destroyed trying.” The soldier pleads. “That’s a chance we’ll have to take. Give the orders to activate Jinzo.” The commander persists. “Yes sir.” The soldier says with a despairing feeling.


In The NOD Pyramid

“Are they nuts?! We can’t do that!” says the NOD engineer. “Direct orders from the commander.” A soldier replies. “Fine. To cyborg dismantling area B.” They reach the dismantling bay and head to the far side, walking by eerie rows of deactivated cyborgs. Their hand mounted vulcan cannons glistening in the dim light. They finally reach the far side and are greeted by the sight of the creepy General Jinzo. His tall six-foot form casting a shadow in the light and glinting off his green and black armor, making him look more like a satanic priest than an odd type of cyborg. And in all its freakish glory next to him was the units Cyborg Commando. Its plasma cannon and titanium frame body reflecting the dim light. And right behind them was a dozen cyborgs. “This guy gives me the creeps. It’s hard to believe he was General Slavics top commander. He showed his true colors when CABAL turned against the brotherhood. Jinzo may have been loyal, but we found out whom he was loyal to. I never knew that. It gives me a new distaste knowing he was planning to become a cybernetic soldier of CABAL.” “He can’t hear us can he?” “No. Of coarse not. Well, I hope not.” “Well hurry up. People are dying out there.” “Alright, alright. Well here goes.” He hooks a computer link into the back of Jinzos head and runs the activation program. Jinzos visual ports glow red as he comes online. “What is your command? Jinzo says in a demonic voice. “There are powerful enemies outside. You are ordered to destroy the intruders.” The soldier says in a shaky voice. “We obey.” The eyes of the other 12 cyborgs and the cyborg commando start to glow, they then follow their commander outside. “He gave up his ability to think freely to become that?” the engineer remarks. “Apparently.” The soldier responds. ‘As soon as we eliminate the enemy we shall reactivate the others and start conscripting the humans.’ Jinzo says through the neural Comm link.


Back In The Battlefield

“The opposition seems to have fled. Victory is ours.” Cyrus announces over the Comm system. “And I have just the celebration in mind” Cecilia says as she smiles behind her Sharking helmet. “Fourteen foot soldiers are on radar heading this way.” Jason says with mild surprise. “Oh no. Not them.” Shaun says in a quiet voice. “What is it?” Cyrus asks in concern. “A cyborg unit. But those were band from use ever since CABAL turned on them.” Shaun explains. “So what’s the threat?” Cyrus inquires. “Cybernetic soldiers are really hard to kill since all they need to operate is a signal and a means to move and attack. The regular Cyborgs have small vulcan cannons, which have replaced their right hands. They will also probably have a Cyborg commando with them that is equipped with a plasma cannon of Scrin design, in the same place where the cyborgs have their vulcan cannon.” Shaun quickly explains. “All units converge. We may have a problem.” Cyrus announces. Then all at once both groups meet in a flurry of bullets and blades. Cyrus cuts one in half as he moves to the back and is surprised when the torso gets up and starts shooting at him. ‘What the?’ He makes a diagonal cut and the part with the cannon keeps firing, so he kicks it over and crushes its head. The cyborg then stops. He keeps moving and finally gets to the back of the battle and notices that a different cyborg has done the same. “That must be their leader in the back. (He says as he opens a Comm channel to the enemy leader.) What do you say to us settling this ourselves?” Cyrus Asks. “Agreed.” Comes the demonic voice in reply. “All units cease and desist.” Both commanders say at once. Both groups then separate into two groups and move to the sides to let their commanders pass by. Cyrus in his Zulwarn armor and Jinzo move to the center and both groups watch. “I am Cyrus Defloras, Emperor of the Junaris Empire. Who are you?” Cyrus says with the air of power. “I am General Jinzo of CABAL’s army. I control all who you see here.” Jinzo says in his usual monotonous tone. “So, you work for CABAL. Maybe we can work together since our main objective seems to be the same.” “So I assume you are following up on the rumors that our master still exists. Very well, we shall join you.” “There are no rumors, only facts. The core program still exists and is around somewhere.” “I know. But why are you looking for CABAL?” “I have been sent here to reactivate him and ask for his assistance.” “Then it is good that we be allies and not enemies.” “Agreed then. Would you assist me in capturing these humans?” “Of coarse. You there.” “Yes commander.” The cyborg commando answers. “Capture all NOD personnel.” “I obey.” “What’s going on?” Jason asks. “Say hello to our new ally, General Jinzo.” “Uh… hi.” Jason says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Cecilia says as she bows. “Same to you miss…” “My name is Cecilia.” “Ah, miss Cecilia. As I was saying, it’s also a pleasure to meet you.” “Your design isn’t in any NOD or CABAL databanks. Could you tell me why?” Shaun asks Jinzo. “I guess I’ll tell you my story. I used to be NOD’s top commander before the cybernetic war. Just before the war started, CABAL contacted me and told me that since I was the only human he respected, he would give me the chance to join him as a cybernetic soldier and to have my mind stay free if I chose to become his general model. The last one he tried to enslave as a general model went haywire. His name was Lord Vergah. Anyway the only way to become a general is to do it willingly. I accepted and was turned into what you see now. Since then, there was many a battle fought, but when GDI and NOD combined, they took control of the six control stations which in turn, shut down most of the core defenses. We thought that the new core defender would make quick work of the humans, but we were wrong. The defender was destroyed and then the core. After that we all shut down and that’s all I remember. “Interesting story. Is there a chance that the main him could have survived?” “No, but the place where he would have sent his core program would be in his main databanks. We are going to have to go to the wreckage to see if any of the databanks are still intact. (He seems distracted for a moment.) I have just received word that all NOD personnel have been rounded up. We should head for the Montauk.” “Lead the way.”


