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It contains Yaio(homosexual acts)
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The Portal

There was a slight breeze in the air while Veemon was walking down a path.There was a noise in the distance,he went to go see what made the sound."Who's there?"asked a nervous Veemon.
There was a bright flash,from the bright white light Veemon could see a strange figure walking out towards him. In desperation Veemon ran away to find Davis.When he got to a digiport he started to scream Davis' name.
Davis gets an email from Veemon it read:"Davis come quick,there is something strange happening"
As soon as Davis got the email he ran toward the school.He put his D-3 on the computer screen and said,"Digiport open!"Davis flew into the digital world and landed in front of a nervous Veemon.
"Davis I'm glad your here,I heared a noise and then there was a light." explained Veemon 
"So what happened?Whats happening Veemon?"asked Davis while scratching his head.
"I got an idea Davis,make me armor digivolve into Flamedramon and then leave to go get the others ok?" replied Veemon.
"Well if you want me to,I guess I can do that.But Veemon be careful alright?"said a cautious Davis.
[Veemon digivolved to Flamedramon]
"Davis hurry up and go get the others!" yelled Flamedramon.
Davis returned to the real world and Flamedramon left to go check out what came out of the bright light."Anybody here?Show yourself now!"demanded Flamedramon
Then a voice behind some bushes said,"I think it wouldn't be wise for you to fight me."
"Who's there?Show yourself now"said Flamedramon while getting himself into a fighting position.
"Why do you want to fight me?Is it because your afraid?Please let me show you how "friendly" I can be.By the way my name is Mewtwo"said the pokemon.
"How did you get here?"asked Flamedramon while putting his arms down.
"Ok I will let you tell how I got here,I was in my world enhanceing my powers,and then I opened a portal into this world.I didn't know my powers were so unstable,and no I'm stuck in here untill I find a way to open a portal back home"explained Mewtwo.
"What did you mean by being "friendly"?said Flamedramon while nervously scratching his head.
"Well let me show you then......"whispered Mewtwo.

Mewtwo walked up to the digimon and looked at him, face to face.Then Mewtwo removed his armor that Giovani put on him.Exposeing his face and body.Then he began to unfasten Flamedramon's armor.
At first Flamedramon was uncomfortable then he began to feel aroused.
He took off his chest armor and then Mewtwo slowly took off his mask.
Then got close to the digimon and and put his arm around him.He pulled him close to his face and started to kiss the nervous digimon."What's wrong? You want to go first?"asked Mewtwo
"No, go on ahead.Do what you please"said Flamedramon. He started to blush,Mewtwo looked down and saw what made Flamedramon blush.Mewtwo just smiled and pressed himself closer to Flamedramon's body.He started to kiss his neck and went down lower after every kiss and lick,then he got to his sheath.He slipped his tounuge into his sheath and started to move it in a circular motion."ohhhhhhh,please ahhhhhh moooore" moaned Flamedramon.
Mewtwo took his tongue out and let Flamedramon's member grow freely into its full length.He slowly lead him down to the soft grass and laid behind the digimon then he inserted his member into the digimons tense passage."mmmpphhh,you like that?"asked Mewtwo.While he pumped in and out of Flamedramon's passage, he put his hand around the digimon's hard dick, then started to jack him off. All that pleasure made made him twich and moan. As he was reaching his climax Mewtwo slowly took his penis out of his passage and moved to his member and again he began to suck on it untill Flamedramon cummed all in his mouth. After licking every drop of cum of of his lips he told Flamedramon to make him reach an orgasim.
"It wouldn't be fair for me if you only got to release"he said
"Well if you want me too,then I guess I will" replied Flamedramon.

[Meanwhile back in the Real World]

"Man I need to find the others and tell them that Veemon is in trouble" thought Davis"I should go get Kari and then the others"
Davis ran to Kari's apartment and knocked on the door.Kari opened the door and Davis burts in.
"Hey,whats wrong Davis?"asked Kari
"Veemon is in troub-Hey are you home alone right now?" asked Davis
"Yeah why?Whats wrong with Veemon,is he in trouble?" replied Kari
"Um um no no,he's ok soooo, what do you want to do?"smiled Davis

[Back in the Digiworld]

"Ok then Mewtwo let me just move here and just lay back and let me do the rest" said Flamedramon.
Flamedramon got into the 69 position and started to suck on Mewtwo's dick.
"If you want you can also suck my prick ok?" said Flamedramon while he bobbed his head.
Flamedramon was giveing Mewtwo such pleasure he started to pant.Then Mewtwo got Flamedramon's penis and put his mouth around it and started to fiddle with it.This made the digimon twich agian since he still hasn't recovered from his last orgasim.Mewtwo started to finger Flamedramon.With all the stimulation Flamedramon started to orgasim for a second time,Mewtwo noticed this and told him,"Hey it's my turn to get an orgasim,I don't want to be left out."
"Ung,ahhh,Mewtwo please I-I'm about to cum again" pleaded Flamedramon.
"Ok I will lay off a bit untill you make me reach mine,so get to it"ordered Mewtwo.
Flamedramon started to return the favor to Mewtwo by sucking his prick and fingering him,
Mewtwo started to pant harder and harder,he bagan to orgasim and moaned,"Hurry up Flamedramon,I feel like I'm going to explode!"
He just kept on sucking and fingering him,soon Mewtwo was at his climax.Then Mewtwo scream out, "Oh the pleasure I can't take it any more." Then he cummed into Flameramon's mouth and chest.He just smiled and then and licked the digimon's hard member,then they just sat there catching thier breaths.After cleaning themselves off at a near by lake,they sat right next to each other till the stars came out. Then they both feel asleep in on some soft grass and hugged.
The next morning after wakeing up and looking around,Flamedramon saw Mewtwo looking up at the sky.
"What's wrong? Are you ok?"asked the concerned digimon
Mewtwo looked at Flamedramon and told him,"I think I should try and get back home".
"No, please don't go,I want you to stay with me"pleaded the dragon.
Mewtwo walked towards Flamedramon and grabbed him,then with he gave him a long passionate kiss,"I will return,I promise you that" he said.
He then started to consentrate and his eyes began to glow red,then a portal appeared in front of him."Good bye,it was truly a pleasure spending some time with you Flamedramon" he said while walking into the portal.
"Please come back some day,You are always welcomed here in the Digital World" he said while waveing good bye to his new friend.
Mewtwo slowly walked into the portal and winked at Flamedramon,but befor he left Flamedramon gave him his mask."Here take it to remember me by"he said. 
Then with a loud bang and a birght flash Mewtwo was gone.
Standing in the now empty spot where Mewtwo was he whispered to himself,"We will meet again,I promise you that,I promise........"
He looked at the spot where they made love and saw that Mewtwo also left him his metal helmet.
He picked it up and put it on then walked away.

The End

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