By: The OverLord of Chaos

The masses tend to think they are always right,

But they are often the ones that…

Hey Cy! I’m in heat again,

Come over and help me out will ya?

For fucks sake Krille, fine I’m on my way.

-Cyrus and Krille


*This is just an authors note, this is a lemon, it contains mature scenes… okay it contains an entire story of sex, but beware, if you are under 18, use caution, and this contains M-M furrie sex. Nyah nyah, I warned you, so please enjoy and if you get excited easily, don’t make a mess. *

Harmless Fun

“Krille, Krille! Get over here!” Says A Transuamon named Cyrus, shouting to his mate, a rather large brown werewolf with emerald eyes. Krille puts down a dagger and comes over to see what Cyrus is doing. “Yuz? What is it cutie? You up to something?” Krille chuckles with a look of interest. “Well, I was hoping you’d like to be up to something.” Cyrus grins, moving one of his claws up and down the werewolfs chest. “Oh you horney little dwagie!” Krille says as he grabs and cuddles the slightly smaller digimon. Cyrus slips from Krilles grip and gets down on his hands and knees, intently looking up at his now mildly excited mate. “Cy, its been a little while since you’ve wanted to be mounted. But hey, just makes it a better treat.” Krille says, staring lustfully at his mates' tail-hole, now fully erect with some precum leaking out of the tip of his member. He moves over to Cyrus and positions his fully hardened 13-inch cock at Cyrus’ entrance, rubbing his tip against his mates' tail-hole. Cyrus mmmrrrrs as he feels the hot sticky fluid being smeared all over his tail-hole. Krille murfs and grunts a little as he quickly slides his cock into his partner, Cyrus moaning a little in pain and pleasure as he feels the knotted wolfs penis thrust into him. “Krille grabs a hold of Cyrus’ hips and starts to quickly thrust into Cyrus, grunting and murfing each he nearly pulls the knott out of the Transuamons tight hole. Cyrus groans and moans each time Krilles knott rams his prostate, Cyrus now hard and starting to leak precum. Krille leans down on top of Cyrus, pumping faster and faster as he starts to nibble on the digimons perked ears. Cyrus, now in pure bliss starts to spurt precum and urine every time his mates’ cock rams his prostate. Krille notices Cyrus’ moans and slides a paw underneath Cyrus and starts to fondle Cyrus’ precum covered erect 11-inch cock. Cyrus groans in pleasure and tightens his ass, squeezing it against Krilles intruding member. Krille grunts and growls louder, and sticks his wolfy tongue into Cyrus’ gaping mouth, the two of them wrestling the others tongue, each one spilling precum onto the other. Krille pauses his fondling and parts with Cyrus’ muzzle, licking his precum covered paw clean before he returns his paw and starts to paw Cyrus off. He re-enters Cyrus’ mouth and the taste of the digimons pre becomes strong in both their mouths. Cyrus tries to moan but is muffled by Krilles tongue, Krille himself giving a muffled chuckle at his mates inability to moan. Krille stops his thrusting and pulls painfully out of the Transuamon. He flips Cyrus oven onto his back and then pushes his cock back inside his mate. Krille resumes his pumping even faster then before, using his right paw to grasp Cyrus’ slippery cock and jerks him off, fast and hard. Cyrus opens his muzzle once more to moan but is immediately silenced by Krilles quick tongue, the kiss tightly and each moans, muffled by the others tongue. Cyrus starts to buck his butt against Krilles member in rhythm with Krilles pace. Cy squeezes his butt a little tighter once more, wishing the moment to never end. Krille bucks his hips and throws his head back and lets out a deafening howl as he pulls out and cums hard onto Cyrus’ chest, Cyrus himself letting off a guttural sound before he climaxes and does the same, their mixed cum covering them both. Krille rolls off the digimon and they use their tongues to clean off the other. They save each others pouches for last, as they both start to clean out the others cumfilled pouch, they re-harden and start to suck each other off in a 69 position. The two of them already feeling excited, quickly cum into the others awaiting mouth, both swallowing as much as they can, but still, some leaks onto their faces and muzzles. They part and look into each other’s eyes; moving in and licking each other’s faces clean. They embrace in a tight hug and kiss, finally parting lips after a few quick minutes. “You know what Krille?” Cyrus says looking into Krilles dull emerald eyes. “What Cy?” Krille replies. “I just wanted to know where the blender was.” Cyrus grins. “We don’t have a blender…” Krille laughs. “Oh…” Cyrus says as they burst out laughing, tiring and holding each other tightly. “Was this worth the price of not having a blender?” Krille says giving Cy a gentle kiss. “I’d say it was worth a hundred blenders.” Cyrus cheerfully says, holding Krille as they both fall asleep in each other’s arms.


The end.

Awww, how cute, well, there you have it, my… however manyith story. Questions, comments, requests? No problem, e-mail me at I love to write, and stay tuned for more stuff and junk by me, The OverLord of Chaos Mwahahahahahahaha *cough, choke, sniffle* Uh… yeah, maybe I’ll put an “insert evil laugh here” thing next time…