Pen Name: Mora
Series: Digimon 01
Title: To The Gods of Alchohal We Pray
Couple: Davis/Tai/Matt/V-mon/Izzi/Cody/Tekaru
Fetishes: Contains Masturbation, Rape, Orgy, Alchohal

Think thats it.

Have a good birthday, Davis!", Jun hugged her brother,
his parents waved.

"We'll call to make sure you haven't burnt the
building down. And-" Davis made to shut the door but
his father put his foot in front of it to block it.
"And I know you'll get your hands on some alcohol so
don't drink too much!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill can you please just
go?", they all laughed and shut the door behind them.
His family had agreed to stay in a hotel for the night
so he'd be able to have a guy's night in with his

Davis flew about, taking out games and laying sleeping
bags out on the floor. He made a special note to zip
two together and make a queen sized for Tai and Izzi,
who had been dating out for a few months. Vaguely he
wondered when Tai would propose as V-mon laid a bowl
of chips on the round table in the dining room.

"Their late.", said V-mon.

"Their coming, be patient.", Davis smiled. All ready,
though there would no doubt be something he forgot to
put out. V-mon was busy laying out pillows as the
doorbell rang; Davis sprinted to meet it, almost
tripping on a lamp cord.

It was Tai and Izzi, each sporting a box of assorted
alcoholic drinks, including what looked like a case of
hard lemonade. He smiled and hugged them both
awkwardly. "Thanks for coming!"

Both of them laughed and walked in, knowing the
apartment pretty well by now.

The younger goggle boy poked his head into the
hallway. "Where's Kari?"

They saw Tai half-chuckled-half-shuddered and he
patted Davis on the back. "Poor gal got stuck on Ken
duty with Yolie for the night.", V-mon and Davis both
grimaced. Ken had gotten an infection in his jaw a
week before, been screaming, spitting up pus and
having spasms since. They'd been taking shifts
watching him, every six hours. "Trust me.", said Tai,
"She wanted to come."

All of them laughed. Izzi and Tai were wearing
matching outfits, royal blue suits from head to toe.
Blue. It was really very attractive, Davis wondered if
he'd be able to borrow it for the wedding he had to go
to in a week.

"Guess its just us dudes, then, huh?", said V-mon as
he put candles in the cake.

"Guess so.", Tai grabbed Izzi by the waist and started
kissing him. It grossed Davis out just a bit, but they
were an attractive couple. The doorbell rang again,
giving Davis an excuse to leave the two lovebirds to
their work.

Realizing he didn't have to be formal now that Kari
wasn't coming, he tore off his tie (he was in a white
shirt and black dress pants) and with much vigor threw
it in a corner on the way to the door, tripping on the
lamp cord again. It was Matt and Tekaru. Matt was
wearing a green t-shirt and a pair of form fitting,
studded black jeans ("Damn, Im underdressed!", he
shouted when he saw Davis's funeral-esque outfit) And
Tekaru had a green button up shirt with red pants.
Tekaru smiled at Davis as they walked in, his stomach
gave the strangest flutter. They each held out a box
wrapped in wrapping paper. Though Matt's was quite a
bit smaller than Tekaru's.

Matt also had another box of drinks under his arm.
Davis was in silent awe at the amount of alcohol
they'd gotten their hands on, he shuddered to think of
the hangover he'd have the next morning. Of course,
Matt was a rockandroller, what else could he do?.

Davis walked back and noticed a growing pile of gifts
on the table, and they'd already broken open the

Finally the last guest arrived, very late, it was Cody
(who's mom had threatened them all to a slow,
torturous death if harm came to her son) and was
looking very formal, though his tie had joined the
others in a pile in the corner as soon as he made it
through the door. They all gathered round the table.

Izzi turned off all the lights and Davis closed his
eyes while V-mon carried in the cake, all of them
started singing. Too short to reach the table, Tai had
to pick the horned monster up so he could put the cake
in front of Davis and the song ended in cheers,
whistles and one of those birthday stretchy-horn

"And many more!", sang Tekaru dramatically, it made
Davis smile. The blonde blushed just a bit and Davis
cut the cake.

When all was said and cut- Tai was on his second piece
by the time Davis had gotten round to cutting his own,
they began with presents.

"Open mine!"



"No, Mine!"

"Wait till later to open mine."

They all turned to Tai, who smiled. "Its a private
thing, no one should really know about it but Davis."