In The NOD Montauk

“Hello commander Darius.” Jinzo says. “Traitorous scum! You should have been the first one to be dismantled. I would have hung your head on my mantle.” Commander Darius yells. “Allow me. Good day Mr. Darius. Please, tell me about yourself.” Cyrus says in an ice-cold tone. “Go fuck yourself you CABAL serving garbage.” Darius growls as he spits on Cyrus’ armor. “I see. (Cyrus grabs the closest officer and impales him with one of the blood extraction blades. Cyrus then slowly pushes the blade deeper into the officers’ stomach, he then begins to slowly drain the blood from the man, and all you can hear after the first wet slurp when the blade went in is the mans blood curdling scream as the blood drains from him.) Now commander, I ask you again to tell me about yourself.” Cyrus says with a short laugh. “You sadistic bastard!” Darius says through clenched teeth. “Bring me another one. (He grabs the next officer and does the same thing as he did to the first.) Now will you talk?” Cyrus says with glee. “I’ll never talk.” “Must we continue this. Bring me another.” Another officer is brought to him and as the blood extraction blades approach Darius speaks up. “Wait. I’ll talk, just let him go.” “You herd him, let the infidel go. My, how weak you humans are.” “We are not weak. You are just a monster.” “How true. Now, how do we take the CABAL the control stations.” “The information you need is in the main computer. The command level password is KANE.” “Thank you. Shaun?” “We’re in.” Shaun responds. “Good. Farewell Darius.” “But you said, no, please.” He lets out a loud scream before all ten blood extraction blades drive into his lungs. “Jinzo, download the database. Cecilia, bring all the captives to the pyramid.” “Are you really going to kill all those people in cold blood? Wait it’s you, of coarse you are. See you later.” Cecilia says.


Two Hours Later

“I’m back and at full power.” Cyrus says happily. “Are there any prisoners left?” Cecilia asks. “No. I drained all three hundred of them.” Cyrus answers. “That’s horrible.” Guilmon says in disgust. “I have reactivated the rest of the cyborgs and have reprogrammed the obelisks. The base and its defenses are ours.” Jinzo announces. “Good. Can we get any transportation to the Core?” Cyrus inquires. “I have eight subterranean APC’s waiting outside for us.” Jinzo says. “Then lets go.” Cecilia says.


