A Night NEVER to be forgotten


by: Ndogg


Rating: NC-17


(Author's note: Yes, its another one of those stories, but this one is


extra special.  I ment for this to be on FFN for a while, but I never


got around to it because of an addition to a gaming site.  Here is the


story.  This is a lemon/hentai.  It's not yoai/yuri.  The couplings are:


Daikari and Veegato.  Yes, for some ODD reason these two couples


are my favorites.  The kicker is the fic that it's graduation day!)


"I'm proud of you sis! you graduated high school!" Quoted Tai.


"Thanks Tai, but I wont be home this week.  Davis planned a


graduation party for us." Replyed Kari.


"That's Nice of him.  He never gives me anything." Tai added.


 "Because you tease him all the time?" Kari questioned.


"Point taken." Tai answered.




"Fellow Digimon, I present to you, your graduation pins for


graduating the 2002 year of the digiworld." Gennai, the wise


digiworld researcher said.


(The digimon cheer as they recieve their respective pins of the


digiworld graduation)


(Back to the real world)


Mr. Fujiyama said, (is that how you spell his name?) "Settle down


graduates! I'll announce this years Salvaledictorian and valedictorian. 


Let me get my glasses.  (Gets out his glasses)  This years


Salvaledictoiran is: Davis Motomyia with a GPA of 3.97.  Is this


right? Kari Kaymia with a GPA of 4.00?"


"GASP!" was the audience's facial remark.


A fellow Student questioned, "Ms. Kaymia?"


Another student replyed, "Guess so.  They run the check about three


times I hear.  It is correct."


 An Impatient student yelled, "SHUSH! her speech is coming up!"


Kari spoke to the audience saying, "Students, peers, Factulity, and


family, i come out of here not as a graduate, but as a woman.  I have


completed one of life's major goals.  Now as I go back into the real


world.  I wont forget one thing.  All the friends I have made in this


school year, will hopefully follow in my footsteps.  From Davis I


have learned that cramming is sometimes a good thing.  From TK i


learned never watch gilligans island.  From Ken i learned sometimes


evil helps you.  From Yolei I have learned to be a great cook.  and


From Cody, I have learned self-defence.  Thanks for making this


possible.  Now i'll hand it to Mr. Fugiyama."


The Pricipal quoted nearing tears, "That was beautiful Kari.  As I


State the name of our graduates, I will hand them thier dipolmas. 


With your dipolma, you will have the knowlegde you will need to


have a job."


(He hands out the dipolmas.  A/N: Im not sure of the names of the


students in the school.)


(Outside the school)


Yolei said, "I'm SO glad I am out of High School.  I was tired of


homework on Fridays.  What a curse."


Ken added, "Yes, true.  But we liked going to the digital world after


the school hours to get rid of some evil.  That could have been our




TK with a laugh said, "Yeah, but I usually forget to do my homework


and watch 'Gilligan's Island' Instead of doing it.  OOps, that was one


of my assignments.  Nevermind.  I get hooked on Reality Television


shows like 'Big Brother', 'Survivor', 'The Mole' and 'The Amazing




Cody with a smile added, "Yes, but Kendo is much tougher than


homework to squeeze in your schedule."


Davis replyed, "TV and/or practices will do that to you.  We were on


three of those Stories that Ndogg did for us."


Kari stated, "Well, He DID help us between his works when he has


Writer's Block."


Voice from above said, "*Blush* Thanks Kari, but you needed the


money Muses.  If you were wondering about the money, It had gone


to your college tuition.  (A/N: To know what I mean, Read my


Behind The scenes fics coming soon, and they will be in the story. 


Look out for them.) I have used some of my money for your Hotel


Reservations for you to spend the night at a fancy Motel.  Also, I have


booked a reservation at a food service station.  It's not fast food and it


wasn't cheap either.  (A/N: I'll put preyer in it again, don't worry. 


They have to say Grace before eating like the rest of us do.)  Make


sure you change from your graduation clothes.  In the eating


establishment, there is a jukebox filled with about 200 songs.  Push


them, ill put them in the story to help you forget about school.  See


you in the evening.  Make sure to bring your digimon.  You'll get a


discount.  Bye."


(Motoyia's apartment)


(Davis is seen changing into semi-formal clothes)


Davis asked Veemon, "How do I look?"


Veemon replyed with his lisp, "Looksh Great Davish."


(Kaymia's apartment)


(Doesn't look, but Kari is changing into a nice dress.)


Kari asked, "How do I look Pricess Gatomon?"


Gatomon answered truthfully, "Great Queen Kari."


(Takasi's complex)


TK asked with a question, "Patamon?"


