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Ash, Misty and Pikachu, after a tiring day, they made
camp in the forest and after they ate, everyone went
to sleep. However, Misty wasn't able to fall asleep.
At the beginning she tried to count sheep but that
turned out pointless. Getting colder, she put her
sleeping bag closer, still she couldn't sleep. It was
three hours until morning and Misty masturbated in
silence in the quiet camping area. She already had two
orgasms, but she needed more action. Misty fought
against this idea in the back of her mind. But asking
Ash would seem crazy...She looked at Ash and Pikachu,
both sleeping. "Pikachu!" She thought.
"Not, I... I can't!" Misty said to herself."But just
to look at me, or maybe just more." Misty thought to
herself again.Misty (put her clothes on) got out off
her sleepingbag, went beside Ash and gently caught the
pokémon still asleep. She then went a good distance
away from the camping area. She found a place suitable
enough for their little secret, she laid Pikachu on
the ground, stripped down to nothing again and posed
in front of the still sleeping pokemon while showing
her vagina. She started to work her self up herself
again, filling the walls of her vagina, cherishing her
clitoris."Pikaaa?" Pikachu woke up with a gasp and was
shocked at Misty in her pose. Misty was in front of
the pokémon,which saw her fingers being inserted in
wet cunt, leaving and to be still inserted in its
oozing pleasure.Pikachu did not (obviously) understand
what she was doing.Misty held out her hand that she
was fingering herself with. Pikachu came up to her
hand and sniffed it. He tasted a little bit and the
sweet taste made him want more.

Pikachu started to lick the gourmet of love juices and
suck the fingers of the girl until there wasn't any
left."Did you like that?" Misty asked while smiling
"There's more where that came from." continued and
pointed to her clit. She then opened the lips of her
vagina with her fingers to show the way to him.
Pikachu got the message, approached and stuck its
mouth against her vagina. The pokémon had quickly
sucked and licked. Misty began to moan in please in
spite of Pikachu skillful licking around Misty's clit,
Pikachu stuck one of his two inflated cheeks in her
vagina causing her to have her third orgasm. Pikachu
covered in it, licked himself clean.
Misty saw a tiny little penis emerging between
Pikachu's legs. "Pikachu, is that...?!" Misty stopped
in excitement and confusion."Pika.."he pointed at it.
Yes, it was Pikachu's dick. Misty started to massaged
it, Pikachu sighed passionnatly, His dick started to
grow from 3 inches to about 6 inches almost instantly.
Misty gazed at his huge dick. Misty put his cock into
her cunt and was ready for her ride. " Pikkaaa..."
Pikachu sighed again. Misty grabbed Pikachu, pushed
his dick back and forth until Pikachu got the idea of
what to do. Misty grabbed her breasts pinching and
playing and gasping. "Oh Pikachu...Your splitting me
up..." Misty sighed "Pikaaa...chu....." Pikachu was
too f*ked up to care. Misty was still cumming from
Pikachu's lickings.Pikachu was pumping at the time,
Pikachu was near his climax when Misty said "it's your
turn, Pikachu" Misty grabbed quickly grabbed Pikachu's
member and stuck it in her mouth sucking away. Pikachu
moaned and jerked as Misty sucked his virgin penis.
The little pokemon moaned and jerked rapidly. Pikachu
felt funny, then he cummed all in Misty's
mouth."CHHUUUUUUU!!!!" Pikachu yelled out loud. Misty
licked Pikachu's member until it was clean of his cum.
They rested for a minute panting heavily."Thanks
Pikachu, I enjoyed our little 'experiment'." Misty
said and looked over at Pikachu still panting. Then
she put her clothes back on. Misty picked up Pikachu
and kissed him on the nose. Pikachu felt warm and
'fuzzy' on the inside. She ran back to camp so Ash
wouldn't know about her little secret. "Hurry up
Pikachu!" Misty yelled back.

However, Pikachu didn't hear her and stayed behind
looking at a strange hole in the air behind some
bushes."chu?" Pikachu was confused of what it was. He
touched the wierd object floating in the air, suddenly
sucked into the strange mass. Pikachu felt as if his
inside were being ripped out of his little body and
flung around. Pikachu was a speeding bullet going into
and surround by nothing but pitch blackness. Pikachu
went in unconsiousness, only to wake up later in the
same forest(well it looked the same to Pikachu).
Pikachu walked around trying to find Misty and the
campsite. Pikachu walked around all day trying to find
them, seeing things that the little pokemon had never
seen before. Pikachu was getting hungry so he looked
for a berry bush/tree. He found a strange bush of
blackberries with blue spots on them."Pika?" Pikachu
had never seen such a wierd berry. But did that stop
Pikachu from eating them. Noo... "HELP!!!!" An unknown
voice caught Pikachu's attention. Pikachu dropped the
half-eaten berry and ran through the bushes only to
get stuck between two branches. He struggled abit and
couldn't shake. He saw a tree root on the ground and
started to reach out and grab it. Suddenly, he felt
something on his back that made him laugh. Some leaves
were tickling him! Then he got an idea. He shook the
treeroot causing the leaves to tickle him more. He
laughed out making his body small enough to fit
through the branches. Finally, he was free. He
followed the voice until he heard it. He climbed up to
tree to see further out. Pikachu looked on the forest
floor seeing a girl injuried. It was Demidevilmon in
the air."Give yer self up and nobody gets hurt!"
Demidevimon demanded. Pikachu knew she was in trouble,
then, ran in front of her and blocked the way to her.
"Huh, ha ha ha! You expect that little yellow thing to
beat me!" Demidevilmon laughed at his own dumb
joke."PIIKKKAA....CHHUUUU!!!!!" Pikachu shocked the
daylights out of Demidevilmon. The shocked and smoking
evil menace fell to the ground with a thud. Kari
looked down shocked at what this little creature could
do. "Whoa, I've never seen a digimon so cute and
attack like that" Kari said to herself. Demidevimon
coughed up smoke and said with a little weakness in
his voice "cough...i'll be back you little twirp..."
Demidevilmon then flew off staggering only to hit a
couple of trees and fall down to the ground again.

