By: Narfboy2002 (yeah its me) :c)

Note: This takes place when Kari and the others were
in the season 2 (when their older(?)) Also i have made
i new style of writing lemons. So DONT COPY IT PLEASE!
And later in the story i couldn't think of a name for
the gun so read ahead and see the name i picked for
it. :c(

We last left Pikachu and Kari in the woods near a
warm fire and half-naked Kari with her new friend in
her arms both sleeping peacefully. Pikachu woke up
with a drowsy snort, broke free of Kari's hold, and
looked around trying to remember what happened. He
studdered around still half asleep and looked back at
Kari still sleeping. Seeing she was still naked he
grabbed her panties and her still ripped-up shorts in
his mouth and put them in her arms where he slept. He
looked up at the sky seeing digimon birds and the sun
flying. He took a deep breathe and went to look for
breakfast, craving those berries he ate yesterday.
Kari woke up when Pikachu left. Her eyes focused, and
saw her clothes in her arms instead of Pikachu. She
got scared and quickly put her clothes back."PIKACHU,
WHERE ARE YOU!" She put her hands around her mouth.She
walked around abit more and called out his name three
times."Pika?" Pikachu finally heard his name and
stopped enjoying his breakfast and jumped out of a
tree with the berry still in his mouth.Meanwhile back
at the campsite in Pokemon(?) World, Misty was also
looking for Pikachu."I don't understand, he was right
behind me." Misty thought to herself. Ash was also
looking for Pikachu, just in a different area.

Kari heard a rustle in the bushes, only to see Pikachu
with with that berry still in his mouth. "Pikachu, I
was so worried." Kari ran up and hugged Pikachu."Now,
let's be on our way and find the others."Pikachu ate
the rest of the berry, he didnt care what she said, he
was still hungry."Aw, how shweet." A mysteroius voice
cried out from the sky. They looked up, and saw
DemiDevimon AGAIN! But with a digigrater gun(its kinda
like a disentagrator, only it works on digital
beings)."Pika...!!!" Pikachu started charging up a
thundershock."I wouldn't do that if i were you, i can
kill you right here!" Demidevimon flew low and aimed
it at Pikachu. "NO!!"Kari ran in front of Pikachu.
Demidevimon fired it at Kari. Pikachu held on to
Kari's leg. Both floated in mid-air, and Pikachu
fused into Kari!!! Kari grew a tail and the ears of a
Pikachu and had his cheeks also! "Ha Ha Ha woohoohooo
that's stupid, i didn't expect that to happen,
actaully that wasnt suppose to happen, but who cares
its funny!" Demidevimon was laughing with tears in his
eyes. Kari looked at her new tail and felt that her
vagina had closed up and she felt a penis. "NO!!!"
Kari yelled "I'll kill you!' Suddenly lightining came
from Kari's finger! "Wha?" Kari was confused "Oh right
Pikachu" She heard a voice inside her body, it was
Pikachu! "Pikachu hold on!" Kari felt dumb talking to
herself. While demidevimon was still laughing his head
off on the ground, he didnt realize that Kari had came
within finger distance from him."Take THIS!" Kari
stuck her finger on his forehead. "PIKA.....CHU!"
Pikachu called out from her body. "NOT
AGAIN!!!!AHH!!!" The now shocked digimon yelled. Kari
felt strange making electricity come out of her
finger. The ability to summon volts. The evil digimon
was on the ground charred and unconsoius. "Now, let's
fix this and get your body back and my vagina" Kari
said. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks.

"Oh I can't resist, I might as well take advantage of
the moment." Kari went over to a nearby tree and
started to unzip her shorts. "Pika...." Pikachu
already knew this was going. Instantly Kari was
jacking of her new sex organ and already panting.
"I'll make this...a quickie!" Kari said above her
breathe. 6 inches of manhood and it was all hers. One
day she hoped to have one. Just not like this! Using
the other hand she started to massage her right breast
and then the left breast motioning her hand towand her
balls and rubbing them as
well."I...have...to..fin..sh..this!!" Kari started to
jack off faster and faster. She used her hand and
licked the pre-cum and using her fingers to masage her
breast in them. She cummed her first time with a
penis! "Unh..." She was relieved, to let her cum out
in a strange way. The cum ran thru her fingers and on
the ground.''Now I see why Tai and Matt like their
penises so much!" Kari licked her(and Pikachus?)
member clean. Pikachu also cummed just well, not real
cum, all the feeling of sexual contact transferred to
Pikachu's subconcoius. "Pikachu you ready?" Kari asked
as she walked over to the still KO'ed digimon. Kari
picked up the gun and fired it at her stomach. She
felt her body being ripped apart and felt like hole
form in her. She felt numb as did Pikachu. Kari fell
to the ground unconcoius. Pikachu came out of her body
and lied on Kari's back, and Kari's Pikachu ears and
tail were gone. But her cheeks stayed. (See it was a