Patamon replyed, "Stylish."




Ken asked with a french accent, "Monsiour Wormmon?"


Wormmon replyed in spanish, "Si."


Ken added, "Muchas Gracis."


(Tanslations: si= yes Muchas Gracis= Thank you very much


monsour= mister)




Hawkmon speaking the truth, "Looking Great Yolei."


Yolei added, "Thanks, but it's almost time for our meeting."




Aramidillomon stated, "Lookin' Great Partner."


Cody replyed, "Thank you man."


(eating establishment)


I quote, "Welcome to my humble café.  Order what you want.  Money


doesn't matter.  Take your time ordering.  I'll be back with your


drinks.  Special is Tea."


Muses replyed "Twelve teas."


I added, "Make that twenty-two.  The tamers are here with their


digimon too. Plus..Jun.  They will join you in dinner and your Hotel


stay.  I will assign rooms soon.  Enjoy.  By the way, refills are free.  (I


go off to fetch the teas.)  OK, 16 for the digidestined,  and 8 for the


tamers.  I'll be back for your order while you look at the menus."


(example of menu)






Chicken Strips....$3.50


Beef Tips......$6.00


Kari quoted, "Choices, Choices.  I rather get some beef tips so it will


speed up our process."


Davis added, "Same here."


All Digimon unison, "ditto."


(Ash comes in again)


I yelled, "Get out of here Mr. Ash Ketchum! You'll be in an another


fic.  I'll be working on it soon muse.  Make out with Misty or




(he leaves)


Author said, *Sweatdrop* ()^_^ "O....K....."


(Comes back with an ordering pad)


I asked, "What shall my muses have?"


Digimon, Digidestined, Tamers, in unison said, "The special, please."


I asked with a fake French accent, Ah, the Beef tips.  Coming right up


muses.  Any sauce?


Muses replyed, "A1 and 57 sauce please."


I responded, "you got it!"


(Fixes the beef tips and heats them up on an open flame while


sweating, then comes back with the sauces)


I said, "Lé 57, Lé A1 sauce.  I'll be right back with the tips.  Enjoy the




(spy cam on the muses)


Kari quoted, "I understand beef tips take a long time to cook on an


open flame.  But not here.  Our author can speed up the process.  Let


us prey.  'Father up in heaven, may you watch over us and all the


other authors of Digiartistdomain with their 'muses' as well.  Look


over them,  and forgive them of their sin(s), father, try your heavenly


best to heal the sick that is needed all over the world, in your


heavenly name we prey, amen."


Rest ended, "Amen."


(I re-appear with the tray of their beef tips)


I yelled, "Whoa! (puts down the chair legs like they use in fancy


eating establishments) There.  Here's your beef tips.    Refills?"


Muses quoted, "Please."


I replyed, "ok then (refills their teas as they finish their meal) I'll be


back with the bill."


(I go off and fetch the bill)


I said, "Here's your bill.  (places it face down)  Pay it however you


fell.  (Starts to walk off but my muses stop me) Ok, I'll be back with


your change."


Muses replyed, "Keep it."


I added, "Your rooms are upstairs.  Kari with Davis, TK with Jun,


Yolei with Ken, Takato with Rika.  Cody is stuck with his girlfriend. 


Enjoy your stay here."


(Hotel room) (Author's note: I'll spy on them time after time)


Kari (In bathtub), asked, "It fells so good to have a day off from


adventure for a couple of days.   Those reality Game shows were


wearing us out.  Luckily, we have eight stories to rest until re-appear


again.  We better enjoy this break.  Right Dais?"


Davis(in bathtub too), replyed "Yes, Kari. (he sees his chance and


goes for it)"


(Davis dives onto Kari and starts to licks Kari's nipples and moves up


to lick her whole right breast)


Kari (in shock) said, "Davis, I didn't know you had this skill, let us dry off and finish this


somewhere else."


(Davis jumps on Kari again and licks her whole Left breast)


Kari said again "Davis, Like I said let us finish this after we have a snack.  But, one thing left to


do Dais."


(Davis cleans her beautiful breats by getting some water from the bathtub)


Kari added, "Thanks Dais."  (Gives him a big kiss then gets out and dries off)


Davis (looking at her beautiful figure, thinking,) 'I'm lucky to have a girlfriend like her.  Just look


at that butt!' (shakes it off) "Wait for me Kari! (He gets out, the water drains from the tub as


they change clothes)"


(Room 2)


TK saying before climixing, "Oh, Jun! I love you!"


Jun siad with some ectasy, "Harder, Tk, Harder!"


TK (with condom on) replyed, "Ok, (pushes a little harder in her vagina) You like that Jun?"