Davis wondered what Tai's sick mind had produced for
him, but Izzi nodded, "It is, trust me.", the two were
holding hands under the table. Smiling, Davis pulled
out a small box about the size of a can of beer.
Mockingly, he unwrapped it at a snails pace. It

A new pair of goggles!

"Aww, thank you Matt! I deed new ones!", Matt smiled.
Davis peeled off his old ones, which were getting to
be too small, and forced the new ones across his face.
They fit like a charm, though they were still stiff
with freshness, and they'd be perfect for battling in
the digital world.

"Those look good on you Davis!", squealed V-mon, who
was equally exited about the goggles.

Next he took a larger box. It was marked "from Cody"
and had a green bow on top. Impatient now, he ripped
the paper to shreds before getting up and hugging his
young friend for the new soccer ball. "Thank you so

Cody turned red and hugged back, sipping at his
lemonade when it was over.

There was a beautiful blue button up shirt with a red
and gold dragon stretching across the front, curling
around to the back from Jun, he made a mental note to
thank his sister as he tore off the boring white shirt
he wore at the time, putting on the new one. It felt
soft. Tai let out a low whistle, "Looking good there,

Izzi scowled but remained silent. Tai kissed him on
the cheek.

He opened the present from Tekaru, it was a lantern.
He'd gotten it in the digital world and it was said to
scare away bad dreams. A dorky present, but it filled
Davis with joy to get it from Tekaru. What was this
feeling whenever he looked at the boy?

Next minute Davis was admiring an MP3 player Izzi had
gotten him. He smiled and thanked Izzi vigorously, "Iv
been wanted to get one of these."

Davis couldn't help but noticed all the faces were
getting steadily redder from the alcohol, even Cody
was starting to get a blush. How? He wasn't getting
any alcohol. But he has distracted by Tai handing him
a present that looked allot like Matt's, just longer.

The hazle-haired boy winked, Davis stuffed it in his
pocket and smiled. "Thanks everyone, I couldn't have
asked for better stuff. Urr, I think.", he patted his

"Wait, Davis!", V-mon smiled drunkenly, "You haven't
opened my gift!"

The little blue man handed him a long, thin package
wrapped with news print. "Aww, V, you didn't have to
get me anything." He opened it anyway. Inside was-

A knife, shaped like a claw, it had a stone Leomon for
a handle.

Davis looked at V-mon, then back to the knife.
"Cool!", was all he could say. They all gathered round
to admire the weapon. It was beautiful. It had a
sheath aswell, with a wolf, howling at the moon carved
on it. Davis had no doubt that it was worth a fortune.

They all settled into a movie. Cody was laying on his
belly close to the TV, and the lovebirds Tai and Izzi
were sitting together on the floor. Matt was on one
side of Davis with V-mon and Tekaru was sitting oddly
close to him on the other side. He watched as blushing
Tekaru leaned his head onto his shoulder. Shocked but
a not angry he wrapped his arm around the blonde and
they watched as it got sappy and romantic.

Cody burped. They all laughed.

But when the movie was over the clock read nine. There
was still a whole night ahead of them and even though
there was a generous portion of alcohol in all their
blood no one was near tired.

"So now what?"


"We cant play poker, we have no chips!"

"Yeah, Poker isn't fun without chips."

"What if we use our cloths?"

"We cant play strip poker, Cody is way too young."

"I don't mind."

All of them looked at Cody who turned beet red again.
Davis was getting a nagging suspicion that there was a
third young gay in the room, they all gathered round
the table and Tai dealt the cards.

The hazle-haired was looking especially glad as they
all looked at their cards, whether it was because he'd
get to see his friends without cloths or because he
had a good hand they he didn't know.

"Wait, one problem.", V-mon piped up. "I don't have
any cloths."

"Il find you some.", Davis got up and went to leave,
"Anyone want anything?"

"Sake,", said Matt

"Lemonade", said Cody.

The lemonade! Hard lemonade! Davis smiled inwardly to
himself and went to the fridge. Sure enough, hard

A few minutes later, all fully clothed, V-mon looking
quite comical in socks, shoes, shorts, underwear on
top of the shorts, a shirt and a hat, Davis wondered
if he'd get to see his friends cock tonight. Who knew.

They were about to start- "Wait!", said Matt. He had a
very serious look on his face. He put his hand in the
center of the table.

