This digimon fanfiction is a lemon, for those of you who don't know what that means it 
means that it is a story involving sex or other adult situations. so don't flame me if you are offened by this sort of thing. This one involves TK being captured while trying to spy on the digidestned girls.

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Bond, TK Bond

All off the out-of-things-to-do-digidestended were sitting in a park in Odaiba
wondering what to do. "Let's go to the carnival!" TK said trying to sound perky and full of life 
"Hate to burst you bubble TK , but the carnival doesn't start till tommorow" replied Matt, who was lying on a tree nearly falling asleep in bordem. "Don't worry TK We'll think of something" Kari said in a supportive tone. " I have a suggestion" Izzy stated as he stopped typing at his laptop "We can stay at the Japan Palace near the fairgrounds, I hear it's a five star hotel" 
Tai just looked at Izzy and replied. "Were are we going the money to go to a five star hotel" 
"Were else" Izzy began to say as everyone else finished his sentance saying(very loudly) "OUR PARENTS!!!!"

The Kids had gotten two seaperate rooms in the hotel, One for each gender. The guys began to grow curious about what the girls were doing in their room. "What are they doing in their room?" Tai asked to no one in paticular. "Girl stuff, relax Tai it's not like their plotting against us or something" Matt moaned as Tai began pacing around the room. "Jeez, he's even more paraniod than I was" Joe said fixing his glasses. "Joe you've been a lot more gutsy lately, what's up?" Matt asked a little confused. Joe and Izzy just looked at each other, laughed and said "None of your business" (A/N Read A Weekend to Remember to find out what Joe and Izzy are not talking about) 

"We need to find out what's going on in their room" Tai stated in a pushy voice as he continued to pace. "We could send a spy over to listen in through the door" Izzy said to everyone feeling a little left out of the convesation. Everyone agreed and sent poor little TK to do the job. 

Little did they know that the Girls had bugged their room and knew of TK's arrival

TK put his ear on the Girl's room door and listened. Nothing, nothing at all.... except for the sound giggling, lots of giggling. Then the door flew open and silk webs grabbed TK and slowly dragged him into the room. 

When TK awoke he found himself wrapped up in silk like a pig in a blanket(A/N Incase you don't know a pig in a blanket is a orderve they serve at big do's like weddings n' stuff. It is a little hot dog wrapped in a small pita bread) "Our little Teddy bear is up" TK heard as he noticed Kari walk up to him. TK nearly freaked when he saw what Kari was wearing. She had on a VERY revealing yellow top on and a VERY short pink mini skirt on. He freaked even more when he saw Sora wearing a similar outfit but in different colors. Doesn't she dress like a boy TK wondered as he saw Mimi approach. He wasn't freaked out much by Mimi's get up. She always dresses to be pretty TK assured himself. "So.. what are we going to do with him?" Sora asked the other Girls. Kari just grinned very evily and replied "Allow me" TK began to sweat buckets what was Kari going to do? He nearly screamed in terror. Kari ripped apart his caccon and pinned him to the ground. TK squrimed around uncontrolably tring to escape. The other girls pinned him down. This is it TK sobbed in his head I'm gonna die.

TK then felt a very warm feeling around his crotch. He looked down and saw Kari with his penis in her mouth!! "What are you mmmphmhpm" TK attempted to say as Sora shoved her pussy right into TK's face. He tried to get Sora off of his face but he was restrained still by Mimi. He began to sniff, she smells good , he sniffed again , she even smells better now. TK was going crazy with lust, he wanted to lick Sora but he knew he shouldn't. He fought his Testosterone for as long as he could, but when Kari made him cum, he just couldn't fight it anymore.

Sora nearly screamed as TK began to eat her out, his tounge going a mile a minute. He put his hand up Mimi's skirt and began to rapidly finger fuck her as well. Kari just continued to suck TK off. Mimi and Sora removed their clothes and TK's shirt and hat. Kari removed his pants and his undies and her own garments. They stopped for a moment to ditch the clothes and resumed to fuck, suck and lick faster than ever. Sora , Mimi and TK in a wave of passion all came at once sending their juices all over the room and each other.

Kari began to whimper a little like a puppy and had a big sad look on her face. " Oww didn't Kari get to cum?" Mimi said in a cute voice. Kari just let her head sag and nodded yes. TK and the other girls whispered for a moment to each other and put their plan into action. Mimi and Sora grabbed Kari's little breasts and began to finger fuck her at the same time and TK was giving it to her up the ass. Kari started to finger Mimi and Sora while she was fucked in so many places at once. Everyone felt their orgasms coming on as they fucked Kari and Kari herself was about to burst( incase if you were keeping score Kari is on her first Mimi and Sora are on their second and TK is on his third) They all reached the point of no return and were nearly screaming in orgasmic bliss. Then they did scream as the group orgasm came (no pun intended) They fell out of what ever orrifice they were in and passed out. After a free for all tounge bath to clean up they dressed and kicked TK out the door.

When TK stumbled into the boys room the guys began to ask him a lot of questions. TK still had some feminin cum on his face when he colapsed as he told the guys

"I just put James Bond to shame"


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