A Curious Inquisition

By: The OverLord Of Chaos


It’s a bright and sunny day in the Digital World and a Transuamon is lounging on a rock, enjoying the heat. Resembling a Flamedramon except for its gray skin and gray fur, and a small double-headed axe located at the tip of his tail. He opens his deep crimson red eyes and peers into the bright blue sky. He thinks of what he’ll do today, or whom he’ll do today. As he stares off into space, he feels a soft furry paw start to rub his stomach. His tail twitches in enjoyment as he looks over to see just who exactly is rubbing his stomach. “Hi there.” Says a tall catlike woman with brown fur and blue eyes. The Transuamon looks over her and sees that she is wearing a tank top that barely covers her large breasts and a tight thong that doesn’t quite cover her moist cunt. “Good day, to what do I owe this extreme pleasure? The gods perhaps?” He says as she continues to rub his stomach. “Well, I just got here through a hole in the air and seen a handsome dragon laying on a rock, so I decided to give in to my curiosity. None of your kind from where I come from.” She purrrs as she starts rubbing lower. “Hmm, then maybe you won’t mind if I give in to my curiosity.” He politely says as his member starts to grow out of his sheath. “It would be my pleasure.” The Transuamon gets up and lowers her onto the soft grass and gently starts to remove her thong, fully exposing her moist cunt. He grins as he moves his hand over it and starts to rub the inner walls. She shudders and exhales as she enjoys her treatment. After a few minutes he stops rubbing and carefully slides his fingers in and out, following her breathing pattern. Shortly afterwards, she climaxes and coats his claws and her thighs. The digimon licks his hand clean and smiles at the sweet taste. He lowers his head and uses his tongue to clean her thighs and her insides. As he’s lapping up her juices, she climaxes again and fills his mouth. Transuamon hungrily swallows it all and cleans off the last few traces on his face and on her. She grabs him and throws him on his back. She slides down to his waist and takes in the entirety of his 11-inch rock hard member. He shudders and groans as she starts lightly sucking while using her left hand to massage his balls. She starts licking the underside of his member as she starts to finger herself with her right. After a few more minutes, the digimon can’t take the treatment any longer and climaxes, filling her mouth. As she quickly swallows his cum she climaxes again and covers both their legs. She rolls over panting and the Transuamon sits up, once again rock hard. He gets on top of her legs and slowly slides his member into her. She shudders again as he starts to slide in and out, increasing his pace every few seconds. They both gasp at once, they climax and drip they’re mixed juices over themselves. The Transuamon falls over and closes his eyes. “Your curiosity filled?” He says breathing hard. “About as much as I am. Never thought a dragon would be so good.” “Never thought I could have so much fun with a feline.” They both laugh and fall asleep on each others sides. Dreaming of what fun they just had.

The End