Jun simply said, "Kiss me big boy!"


(Room 3)


Ken luring Yolei to him said, "Come here, Yolei, I have something to tell you."


Yolei asked, "What is it Ken-hun?"


Ken replyed, "I had grown a crush on you since i quit being the Kazier."


Yolei asked again, "That all?"


Ken replyed, "nope, I want to marry you."


Yolei said,  "I accept.  (Continues to Simulate Ken before he orgasms)  I'm SO sorry Ken!"


(Room 4)


Cody (kissing his unknown girlfriend), said to her, "I really love you, but, I don't know how to


say this."


?? said, "So do I."


(Room 5)


Gatomon (looking at veemon) said, "Oh, Vee, I do love you, love you, (A/n: Deep love) but we


need to take this one step further.?


Veemon *studdering* asked, "Y-you m-mean?"


Gatomon replyed, "Yes, I do mean that Vee."  (Gets behind Veemon and starts message his


shoulder blades)


Veemon said with a little agression, "Ahh, Gatomon!" (turns away and sticks his member in her


erect Vagina with his very own condom, and YES, she did took the pill.  A few minutes later,


he takes his condom off to release his love juice.)


Veemon asked, "You like that Princess Gatomon?"


Gatomon (licking off some of Veemon's love juice around her mouth) replyed, "Yes, and I want


more of your love juice honey!"


(room 6)


Takato (facing Rika) asked, "I Can't deny this Rika.  Ever since we became tamers, I grown a


crush on you and I didn't have the guts to tell you my little secret I have been hiding for these 2


years.  You have something to tell me also? (rubs circles on rika's stomach)"


Rika replyed, "You took the words out of my mouth goggle boy.  I need to give you a gift for


keeping our little secret still a secret.  COME HERE HANSOME!"


(Rika tears off Takato's clothing, as Takato Does to Rika)


Takato complimenting said: "You have a nice body Rika."


(starts to kiss her lovely breasts as she moans)


Rika replyed, "Thanks Gogglehead." (Takato turns away to put some protection on, as Rika


takes a Birth Controll Pill) [AKA: "The pill"]


Takato sighed, then said, "Here we go, no turning back.  Ready Rika?"


Rika also with a Sigh, replyed, "Yes, I am."


Takato said, "Here we go! (He starts to kiss Rika wildly as she moans in Ectasy.  Then he starts


to rub her firm breasts in a circle and he gets ready to stick his member in her womanhood.)


Like that Rika?"


Rika wile Screaming said, "YES YES YES! "(she starts to orgasm)


Takato (Licking some of her juice off) said, "You taste good Rika." (Then he takes off his


condom to realese his love juice near her mouth.  Again, he orgasms on her nice breasts)


Takato apolgically said, "Sorry about that Rika."


Rika replyed, "It's ok loverboy" (Drags him in for a french kiss) 


(Authors Note: I'm skipping Henry and Jeri.  I'm not sure what Jeri looks like since I bearly


watched the tamers series.  I might get to watch the new series.)


(room 1)


(Spy cam on Davis and Kari)


Kari quoted, "I'm glad we ordered this snack at this time of day, right Dais?"


Davis replyed, "You got that right sweetness! Sure, this chocolate is sweet, but you Kari my


darling, you are Sweeter."


Kari added, *blush* "Thanks Dais.  *eyes the bed* Hey Dais?"


Davis replyed with a grin, "Sure Kari."

(Room 2)


(Cam on TK and Jun)


TK quoted, "I love this spaghetti.  I'm surprized that our author could cook this well."  (eats a




Jun added, "I have to agree with you there TK. He DOES cook well."  (Eats a noodle which


happens to be the same one that TK is eating, then their lips meet)


TK replyed, "Nice kiss there Jun."


Jun said, "Thanks TK, the same applies to you."


(Room 3)


Ken said, "I love this dinner! ALL the taste, none of the fat!"


Yolei replyed "Yes, How did HE know we were on diets?"


(Room 4)


Cody quoted, "I love you my dearest Friend."


?? replyed, "As do i."


(They cuddle as they sleep)


(room 5)


(The cam sees Gatomon and Veemon sleeping sweet dreams about each other as they cuddle)


(Room 6)


Takato sighed then said, "Boy, am I full!"


Rika added, "Yesiree." 


(They Get into the bed and dream of each other after making out)


(Room 1)


(Sees Kari and Davis sleeping close to each other)


Authors note: My first try at a lemon.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Flames will be used to find


OSAMA BIN LADEN!! *laughs like a mad man* sorry.


Diclaimer: I don't own digimon or its companies or its partner networks.  Don't sue me, got it? 


Ok, good.