Kari woke up again. She felt dizzy andShe looked
around with what little strength she had and saw
nothing. She felt her butt and (thankfully) the tail
wasnt there."Whew" she thought. She looked around and
looked for Pikachu. "Where am I?" She thought to
herself. "You are in a void" Said a voice. "Pikachu?!"
Kari recognized the voice. Pikachu stepped out of the
shadows. "Yes, Kari, It's me." Pikachu said with a
felling of power behind his voice. His voice echoed
thru the void. "How can you talk?" asked Kari still
abit shocked of Pikachu's new ability. "When you
zapped us, we separated. As we did i traveled thru
your mouth, and well, there's nothing more to tell."
Pikachu explained. "When we fused together, we shared
everything, right down to the <ahem> sex
transformation. And you taking of advantage of your
previous form" Pikachu walked around Kari in a
studying manner with his finger on his chin and
looking up. Kari gathered what strength had left and
stood up. "So your saying, i can still remember
everything you've been through?" Kari asked still
confused of what was going on. "Yes. That is until you
wake up." He said. "Kari, I won't be able to talk
after you wake up, this is a dream." Pikachu looked
down then back up at Kari's beauiful face. "Dream?"
Kari asked. "Sorry Kari, but its time." Suddenly
behind Pikachu came a veil of brightness, filling up
the darkness with light. "NO PIKACHU!" Kari tried to
grab Pikachu's arm. She woke up with a jerk and a
gasp. "Pikachu?" Kari looked around for Pikachu. It
was dark and very cold. Kari saw light in the woods
she quickly got up and ran toward the now fading light
where she jacked off near that tree and heard a
familar voice. AHH!! GET AWAY!!!" It was Sora! Kari
jumped out of the bushes and got in front of Sora.
"Kari!" Sora looked up surprised and scared. "Ok
you....huh?" Kari looked around. "Pikachu! There you
are!"Kari looked down. "Pika!" Pikachu jumped in
Kari's arms. "You know that thing, it shocked me" Sora
got up and dusted herself off (still shaking). "Yeah,
its pikachu we are friends." Kari said and put Pikachu
down. "Where did you find him, is he a digimon?" Sora
asked while looking down at Pikachu. "He just came out
of nowhere, and no he isn't a digimon. All he can say
is his name." Kari replied with a little smile

"Well he is kinda cute." Sora petted Pikachu on the
head making Pikachu purr. All this contact made
Pikachu kinda horny below, he tried to hide his member
and think non-sexual things.(FOR NOW) "Burr...It's
getting kind of cold out here, let's try and build a
fire and call it a night. My other fire went out on
me." Sora rubbed her arms with her hands."Good idea,
Pikachu can you make a fire?" Kari asked while
grabbing some nearby twigs and leafs. "Pi." Pikachu
shock his head in a 'yes' response. "Pika...chu!" The
little yellow mouse charged and let out the energy
making sparks flash over the twigs instantly making a
fire. "Wow!, Pikachu you pretty awesome!'' Sora yelled
and raised her arm. "Pika." Pikachu smiled and rubbed
the back of his head. "Well, now that's taken care of
let us get some shuteye." Kari said.Pikachu chose a
sleeping buddy and it was (a little surprise) Sora.
Kari lied against a tree right next to Sora and
Pikachu. PIkachu slept on Sora's helmet. Hours passed
by. The fire almost gone, Pikachu woke up shivering
and jumped off from Sora's helmet. The helmet moved
over Sora's eyes and bumbed Sora's nose. She woke up
almost instantly. Her eyes focused instantly on the
little cute Pikachu. She asked "Hey little guy,
umm...She smiled and said, " You know i saw your dick
earlier....And I thought it was kinda cute." Pikachu
blushed. He turned around and started to show off his
already hard dick. "Let me do that for you." Sora said
and bent down below and started to suck on Pikachu's
now 6 inches of pikahood. Sora sucked and sucked
harder. Pikachu was then thinking Misty when she did
the same thing to him. Sora sucked and Pikachu
couldn't hold in much longer. "CHUU!!!" Pikachu yelled
and blasted a semi-huge gulp of cum. "That was too
quick!" Sora spit out the cum and said in surprise.
"That's because your doing it wrong." Sora turned
around instantly and saw Kari. "You watched me?!" Sora
yelled, "What do you mean not doing it right?" Pikachu
was on the ground still panting. "Well, you have to
get him worked up." Kari said, "You do it like this."
Kari suddenly lunged at Pikachu's still-hard penis and
began to suck it harder than Sora did. Pikachu was
crying and panting. This was just too much for him!
Sora watched Kari at work, which made her jealous.
Pikachu was holding on to a nearby treeroot while Kari
sucked away. Kari was holing the huge cock in her hand
and sucking it like a popsicle."CHUU!!!"" PIkachu had
his second cum shot. Kari wiping the love juices off
said "There, you do it like that, see? Kari spit the
last bit on the ground. "Whoa your a natural." Sora

"Let me guess you've had sex with him before haven't
you?" Sora raised an eyebrow. Well.." Kari trailed
off. Kari told the whole story which lasted until
morning. " Sick, you jacked off!" Sora yelled and
completly grossed out. " Was it fun?" Sora stopped and
asked again. " Kinda." Kari blushed abit. Pikachu had
fallen asleep and didn't wake up for a while. "Let him
sleep we blowed him enough." Sora said. "We? Both Kari
and Sora laughed at the joke. "Hey Kari, your cheeks
are red, I just noticed, what happened?" Sora said.
"Wha?" Kari pulled a mirror from her short pocket. "
OH NO! THEY ARE STILL THERE!" Kari's eyes rolled back
and she fainted. "Kari..Kari!" Sora shock Kari and she
didn't wake up....



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