Core Wreckage

“The entrance is over here. From the readings I’m getting, the power is still slightly active.” Jinzo says. “Is that good or bad?” Jason says. “That’s good.” Jinzo says as they step inside the Core and are amazed at how intact it was. “Woah. Who built this place?” Cyrus asks. “It was built by NOD under their leader Kane’s guidance. This way to the data room.” Jinzo points. “We’re here. I don’t see any controls.” Cyrus says. “CABAL. CABAL. I’ll have to do this the hard way.” Jinzo goes to the wall and a cable comes out of his wrist and hooks into the data port in the wall. Alarm lights start flashing. “What the?! (Three panels in the wall open up and from each one a cyborg steps out and starts firing.) Jinzo! Do something!” “Stand down.” Jinzo orders the cyborgs. “Unable to comply, defense protocol activated.” One of the cyborgs says before all three turn and start firing at Jinzo. “Then be destroyed.  (Jinzo puts his hands in front of him and a black energy orb forms. He then hurls it at the middle cyborg, it hits and explodes destroying all three cyborgs, green congealed blood, flesh, organs and metal parts fly about all over the room.) What a waste.” Jinzo says. “Holy fuck! I didn’t know you could do that.” Cyrus says amazed. “There is a lot about me that you do not know. Our business here is done. We must leave for the cloning lab.” Jinzo says. “Cloning lab? Whatever you say I guess.” Cyrus says.


Outside The Cloning Lab

“Well, this place is creepy. Where are we?” Jason asks. “We seem to be in the middle of an abandoned city.” Cyrus says. “You are correct.” Jinzo says. The cloning lab doors open and two cyborg commandos come out. “Halt. Identify yourselves.” The lead commando declares. “I am general Jinzo, you’re superior. Take me to CABAL.” Jinzo says. “We obey.” The commandos respond.


Inside The Cloning Lab

“It’s very bright.” Guilmon states. “Neither GDI or NOD possess the capability to build a cloning lab.” Shaun says with a puzzled look. “My network is back online so the answer to your comment is, when my master was for a time controlled by the GDI he downloaded the database. Combining both technology to create this facility and myself.” Jinzo explains. “Interesting. But why was your network down if CABAL was still active?” Cyrus asks. “The broadcasting range of this facility is very limited. Without his six control stations, he is pretty helpless.” Jinzo says.


In The Cloning Control Room

“Woah. Look at all those people.” Jason says as he looks around the narrow room with tall, segmented cylinders. “Yes, and with each cylinder holding a clone I’ll bet.” Cyrus says as they walk to the huge monitor located at the end of the walkway. “YOU HAVE ENTERED MY DOMAIN.” Comes a booming demonic voice over the Comm system. “Master.” Jinzo says as he gets down on one knee. “GENERAL JINZO, IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN.” “Master we have traveled here to…” “TO ASK ME TO ASSIST YOUR COMPANIONS. I WILL AGREE, IF YOU THEY ASSIST ME.” “Who are you? Show yourself.” The main monitor activates and the dark screen is replaced by a glowing blue face with glowing blue eyes, appears on the screen. “I am CABAL, creator of all that you see. The master of machines.” “Where are you? Do you have a physical body?” Cyrus inquires. “Every cyborg here is my body. It is too dangerous to have my system transferred into a solid form.” “So how can we be of assistance?” “The place we are at, is an old soviet research base. I need you to bring the old hospital and the old Bio-Lab online, and configure the Comm arrays to my signal. So I can move my cyborgs in and restart production.” “Why don’t you just do that yourself?” “His communications range is obviously not that far.” Shaun says. “So when do we leave?” Cecilia says. “I hope we can eat first, I’m starving.” Guilmon says. “I agree with Guilmon. CABAL, do you have a place where we can eat?” Cyrus says with a hungry look. “As a matter of chance, there is. There is a food replication station on sublevel two. Jinzo can escort you there.” “Yeah! Food at last.” Guilmon says as he jumps up and down. “I thought that Guilmon excitability was only an exaggeration.” Cyrus says with a smile. “This way.” Jinzo says.



“For a place run by a computer, there is enough stuff here to provide human comfort.” Cyrus says as he sits down in a cushioned chair. “There was no need to remodel. After this place was built and our leader Kane was released, we went into a standby state.” Jinzo explains. “Let’s eat.” Guilmon says. “Yeah, where’s the stuff to mac on.” Jason says. “The machine behind you can replicate any food or drink you can think of, as long as it’s in the database. All you have to do is say the name.” Jinzo says. “Good. I want peanut butter and lots of bread. Oh, and milk.” Guilmon says and his food appears in front of him. “I must get one of these machines. Computer, get me a black Russian.” As soon as he finishes, his drink appears. “Cyrus, may I speak to you in private?” Jinzo says. “Sure, where to?” “Outside.” “Um. Okay.” Cyrus downs his drink and follows Jinzo outside.