"Oh god, he's gonna make the speech!", Tai giggled and
then fell silent as Matt stared daggers at him.

"One of the first rules of partying is that what
happens during the party,", Matt peered round to make
sure he had their attention. "Stays in the party, by
threat of slow, painful reputation trashing by all
your friends. Remember, its not cool."

One by one they all put their hands in. Matt closed
his eyes. "To the gods of alcohol we pray-", Tai
giggled again, Matt glared, "Please keep us from doing
anything too stupid in your name. Amen"

"Amen.", they said in unison.

Tai clapped his hands together and grinned. "That was
inspirational Matt, bravo!", all of them laughed, even

Davis finally got to see his cards. He sipped his
beer. Two twos. He sipped his beer again. They all
peered around wryly, Davis sized up his chances. Not
good. Not bad though.

"So?", asked Tai after a minute of shifty glances and
extensive thought. "Who's in?" Tekaru threw down his
cards. Izzi did the same.

"Il keep my socks for alittle later.", he said. They
all laughed and the atmosphere was a Alittle lighter
from then on.

Tai flipped the first three cards.

Davis ended up winning with three of a kind. Tai and
V-mon both peeled of their shirts, Cody took off his
coat (which they'd let him have as a handicap since
he'd never played before) but Matt just took off a

"Comon Matt, that's unfair."

"Yeah comon, both socks!"

"Aw, fine, whiners."

"Hey, let make that a rule.", said V-mon They all
agreed, and the game was on.

So six bottles of wine, fourteen bottles of beer,
twelve cans, three sakes and a caribbean rum or two
later V-mon was the only one with any socks, the rest
all had their pants on except Tekaru, who was one hand
away from being the first to get buck naked.

"Read'em and weep, boys!", slurred a very drunk Cody,
tossing down three of a kind.

"Nice try lemon boy.", Tai had a royal flush. All off
them stood up and started undressing, though all their
eyes were on Tekaru, who had had full house and was
sure he would win.

He turned violently crimson and stood up. All of them
leaned in drunkenly, Davis was enjoying the smell of
alcohol in the air, but the thought of seeing Tekaru's
package even more. His loins began to stir.

Tekaru hooked his thumbs in his underpants and yanked.
Davis couldn't resist letting out a low whistle. "Way
to go little brother!", exclaimed Matt.

Tekaru stumbled and fell trying to pull the boxers off
his legs, they were all staring blankly at Tekaru's
soft seven inches.

"Wow.", said Cody, staring mindlessly. Tekaru blushed
and his hands fell below to hide his shame- or rather,
his glory.

"Wow is right.", Tai as he dealt another hand, "I saw
it once when we were kids and it was big then too, but
just... wow."

Tekaru piped up, "Im naked, I cant play now, can I?"

"How about....", Cody started, got redder, if that was
possible, but went on, "The winner get to pick a loser
and dare him to do something if your alrea-", he
hiccuped,"dee naked", he burped. "Can I have another

Davis nodded and the boy walked off in his undies. A
sick urge to fondle the boy made itself known but
Davis resisted.

Davis looked at his cards, took another sip of his
beer to keep them from seeing him smile at his two
kings. He won, of course. They all started to strip,
V-mon, Izzi and Matt all stripped off their underwear,
Tai groped his boyfriend in front of them all but no
one minded. Davis stifled a laugh when he saw Tai
wearing pink whities.

"Aight, TS.", Davis turned to the one he had to dare.
"Come choke that monster chicken for us." Everyone
laughed and cheered him on.

The blonde stood up walked over. "Do I have to?",
everyone nodded. Embarrassed, he started rub himself,
all over, including his balls, which were scunched up
because he was cold.

"Wow.", Cody walked back in and took a front row seat
for the show. Tekaru worked himself, he closed his
eyes and fantasized in front of them all. Davis was
getting a boner, Tekaru moaned in front of them all.

"This is hott.", it was Matt, Tekaru bucked his hips
forward, he was a good eleven inches now.

Spoonge filled the air, not to mention Davis and
Cody's hair, prompting a whistle from Izzi and a moan
from Tai.

Panting but smiling Tekaru took a seat next to Davis.
"Thanks for that.", he said, smiling. Davis smiled
back. Tekaru leant over and kissed him on the cheek.

No one seemed to notice, but shock ran through him
like ice. Did Tekaru just... kiss him?