"Thanks little guy, whats your name? I'm Kari." she
said."Pikachu" he replied with his cheeks still
sparking from his attack. "Pikachu huh? Are you a
digimon?" Kari asked and smiled."Pika?" Pikachu was
confused at what was going on. Pikachu then noticed
clawmarks from Demidevimon all over Kari's body, she
was also bleeding in some places."chu?" Pikachu asked.
Pikachu pointed to some berries. "Oh yeah, Tai mashed
these up and put them on my cuts when i got hurt!"
Kari went over and got some of the berries and rub
them on her sores. Pikachu was a little disappointed
he was hungry, and she was concerned about herself for
the time being Ouch! That burns." Kari started to cry.
Pikachu went up to her face and wiped the tears off.
Kari got up and picked up Pikachu and held him like a
baby. "You're cute, Pikachu, plus, that attack was
good." Kari praised the confused pokemon. Kari and
Pikachu never talked much after that. After a while,
Kari was getting hungry. "Pikachu, are you hungry?"
Kari asked."CHU!" Pikachu answered very fast." I
thought so" She replied with a smile. Nightfall was
indeed fast in the digital world, both Pikachu and
Kari were alone in the forest. Kari still trying to
understand what Pikachu was saying now and then.
Pikachu lit a fire with his thundershock and Kari was
still eating the food she had left in her pack.
"Pikachu..." Pikachu was tired. "Pikachu, you can
sleep next to me tonight." Kari hugged Pikachu around
her ripped shirt ( it wasnt ripped hardly). Pikachu
was like a teddy bear to Kari. But, Pikachu took
advantage of Kari and saw her right breast poking out
of her shirt and bra. He started to lick it, giving
Kari time to wake up and see what her new friend was
doing. "PIKACHU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Kari gasped at
his actions. "Oh, i see you've had fun too..."She
started to say with a little snicker.

Kari pulled off her shorts and panties and said" Lick
Away, Pikachu!" Pikachu didn't hesitate and went head
first for her pussy and licked it like crazy. She
began to moan(this sex thing was still kinda new to
her) and moan somemore. Kari started to get wet below
causing Pikachu to lick himself more than Kari.
Pikachu got deeper each time giving her more pleasure
each time. Kari was rubbing her forming breasts,
pinching, playing, as Pikachu licked away. She was
enjoying her moments of hot passion as her new little
friend had his way with her.
"I'MM....CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" Kari squirted all over
Pikachu, and he was covered in love juice. He licked
himself clean."Pika" Kari looked down only to see a
already 6 inches penis already in her ass. "Oh
Pikachu, your better than Tai! Fuck me!" Kari readied
her self. Pikachu pumped his cock back and forth,
making Kari wet again. Her cum was all over the ground
and Pikachu's dick providing lubrication. Both Kari
and Pikachu both panting and sweating all over,
cumming and fuking. Kari felt Pikachu's member growing
in her, she mentally guessed about 8 centimeters.
Pikachu was still inexperienced at this new found
passion and he didn't shove his prick all the way in
so he couldn't reach his climax fast enough."Let
me...(pant) ...help" Kari tried to say over her
breath. She got Pikachu and leaned against a tree.
This time the horny pokemon went for wet cunt with his
little rod he shoved it in all the way. "EAARRGHH"
Kari had never such a big dick in her before, so her
vagina stretched beyond her wildest dreams. Pikachu
neared his climax before Kari cummed again this time
is wasn't as much."CHU!!!!" Pikachu shot his load into
Kari. After about a minute of resting Pikachu pulled
his now tiny dick and kissed Kari on the cheek (it was
more of a lick than a kiss). Kari put her arms around
Pikachu and went to sleep. Pikachu was too warm to
care if Kari was naked, he too, went to sleep. They
both was were warm that night. Over the horizen, a
shooting star ripped across the sky and disappeared.
Kari had a new friend and his name was Pikachu. Let
his great adventure (and sex adventure) be told...



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