Outside the Cloning Lab

“Why didn’t CABAL build the lab in the soviet base if he needs those two structures?” Cyrus asks. “I don’t know. Maybe because new buildings are usually easier to find in a mass of real old buildings. We are now out of Comm range.” Jinzo says. “I’m not. The equipment we use has a five hundred-mile radius. I have noticed that you do not have the available materials here to make a Comm device of this magnitude. I have extras if you want one.” “Alright, I accept your gift. (Jinzo takes the device and inserts it into his network array.) Master CABAL?” “I must study that device. Keep it intact and report back when you’re done.” CABAL’s voice comes out of nowhere. “Yes, my master. Cyrus, our ride is here.” Jinzo says as a subterranean APC comes out of the ground. “Okay. First, where are we going, and second, does CABAL make you call him master?” Cyrus asks as he steps into the APC. “Well, we are going to the technology base, and no, CABAL doesn’t make me call him master. I prefer to call him master. He did give me my power and near immortality.” “Alright, thank you.” A few minutes later they surface at the old hospital. “In here. We have a job to do.”


In The Old Abandoned Hospital

“What is all this machinery? It almost looks new.” Cyrus says. “Before the Core was destroyed, this place was being converted into a cyborg production facility.” “I hope not. The signal I am transmitting might reactivate their defense protocol, and like the ones in the Core, they would attack us.” Fuck. (Cyrus readies his weapon.) They are not getting the jump on me this time.” “Don’t worry. My scanners indicate nothing. Let’s head to the communications room.” “That wasn’t far. I’m surprised the elevators still work.” “During the war between the Allies and the Soviets, the Soviets built everything to last. I myself have been around since the beginning. The very first war between GDI and NOD. Back when I was only a cadet. I never personally met our leader Kane until I had crushed the Allies during the battle between the Allies and Soviets. But that was all a long time ago. Here we are, the Comm room.” “What was that?!” Cyrus says as a loud thud sounds from down the dark hallway. “I think I know. Barricade the door while I bring any operating cyborgs under CABAL’s control.” “The door doesn’t work. Can’t I just destroy anything out there?” “Not if it’s cybernetic. The sounds may also be caused by the mutants.” “Mutants… that’s just great.” Cyrus wanders down the hallway in search of the noise creator. “How dare you enter this sacred place with that cybernetic scum. You will pay with your life.” Says a mutant that just came out of the dark. “And for being so rude, you shall pay with your blood.” Cyrus quickly grabs the nearest mutant and impales him with all ten blood extraction blades. The other mutants gasp and become enraged as they watch their comrade die so slowly and painfully. Another group appears from behind and signals the front group to attack. Both groups jump on Cyrus and knock his weapon to the ground. “Get off me” Cyrus shouts as he flails about trying to knock the mutants off. He manages to grab one by the head and squeezes until the skull gives way and Cyrus’ armored fingers quickly contract, causing brains and blood to splash out. The other mutants recognize the threat he poses and quickly jump off him. As soon as they were off, they pull out rapid fire machine guns and open fire. “You little pricks, I’m sending you all straight to hell!” Cyrus brings his hands out in front of him and gathers up a large ball of evil energy and releases it towards the mutants. The ball separates into many little beams and fills the mutants with holes. The groups of mutants collapse oozing blood and organs. “You! Go and inform GDI that CABAL’s forces are back online and stronger then ever. We will buy you time to escape.” The mutant commander orders. “But sir…” the soldier starts to protests. “Go, we don’t have much time.” “Fine. I won’t say goodbye for I know I will see you all again.” “Oh do cut the dramatics. Have you finished saying goodbye? I’m a busy man, things to do, people to kill. You are wasting your lives; either I will catch him making your efforts in vein, or if he does make it, I will simply kill everyone.” Cyrus chuckles. “You will never win. CABAL was defeated before and will be beaten again.” “How pathetic. It’s almost a sin to kill someone as stupid as you are. But it does give me the chance to test another one of the Zulwarn’s many features. (He starts to glow an eerie black light and dark energy blades start pulsing off, wrapping around the mutants and taking control of their minds.) Lower your weapons.” “………” They lower their weapons. “Follow me.” Cyrus leads the mutants to the Comm room. “From the sound of it you were victorious.” Jinzo says. “Yes and with a few trophies. Come in.” He waves his hand and the mutants enter. “Odd. Mutants detest Master CABAL. I find it hard to believe that they would surrender.” “They didn’t. They are now my mind slaves. I have complete and permanent control over them.” Interesting. I am done here. Once I activate the Comm array the hospital and bio-lab will be broadcasting CABAL’s signal.” “Then flick the switch.” As Cyrus says this, Jinzo pulls a lever and the lights suddenly come on and the speakers crackle. “GOOD JOB TO THE BOTH OF YOU. I NOW HAVE CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE BASE. IN A MATTER OF HOURS THIS PLACE WILL BE A CYBORG PRODUCTION FACILITY.” The speakers crackle once more then go silent. “Let us leave this place. Order your mutants to stay here.” “For conscription I assume?” “Yes, twenty new cyborgs isn’t a bad start after all that has happened.” “Stay here and offer no resistance.” Cyrus orders the mutants. “………” “Well Jinzo, off we go. It’s time for some relaxation.” “I agree.”


