Nate Hunter

Digimon Side Trek: Sexy Angel of the Light Genki/Angewomon  
I Wish Henry/Renamon & Ranbomon/Renamon/Palinmon contains hermaphrodite stuff
"Load This!" Guilmon/Renamon Rape
The 'End Game: Remix' Series
Betrayal From Within Gatomon/Gomamon  
The Final Prophecy Tai/Palmon  
The 'Digi-Slutz' Series
Brotherly Love T.K./Matt YAOI/incest
Friends Share Their Secrets & Taichi's Experiment Tai/Matt & Tai/Kari/Gatomon YAOI / YURI / incest / nonconsensual
My Little Princess T.K./Kari/Davis nonconsensual
Taichi's Sora T.K./Kari & Matt/Kari & Tai/Sora  
The 'Future Lives' Series
Chapter 1: Whips and Roses ~ Ken's Future ~ Ken/Yolei  
Interlude 1: Behold, the Power of Booze T.K./Kari Lime
Chapter 2: Compassion ~ Kari's Future ~ Kari/Davis  
Chapter 3: A Night for Eternity Genki/Mimi  
Chapter 4: Long Distance Romance - Daisuke's Future Daisuke/Catherine, V-mon/Floramon  
Chapter 15: Ultimatum ~ Mimi's Future ~ Mimi/Michael  
Chapter 16: Freed to Serve ~ Genki's Future ~ Genki/Mimi Bondage
Chapter 18: Condolence & Regret ~ T.K's Future ~ T.K./Kari  
The 'Lost Light' Series
Chapter 0: Prelude To Lost Light Shimoko/Hanako Diapers / YURI
Special: The Crest of Darkness N/A Non-Lemon
Chapter 1: A New Beginning n/a  
Chapter 2: Not Just a Girls' Club Tetsu/Kari  
Chapter 3: Courses Begin Kari/Daimon & Shimoko/Silk & Silk/Tenshi YURI
Chapter 4: The Spice of Life Tai/Kari Incest
Interlude: Slave Letter Sora/Angemon Non-Lemon
Chapter 5: Little Date Shimoko/Flamedramon, Gatomon/Kari, Angewomon/Kari Contains Yuri
Chapter 6: Confrontation Sora/Angemon, Kari/Genji  
Chapter 7: Rude Awakenings Kari/Shimoko, Gatomon/Vivamon, Kari/Daimon  
Chapter 8: Crime & Punisment ~ Daimon's Past Daimon/Dobermon, Daimon/Various Slaves, Daimon/Kaizer, Daimon/Kari CONTAINS Yaoi, Rape, Torture, Incest
The 'Digital Matrix' Series
Shadow Rising Guilmon/Renamon & Rika/Takato  
Comfort Among Friends Rika/Jeri YURI
Young Dreams Shiuchon/Takato (dream), Lopmon/Renamon  
Reincarnation & Revelation Centarumon(Vajramon)/Renamon  
Digital Kitsune Houndmon/Demidevimon/Felimon, Houndmon/Felimon, Jenrya/Renamon  
The 'Play the Game' Series
Play The Game Daisuke/Sora, Yamato/Taichi, Fladramon/Daisuke, Jun/ Daisuke, Jun/Fladramon No Sex Yet, Male/Male Kissing

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Writing Preferences:

Likes:Well written stories, BDSM, yuri, furries... a lot of stuff
Dislikes:Bad writing, excessive torture, anything bloody or involving bodily waste.

About the Author:

My favorite author on the DaD is without a doubt Lord Archive. Style and quality are the most important things in my work, and because of my devotion to only sharing my top quality at a given time, many of my stories take longer to write than I plan for them to. As of July 2006, I'm working on Lost Light, a standalone MiyaHika, and two separate DaiSora stories, as well as a request Digimon/FF7 crossover -- the series will eventually cross-over to other series, but Digimon Adventure characters will remain the focus. Look forward to more about these projects, probably in August


hey man i love ur "i wish story" can you please make a sequel to wrap it all up pleaseeeeeeee? i'd love to see what happens when renamon has her baby! and i also like to see palinmon again please, please,please, make a sequel i'm begging you!! [johnny]

You did a great job with the Digi-Slutz series I wish you would make more. You are one of my favorite writers here at and thank you for writing these stories. [Minkish]