Cody was hard in a pair of rocket ship briefs and
Davis vowed to himself to get the kid out of them. It
was down to him, Tai and the kid, his mind was already
thinking up evil dares for the other boys. V-mon was
being oddly silent, examining all the human dicks.
He'd probably never seen one. Davis wished he could
see V-mon's cock.

Davis's stomach gave a nasty turn, he gagged alittle
bit in his mouth. He gagged again, running to the
bathroom and barely made it to the toilet before
spewing chunks. It didn't taste too bad but the spew
was blocking his windpipe, he coughed and chocked.
Someone was patting his back. It was Tekaru.

When they got back they found Cody, nude, with his
face in V-mon's legs. The horned digmon moaned, Davis
ran up to watch. Cody sucked like a pro, his mouth
working magic he'd barely ever seen in hundreds of

Davis went and got his old fashion polaroid camera,
there was a flash and he took a picture. V-mon was
sweating, he had his eyes closed and was gritting his
teeth. Davis started to jerk off himself, then a hand
wrapped around his cock. It was Tekaru's. The blonde
worked him while he watched V-mon cum into Cody's
mouth. Cody swallowed, Davis came.

They all gathered round the table again. Davis leant
over and kissed Tekaru's cheek. "Thanks for that.", he

Cody was eager to see more cock as he was cracking his
seventh lemonade, "That tasted good."

"Well Im glad you liked it.", V-mon cracked a toothy

Izzi won, finally, for the second time since they'd
started. Davis had to strip. It felt good being free,
though he was kinda cold. Izzi chose his victim, his
loverly boyfriend.

"So Tai.", Izzi smiled evilly, "You say there's never
been a cock you couldn't suck, well I think there
might be one here now."

Tai looked at Tekaru and then to Izzi. He caught on
and smiled. "You got it, love."

Nervous and shocked Tekaru opened his legs, Davis felt
somewhat jealous. V-mon let out a cackle. Davis got
his first good look at the digimon's digihood. It
looked like a horn, but it was black, and there was
cum still dripping out.

Tekaru was getting hard again, his huge cock pumping
blood out from the rest of his body, Davis noticed him
get pale and turn just ever so white, Tai got onto his
knees and started to suck, he got half in, then
stopped. He took a long breath from his nose and kept
going, Tekaru was silent, too wrapped up in Tai.

"Shouldn't you be upset at Tai for having sex with
another guy?", Matt asked Izzi in the background. Izzi
shrugged. Cody was jacking off, making little moans.
Davis wondered what would happen if someone walked in
right now, five guys and a digmon having an orgy.

Six inches, seven inches, eight inches, Tai's eyes
rolled back into his head until his nose touched
Tekaru's yellow pubes. Tekaru grabbed Tai by the hair
and pressed in deeper, pulling out then going again,
finally cumming again. Tai pulled off.

Cody was passed out on the floor with alittle bit of
cum on his belly, his cock still in his hand.  All of
them laughed, way too much lemonade.

Except for Cody, they all gathered back around the

Tai dealt the cards sloppily and Izzi won. He made to
dare Matt- "Open your present from me now! Sorry
Izzi", he added. Confused, Davis bounded over to the
pile of clothing in the corner and pulled out the
little rectangular box, enjoying the feeling of his
cock hitting against his thighs. He tripped in his own
drunkenness and fell on the floor more than once.

They all leant in for a close look except for Izzi,
who obviously knew what it was. Davis ripped off the
paper to reveal a blank brown box. "Aww, gee, Tai, a
box! Its just what I wanted!", mocked Davis, pushing
his friend.

Davis gasped. Inside was a long, sparkly, neon pink
vibrator. He smiled and scowled at the same time,
Tekaru started to laugh at the expression on his face.

"Why'd you get me this?", but Tai and Izzi were making
out on the floor, Davis blew off the question and took
it out of the box. It was long, thick, and slippery,
Davis liked how it felt. He flipped the switch, it
buzzed pleasurably in his hand.

"Maybe we should try it out."

Tekaru snatched it away and stumbled over to him.
Expecting to be fucked he was surprised as Tekaru
started making out with him. Surprised, but not
disappointed he kissed back. Tekaru was taking it
really seriously, he kissed back. He enjoyed having
Tekaru all to himself for once.