Back At The Cloning Lab

 “Where were you Cyrus?” Cecilia asks. “Yeah, we were worried.” “Great. I left Shion behind mainly because of his over-protectiveness. And now I have two more.” Cyrus says. “Three actually. Your survival is of top priority.” CABAL announces over the Comm channel. “Not you too CABAL. You aren’t even under my command.” That may be, but you are too valuable an asset to lose. I have also had rooms prepared for you.” CABAL says. “Thanks, but shouldn’t I be looking after Cyborg production?” Cyrus asks. “No. I have activated three of my cyborg reapers to assist in capturing the town four miles away. I have also sent an additional cyborg commando and fifteen cyborgs. It may be over half of my defense force but the gains far out way the losses.” “Very well. I shall be in my room. Alert me if there are any changes in operation.” “I will take care of that.” Jinzo responds. “Alright then. I guess I will see you all in the morning.” Cyrus says and then turns around and leaves.


In Cyrus’ Room

“Jeez, I have to get out of this armor. (He activates the suit shut down, and the front of it opens up. Cyrus steps out and the suit re-closes.) That is taking way too much energy out of me. The suit combined with my having to keep my human form. I guess I can’t always have the old. (He relaxes and his human form starts to ripple as he turns back into transuamon.) Ah, much better. I do believe it’s time to take a nap. Ow, fuck. (He tries to lie down and the two-headed axe on his tail drives into his back.) Damn that stings. What the?! I’m bleeding! (He hits the icon above his left breast.) Ow, Cecilia, get in here, and bring a damp cloth with you. (He hits the icon again and slips in the blood on the floor.) Woah! (He falls and hits his head on the steel wall.) Unh. This is not my day. Why me? Why all the time me?!” “Cyrus why do you … Cyrus! What happened?!” Cecilia says in shock. “I’m not used to a tail.” Cyrus replies. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean the wound.” “Fuck!!! Shit that hurts. What the hell is it?” “Oh, I figured you nicked your finger or something on your tail. So I told Jinzo and he gave me this. (She shows him the bottle filled with green liquid.) He calls it Bacta. It’s used to heal cyborgs after the conscription procedure.” Cecilia tells him. “What the fuck is the matter with you? Who knows what the hell that will do to me.” Cyrus says. “Don’t be such a baby.” “A baby? There was a fucking axe in my back! Look at all the friggen blood on the floor.” “You’re a digimon now. One of us. It’s hard to make us bleed but when that is accomplished, we bleed a lot.” “I guess that means my life isn’t in danger after all.” “As long as I’m around, there will always be danger for you.” Cecilia says with lust in her eyes. “Um, ya, right. I think I will just… (Cyrus reaches for his Comm icon but renamon was faster and snatches the icon from his body and tosses it away.) Umm… maybe not then.” “You said you would play with me when you were no longer a neohuman. You are now a transuamon so I’d say it’s time to play.” She says with a giggle. “That I did. But you know, I’m…um…tired. I have been active all day, and keeping my old form takes a lot out of me.” “Well in that case, lie back and enjoy the ride.” “I don’t think I’ll be lying down too soon.” “Just keep your legs between your legs.” “But…” “Shut the fuck up! I’m going to have you right now or I will personally castrate you myself.” “Well in that case, I’ll fight you for the opportunity.” “Done.”

