This story takes place after Takato and Guilmon helped Renamon fight Allomon. I do not own Digimon and I do not claim to own any of the characters mentioned. This story is the end result of an INCREDIBLE dream I had. It involved Rika and Guilmon(my favorite pair) and I just had to share this dream. If you are under 18...GET OUT NOWWWWW!!!!!!!





The Nightmare of Lust: Rika’s Long Night

By OmniKage




“Who does that kid think he is?” Rika ranted as she came into her room. “Renamon was doing just fine before they showed up.” She threw her clothes off and changed into her pajamas. “I never asked for his help and I didn’t need it! How dare he come barging in on my fight with that pitiful excuse of a Digimon?” her anger intensified the more she thought about him. “I hate that worthless little lizard. The next time I see him I’ll have Renamon delete him. That’ll show that gogglehead that being a Tamer is not a kids game.” She lied down on her bed and slowly went to sleep muttering “Worthless lizard”. But she was unaware of the dark figure hiding in the shadows. “So, you think that the Guilmon is worthless? That it can’t do anything?” the figure smirked and held its hand towards Rika’s sleeping form. “I’ll show you how wrong you are.” His hand began to glow and so did Rika’s head. “I’ll show you exactly what he can you!”   


Rika’s Dream



“W-where am I?” Rika found herself in a dark cement room. Her arms were chained above her head and her feet were strapped to the floor. Her legs were in a spread eagle position and, she looked down, she was completely nude. She strained against the bonds but they wouldn’t budge. She tried to call Renamon for help, but she never came. All of a sudden she heard someone approaching her from the darkness. She called out to the form but stopped when she realized who it was. It was Guilmon. But he was different from the Guilmon she saw earlier. His pupils were completely glowing red and he was drooling slightly. She screamed for him to go away and called him worthless but instead of leaving he rushed forward and started to smell her body. She tried to yell at him but her body wasn’t responding. Guilmon stopped smelling her and started to lick her face and neck. His warm tongue and saliva started to make her whimper. He licked her face hard and his rough tongue lapped up her sweat and replaced it with his spit. Guilmon started to move down her body and began to lick her sides and breasts. His large tongue licked her and covered her entire chest everytime. In Rika’s mind she hated the fact that someone she looked down on so much was doing this but her body was completely betraying her. She tried her hardest to tell him to stop but all that came out was “L-lower!” Guilmon obeyed her and went down to her navel and above her now EXTREMELY wet pussy. Her breathing nearly tripled when he started licking the area between her stomach and her pussy. Her heart nearly stopped when he finally quit playing around and furiously attacked her dripping sex. She nearly bit through her lip as she felt his tongue worm its way inside of her, swishing back and forth around her walls. His tongue reached the back of her pussy and he slowly closed his maw over her crotch. Rika whined and flinched uncontrollably as she was mercilessly tongue-fucked by the dinosaur. The saliva on her chest had become cold and her nipples were hard and aching. She wanted to rub her breasts so badly but her arms were chained and she didn’t want Guilmon to move from where he was. All of a sudden two more Guilmon appeared from the darkness and immediately began to lick and suck her breasts. They weren’t licking quite as hard as Guilmon#1 was and she wanted to force them to go harder. Almost like magic the chains on her hands disappeared and she pushed their heads on her and they went faster. The straps on her feet disappeared and she wrapped her legs around Guilmon#1’s head as she neared her climax. Guilmon#2 moved up to Rika’s face and tried to push his tongue into her mouth, which she wholeheartedly accepted. She was tired of resisting and was completely letting these Guilmon have her. #2’s tongue worked its way in her mouth and partially down her throat. She gurgled around #2s tongue as #1 sent her over the edge as she climaxed and nearly strangled him to death with her legs. Her body went limp as all three Guilmon pulled away.

__________________ (’s where the REAL fun begins) ___________________




The Guilmon helped Rika get on all fours as they continued their “playtime”. Guilmon#1 sat in the position Rika was previously in with her head between his legs and her ass was raised in the air. Guilmon#3 was at her side, licking her back and rubbing her breasts with his claws. Guilmon#1 was behind her lapping up her juices while massaging her butt cheeks. Rika just lied back and enjoyed the treatment until she noticed the large balls and thick 11-inch cock in front of her. Guilmon#2’s genitals were completely hairless and just as white as his underbelly, save for the single black ring around the base of the shaft. Her sexual thirst got the best of her and she started to suckle at his large balls. Guilmon#1 had finished cleaning her juices and was licking her entire rear. She cringed every time his tongue washed over her crack and began to think what it would feel like if he licked her there. Almost immediately after she thought that he began to jab the pointed tip of his tongue at her tight anal muscle. Her anus began to loosen and he began to push his tongue up inside of her. He started to slowly stretch her anal ring then he rushed forward, deeply French-kissing her ass. The sudden feeling of being penetrated like that caused her to scoot further into #2’s crotch. She had fit his entire scrotum in her mouth and was moving his balls around with her tongue. #3 had crawled up under her and resumed his treatment on her chest. She was beginning to gag a little on the full balls in her mouth and decided to release them. #2 grabbed his member and started to rub it on her face, smearing pre-cum on her cheeks and forehead. He batted it against her lips and she began to lick around the head. She worked her way up and down the shaft and around the black ring on the base. She inhaled the musky smell and tried to take the cock head into her mouth but he stopped her. #1 pulled his face from her ass and #3 stopped licking her chest. Rika whined because of the abrupt halt of pleasure until #2 stood up and grabbed the sides of her head. Guilmon#1 grabbed her hips and started grinding his member between her ass-cheeks. #3 positioned his member at her pussy and #2 pointed his at her mouth. She knew exactly what they were going to do. They were going to ream her in all three holes at once. She opened her mouth and waited for them to begin. #1 started by thrusting his member deep into her ass and pushing her pussy down onto #3’s cock. The sudden double penetration made her gasp but she didn’t feel any pain. #2 took this opportunity to thrust into her face. He slowly pushed it in her mouth until her lips were at the black ring at the base. She could taste the pre as he pulled his cock back so that only the head was still in, then he thrust all the way back in. The other two followed suit and began pumping into her back holes. All three were humping her at a steady pace. She couldn’t believe that she was receiving so much pleasure from a Digimon she previously thought couldn’t do anything right. All three of them were oozing pre into her and she was going crazy with pleasure. After about ten minutes of fucking and three orgasms from Rika the Guilmon began to cum as well. #1 and #2 began to fill her guts with cum as #3 unloaded into her pussy. Rika was being filled so much her stomach was starting to swell. Once the Guilmon stopped cumming they pulled out of her and then suddenly vanished, leaving a filled Rika alone to push the digiseed out of her orifices.       


______ ______________________(Back to reality)______________________________




Rika woke up in a cold sweat. She looked around and realized that she was in her room. She threw the covers off of her and noticed that she had her pajamas on and that her crotch was stained with her juices. “Was all of that just a dream?” she thought to herself. “Maybe I was wrong about Guilmon.”


Meanwhile in the darkness...


“Hah, that was interesting. Lets just see how much more fun I can stir up.”







To be continued.......