In the Odiba apartment complex, two love birds have been left alone.  Let's see what will happen.


 "I got a confession to make." Quoted Kari.


 "Let me hear it." Davis said.


 "I've given up on TK to go back to you, my one and only true love." Kari Stated.


(Author's note: A little gross, ain't it?)


(rubs Kari's leg) "Are you serious about me being your one true love?" Davis questioned.


*hissing* "I'm still sore from the survivors! (rubs Davis leg)" Kari Replyed.


Davis maons, saying (hisses too) "I'm a little bruised."


Kari stated, "My brother is in Australia on Holiday, Augumon is with him, My parents are in California getting a tan they ALWAYS wanted."


Davis added, "My Sister is in Australia too.  Bakamon's with her. My parents are in Florida surfing."


Davis, Kari "Our partner digimon are in the digiworld." said in unison.


Kari questioned, "What do you say Dais? Let's make some love."


Davis suddered, "I hope you um...."


Kari agreed, "Yep.  The combination to the safe is 24-4-36."


Davis said, "24, turn twice, 4, 36. I should have told you I put some condoms where your parents dare not to look."


(opens safe)


Kari quoted, "Like the safe?"


Davis replyed, "And your camera, bedroom drawers, under the bed, and many more."


(Grabs a few condoms)


Davis said while smiling, "Just in case one breaks."


(Dives in the bed)


Kari screamed, "Ohhh Dais!"


(Dives in the bed too)


Davis said in disbelief, "After all these still remember my nickname, didn't you Kar?"


Kari squealed, *Squeal!* "So did you! I knew college didn't make you forget my nickname!"


(They embrace)


Kari added, "I want to remember this moment forever until the day we die."


Davis repled, "So do I Kar, so do I."


(Davis swoops Kari in his arms and gives her a long kiss)


"Wooooo!" Kari said.


Davis questioned, "You like that don't you?"


Kari repled with a, "Yes I do!"


(lies down on the bed)


Davis growled, "ohh, Kari!"


(gets in the bed too)


Davis asked, "You ready?"


Kari replyed, "Yes, I'm ready."


(They kiss as they embrace)


Davis moaned, "Oh, Kari!"


Kari replyed, "Oh, Davis! I want you NOW!"


(Davis breaks the kiss)


Davis questioned, "This quick darling?"


Kari repled, "Not yet.  I want to seize this moment forever."


Davis nods and said, "Gotcha."


(They start to make out again)


Kari moans and says,  "Oh, Davis! Let's do it again!"


(Before Kari notices, Davis is kissing her neck, nibbling it little by little, bit by bit.)


Kari moans and quotes, *starts to giggle* "Davis, that tickles!"


Davis smiled and said, *smiles* "I have yet to begin."


(Davis kisses Kari again and starts to remove her clothing)


Kari asked,  "You sure you know what you're doing?"


Davis replyed, "I'm sure, I'm sure."


(Davis removes her camera and puts it on the dresser as he pulls off her clothing, he un-zips her top to reveal a HUGE secret)


Davis said shocked, "You're not wearing a bra?"


Kari replyed, "I'm not wearing any underwear either Dais.


Davis reasoned, "So we can enjoy every moment tonight?"


Kari replyed, "Bingo."


(Davis smiles, then begins to suck on Kari's left breast)


Kari said while moaning, *moans* "Can you guess what size my breasts are?"


(She picks up and licks the right breast)


Davis questioned, "um, 30DD?"


Kari replyed, "wrong.  33DD."


Davis explined, "I knew it was 30 something.  Your breasts are HUGE!"


Kari blushed and said, "Thanks."


(she licks the right one again)


Davis replyed, "I'm seriously ready!"


Kari confused said, "I hope you brought, um.. you know what."


Davis replyed, "Condoms? Yes, I did.  Did you um...take the pill?"


Kari added, "Yes, and I'm wearing the patch as well."


Davis stated, "Let's get it on then."


(Davis puts on some music, first he plays "I Do [Cherish You] by 98°)


Kari shocked said, "My favorite song! how did you know?"


Davis replyed, "Gatomon told me."


Kari quoted, "she's a loud mouth."


Davis stated, "I got to agree.  Our partner's can't keep a secret now matter how spicy it is."


Kari quoted, "Damn right!"


Davis added, "You're right.  They can't keep secrets."


(They embrace again)


Davis said, "Come and get me!"


(Kari removes Davis' shirt)


Kari looked at his chest and said, "..."


Davis asked, "Stunned?"


Kari replyed, "Y..yeah."


(Davis Removes Kari's pants, reaveling her virgin womanhood)


Davis asked, "Want to finish the job?"


Kari responded, "Almost."


(Kari removes Davis Pants and boxers to reveal something bigger than planed.)


Kari said with eyes budgling, "Is THAT natural?"


Davis added, "No pills or enlargement.  So it's natural."


(Kari climbs on Davis and nibbles his neck)


Davis laughs and said, "That tickles!"


(Kari puts Davis' member in her vigina as she pumps herself up and down as Davis moans and grabs Kari's breasts, Davis gets out and puts himself in after putting the condom on)


Kari, etatic, says *moans, licks breasts* "Give me more Davis!"


Davis states, "Alright hun!"


(Davis pumps faster to get closer to orgasm)


Kari moans saying, *moans* "Oh Dais!, your getting me close to my orgasm!"


(Davis bends down to Kari's Womanhood)


Davis asked, "You ready hun?"


Kari surely said, "Give it to me."


(Davis sticks his tounge in her womanhood)


Kari says, *moans* "Dais?"


Davis asked, "Yes hun?"


Kari stated,  "Davis, move...I'm about to have my orgasm!"


Davis replyed, "I'll stick by you no matter what!"


(Davis starts to eat her out as she moans louder and louder, and lays on Davis' neck to deafen the moaning, Then Davis sucks on her womanhood more)


Kari apolgized, (moans, grabs and licks right breats, then came in Davis' face) "Sorry Dais!"


Davis accepted,  "It's ok."


(Davis gets back inside of Kari, and pumps faster)


Kari asked, *moans* "Davis, are you?"


Davis replyed, "Yes."


(Davis gets out then sticks member between Kari's beautiful breasts)


Kari exclaimed, "I love it when you love me!"


Davis quoted, (moans, then orgasms in Kari's mouth and lands some of his love juice on Kari's Breasts on the nipples) "There we go."


Kari quoted, *breathes hard* "Yes, we finally did it after we got married.  I'm glad we put it off until our honeymoon."


Davis added, *breathes hard* "I agree with you.  We don't want our partnets to see our most passionate moments, which will make them do what we did."


Kari exclaimed, "Come here Dais!"


(Davis comes to Kari)


Davis replyed, "I love you Kari!"


Kari added, "I love you too Dais!"


(They come in close for a hug, then fall asleep still connected to each other)


Author's Note: There, the 2nd lemon I wrote.  It was for Nightblaze (Rollerblade).  Hope you enjoyed it! I'll take requests now.


Disclaimer: Roses are red, violets are blue, I don't own digimon, so do not sue. I ALSO DON'T own bandi, toei, foxkids, foxbox, or any affiliates of digimon or their partner networks.