Cecilia throws a punch at Cyrus but he easily dodges it. He then counters with an uppercut to her stomach and a kick in the ass, sending her sprawling to the floor. She spins around with her leg out and trips transuamon. He hits the wall with a thud and falls to the floor. Renamon jumps up and giggles. Transuamon slowly gets up and smiles. Renamon then uses her Diamond storm technique and it fully hits transuamon, sticking a few dozen diamond shards in him. He starts to ripple and all the diamond shards dislodge, when he solidifies, he is fully healed.” “I didn’t know you could do that.” Cecilia says. “Neither did I.” Cyrus replies. He then launches forward and kicks her in the face, she quickly recovers and gives him a full force kick in the balls. Transuamon doubles over in pain. “I…I… oh fuck, the pain, I give up… you win.” “Sorry about that, but you seemed too strong to defeat. So I took you down like I would any other male.” “I think all you did was turn my testicles to mush. Oh that’s just fucking great, my balls are starting to swell.” Cyrus moans in pain. “Sorry, but you challenged me, and now I think I will claim my prize.” “You’re right. I guess I could give this sex thing a try.” “That’s a good mon. Now just relax.” Cyrus lays on the floor and morphs his tail so that the axe is gone. Renamon then sits down and reaches into transuamon’s pouch. She grabs his soft cock and starts to stroke him off. His cock comes out of the pouch and stands at an erect fifteen inches. Renamon gets starts to become highly aroused as she takes her left paw and starts to massage his balls. She goes down and places her mouth almost down to transuamon’s hilt. Transuamon moans both in pain and in pleasure. He then takes his tail and inserts it into renamon’s moist cunt and starts to twirl it around, causing immense pleasure for her. She lets out a muffled moan and starts to suck harder and increases her paw rhythm as she feels both their orgasms approaching. She spits the cock out of her mouth and takes her right paw and starts to quickly jack him off. Transuamon moans and increases his tail speed. After a few moments both Cyrus and Cecilia climax and release. Renamon coats transuamon’s tail and he fills her mouth, causing her to choke on some of it. Cyrus, feeling better, brings her up and places his member into her tight cunt. He starts to pump at a slow pace at first and stars to quicken. He morphs his tail into another cock and inserts it into renamon’s ass. He starts to even out his pace as she yells in pure bliss. After a few minutes Cyrus cums twice, filling up her ass and her cunt, causing cum to leak all over the floor. Renamon follows directly follows afterwards, making there cum mixed. “That was great. And you taste good too. You should try some of our mixed seed.” Cecilia says out of breath. “Thanks, same to you.” Cyrus replies as he scoops some of the cum into his mouth. “You’re right, this is good. It tastes really sweet.” Cyrus says. The Comm icon in the corner starts to beep and clicks on. “Cyrus?” Jinzo’s voice comes over the Comm. “Yes general Jinzo?” Cyrus says into it. “Master CABAL would like to see you and the other two things.” “We are called digimon.” “Very well. Report to the main lab immediately.” “Understood.” Cyrus clicks off the icon by tapping it. “Let’s go get Guilmon.” Cecilia says. “He is still in the lounge.” Cyrus tells her.


In The Lounge

“Guilmon.” Cyrus calls. “Yes?” Guilmon answers. “Why do you have a bottle stuck to your claw?” “It’s peanut butter. It’s really tasty, want some?” “Later, we have to report to CABAL.” “Okay. Why are you and Cecilia covered in cum?” “We’ll explain on the way.” Cecilia replies. “Alright.” Guilmon says.


Main Cloning Lab

“CABAL, you wanted to see us?” Cyrus says. “Yes, I wanted to talk to you about your technology and the humans you have with you.” CABAL declares. “We will deal with the humans first.” Cecilia says. “Who are they and how did they come into your services?” “They are friends of mine. Shaun and Jason. They came into my services because I asked them if the wanted to. They said yes and I equipped them. That’s all. The others are just soldiers under my command.” Cyrus replies. “Good. Now for your technology. Starting with your communications equipment.” “Well for starters, ours is better then yours, but I know where you’re going. You do not have the materials on this planet to create our type of equipment. But if we rebuild your DataCore in my world, we can equip the old system with our type of interdimensional transmitter. That way, you would be safe and still have control of your ever growing army.” “You have a point. But I cannot leave until my control stations are back online.” “In that case, when do we leave?” “As soon as I have processed you a taskforce.” “Very well. I shall gather my team.” “AND SO THE BLOCKED MEMORIES OF MY TERRORS SHALL BE REAWAKENED…

To Be Continued…

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