When it was over, Tekaru pulled away smiling. Davis
smiled back. The vibrator tickled his asshole as
Tekaru pressed it, very gently, against him. Davis
giggled once but then it started to push inside him.
It hurt, not as much as he'd thought it would though
and he considered going gay. The vibrations made him
feel good. Tekaru did it slow, leaning back up to kiss
him. The huge cock shook his insides, going further
and deeper than Davis had ever imagined.

He held onto Tekaru for dear life, little beads of pre
were dribbling down his cock into his curly bush.

Izzi and Tai had somehow gotten tangled inside their
queen sized sleeping bag and in a drunken frenzy, Tai
was making a man out of Izzi, he was shouting and
screaming like he'd never heard in even the wildest of
porn, tears were streaming from both their eyes though
Tai looked like a ravenous beast.

Tekaru started to suck, but Davis was so far along he
came for the umpteenth time that night in only a few
seconds. He groaned, forcing Tekaru to deepthraot him
even though the boys esophagus wouldn't allow it, his
cum going right down into the blondes belly.

Davis pulled out, Tekaru started groaning at once,
Davis hadn't even realized Matt was fucking his

V-mon was having a time in Cody's passed out mouth,
moaning like a wilder beast in heat, the child was
still asleep. The vibrator and the sight in front of
him brought his cock back to life in barely a minute,
he was surprised by his own stamina, taking a lesson
from his digmon Davis crawled over and felt the kids
smooth ass.

It was so tight, so perfect. Harder then he'd ever
been in his life he spread Cody's legs and slowly
pushed in.

The vibrations were enough to travel through his ass
to his cock, which was shaking wonderfully like a
human dido. Slowly at first so as not to hurt Cody he
pushed in, soon it was too much and he started reaming
the poor boy. Cody started awake, would have screamed
if V-mon hadn't been abusing his mouth, tears streamed
down his eyes from the pain.

V-mon grunted silently and warm cum dripped out of
Cody's mouth for the second time, cum mixed with salty
tears. He pulled out, the boy started to yell
Immediately and Davis slowed down. It was so great, so
tight and warm.

The phone rang. He couldn't reach it, and couldn't
bring himself to stop fucking Cody. V-mon picked it up
and stuck it against his ear. "Mom?"

"Hi Davis, its just me, Jun."

"Hmm", Davis groaned, thrusting particularly hard,
Cody whimpered. "Hey Jun."

"Are you moaning? You better not be having sex over

Cum threatened to explode out of him, "N-No. Just
stubbed my toe trying t-ge-get the phone."

He heard Jun say something to his parents and she came
back to the phone, "Well, mom says don't stay up too

"No, I ww-ont."

"OK, Bye."

"Davis almost screamed as he hung up the phone,
moaning loud enough to wake up the neighbors atleast.
Cody was sobbing quietly, Davis stayed inside the boy
feeling both amazing and amazingly guilty. His cock
tingled. He hoped Cody was too drunk to remember this.

But Davis must have passed out for a few minutes,
because when he came to he heard Cody in the other
room, V-mon was shouting and over the wails of the
digmon he heard Cody saying "How'd you like it!?"

Davis's eyelids drooped, he searched for his sleeping
bag. Tekaru had zipped his and Davis's together,
making a queen sized like Tai and Izzi's (they were
asleep together already)

Davis crawled in and closed his eyes. Tekaru started
to kiss him, he was too tired to participate but he
moaned quietly silently.

"I love you."

Davis was sure he'd imagined it. "I love you so
much.... Im sorry Iv never told you..."

Davis felt alittle more awake, not too much, but

He thought about it. And between the alcohol and the
sex he'd never imagined himself in love Tekaru, but it
was there. In their rivalry it was there, hiding. He
loved Tekaru back. "I love you to TK."
*       *       *
Five years later Davis stood at Tekaru's door, in a
suit. Damn suits made him sweaty. But he was already
sweaty. So damn nervous.

Now that he thought about it, Tekaru would be tired
from work. But this was important. He fiddled with his
buttons and his tie and was so nervous he could die,
right there in front of Tekaru's door.

He knocked, twice, three times.

"Hold on, Im comin!", called his boyfriend from
inside. The door opened a second later.

"Davis? What's with the get up?"

Davis felt tongue tied. His fingers were going numb.


'Do it!', mentally he slapped himself, 'DO IT!'

Davis got down on one knee and pulled from his pocket
sparkling ring. Tekaru's breath got caught in his

"Tekaru Ishida..."

Tekaru was silent.

"Will you marry me?"